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How To Use Hair Straightener?

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Buying and using a hair straightener are two very different things. You need to know how to use a hair straightener before you make the best of it. After all, it is your hair you’re dealing with. And you cannot take any chances, right?

So, if you’re interested to know about how a hair straightener works, read along. We have prepared a step-by-step process to help you with a hair straightener. So, let’s begin right away.

What is a Hair Straightener?

A hair straightener is a type of device used to straighten your hair. Most of the time, there are ceramic plates between which you have to place your hair. Once you set the desired temperature, you can move towards the bottom of the hair, starting from the scalp or from the middle.

You can also use this device to curl your hair if you use the right technique. If you move the straighter slowly towards the bottom, it’ll give a more lasting and visible result.

How to Use a Hair Straightener?

1. Preparing for Straight Hair in the Shower

You need to first, prepare your hair before straightening them. There’s no such thing as a smooth, shampoo or conditioner that’ll straighten your hair. You may get the required moisture by using a shampoo or conditioner, though.

Apply the conditioner using a paddle brush, so it reaches where it’s meant to be. After that, once you’re out of the shower, use a soft towel to remove excess moisture from your hair. You need to gently move the towel downwards instead of using it rashly. It’ll naturally give a straight look.

2. Rough-Dry your Hair

Don’t confuse rough-dry with a generic blow dry. Blow drying is the most damaging thing you do to your hair. Rough drying means shaking the hairdryer back and forth over the heat. It is done to remove up to 80% of the moisture in your hair.

Now that 20% is left, you can do whatever you want, like blow dry it or apply some product and let it dry on its own. It is just done to give the hair a perfect direction.

3. You Need the Right Brush

You need the right brush if you want the best results. A perfect brush would be a mixture of nylon and boar bristle. This mixture is preferred because nylon on its own becomes static, hindering the process of hair straightening.

4. Make Sure to Bone Dry your Hair

Now, before you flat iron, make sure that your hair is bone dry. If you see some steam or hear a sizzle, it may be the product you’ve applied to your hair. So, when you straighten, avoid any products as they only help in curling.

5. Use a Heat Protectant

You should not apply anything to your hair before you straighten them. Yes, that’s right. But protection from heat is necessary. So, you’ll need a good heat protectant. You can use some good products even on damp hair, avoiding any frizz. Good quality thermal protectants can even protect your hair for up to 450 degrees.

6. Make Sure that you’re Aware of the Temperature

Now, you don’t want anything weird to happen, right? So, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature settings. If you see, there is a 450-degree setting. It’s meant for a professional salon treatment. People at the salon are trained about using machines at such high temperatures.

So, you must always keep the temperature below the limit. The safe limit can lie anywhere between 300 to 350 degrees.

7. Take It One Section at a Time

You must go section after section, and if you have thick hair, you may have to make even more partitions or sections. It’s because the flat iron is unable to reach all the hair if you put a very large section between the clamps.

You can always split your hair in the middle. And then you can move forward with small partitions on both the side. This way, you can effectively straighten each hair.

8. Use Some Products to Add Shine and Reduce Frizz

Some people end up with frizzy or curly hair after the process. And if you’re one of those people, here’s a solution. Use some preferred products to reduce frizz and add shine to your hair. Instead of using products with oils and silicon, you can go for a light-hold hairspray.

Now, you should never immediately apply the product to your hair after straightening. Let your hair cool a little bit, and then combine the product with a boar-nylon bristle brush. And then you can apply gently for the best results.

9. Use the Latest Flat Iron Models

If your flat iron is too old, you may not get the results you expect even after following the above steps. So, you should really spend some money on a good flat iron. Look for features like an auto cut feature. Such flat irons are very safe and turn off whenever the temperature exceeds the limit.

You should also check for the recovery time. The lower is better. If your flat iron takes a lot of time to recover back to the set temperature; it’s of no use. It’s because, by the time your flat iron recovers, you would have lost all the heat.

What are Some Hair Straightening Tips you Should Keep in Mind?

  • Try to iron your hair towards the ceiling, i.e., in the upward direction.
  • Make sure to use a hair straightener comb for effective results.
  • Make sure to keep the temperature under control to avoid hair damage.
  • Clean the ceramic plates once you’re done with alcohol
  • Never keep your flat iron in place for too long to avoid burns.


It is important to know about a machine before using it. And not only the machine, but you should also be aware of the right ways to use that machine. Fortunately, we have listed some of the most necessary steps you should take while using a hair straightener.

You should always keep the above points in mind to avoid any mishap. If you find the above info of use, do share it with others who’re in need. Also, make sure to come back for more informational content like this one.

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