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How To Use A Food Processor

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Food processors are godsend gift, especially for people who juggle between personal and professional lives. It transforms the way you prep up for the cooking, saving a lot of time.

If you think, you haven’t been using it to the fullest, then this article is for you.

We have provided all the tips and tricks that help you use the food processor efficiently.

Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Food Processor

Here is an ultimate guide that will teach you how to use a food processor.

Step 1: Plug it in

The initial step in this process is to plug the food processor into an electric socket. Make sure you unwind the cable of the appliance without any tangles and plug it in. Be sure that both the plug and socket are clean and dry.

Step 2: Attach the Jug to the Base

Moving on to the next step, set the jar on the base. Now lock it into position by twisting the bowl in the anti-clockwise direction. If you are using a large jug, you can attach it to the large main base. If you are using a smaller one, you will find the point to fix it on the top of the main stand. 

Step 3: Choose your Blade or Attachment

The next step is to choose the blade or attachment depending on the task that you want to perform. If you would like to mince, chop, mash, or puree, use the knife blade and attach it to the central mechanism of the jar. You will hear a click sound once it locks in its position. Initially, you may find the blade wiggling, but a small anti-clockwise twist would do.

Let us have a look at the other frequently used attachments:

S-shaped Blade

Almost every food processor comes with this standard S-shaped blade. It is ideal for chopping fruits and vegetables, making puree soups and sauces, and, also, for grinding dry ingredients into a powder.

You can use this as a default blade for recipes without a specified attachment.

Slicing Disk

As the name suggests, you can use a slicing disk to slice fruits and vegetables into thin pieces. Unlike other blades, the slicing disk is an attachment, which you find near the lid of the food processor bowl. Put the veggies or other food items through the feed tube on the lid that hit the disc first. After touching the disc, they get cut into thin slices.

Shredding or Grater Attachment

The shredding or grater attachment is similar to the slicing disc, which sits near the lid of the food processor bowl. Some food processor models have both slicing and shredding attachments combined. All you have to do is flip the disk to use the features. A shredding disc is best suitable for shredding your vegetables or grating cheese.

Dough Blade

Free yourself from the hassle of kneading the dough by simply using this blade in your food processor. Like the knife or S-shaped blade, you find an attachment of this blade at the bottom of the processor. This blade sits at the bottom of a food processor and is plastic-made.

Made of plastic, a dough blade is a common accessory that you get in all high-end food processors. You can use it for kneading any kind of dough like bread, pizza, and even pie. 

You can select the appropriate blade from the list of attachments you get and just fix it in the bowl to use it. After attaching it, you can get started with your recipe. However, you have to be extra cautious because the blades are very sharp. You might hurt yourself when cleaning, fixing, or replacing them. Hence, be careful with the blades. 

Step 4: Fix the Lid in Place

Once you have the right blade or attachment in place, it is time to close the food processor bowl with the lid. If you are using the main or knife blade, add all your required ingredients into the bowl before closing it. Lock the lid into position by twisting it in the anti-clockwise direction. Ensure the feeding tube or funnel is to the left of the handle.

Note: When using shredding or slicing discs, do not place the ingredients in the jar. It would not give you the desired results. Instead, put them through the feed tube on the lid.

Step 5: Turn the Food Processor On

Once you lock the lid of the food processor bowl, it is time to turn on the appliance. Most units do not operate until you fix the lid in place. Now, start processing your food. Every processor has two buttons namely, “pulse” and “run”, to chop, and blend food, respectively.

You can use the run button to blend ingredients into a smooth soup, create sauces and mayo.

On the other hand, the pulse button helps you chop food the way you like it. However, you need to hold the button down to operate the processor. Keep press the pause button in one-second intervals until the food gets chopped.  

For other food processors with more than two buttons, we suggest referring to the user manual to know how to use them.

Step 6: Add your Ingredients

If you are using a shredding or slicing disc, you may have to add the ingredients now to process them. Keep adding the ingredients by pushing them through the funnel or the feeding tube of the lid to come in contact with the disc directly. This allows slicing or grating of the food as desired. The other benefit is that it protects your hand from any potential accidents.

Step 7: Add Any Additional Ingredients

We know that not all recipes work the same way. Some recipes require blending all ingredients at once. And for that, you will have to place all the items inside the bowl before closing the lid.

