How To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier

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You install an aqua guard for pure safe and healthy drinking water. But what about its maintenance? Have you thought of it?

Installing an aqua guard purifier is easy, but the difficult part is to maintain and clean them. No matter what brand of water purifier you buy the water filters will need changing. Depending on the brand and the quality of water these filters will need a cleaning every 6 to 12 months.

You might have doubts about when to clean the filters or if the filters need any replacements. You can even clean the water purifiers yourself. This article is all about cleaning your water purifier, how to maintain them and how to clean them at home by yourself .

Why Is It Important To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier

You buy a water purifier to get healthy and clean water throughout the year to make the most of it. The efficiency of water purifiers gets reduced as the contaminants start to accumulate in your water purifier. This is the biggest reason why you should clean your purifier.

The level of total dissolved solids in the source water determines how frequently you need to clean the purifier. If the level of TDS or total dissolved solids is more, then you need to clean the purifier every 3 to 6 months. If the TDS level is low, you can opt to clean your purifier once a year.

When Is The Right Time To Clean Your Aqua Guard?

Filters are the most important part in an aqua guard water purifier. The condition of the water filters will indicate the right time to clean your purifier.

In general, the ideal time to clean your water purifier is once in every 6 to 12 months. The manufacturer of your water purifier after conducting an inspection of the quality of the water source will recommend a time period to clean the purifier to maintain the filters as well as the quality of the water.

You should be aware that the accumulation of TDS affects the water filters and can change the quality of the water. So, it is best if apart from cleaning you also change the water filters from time to time. Another indication that will make you realize you should clean the water purifier is when the taste of water becomes odd or changes.

Another way you can assume that you need to clean the water purifier is when the pressure of water coming out of the purifier reduces. Also, you should test the contamination level of the water to get a clear idea about when to clean the water purifier.

How To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier

Cleaning your aqua guard purifier is not very difficult. You just require to follow certain steps to ensure that you get safe and healthy water again. The different steps you need to follow are listed below.

Step 1: You need to turn off the water supply to the aqua guard water purifier. After that cut the power supply of the purifier.

Step 2: Dismount the aqua guard purifier from the wall to clean it properly.

Step 3: If your water purifier comes with a storage tank, then drain the water out of it before you start the cleaning procedure.

Step 4: Carefully, open the top of the aqua guard water purifier. You will come across two buttons on each side of the purifier, pressing which the top of the aqua guard will open. As it is made of plastic, if you put extra pressure there is a chance of breaking the top of the purifier. Also, if your aqua guard water purifier has a stand for keeping the bottles, remove that as well.

Step 5: After opening the purifier, you will come across two tubes that hold the water filters. The tubes are secured with caps, which holds the direction on which side to turn the caps to open them. You can open them using a hard material by turning it to the side as it is mentioned. But be careful with them as they are also made of plastic and can break with excess pressure.

Step 6: After removing the caps, you can take out the filters using your hands. But it is better to use a strap wrench to remove them. Removing the filters from the water purifier is important to protect it from getting damaged.

Step 7: After the removal of the filters, take out the narrow straw-like structure that holds the filters inside the tube one by one and place them aside.

Step 8: To clean the water purifier, use the cleaning agents that are prescribed by your aqua guard water purifier manufacturer. You should carefully note the dosages prescribed because if there is a bit of difference in the dosage, then the purifier will not get cleaned properly.

Step 9: After cleaning the purifier, take a small cotton cloth. Using the cotton cloth to rub the purifier clean.

Step 10: Take both the filters under a sink where the pressure of water coming out of the taps is high. Take each filter and rinse them well under the water. Scrub the outside of the filter with your hand and make sure that the filters are rid of all the accumulated contaminants.

Step 11: Take the straw-like structures and make water go through them thoroughly to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned.

Step 12: Mount the straw back to its place. Then carefully, take the filters and place them back from where you have taken them out.

Step 13: Close the caps of the tubes just like how you opened it. Make sure the caps are tightly secured so the contaminants do not mix with the filtered water.

Step 14: Take the stand for the bottle and keep it back to its place. Mount the water purifier back to its original place from you had taken it out.

Step 15: Turn on the power supply and the water supply to the water purifier.

Step 16: Allow the water purifier to fill back and then drain at least two liters of water before starting to use the water purifier again.

Final Word

If you have an aqua guard water purifier at your place, make sure to regularly monitor the condition of the purifier. If you take care of your water purifier properly, it can usually last for 10-15 years.

Always keep in mind that water purifiers keep your family safe by providing you with safe, clean, and healthy water. It is best if you clean your water purifier every 6-12 months to ensure that the quality of water does not get hampered.

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