How To Use A Food Processor

Blenders, mixers, and juicers have been common appliances that are available in every household these days. But what do we do when we have no good time left in our busy schedule? That’s where a food processor plays its role.

A food processor is a kitchen appliance that helps you in multiple tasks and also makes chopping easy. Juicing, slicing, mixing, can be effortlessly done with a food processor.

All your cooking skills can be mastered with this advanced tool. In this article, you’ll know how a food processor works and how you can make the most out of this equipment. Once you get used to this, there’s no going back.

How to use a food processor?

Step 1- Sort the Food Processor

The very first step is to take the processor and unwind it. Also, ensure that your food processor is dry and clean. Now attach the jar to the main motor mechanism. Followed by attaching the blade to the jar.

Different food processing requires different blades, so attach one accordingly. Now turn the jar slightly to check if it has fit in the motor correctly. Also, remember to not plug in the food processor while you’re setting it up in the jar or blade. So when you’re done with the settings, plug in the wire.

Step 2- Gather all your food components

The next step after setting up the food processor is to collect all your food components that have to be processed.

Things to remember:

  • Some of your recipes might ask you to put all the components together but ensure that the jar is not overfilled.
  • If you’re putting in some liquid components in the jar then make sure to not fill the jar completely and keep it till the line shown on the jar.
  • If you’re processing any of the hot components then ensure to cool them down and then put them in. As putting hot components in the jar might damage the motor.
  • If you’ve huge pieces of components then please chop them down into an adequate amount of pieces and then put them in. It ensures fine mixing.

Step 3 – Food Processing

Now that you’ve added all your ingredients to the jar close the lid properly and tightly. The majority of the processors don’t function if the lid is not kept right. Now you’re all set to run the machine.

Click on the plus sign or run button to start the processor. You can choose the course of action through various buttons on the processor.

  • Run: this function runs consistently and can be used to prepare creamy soup, mayo, pure, and so on
  • Pulse: this button is usually for chopping the ingredients and runs only till you press the button.

If you find extra buttons on the processor please refer to the user manual for better understanding.

Step 4- Ingredients Add on

Please ensure to turn off your processor to add on ingredients while processing the early one. If your processor has an open space on the lid or a tube attached, then make to use it to add on the other ingredients.

Step 5 – Cleaning

Now that your ingredients are ready, please make sure to keep your processor neat and clean. Wash the plastic parts firms and wipe the other part with a wet cloth.

How to use Food Processor S Blade?

Every food processor comes with an S blade which is called a Sabatier blade. This blade has two curved blades and sits inside the bottom of the work bowl of a food processor.

The food processor is equipped with an S blade that works just like a blender. It is used to coarsely chop different food items such as vegetables, meat, etc. It can also be used to mix, blend, and make purees.

  • First, you carefully need to attach the S blade in the bottom connector of the work bowl.
  • Now add your ingredients and put on the flat lid of the work bowl.
  • After putting all your ingredients in you just have to press the “on” button or knob as per your model, for continuous blade action. If not this, you can rotate the knob in an anti-clockwise direction for pulse action of the blade.
  • Keep it on till you get your desired size or texture.
  • One thing you should take care of is that you should not overload the work bowl or else the ingredients might splash out of it.
  • So always add ingredients in pieces. Do not add whole ingredients, so that the blade could reach the ingredients and chop or crush it without overloading.

How to use Food Processor Shredding and Slicing Discs?

Nowadays, higher models of food processors come with two special sorts of blades, slicing blade and shredding blade, which makes shredding and slicing really easier and safer than manually slicing and shredding with hands.

As per your model, you will either have varied blades of different sizes for shredding and slicing or you will have an adaptable blade for slicing and shredding according to the size of your choice.

Both slicing and shredding blade sits on the top of the work bowl above the stem adapter.

  • You first need to attach the stem adapter to the bottom connector
  • Next on the stem connector, attach slicing or shredding blade as per your requirement.
  • Make sure that the stem adapter is attached firmly on the bottom connector of the work bowl.
  • Now, attach the lid with a feed tube which is specially made for use with these slicing and shredding blades.
  • To shred or slice, put whole ingredients in the feed tube rather than diced ingredients.
  • Now put the food through the feed tube on the ingredient and start applying a steady pressure.
  • While doing so, now press the start or on button, and in seconds you will get your sliced or shredded ingredients.

Different Uses of Food Processor

Now that you know how a food processor works we’ll tell you how you can make the best use of your food processor and enjoy your lavishing food preparation.

  • Crumbs: most of us are helpless with the dry bread at home. The S blade present in the processor is all it takes to produce finely shaped crumbs. Not just bread but you can also get your cookies, biscuits cut in the processor.
  • Nut butter: a bit of your hard work and the smartness of the processor can produce mouth-watering nut butter in no time. All you need to do is pulse the processor a few times and here you go.
  • Sauce, Mayo, Dips, and more: with the food processor, making all of these is just a play of a few minutes. All your mincing, dicing, and chopping of ingredients will be done with the help of processor.
  • Dough Making: Yes, you read it right you can also prepare the dough with the food processor. Apply some cooking oil or spray in the jar and here you go.
  • Salads and dressings: these two are the most demanded food and these can be simply made with the food processor. With the S blade-making, dressing is just so manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can we put hot food in the food processor?

The basic thumb rule for electrical equipment is never to put hot food in them. Whether you’re pureeing or chopping, please don’t put them hot inside as this can damage the motor.

2. Can frozen fruits be put in the food processor?

Yes, certainly you can but make sure to chop them into small pieces. Putting it as a whole might scratch the sides with the blade/spatula.
Tip: To make the most out of it, scrape the sides of your food processor and get all the food particles in between. As you might find a few bundles as the blade couldn’t reach them.

3. Is it worth buying a food processor for chopping?

Well, if you’re someone who loves cooking but are not so professional at chopping, mixing, shredding, or afraid of a sharp knife, then this one is a perfect buy for you.

4. Is a blender similar to a food processor?

No, keeping it simple, a blender will turn your food element into a liquid state. But a food processor uses hard blades which make suitable slices of the food put inside.


We’re sure by now you’re satisfied with this smart kitchen equipment. A food processor is genuinely a time saver and your assistant chef. Now that you’re aware of how it functions and how you can make the most out of it.

Don’t hesitate, go purchase one for yourself and make your kitchen or cooking experience smooth, professional, and quick. There are millions of food processors available in the market outside, so pick one that suits your needs and desires.