How to Use Hand Mixer?

If you love cooking or baking, you will obviously love an electric hand mixer. Mixing batters or other food items becomes a really hard task when you have to mix it with a manual hand mixer.

After a while, your hand will start aching and manual hand mixers are not able to provide you with the efficiency that an electric hand mixer can. With the help of an electric hand mixer, you can easily cook a number of dishes in a small amount of time.

In this guide, we will be listing down the ways, in which you can efficiently use your hand mixer. We are also going to list the differences between a hand mixer and a hand blender so that you can make a wise choice.

How To Use Hand Mixer?

A hand mixer is a must-have item for everyone who loves cooking. But there are certain tips that will help you to use a hand mixer in a proper and efficient way.

1. Read the instructions properly-

Reading the instructions on the manual provided by the manufacturer of any device is very important before you start operating the device. The same goes for hand mixers. Almost all mixers are made with the same technology, there might be certain unique features. The instruction manual usually contains methods or ways to solve minor glitches without having to take the hand mixer to the store.

2. You should know the functionality of each tool-

When you buy a hand mixer, you will get some tools with it. Each tool has a specific function. You can use a straight wire beater to mix the dough. You have to read the directions very carefully. Every tool is used for a specific type of ingredient. For beating eggs or whipping cream, a simple beater should be used. For mixing dough, use the dough hook. For aeration, use the wired beater.

3. Do not use water to clean all the parts-

You cannot use water to clean all the parts of the electric mixer. You can certainly use a damp cloth to clean some parts, but you have to make sure that the cord or plugs should never come in contact with water. If the cord or the plug is damp, the mixer might blow up when you start it. You can also get an electric shock. It is one of the most common mistakes that users usually commit and, this should be strictly avoided.

4. Make use of the Wax Paper-

Some users are very scared to buy an electric hand mixer because they are worried that batter or flour might splatter everywhere in their kitchen when they will use it. You can solve this issue by using Wax paper. Just put a sheet between the mixer’s body and the beater attachment before mixing. It will prevent the splattering of the ingredients everywhere.

5. Store the mixer very carefully-

Many brands provide a strong storing case for your hand mixer so that your mixer is protected, against all kinds of damage. But there are many brands that do not provide such storage cases. In such a situation, you should use a dry storage box to store the mixer carefully. You should also make sure that the mixer is completely dry before you put it inside the dry box.

6. Build up the mixer’s speed in the correct way-

When you are looking for an electric mixer, you would obviously want to buy one that has various levels of speed. If you end up buying one with a number of speed settings, you should make sure that you use this feature wisely. Changing the levels of speed all of a sudden will cause severe damage to your mixer. Many people think that the highest speed setting will grind hard ingredients faster, but the fact is just the opposite. Liquids can be easily mixed, with high speed, such as heavy cream or eggs.

7. Unplug your mixer when you are not using it-

When you are not using the mixer, make sure that it is unplugged, especially when you have children in your house. Unplugging the mixer will make sure that you do not have to face any hazards or accidents. You should always set the speed of your mixer to Zero when you are taking out the blenders or while you are attaching them.

8. Never add all the ingredients at the same time-

There are many people, who put all the ingredients in one time. And when they start mixing it, all they get is a huge mess and a dirty kitchen. So, when you are using a hand mixer, always make sure that you put the ingredients one after the other to avoid splattering. Many users also use the highest speed setting if they feel that the mixture has not been properly combined. It will only cause things to mess up even more.

9. Clean your mixer properly after using it-

After you have used your mixer, make sure that it does not run dry, or else you will have a hard time cleaning it. You should also clean the mixer’s surface properly before storing it. Turn off the mixer and unplug it; eject the tools or attachments and wash them first with water and soap. Then use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the body of your mixer.

10. Do not allow children to touch the hand mixer-

Children are always very excited and curious, that is why if you do not unplug the hand mixer, it will be very dangerous for them. Out of their curiosity, they might also take out certain parts and misplace them. This is the reason why you should never allow your children to touch the mixer.

Hand Mixer Vs Hand Blender

1- Body Functionality

Hand mixers are more widely used to mix the dough or to prepare batters as they have two beaters that make the job very easy. On the other hand, Hand Blenders are long and cylindrical and have a number of steel blades. Hand blenders can be directly put in the bowls or pots to puree the food contents with ease.

2- Usage

Hand Mixers are more commonly used in baking. But Hand Blenders are used for making smoothies or soups and creating your own homemade mayonnaise. Hand blenders are also known as Immersion Blenders for this reason. As the name goes, the mixer is not meant for liquidizing any ingredients. It is only meant to mix the ingredients properly. On the other hand, hand blenders are meant for liquidizing ingredients or food items. They can also turn your cooked apples into delicious applesauce.

3- Technology

Hand blenders usually have a very powerful motor as well as sharp blades. Similar to hand mixers, hand blenders also have different speed settings. So you can adjust the speed according to the kind of food item you are blending. If you want a smooth blend, all you have to do is run the blender for a long time. The same goes for Mixers. Setting your mixer at a high speed will not make your mixture smoother. You should have the patience to wait for it to mix perfectly at the right speed.

4- Capability

There are many hand blenders, that allow you to chop food items or vegetables. So, you can use such blenders to chop herbs, garlic, and even nuts. Certain blenders can be used to whip up cream, egg whites as well as pudding. If you are using a hand blender, you really, do not have to worry about burns if you want to blend something that is very hot. It is meant to blend hot food items like soup.

Your hand mixer is more suitable for mixing up batters, be it cookie batter or pancake batter, or even dough. Both hand blenders and hand mixers are extremely efficient and a must need for every kitchen.


These were some ways in which you can use your Hand Mixer in a very efficient way. We have also provided a list of differences between a hand mixer and a hand blender. So that when you set out to buy either of them, you will know the basic differences and, you will be able to make a good purchase.