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Although, there is no doubt that foosball is an excellent game but you have to decide what type of table or what are the features to look for? Fortunately, we are providing you with a buying guide that covers everything which you need to know for buying your best foosball table.


It is a table football game that can be played by 2 – 4 players in two different teams with an object of scoring more goals against the opponent. A player has to manoeuvre a small ball over the surface of the table with a little men attached to the playing rods. The table has 8 rods in which each team has a control over 4 rods. Place your wrist on their handles to control the rods and to make the best move of the ball to score against the opponent team.

Types of Foosball Tables

Before buying foosball table, you have to know its types in detail to reduce your shopping time and to ensure that you’re buying the right table to play for years. In general, there are 4 types of foosball tables available in the market.

1.Standard Foosball Table

It is a full size gaming table in which it is designed to stay at one place due to its heavy weight (at least 100 pounds). It is made up of solid wood or a combination of MDF (medium density fibreboard) particle board and real wood.

However, they are made from high quality components to stay for longer time to play while some models are heavy duty in which you can leave it outside. Pay attention on the table’s size why because many cheap tables are not of full size.

2. Tabletop Foosball Tables

Due to its small size, it is also named as mini foosball table. It is perfect game for kids, beginners and people having less space for placing this full size table but want to play this foosball. For this tabletop models, a sturdy playing area like countertop, dining room table or coffee table is required. It won’t be comfortable to play when you place it on the floor.

Most of the parents choose the tabletop models (that comes with nonslip pads on the bottom) for their children why because they make the child to learn how to play this game before upgrading to large size table (as a training). They are made up of plastic material which won’t last longer. So, they are cheap to buy due to low quality material.

3. Combination Game Tables (or Multi-Game Foosball Table)

This combination game table suits best in cases where the gaming table gets converted into several other different types of table games (like billiards, table tennis, air hockey tables, etc.) in one table. Although, the combinations may vary by the model and manufacturer but they are high quality tables with full size. Works best for kids and people living in small apartments where there is no space for several other game tables.

4. Coin Operated Foosball Tables

One can find this type of foosball table in businesses such as sports bars and arcades in which you have to spend coins to play this game. If you’re searching for this type, then you have to spend more money (expensive) due to the extra features or components. It is an ultra-heavy duty table that can withstand the abuse the customers throw at it.

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Foosball Table:

After knowing its types, it’s important to know what other factors to be considered while buying this foosball. This things to consider option will definitely help you to reduce the research and shopping time. Let’s get started to know them in detail.

1. Size

If you’re looking for a standard table of full size, then choose table with dimensions of 36 inches tall, 56 inches long (nearly 5 feet in length), and 30 inches (2 ½ feet) wide in which the width won’t include those fully extended rods. If you have narrow or tight space in home then get the width with including extended rods.

In general, most of the experts recommend to have a playing space of about 7 – 8 feet for this foosball table (or) buy the table that suit the dimensions of your room to place this foosball table. But remember that you should need about 3 – 4 feet of playing area around the table.

2. Goalie Configuration

In general, some foosball tables comes with a single man goalies or three-man goalie configuration. However, it is a matter of preference but three-man goalies is quite common in the USA while in UK, they use tables with a single-man goalies.

  • Want to play a game which is fast paced, then choose three-man goalie setup.
  • Want to play this game with more skill & precision, then simply go with one-man goalie setup.

Also, choose one-man goalie to build your skills & accuracy and play this game better to become a best player (pros play). For beginners and kids, it is best to use a three-man goalie. But in most cases, the high end tables that come with a three-man goalie configuration can be easily converted into a single-man goalie setup.

3. Counter-Weighted Men

If you want to play this foosball just like professionals (skilled players), then simply opt for the foosball table that come with counter-weighted men. They stay in the horizontal position and won’t get into the way when you are making a shot. Whereas the non-weighted men tend to move and block your way and thereby makes it difficult to play and make a shot.

The counterweighted men is made of plastic or metal in which metal man is slightly heavier. So, for perfect gaming, you should choose a table that has counter-weighted men attached on the playing rods.

4. Playing Rods

Prefer to buy playing rods which are made with steel. Hollow rods also suits best due to their lightweight nature and thereby speed up the game. Almost all the high end foosball tables (for advanced players) uses hollow rods while the mid – level foosball tables (for intermediate players), you may find solid steel rods.

