False Ceiling Light Types: A Detailed Guide

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Most people spend a lot while designing the house interiors, just to achieve a magnificent and impactful look and vibe. However, no matter how good the interiors look and how better the design is, everything seems incomplete unless you put some effort to install lights in proper places.

Lighting has a major role in the process and no one should be neglecting that factor if you want to lift up the looks of your house interiors. Installing lights on the walls are pretty outdated these days as they can ruin the ambiance in most cases. So, what else are you left with? Playing around and tweaking the looks of the false ceiling can be a good approach as there are so many lighting options that you can choose from.

Hence, if you have something like that going on in mind, do read this article until the end because we will be telling you about the most popular types of false ceiling lights that can easily uplift the way your house looks from inside.

Types of False Ceiling Lights

Lighting can be used in various ways to put things in focus and make them more noticeable. We are blessed that there are so many kinds of false ceiling lights out there available in the market, we can easily design our house the way we want and make it look more beautiful by adding lighting variations.

LED Recessed Lighting

Starting with the most common and affordable option, you can check LED Recessed Lights out there as they are very easily available and have an amazingly bright throw of light as well. By strategically installing them in a false ceiling, you can brighten any room and even highlight the best parts of the room beautifully.

Cove Lighting

Cove Lights are an array of LED lights embedded into one unit, which is highly useful if you want to maintain a soothing ambiance. These types of lights are usually installed in a way so that the light throw is toward the ceiling. In this way, the throw of light gets perfectly diffused as the ceiling reflects it back. Thus, if your house has a creatively designed ceiling, adding cove light behind it can effectively accentuate its look and make it look a lot luxurious.

Gimbal Recessed Lighting

They are pretty much similar to LED Recessed Lights but have a little extra feature. Like the LED recessed lights, they are also pretty easy to install, at the same time they offer you more freedom. As the main housing of these lights is attached to a rotating ball, these lights can be easily adjusted to focus at a certain area. For instance, if there’s a beautiful artifact in your home such as a painting or a statue, just install a Gimbal Recessed Light on the sides and focus the throw of light on it. This was just one creative idea, possibilities are uncountable.

Flush Mount Lighting

While the hanging lights can provide a more retro look, it is not a viable option to go with if the ceiling of a room is too low. In that case, you can try out a different approach and use Flush Mount Lighting instead. These lights do hang from the ceiling but don’t take that much space. Not only does it provide a more modern look to your room, but the spread of light is also very even. Only a few lights can lighten up an entire room good enough without being too flashy for the eyes.

Back-lit Ceiling Panels

Back-lit ceiling panels are what you need in case you are planning to replace your ceiling into light itself. We have often seen Back-lit ceiling panels in studios where the entire ceiling is transformed into a light source. However, you don’t need to transform your entire ceiling into a light, instead, you can try to add 3 or 4 panels in the ceiling strategically to give your ceiling a more decorative look. Since the size of the panels is pretty large, the light also diffuses perfectly and gives the vibe of natural light even indoors.

Strip lights

Strip Lights work very similar to cove lights, but since cove lights are generally used for plain white light, you can use strip lighting instead if you are fond of colours. Strip Lights are the easiest to install and also the cheapest options to go with, but the effect they provide makes them quite valuable. You must have seen coloured backlight accents in movie theatres, which look amazing when the hall is dark. You can create a similar environment in your room as well, and the best part is that these lights can also change colours, which is perfect for parties.


These were some of the best and most loved lighting options that most people are using these days for decorating their homes. Hence, if you also want to give your house interiors a decently luxurious look, you can also try out installing these types of lights and try various combinations with them.

We are sure you have a creative mind and will make the wisest choices for your home. If you already have some plans building up in mind while reading through this article, don’t forget to share with them as well. Apart from that, if you want any other information about any type of false ceiling lights that we have mentioned, leave your queries down in the comment box.

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