How to Use Sandwich Maker the Right Way

In today’s age, a sandwich maker is one of the best companions you can have for your breakfast or whenever your stomach growls. They are quick, compact (easy to store in the kitchen), portable, and did we mention, these appliances are super easy to operate?

If you are a first time user, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will help you learn how to use a sandwich maker in the easiest way possible. We also have some tips on how you can prevent common problems that arise when you use this appliance.

Also, you will learn some other uses of the sandwich maker so that you could make something new every day. But before we go further, you might want to read the types of sandwich makers, as this will later make the maneuvering steps easier. Let’s begin, shall we?

Different sandwich maker types

A sandwich maker is a device that helps you toast, heat, and grill the sandwich with the desired fillings. There are mainly two types of sandwich makers available in the market. Let’s talk about them:

1: Four Triangle Sandwich Maker

Most of the home-owners use a four triangle sandwich maker. The upper and lower compartment in this machine is molded into squares which helps to cut the sandwich into the half when heated.

When making a sandwich in this device, simply place the meal on the bottom plate and cover the lid. Thanks to its design, the filled sandwich will transform into two/four pieces within a few minutes.

This device is designed to improve your efficiency and will be the best companion when you are in hurry and still want to eat your delicious meal. That being said, it will not be easy to make very thick sandwiches in this kitchen gadget as space is not quite big.

2: Panini Press

Another type of sandwich maker is a Panini Press. This kitchen appliance offers great versatility. Though Panini Press is meant primarily for grilling, it can be a very good replacement for a toaster or making any kind of filled sandwiches.

Just like a conventional sandwich maker, Panini Press comes with a bottom and a lower part that closes to prepare your desired meal. The only difference is that your sandwich will have a seared pattern on the surface. Plus, in this maker, you could get thicker sandwiches.

Besides sandwiches, you can easily grill meat, eggs, seafood, and vegetables in a Panini Press.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Use a Sandwich Maker

You can review the instruction guide written on the manual of the device or else, you can simply follow the steps below to make your sandwich.

1: The first thing you need to do is plug in the sandwich maker while keeping the mechanism closed for a few minutes.

2: Let the device preheat for four to six minutes.

3: Most products come with in-built indication light that will notify you about preheat.

4: While your sandwich maker is getting ready, you could prepare your sandwich by applying butter on the surface of the bread and filling it with your favorite items.

5: Open the sandwich maker now.

6: If you don’t use butter, you can spray oil on the plates of the device. Make sure to spray on both upper and lower plates to make it non-stick.

7: Carefully put the sandwich on the bottom plate.

8: Now, gently close the mechanism. Most models come with a front clamp, if you have one, close that too!

9: The indication light will notify you when the sandwich is ready. Or else, you could wait for five minutes.

10: Now, open the sandwich maker and carefully remove the sandwich with the help of a silicone or wooden spatula.

11: Once everything is done, unplug the device and let it cool off.

12: Wipe the plates of the device with a slightly moist cloth or sponge.

Preventive Tips

The most common problem that people face using a sandwich maker is – bread sticking on the plates. So, how do you prevent this ugly scenario? Well, there are two simple things to keep in mind:

  • Prepare your bread –Applying a good amount of butter on the surface of the bread will not only improve the sandwich’s taste but also prevent it from sticking on to the plates. If you don’t like butter you could switch to healthy oils.
  • Prepare your sandwich plates –Most sandwich makers’ plates are non-stick but, seasoning a bit of olive oil or sunflower oil is not going to damage your device. Do this regularly and you will have a non-stick coating in no time.

Other Uses of a Sandwich Maker

When it comes to a sandwich maker, you are not just limited to grilling sandwiches or toasting bread. With the introduction of new technologies, you are allowed to be creative on this device and try different meals every day.

Here are some other items you can make in a sandwich maker –

  • Garlic cheese bread
  • Omelets
  • Pancakes, muffin batter
  • Bacon
  • French toast
  • Burritos
  • Canned biscuits
  • Quesadillas

How to Clean a Sandwich Maker?

Are the leftover cheesy residues stuck to the non-stick surface? Cleaning a sandwich maker after its usage is a simple and easy task. Here are a few tips that let you know how to clean a sandwich maker.

Do double-check with the manufacturer’s instruction manual before cleaning the sandwich maker.

  • Before cleaning this appliance, you have to disconnect it from the electrical power supply and let it cool down completely.
  • To prevent the buildup of burnt pieces of food residue, you have to clean the non-stick surface of the cooking plates after every usage.
  • Take a soft damp cloth/sponge with a little mild soap on it and use the cloth to clean the smooth surface of this appliance.
  • Pay special attention to areas where oil gets trapped while cleaning inside those cooking plates.
  • If the plates of your sandwich maker are removable then take them out to clean it more easily.
  • Struggling to clean any stubborn residue within grooves, then wrap chopstick end with a damp dishcloth and rub it in between the grooves to loosen and remove the hard-to-reach grime.
  • Wipe it off with a clean cloth on both the inner and outer surface of the sandwich maker.
  • Dry it completely before storing it.
  • For best cleaning results, you have to check your manufacturer’s instructions before you start the cleaning process to get an idea on how to clean it effectively.

Note: Clean the cooking plates when they are lukewarm to remove any oily residue, crumbs and spilt ingredients. Never rinse the sandwich maker in water and avoid using abrasive cleaning products for its cleaning.


A sandwich maker is a very essential kitchen gadget for people who have a fast life, who want to experiment with their taste, and for people who want quick meals every now and then. There are two common types of sandwich makers Panini Press and Four Triangle Sandwich Maker and both are efficient in their task.

Operating a sandwich maker is not rocket science, however, you should be careful while using this device. You can either read the guide that comes along with the model or else you can review the above-mentioned easy step-by-step instructions to use a sandwich maker. Good luck!