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How To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier

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Installing an aqua guard purifier can get you safe and healthy drinking water. However, you need to clean and maintain it regularly.

Many find cleaning and maintaining an aqua guard water to be a challenging task. It should not be anymore, because we are here to help you.

How To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier

In this ultimate guide, we will teach you how to clean and maintain your water purifying device all by yourself at home. You will not require the help of a professional for cleaning.

Let us get started with our discussion.

But before that, let us discuss why we should clean the water purifier.

Why Is It Important To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier?

The main job of a water purifier is to remove the impurities and contaminants in the water, making it healthy and safe for drinking. We install an aqua guard water purifier at home to ensure the same.

However, during the purification process, these impurities, dirt, and other harmful contaminants get accumulated in your filters. Consequently, they lose their efficiency to purify water. As a result, you may not get purified water. Hence, it becomes imperative to clean the appliance regularly to ensure the effective performance of the device.

Another reason that helps you determine the frequency of cleaning water purifiers is the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. If the TDS level in the source water is more, you need to clean the device once in three to six months. Similarly, if the water in your area has lower TDS, you can clean your purifier yearly once.

Let us learn when you should clean your water purifier.

When Is The Right Time To Clean Your Aqua Guard?

Most of us have this question in our heads. When should I clean my aqua guard water purifier? Well, the answer to this question is – it is entirely dependent on your filters. We all know that filters are a crucial part of the water purifier. The condition of these filters will tell you when it is the right time to clean the purifying device.

Generally, the ideal time to clean your water purifier is once in six to 12 months. Moreover, it is also dependent on the quality of your source water. Depending on this, you may be given a time interval to maintain between the cleaning sessions.

Another common issue is the TDS levels of your source water. The dissolved salts can accumulate in your filters, reducing their efficiency to purify water. As a result, you may notice the reduced quality of your drinking water. After a certain period, you may even observe a change in the odour, taste, and colour of the water. If you want to prevent this, you will have to clean the filters regularly. If necessary, replace the filters from time to time.

Here is another way to determine whether your water purifier needs cleaning or not. If you ever notice a reduced pressure of water coming from the outlet, it is an indication you should clean the device. You can also try this one – Test the water contamination level. This will give you a fair idea of when you need to clean the water purifying device.

How To Clean Aqua Guard Water Purifier?

7 Best Aquaguard Water Purifiers in IndiaAs many presume, cleaning your aqua guard water purifier is not a difficult task. With the right method, you can get this job done easily and hassle-free. To help you out, we have come with a few steps that will help you clean your purifier effectively. Make sure you follow them diligently to enjoy safe and healthy drinking water from your device.

Here is a step-by-step process for cleaning an aqua guard water purifier?

Step 1: Turn off the water supply.

Start the cleaning process by turning off the water supply to the appliance. After that, turn down the power supply, as well.

Step 2: Dismount the unit from the wall.

After you switched off the power supply, dismount the unit from the wall. Now place it on a flat surface to clean the device.

Step 3: Drain the storage tank.

The next step is to empty the water reservoir. If there is any water in the tank, drain it completely, and then you can get started with the cleaning process of the interiors.

Step 4: Disassemble the water purifier.

The next step is to deconstruct the unit. Let us start by carefully opening the top of the water purifier. It is very easy, and all you have to do is press two buttons present on each side of the purifier. When you press them, the top cover of the appliance will open. Make sure you do not put extra pressure, as it can break the top lid. Some water purifier models come with a stand for storing bottles. If your appliance has one, remove that as well.

Step 5: Open the tubes that hold the filters.

Let us move on to the filters. For removing filters, you need to open the tubes that hold these water filters. You can find these tubes inside the purifier, the moment you undo the upper cover.

The tubes are secured with caps, and you need to turn them in a specified direction to open them. You can use a hard material for opening these caps by turning them to the side. Make sure you do not put extra pressure on them. Since they are made of plastic, they can break easily. Just be a little careful when opening.

Step 6: Remove the filters.

