How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Mobile

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Connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your mobile is one of the easiest tasks. The specific steps differ between Android and iPhone. However, they have the same general process.

First, you will have to activate the pairing mode in your Bluetooth speakers. Then, you will have to turn on Bluetooth in your phone. Lastly, you need to select the speaker’s name and then pair them.

Below is a step by step guide for connecting your Bluetooth speakers to an Android and iPhone.

Steps to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to an Android phone

You only have to pair your Bluetooth speaker and Android phone once. After that, they will connect automatically every time you turn on the speaker.

Follow the steps below to connect them.

  • Tap the Settings icon to open the app.
  • Select the Connected devices option. Then, activate the Bluetooth by turning on the toggle switch.
  • When you tap the Bluetooth option, it will show you the list of paired devices.
  • Select the Pair new device option.
  • Now, look for the name of the Bluetooth speaker in the list. It may take some time for your phone to scan and list the device name.
  • Tap the speaker’s name.
  • Now, your phone will connect to the Bluetooth speaker. You will also receive a notification to confirm the connection.

Steps to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to an iPhone

Same as with Android, the process of pairing a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone is a one-time thing. Once you have connected them, they will pair automatically when they are in range.

Below are the steps to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app and select the Bluetooth option.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth toggle switch to enable it. If the toggle switch turns green, it means the Bluetooth is active.
  • Under the other devices section, you will see a list of available devices.
  • It may take a few minutes for the Bluetooth speaker’s name to show in the list. Wait until then.
  • When you see the speaker’s name, tap on it to connect.
  • This will connect your iPhone to the Bluetooth speaker. You will see the status as connected on the screen.

How to Connect Multiple Speakers at once

Many of you will be aware that you can connect multiple speakers to your phone. This is true for both iPhone as well Android. However, only certain Bluetooth speakers support this multi-connectivity. Also, the speakers should be from the same brand.

If your speakers have this feature, then you can connect multiple speakers to your phone. Brands have their own app to connect multiple speakers to your phone. You have to download the respective app from Google Play or Apple App store.

There are also third-party apps that support different brand speakers. With these apps, you can connect speakers of different brands. You can connect the speakers either to get stereo sound or to enhance the volume.

How to Activate Pairing Mode in Bluetooth Speaker

If you want your Bluetooth speakers to be discoverable, then you have to activate the pairing mode first. The specific method to activate the pairing mode differs from one brand to another. However, most brands follow either one of the following two methods.

a) Long press the power button

When you turn on the speaker, long-press the power button. It will activate the pairing mode. The speaker will emit a sound to confirm it has entered the pairing mode. Some models will have light indicators that flash rapidly to confirm the pairing mode.

b) Long press the pairing button

Some models of Bluetooth speakers come with an extra button to activate the pairing mode. You can see the Bluetooth icon near to it. Long-press the button until you hear a sound or see light indicators blinking. These two signs are indications that your speaker is in the pairing mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why won’t my phone pair with my Bluetooth speaker?

First, check if your phone and Bluetooth speaker are within range. Then check if the Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode. If the problem still persists, reset your Bluetooth speaker. Also, remove the speaker from the paired devices list on your phone. Then, again pair it.

2. Can I use a Bluetooth speaker for phone calls?

To use a Bluetooth speaker for phone calls, it should support SCO (Synchronous Connection-Oriented Link). Only then, you will be able to answer phone calls using it. If it supports only A2DP, it can not record or play audio. In that case, you can not use it to answer phone calls.

3. What is the discoverable mode in Bluetooth?

When you turn on the discoverable mode in your Bluetooth device, your phone will be able to detect it. Then you can pair your phone with the device. Unless you activate discoverable mode in a Bluetooth device, you can connect it to other devices.

4. Why is my iPhone 11 not picking up Bluetooth devices?

First, ensure that Bluetooth is on. Then, check if the iOS is updated to the latest version. If it still does not detect any devices, remove all the Bluetooth devices from the paired devices list. You can also try restarting your iPhone to resolve the issue.

5. How do I connect my iPhone 7 to my Bluetooth speaker?

First, activate pairing mode in your Bluetooth speaker. Then, turn the Bluetooth option on your iPhone 7. You will be able to see the list of available devices. Tap the speaker’s name from the list. Now, your iPhone 7 and Bluetooth speaker are paired.


If your phone does not detect the Bluetooth speaker, the best thing to do is to remove it from the paired devices list. This will resolve the problem most of the time. Sometimes, you will have to enter a pairing code to establish the connection. You can find the pairing code in the Bluetooth speaker’s user manual.
If you face any difficulties or need further assistance, let us know using the comments section. You can also share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box.

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