Whereas, some other recipes may demand adding the ingredients slowly one after the other, during the blending process. In such a case, use the feed tube pusher to push the items down into the processor while it is running. 

If the processor does not have a tube, do not worry. Turn off the processor first, remove the lid and now add any additional ingredients. After adding, resume the operation. Repeat the process until you finish adding and blending all items.

Step 8: Watch The Magic Happen

Your food processor is so quick that it performs any task in just a few seconds. Let us say, you want to blend all the ingredients into a puree. After you turned on the process, watch how it magically blends everything in just no time. 

Are you using a disc attachment? Watch your bowl fill up instantly with finely processed items as you keep pressing them down through the funnel.

Step 9: Turn off the Processor

After you finished the processing, turn off the appliance, remove the lid and transfer the food outside.

Step 10: Clean the Elements

After every use, it is essential to clean the food processor neatly before you store it. It not only keeps the appliance working in good condition but also increases the lifespan. 

This is how you can clean your food processor:

What all you need:

  • Dish Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Soft Cloth
  • Tea Towel


  • Add a few drops of dish soap to the food processor bowl. 
  • Now, add warm water to the bowl up to the marked line and close the lid. 
  • After locking the lid, turn on the food processor for a few seconds. You will notice bubbles inside the bow. 
  • Turn off the appliance and open the lid. 
  • Remove the blades or attachments from the bowl and wash them with warm soapy water.
  • If you notice any leftover ingredients, neatly scrape them out of the bowl, the lid, and the funnel cover. 
  • Use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water to clean all the parts of the processor. 
  • After cleaning, use a tea towel to dry the food processor. You may also leave the appliance to air dry.

Note: Never wash the appliance under running water or submerge it in water, especially when plugged in. Doing so will not only ruin the food processor but will also electrocute you.

Step 11: Stack it Together, Tidy Away

This is the final step in the usage. Reassemble all the parts of the food processor together and then store the appliance in your kitchen cupboard or the countertop. Next time when you want to use it, it is all ready to go.

How to use Food Processor Shredding and Slicing Discs?

Most food processor models have reversible slicer and grater discs for slicing and grating. The highly advanced models, these days, come with different blades, i.e., slicing blade and shredding blade. These individual attachments make your tasks easier, quicker, and effortless than doing them manually.

Depending on your food processor model, you will have shredding and slicing discs of various sizes. Else, you will have a reversible blade of several sizes for slicing and grating, allowing you to opt for one that suits your recipe’s needs.

Both slicing and shredding blades are designed to sit on the stem adapter, which holds the disc in place. Follow the below steps to learn how to use the discs.

  • Firstly, attach the stem adapter to the bottom connector of the food processor bowl.
  • Fix the slicer or grater blade on the stem connector, based on your requirement.
  • After you ensure the firm attachment of the stem adapter, place the lid with the funnel and lock it in position. 
  • Whether you want to grate or slice the food ingredients, all you have to do is put the ingredients through this feed tube.
  • Press the start button to run the appliance.
  • Push them inside the funnel by applying pressure on the ingredients while the food processor is running. 
  • Within seconds, you will get your desired results of sliced or grated ingredients.

Other Ways you can use Your Food Processor

Did you know that you can use your food processor in several ways for multiple purposes? From salads to chunk-free sauces or soups, this appliance does everything that you require for preparing your favourite dishes, and in no time. Why don’t you try these?

Grinding Meat

Do you want to make chicken patties, meatballs, or sausages? You can use your food processor to prepare all of them effortlessly. Ask me how? Cut the meat into cubes and put them in the refrigerator for some time, till the edges stiffen. Now remove them from your fridge and put them in your processor. Grind till they are nicely ground. Now, use them to prepare your favourite burgers and other recipes. 

Whole Grains to Flour

You can also use your processor to grind whole grains to flour. Doing it in small batches will guarantee great results for all your dietary needs.

Chopping Nuts

Chopping nuts using a knife can be a little difficult and time-consuming too. However, you can finish this task easily and quickly in your food processor and, that too, in no time. And, yes, you can save yourself from creating the mess. 

Shred Cheese and Potatoes For Toppings

Do you need toppings for your snacks? Shred cheese in your food processor in just a few seconds. Want some potato flakes? Again, use this appliance to shred them on the go.

