How To Clean Marble Floor – The Ultimate Guide

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There is something very luxurious about the nobility of marbles. When used for flooring, it brings life to a modern interior of any property.  

Marble tiles designed for floors are available in a variety of different colors, textures and quality. But they should be preserved well for its longevity. 

To let your marble surface last a lifetime, follow this comprehensive guide and make your job easy.

How to Clean Marble Floor

Marble is one of the most beautiful stones that add the touch of royalty to your home. Although marble floors are durable, they need extra care and precaution for maintenance and longevity. It should be carefully cleaned on a regular basis to keep the stains and dirt away. So, here are a few of the tips to keep your marble floor shining forever- 

1. Mopping  

You should regularly sweep your marble floor to keep it clean. Use a dry mop to remove dust and dirt. After that, clean the floor with the microfiber cloth. 

2. Try this solution – To Remove Grease and Stains

Take warm water and add baking soda. Further, mix it with dish-washing liquid and use the solution to clean your marble floor. Hot water mixed with soft chemicals works best to get rid of dirt and grease. 

3. Poultice Powder Solution

  • Take normal water in a bucket. Submerge the clean cloth or nonabrasive sponge in it and clean the floor properly. 
  • If you find hard stains, then mix a cup of plaster, talc, diatomaceous earth in a cup of water. Mix it and make a thick paste. The prepared paste is also known as a poultice. 
  • Sprinkle distilled water on the stained area and spread the layer of the prepared paste. Do not leave the area airy. 
  • Tightly close it with a plastic wrap. Wait for around 48 hours until it becomes completely hardened. 
  • Once it dried up, remove the wrap and clean the paste with a sponge dipped in water. 
  • After this, apply commercial stone sealant available in the market. As soon as you’re finished, dry the surface with a soft cloth. 

How to Clean the Grout Between Marble Floors?

Marble is a glossy porous stone. The surface of the marble stone can absorb the stain quickly and can also get scratches even with a little frictional force. In the same way, the grout between the marble flooring can also accumulate dirt and its color also gets faded over time. Therefore, it’s important to clean the grout with hard chemicals. So here are the points which will help you to clean the grout without damaging the marble tiles-

  • Take warm water in a bowl and add baking soda in it, making it into a paste form. Use a scrubber or a bristled toothbrush to scrub the grout properly between the marble tiles. 
  • Use the prepared paste on the scrubber or the brush and rub it on the grout. Do not rub it hard. Gently clean it with back and forth motions. Avoid the spillage of baking soda on the marble as it can leave hard stains.
  • Let the paste dry for some time. Once it gets dried up, rinse the grout with warm water and clean it with a cloth immediately. 
  • Once it’s being done, thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water. 

Maintenance of the Marble Floor 

Marble floors are a luxury. It’s, therefore, necessary to invest in its maintenance and preserve the sensitive surface. So, in order to know the ways to maintain the marble floor, read the points below- 

1. Usage of doormats

You can use rugs and mats on the entry gate of your house. It will avoid the dirt and dust accumulation on the marble floor. Also, the tiles will remain preserved from scratches and debris. It will prevent the spread of dirt throughout the house, thus enhancing the natural elegance of your marble inlays. 

2. Cleaning

Cleaning marble floors on a regular basis is the best form of maintaining it. You can clean the floor with a microfiber cloth or mop it with the usage of a soft cloth. 

Marble is porous in nature, therefore they are not friendly to harsh chemicals. You can use mild detergents to clean the floor. You can also use mild pH solutions and marble cleaners available in the market. The pH-neutral solutions are gentle to marble tiles. 

Remember to not use vinegar for cleaning of marble surfaces. It is acidic in nature and its usage can damage the marble floor while leaving the dull spots behind. Along with vinegar, citrus cleaners such as orange or lemon, products with ammonia or ceramic floor cleaners can also prove to be a disaster for your marble beauty. 

3. Vacuum cleaner 

Vacuum cleaner is also a viable option for cleaning the marble floor. Just keep in mind, to use it lightly on the floor. Do not put the pressure on the floor while cleaning.  

