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How To Convert Led Tv To Android TV

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Now, if you have an LED TV at home and need an Android TV, you need not buy a new one. You just need to buy either an Android box or streaming sticks. And this will get the job done. Don’t know how?

Well, this is what this blog is all about. Here you’ll find good and detailed information you need to convert LED TV to Android TV. So, if you’re interested, let’s get started.

Converting a normal TV to smart TV using streaming sticks

Here are some popular streaming sticks you can use to convert your LED to a smart TV: –

Chrome Cast by Google

Chrome Cast by Google

You can easily stream and cast the over-the-top content on your TV. All you need is a Google Chrome cast and an LED TV. Once you connect both these devices, install the Google Home app on your mobile device.

Now, open any streaming app like Prime Video, Voot, or Netflix. Once you open and start viewing content, you’ll notice a casting icon probably on the right side. You can connect the TV chrome cast with WIFI and start streaming content on your TV.

You can use mobile for other things, and it’ll continue to cast. But for changing the app, you’ll still need your phone.

Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick

You can plug this device right into the HDMI port of your LED. The apps are pre-installed on the stick itself. So, you need not to sideload any applications. There’s an Alexa based remote that you can use to search content.

You can easily cast content using Amazon Fire Stick. However, you will need to install apps both on your Fire Stick and your Mobile device. There are two basic models; one is HD, and the other is 4K. Using the 4K stick, you can enjoy 4K content if it’s available to view. Also, your LED should support 4K content. You’ll need a prime account if you want to view prime video content.

Airtel Xstreme Stick

Airtel Xstreme Stick

This device from Airtel is quite similar to Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chrome Cast. It’s based-on Android operating system version 8.0. There are some pre-installed apps that you’ll find within this device. However, you can load more apps from the Play Store if you want.

You can view TV shows and web series from Sony TV, ZEE TV, and numerous other movies. However, you cannot view live TV directly. It’s accessible only through an application. The biggest catch is you need an Xstreme subscription to use this stick.

There’s a voice search feature that enables you to search content with ease. It comes with an in-built chrome case. So, you can cast whatever you want.

Turbostream Stick by Flipkart MarQ

Turbostream Stick by Flipkart MarQ

Turbostream stick is not only a media-playing device but an Android TV box as well. So, you can convert your LED into a smart one by connecting this device. There’s a voice-enabled remote that you can use to search content. The voice remote can be connected both using Bluetooth and an infrared setting.

This provides a seamless voice command control. Here are some specifications of this stick: –

  • Operating System: Android 9.0
  • Resolution it supports: 1920*1080 pixels at 60 frames per second
  • Hardware Configuration: Mali 450 GPU, 8GB storage and 1GB RAM
  • Audio hardware: Dolby Digital
  • TV Remote:Can be controlled using Smartphone and, with google assistance, enabled remotely via infrared and Bluetooth

Converting normal TV to smart TV using TV boxes

Apart from using firesticks or Chromecast, there’s another way to convert a normal LED to a Smart TV. It’s by using Android TV and Set-top boxes. You can connect these devices with your LED TV and get the fun started.

However, you will need a WIFI or ethernet connection to enable the internet. Also, there’s an inbuilt Chromecast feature. So, you need not buy a different device. You can easily sideload applications using the Play Store.

The remote is quite interactive too. There are both google assistant enabled and disabled remotes. So, you can choose the one you require

Airtel Xstreme Set-top Box

You can experience Android box functionality in a set-top box from Airtel, which has DTH enabled as well. It means you can watch both TV and over the top content using this one Airtel Xstreme Set-Top box.

This set-top box cum android box comes with Android version 9.0. So, you can easily download applications as you can in Android boxes. However, you need a DTH connection before availing any of these services. If you’re already an Airtel customer, you can request an upgrade.

The upgrade will cost you around Rs. 999 per month. You can easily upgrade your current by visiting my Airtel application on your phone. Once you select the plan and pay, you’re all set.

Jio Fibre STB

Jio Fibre STB

This Set-top box from Reliance Jio also offers the functionality to convert your normal TV into a smart one. This way, you can not only view the live TV but can access various applications as well.

There’ll be basic Jio apps pre-installed on your Set-top box. Jio Saavn, Jio Music, and Jio Cinema being some examples. However, you need to plug in a Jio Fiber router to access these services. According to the recent information, the fiber plan will be different from the DTH plan.

So, it can sound quite troublesome to some users. In terms of features, this set-top box is advanced. It also supports 4K content, VR & gaming. You can control this set-top box using a voice command enable remote.

Apple TV Box

Apple TV Box

This device from apple can also help you convert a common LED to a smart one. However, this is a premium device that comes with a premium price. Also, you need to have an Apple id before you can use the services.

You can plug it in your LED using an HDMI cable. It works similar to your iPhone or iPad, which is quite convenient. Apple app store is there for you to download applications like HBO or Netflix. It comes with a Siri enabled remote to control the TV box. You can also view 4K and HD content using this box.

Converting normal TV to smart TV Laptop

It’s not something new. Your laptop is already a smart machine and works pretty much as a smart TV would. You can easily connect it with your LED using an HDMI cable and view all the content on your TV.

You can use your web browser to access apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and whatnot. You can connect a wired mouse or keyboard for ease of usage. You can also turn your laptop to Android by using BlueStacks. It’ll help you use your LED like an Android enabled device.


Converting a normal LED into a smart one is not a big task. You just need the right stick, set-top box, or Android box. Most of the devices do not require special instructions to convert a normal TV into a smart one. So, anyone can do that.

However, all it depends on your requirements. If you want a portable device, you can buy an Android TV box or firestick. And if you don’t want the hassle of carrying anything, set-top boxes like the Airtel Xstreme box will get the job done.

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