Although, both solid steel and hollow rods are great to work but the less weight of hollow rods will speed up the game with those quicker shots. In some cases, some of the high end tables uses telescoping steel rods, which are made of two pieces of metal. The inner piece will slide into the outer one for not to stick out of the ends of the tables.

5. Construction

The type of material used for the construction of the foosball is also important to consider. Generally, composite, solid wood, and particle board are mainly used in its construction. The solid wood is used for the construction of high quality models and particle board is for lowest quality and the composite falls in between these two. The wood is prone to humidity and may result in warping if you’re living in a humid climate.

The composite will not get affected by humidity and thereby it will not warp and stay durable till it has at least 1-inch thick. The particle board (weighs less than 70 pounds and walls are less than ½ inch thick) is a poor material that weakens and gets break down overtime. Mostly avoid the tables that are made of particle board for those who plays this game a lot.

6. Table Levelers (or) Adjustable Table Legs

Tables with legs & edging are generally made of thick wood or stainless steel which are expensive but durable. A 36 inches is the standard height of a foosball table, which is good to play for adults and teens. Some tables comes with legs that can be adjusted a few inches for proper height and make the table stay even on an uneven ground. Legs with a threaded screw section is used to raise or lower by twisting. A level playing surface is essential for this foosball table. So, choose built-in table levellers.

7. Table Surface

The harder and flat surface of the table will make the ball to travel smoothly. So, prefer to buy Laminate rather than stick on (slick surface) designs, the reason is that stick on may peel and roll up and causes problem while playing the game. The playing surface of most of the American tables are smooth with hard finish. The reason is that the smoother and harder the surface then the faster the ball to travel while playing.

European tables comes with solid wood finish which may result in slow moving of the ball. Opt for the table that has thicker playfield along with smoothness so that it won’t buckle over time. Want to play like professional, then simply go for a table which gives quick moving of the ball.

8. Player Skill Level

Choose the foosball table based on the skill levels of the player. In general, beginners, intermediate and advanced are differentiated skill levels.

Beginners Suitable for kids, teens, or people didn’t played before and for those, choose a tabletop model why because this mini tabletop types are quite less in price and may take away the abuse and make the kids to play with confidence. Also, particle board (cheap model) is a best option. So, that you won’t spend more money and upgrade later to buy midlevel table that comes with the quality you desire.

Intermediate Suitable for those who know how to play but won’t play more frequently or require a heavy duty, high quality foosball. Then the mid-level table suits best, as it comes with best quality table along with smoothly moving steel rods (solid), flat playing surface, durable composite construction and other high-end features.

Advanced Suitable for those who knows well about the game (serious players). The table (tournament level or high – end tables) should be durable with high quality and last longer with all the most essential features like solid legs and sturdy cabinet to look great in the rec room. In this, the rods has smooth move and come with hollow steel rods or solid steel rods. Make sure the playing surface should be completely flat, smooth to make this table as a dream table to play.

9. Price / Budget

Generally, the small foosball tables (tabletop model) comes around $100 while the solid full sized or large tables (standalone table) comes around $1000. In case, if you’re on tight budget then simply consider getting a more durable model as per your budget range.

10. Warranty

Choosing a product that comes with a warranty is the best option why because it gives some protection to your purchase from the defects or malfunctioning. Or else simply look for the brands that gives warranty and guarantee replacement of parts or do some repair.

11. Purpose of Buying

Also, remember that the sole purpose of this foosball table will determine the quality, size and price. For kids, you can purchase a low quality at less price. While for experienced player, you have to choose the best quality durable product at high price.

Tips for Foosball Table

  • The heavier foosball table is more stable especially in the case, when the action gets aggressive. So, simply choose a table that weighs over 125 lbs (or) 200 lbs.
  • For a quick and consistent play, choose the foosball with thicker (at least 1-inch) sidewall width. Some commercial grade foosball tables will come with a sidewall width of 1.5 inches thickness.
  • Choose foosball table that comes with leg levellers why because it will ensure a level playing surface even if the floor is less than ideal.
  • Check for the brand to get commercial quality construction and thereby fast style of play and provides years of home game room enjoyment.
  • For a sturdy and faster level playing field, you have to choose a thick playing surface with a tempered glass.
  • The dimensions of the foosball table is comparatively small than other table games in which it can be positioned in quite small spaces.
  • Sleek designs and fun graphics foosball table will make you experience more fun while playing. Some has painted players to make you play with real feel and some others come with a traditional red and blue peg style to make you feel like playing old days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best brands for foosball table?