Now that you have opened the tubes, the immediate thing to do is take out the filters from them. You can use your hands and remove them. However, it is a better option if you can use a strap wrench for taking out the filters. This is a crucial step in the cleaning process, and you need to be watchful. Any negligence can damage the filters.

Step 7: Remove the items that hold the filters.

After you remove the filters, there is another thing you have to do. You need to take out the items that hold the filters inside the tubes. Usually, these are narrow straw-like structures inside the tubes. Remove them from both the tubes and keep them aside.

Step 8: Use cleaning agents for cleaning the inside of the water purifier.

Start cleaning the interior of the water purifier, by using the cleaning agents prescribed by your water purifier manufacturer. Also, be careful about the quantity of cleaning agents you are using. Use only the required dosage as prescribed. It will help in cleaning the appliance properly.

Step 9: Wipe the purifier clean.

After you finish cleaning, wipe the water purifier clean. You can use a small cotton cloth to rub inside and ensure there is no trace of a cleaning agent.

Step 10: Clean the filters.

Let us move on to cleaning the filters. This is how you can do it.

  • Go to the nearby sink and place these filters under running tap water.
  • Wash and rinse them thoroughly under the tap water.
  • Scrub the outside with your hand until you are sure that there are no accumulated contaminants on the filters.

Step 11: Clean the straw-like structures.

After cleaning the filters, it is time to clean the straw-like structures that hold the filters inside the tube. Clean them thoroughly by allowing the water to go through them.

Step 12: Put the filters back in place.

After cleaning the narrow straw-like structure, carefully mount them back to their place. Now, take the filters and put them back in the place from where you have taken them out.

Step 13: Close the tubes.

After repositioning the filters, close the tubes by securing the caps tightly. Ensure that they are properly sealed, and there is no chance for the contaminants to get mixed with the filtered water.

Step 14: Mount the water purifier back to its place.

Take the bottle stand that you have put aside and replace it in its position. Mount the unit back to its original place on the wall from you have taken it out.

Step 15: Turn on the power supply.

After mounting the unit to the wall, turn on the power to the appliance. Also, switch on the water supply to it.

Step 16: Fill the water purifier.

Now fill the water purifier and drain the first tank after cleaning or changing filters.

Step 17: Refill the water purifier and use it.

After draining the first tank, you can refill the water purifier and start using it again.

What Are The Aqua Guard Water Purifier Maintenance Tips?

With proper cleaning and regular maintenance, you can make your water purifier last for about 10 to 15 years. Remember, increasing the longevity of your appliance is entirely dependent on how well you maintain it. If you have been neglecting the cleaning and maintenance routine of your water purifying device, you should give it a start now. Here are some effective tips that will help you maintain your water purifier and ensure its best functioning:

  • Always refer to instructions in the user manual for cleaning, maintenance, and other issues. This will keep your device in perfect condition.
  • Replace the filters periodically to ensure smooth functioning of the appliance.
  • If you are noticing any leakages or drips, do not neglect them. Instead, get the sorted at the earliest by seeking the help of a technician.
  • Get a professional cleaning for your water purifier once a year.
  • Never store water for too long in the storage tank of the water purifier.
  • Whenever you leave your house for a long time or go on a vacation, make sure you turn off the purifier. Also, empty the water storage tank.
  • Keep the exteriors of your water purifier clean by cleaning them frequently, especially the area around the tap.
  • Get regular service checks for your purifier. Simultaneously get the parts replaced, if needed.

Final Word:

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your water purifier can increase its lifespan. If you want to ensure the safe health of your family members, you should never neglect the cleaning of the device. A well-maintained purifier gives safe, clean, and healthy drinking water. Furthermore, it functions effectively without any issues.

I hope this guide explained to you in detail about the cleaning process of aqua guard water purifiers. You can use this article to get started with the cleaning. Also, share the information with your friends who might need it and help them maintain their appliance.

Write to us if you have any questions. Our team will revert with answers and other relevant information. Share your feedback with us by letting us know your inputs in the comments below.

Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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