How to Hang Curtains: A Detailed Guide

There is no doubt a room with large windows looks more aesthetic and beautifully appealing to everyone. But, you can’t just leave a bare window like that, well, privacy is always the other concern in this case.

The best and easiest solution is hanging curtains! It’s an interesting idea since you can just purchase the ones with your choice of design and give your room a more personalized decor. That said, we will be discussing how you can master this art and find the right set of curtains for your room.

In fact, even if you are living in a rented place and don’t have enough freedom to fix rods and drill holes for that, we have still got some useful tricks for you that will allow you to hang your favourite curtains, no matter what. So, if you are interested to know how you can hang curtains even without drilling, stay right here on this page and read this article until the end carefully.

How to Hang Curtains

Everyone knows that curtains are extremely essential for any room as not only do they help you maintain privacy, but also help you out to uplift the look of your interiors. That said, most people don’t know how to pick the right set of curtains for their room.

So, we are here to help you as we will discuss how you can take the right measurements and select the right equipment to purchase.

Curtain Panel

The first thing to check always is the window dimensions so that you can know how wide curtains you need to cover that window section.

To easily make the right decision here, just measure the width of the window and make sure to purchase a curtain panel that covers almost about 1.5x or 2x the width of the actual window. That was about the horizontal length measuring, what about the vertical length of the curtain? Let’s see.

Curtain Length and Rod Length

You can neither go with small curtains as it does not look good at all, nor you can purchase the over-sized ones as they will keep dragging on the floor. So, we have to measure it correctly so that the curtain covers all the under-window section, but without touching the floor.

For that, take measurements from the rod height all the way down to the bottom, leaving at least 2 inches before the measuring tape touches the floor. The rod is usually fixed 4-6 inches above the window, so you can make markings using a pencil and use that as a reference.

As for the rod’s length, measure the window-width and purchase a rod that is almost 8-12 inches wider than the window, that’s simple.

Final Mounting of Curtains

Once you have arranged the right curtains for a particular window area, we can start to hang the curtains and make that window look more beautiful.

  • First of all, installing the rod at the right place is the major part of the process. Using a pencil and the measuring tape, make small markings on the wall right about 4-6 inches above the window. This is the ideal length where a curtain rod should be fixed. If the curtains are slightly long and still dragging on the floor from this height, you can even choose to fix the rod even higher.
  • Install the curtain brackets on both sides of the window, so that you can mount the curtain rod. While installing the brackets, make sure you install them about 6 inches away from the window edge, on both the sides. Do remember about the height as well since we need to place the rod 4-6 inches above the window height.
  • Once you have fixed the curtain brackets at the right places, you can now put your curtains on the rod. And, then place the rod on the brackets along with the curtains.

How to Hang Curtains Without Rod

While the normal method of hanging curtains includes drilling, screwing, etc. What could you do if you are not allowed to do all that, in case you are living in a rental place? Don’t worry, the DIY community has got some pretty easy solutions for you which we will be sharing with you all here. Yes, you can hang curtains without making any holes into the wall. Let’s see how it’s done!

Since we are not using any drilling techniques here, how can we fix the curtain brackets? Well, have you heard about the 3M adhesive hooks? If not, do check them out on the online stores as well as your nearby ones because they work as a great replacement for the actual curtain brackets. Some adhesive 3M hooks come with such strong holding capability that they can easily take the weight of curtains without any problem.

So, do follow these steps carefully if you want to hang the curtains this way:

  • The first step, as we mentioned, purchase the right 3M adhesive hooks that can take the weight of your curtains.
  • Once you have found the right set, it’s time to fix them on the right spot. You can use a piece of cardboard if you want extremely precise markings. Take a piece of thin cardboard cut out in a square shape. Now, make another small square cutting on one corner, and align it with the corner of your window, like jigsaw pieces.
  • Simply make a marking on the cardboard with a pencil, and puncture it to make a mark on the wall as well.
  • Now, use the same piece of cardboard, flip it so that you can fit the cardboard piece on the other corner edge of the window. Use a pencil to make a marking on the wall from the puncture hole. This will help you make markings on the wall super-precisely.
  • Along these markings, stick the adhesive hooks carefully.
  • Once the hooks are strongly fixed, try out if they can take the weight of the rod. If you succeed, take out the rod and put your curtains, and place it back there. That’s it!


Hanging curtains the traditional way is pretty easy, but if there’s a lack of tools and other supplies, the DIY method is just so cool to try out. We hope you have learned a few useful things from this article.

As you can see, hanging curtains is not that big a deal, and even any individual can do it on their own without anyone’s help. However, another important part of the process is to choose the right equipment, and also the right-sized curtains. So, be careful while taking all the measurements before making any other decisions.

That’s it for this article, we will keep coming with such tips and tricks for you all so that you can have an easy life. In case you have any doubts in mind regarding this topic, you can discuss with us in the comments section below.