While using a vacuum cleaner on the marble floor, ensure to use only brush attachments, instead of plastic or metal attachments. Also, keep a tab on your vacuum cleaner’s movement. Use it in an upright direction to prevent the floor from the scratches. 

4. Use a Marble Sealer

You can maintain your marble floor with sealers too. Sealing allows the natural stone to remain clean and shiny. You just need to apply it gently and allow the sealer to penetrate the marble tiles. After this, wipe up the residues with a clean cloth. Sealers are easily available in the market. 

5. Precautions 

Whenever you use any cleaning product for marbles, always read instructions and safety protocols before using it. First, try the product on a small cornered patch of the floor, and if successfully, then use it for the entire floor. Avoid using rough cloths for cleaning the marble surfaces. Soft cloth is the best. Powdered or granular soap is also harmful to marbles. So keep it away!

6. Polish and shine 

Using polish on your marble floor is a big No. Not only the surface will become slippery but it can also damage the surface to a high extent. Instead, you can use a clean and soft cloth to clean your floor or use a dust mop on the floor. 

7. Clean the spills immediately

Being porous in nature, marble can absorb liquid stains very quickly. And once the stain is established, it’s not easy to remove it. Therefore, it’s advisable to clean the stains immediately from the marble flooring. 

Don’t rub the stains, blot them with a damp cloth. You can also blot the floor by using the pH-neutral product. Again remember, do not rub the surface, instead use a back-forth motion. 

8. Stain removal tips

If you spill anything on the floor by mistake, blot it immediately from the marble floor. The quicker you blot the spills, the more easily it will be removed. Do a random test before directly applying it on the floor. Examine the spot closely and see if the stain vanishes. If it works on the applied spot, then use it on the spilt surface. Avoid using commercial cleaning products on marble. 

Home Remedies for Stains on Marble Floors

Marble is more vulnerable to stains. In order to keep its beauty on go, you should know how to treat the stains effectively. For it, we are sharing a few of the home remedies which will help you to fight the spills and stains immediately- 

  • Use Baking soda and water 

Prepare a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it on the stained floor. Then cover it with a plastic wrap to let it dry. Leave it for at least a day. Once the area gets dry, remove the paste carefully and clean the area with a damp cloth and soapy water. 

  • Use alcohol

Take a spray bottle and fill its 1/8th part with rubbing alcohol into it. Now add a few drops of liquid dishwasher. Now fill the remaining part with water again. Mix it well and spray in on the stains. In the end, mop the floor with water. 

  • Use unbleached flour

Prepare a paste by mixing a cup of unbleached flour, small drops of gentle liquid soap, and water. Apply and spread the paste on the floor where you will find the stain marks. Then cover it with plastic wrap and allow it to dry for 24 hours. After one day, wash off the paste and clean the marble floor with soapy water. 

  • Use cornstarch

Greasy stains are too rigid to clean. One such home remedy for removal of such stains is using cornstarch. First of all, you need to spray some distilled water on the spilt area. Now spread a thick layer of cornstarch and leave it for a day. 

Spray distilled water lightly on the stain. Now sprinkle a thick layer of cornstarch. Leave for 24hours. Now wash off the layer and see the results. If not satisfied, then reapply.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide 

Dip a piece of cotton gauze in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the stained area. Remember the dipped cotton should be wetted properly. Cover the area with a plastic wrap to keep it away from air or dust. You can also apply tape to seal the edges. Let it dry for a day. When it’s dry, check the stains. You can also repeat the procedure if needed. 

Remember- using the solution can slightly lighten the area. So, use it carefully if your marble tiles are in dark colors. Try to test it on a small section before using it on your marble floor. 


Marble floors truly make a statement and add a dash of royalty to your home. When cleaned and maintained properly, they can last well beyond your lifetime. So, follow the above-mentioned tips to keep your marble floor clean and retain its shine and beauty. 

In case you have some questions or queries, do not forget to drop it in our comment section below.

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