Although, there are plenty of brands available in the market but some brands stand out from the rest. Here are some best brands such as Tornado, Bonzini, Garlando, Roberto Sport, Leonhart, Warrior, Runners up, Fireball, etc. So, choose the product from any of these brands as per your requirement.

2. What kind of foosball table should not be purchased?

Although, there are various foosball tables available in the market but a few products should be avoided during buying. Let’s figure out what are those parameters that make the table not to buy. If the table is too small (size) to play comfortably then avoid buying it.

*Hard to assemble foosball table

*If the table has weak pole then it won’t last longer

*Cheaply built foosball table

*If the table is made of poor quality components, then avoid purchasing the table why because it won’t last longer.

3. How to clean & maintain the foosball table?

Proper care is essential to maintain any product for better serve and long lasting. Here are a few tips that help you to clean and maintain this table properly.

*To clean this foosball table, you need silicone lubricant, cloth rag and rubbing alcohol (70 – 90%). Clean the foosball table every week, if you’re using it frequently (or) if you’re using it rare then clean it once in every month.

*Pour small amounts of rubbing alcohol on the cleaning cloth and use it to wipe the entire table from top to bottom and left to right. *The rubbing alcohol is mild and it won’t damage your table. If you observe any black stripes on the table, then use a little bit extra rubbing alcohol for removing.

*Then pick a separate cloth rag and pour small amounts of silicone lubricant on it and use it wipe on the steel horizontal rods of the table. This will ensure the rods to work quickly and slickly during the shots, as thorough cleaning is essential.

*Some experts suggest to place the foosball table in an ambiance that matches with room temperature and prevent it from direct sunlight. This also prevent fading out or other possible damages of the table.

4. Can I move the foosball table from one room to another?

Yes, you can move this foosball table from one place to another. Simply disassemble the rods, counterweighted men and the legs of the table before moving it. This will help you to pass the table through doors easily without any damage. The small drawback is that removing all parts can take some time to assemble them again and may cause some complications.

5. What are the benefits of buying a foosball table?

Although, you can grab many benefits by playing this foosball table but the most important one is that to share your fun with others regardless of age and gender.

*If you buy this foosball then you avoid going to clubs or other entertainment places like arcades which will charge money for playing. You can play this game at any time with free of cost.

*Play this foosball during weekends or whenever you’re free with your friends and family members to spend some quality time with them and to get some fun and proper bonding with them (especially with your children).

*Having a foosball at your home will help you to improve your playing skills, as you can play it many times to gain the confidence and thereby become a professional to challenge other players.

*If you have a café or any gaming zone then simply placing this foosball table there will help to improve your business and bring some money. One time investment that lasts for years.

*It doesn’t require experience to play this game, all you need to score your opponent. So, you can easily learn and play this game to develop some skills like speed, precision and improve reflexes.

*In some cases, it teaches the value of teamwork why because it requires 2 or more players and knowing team work will definitely leads you to success.

*One can develop various strategies and tricks during the game. It develop reflexes in which you should be prepared to strike the shot at any second. It also acts as anti-stress therapy, as playing this game will relieve your stress and make you feel comfort.

*Its maintenance is simple in which you won’t wipe it to clean daily. Just a dry cloth and a few foosball cleaning accessories is needed. Make sure to apply foosball rod lubricant occasionally to maintain the rods properly without any rust or dust and for smooth moving.

6. Which one is best – new foosball table or used one?

Although the used foosball table comes at less cost but you don’t know how the owner maintained it. Also, in the long run, it costs more than new one for its repairs and replacement parts. So, prefer to buy a new foosball table in which you can pick the best model that comes with a warranty and works for a longer time.

7. Can I assemble a foosball table alone?

Yes, you can. As most of the models are coming with simple setup in which it won’t be hard to assemble. Also, the foosball table instruction manuals which come with the table will definitely assist you in assembling it in the right place (or) simply check out some videos for proper assembling.

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