Make Bread Crumbs

Instead of spending your bucks on buying bread crumbs, try making them at your home. That’s true! Put the bread into your food processor to crush them into little pieces easily. You can also add some herbs to season it.

Ice Cream

Did I tell you that you can make ice cream using your processor? Be it fruit ice cream or anything, you can prepare delicious and lip-smacking ice cream with ease. Take the fruits or the ice cream base and freeze it in the freezer. After completely frozen, remove it and blend it in the processor until the ingredients become super creamy and smooth. Your favourite ice cream is ready to eat. If you want you can also add some flavours to it like peanuts, or chocolate for giving your ice cream a unique taste.

Make a Nut Butter

Preparing fresh nut butter at home is just as easy as consuming one. You can use your favourite nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazels, etc., for making the butter. Take the nuts, either raw or roasted, and chop them to a fine powder in the food processor. Now, add neutral flavour oil into the blender and mix it until you get a smooth and creamy texture. Once done, the butter is now ready to transfer into the jar and refrigerate.

Making Sauce, Dips

You can prepare fresh salsas and other dressings for your recipes with just a press on the processor.

Food Processor Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips for you to follow when using a food processor:

  • Do not put your hands in the food processor when it is operating. Also, see that your hands, utensils, or spatulas do not touch the blades when the appliance is running. Ensure you turn off the processor and unplug it before putting your hands in it
  • Secure the work bowl in its position first. Then fix the blades and turn on the food processor.
  • Use the funnel to add ingredients to the bowl when the processor is operating. But never put your hands in the feed tube when plugged in.
  • Make sure you turn off the appliance before removing the food from it or disassembling and cleaning it.
  • After you finish using the food processor, always remove the work bowl from the base of the processor first. Only after that, remove the discs or blades.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Pulse Vs. Process?

You can use your food processor either to pulse ingredients or process ingredients.
For recipes that require to pulse, all you have to do is turn on the processor for about one second and then turn it off. You have to do it in quick bursts. However, you will have the pulse button that allows you to do this job effortlessly. This function is ideal for chopping ingredients and mincing meat.
Similarly, if the recipe requires to process, you just have to turn on the processor and allow it to run for a specified time. Again, there is a “run” button to accomplish this task. You can use this option for preparing soups, purees, sauces, etc.

2. How To add liquid to a running processor?

Some recipes may ask for adding liquid ingredients slowly while the food processor is running. This allows the proper mixing of all the ingredients together.
In such a case, you can use the funnel. Take the liquid ingredients in a measuring cup and keep adding them slowly through the feed tube of the lid.

3. What can substitute a food processor?

For chopping, you can use a knife or hand grater and for slicing, a mandoline. You can also try kneading the dough using your mixer, and use a blender for juices and sauces.

4. Can we put hot food in the food processor?

The basic thumb rule for electrical equipment is never to put hot food in them. Whether you’re pureeing or chopping, please don’t put them hot inside as this can damage the motor.

5. Can frozen fruits be put in the food processor?

Yes, certainly you can but make sure to chop them into small pieces. Putting it as a whole might scratch the sides with the blade/spatula.
Tip: To make the most out of it, scrape the sides of your food processor and get all the food particles in between. As you might find a few bundles as the blade couldn’t reach them.

6. Is it worth buying a food processor for chopping?

Well, if you’re someone who loves cooking but are not so professional at chopping, mixing, shredding, or afraid of a sharp knife, then this one is a perfect buy for you.

7. Is a blender similar to a food processor?

No, keeping it simple, a blender will turn your food element into a liquid state. But a food processor uses hard blades which make suitable slices of the food put inside.


To conclude, you no longer have to spend a long time in the kitchen chopping, dicing, slicing, and grating. Cut down on all those labour-intensive tasks for meals by using your food processor. Try doing it, and you will claim that your food processor is your favourite appliance in the kitchen.

Reduce the time to take meals on your table with the all-powerful food processor. Now that you know what kind of food you can make with your food processor, what are you waiting for! Start food prepping with this handy kitchen appliance and bring out the chef in you.

Write to us in the comments section below if you find this information helpful. You can also add your inputs to the same and let us know if we missed out on anything. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below, and we would be happy to help you.

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