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Facial Steamer Guide – The Best Way To Care Your Skin

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Here are a few major factors that have an impact on the performance of facial steamers. Thus, it is very important to go through them before buying one.

1. Water Tank Capacity:

The tank capacity of the steamer describes the amount of water it can hold. It also implies that for how long the steamer can work. If the water capacity of the steamer is high, it will work for a long time. Hence, it is a wise choice to buy a steamer that offers large capacity so that you can use it for a long time without stopping in between to refill the tank. For example, if the tank capacity of the facial steamer is 100 ml, it can generate steam for about 10 minutes or more.

2. Quick Heat Up Time:

You should always buy a facial steamer with quick heat up time. It takes some time for any facial steamer to heat up and then release steam. If the steamer takes a long time to heat up, you will have to wait longer to start your steaming session which can be annoying after a certain period. Hence, it is important to buy a steamer with quick heat up time. It will help you in saving your time.

3. Automatic Shut Off:

Whenever you are buying an electrical product, you should consider the safety factor first. In facial steamers, there is a risk that the device can get overheated. Buying a steamer with an automatic shut off feature can help you in eliminating this risk. Most of the advanced models of facial steamers come with this feature. Whenever the tank runs out of water or if you forget to turn off the device, it gets turned off automatically with the help of this feature. The automatic shut off feature also helps in preventing the damage caused to any of its parts. It also prevents short-circuits that might be caused due to the high amount of heat produced by the steamer.

4. Skin Type:

Before buying a facial steamer, you must consider your skin type. You should check how much steam is good for your skin type and what suits your skin the best and then buy a steamer accordingly. Buy a steamer that allows you to adjust the steam time and heat temperatures that will go along with your skin type.

5. Noise-less Operation:

Many users prefer buying a facial steamer that does not produce any noise as it can be disturbing. A noisy operation will not let you enjoy a peaceful steaming session. Thus, if you prefer a nice and peaceful time, you should look for a facial steamer that offers a noiseless operation. The quieter the operation is, the better it is.

6. Easy to Operate:

If you are planning to use the facial steamer at home, it is best to buy a device that is easy to use. There should not be plenty of control options that might confuse you. A simple turn on/off button with time and steam adjustment settings should be more than enough. This will promote an effortless steaming session.

7. Portable:

An ideal facial steamer should be portable. It should not consume much space and should be easier to carry it from one place to another. You can even take it with you while you are traveling.

8. Maintenance:

Always buy a facial steamer that is easy to clean. For most of the devices, you can simply wipe it off using a soft cloth after every use. If the unit needs dismantling for cleaning purposes, it might turn out to be a hectic task for you.

9. Durability:

Even though you can find facial steamers at an affordable price, it does not mean that it okay to buy a machine that is made using cheap materials. The steamers should be made using durable materials so that you can use them for a long time. You can go through the customer review section online to learn more about the performance and the durability of a particular model.

Some Other Advanced Features:

To offer you a pleasant and hassle-free operation, some brands offer a few advanced features. These features make it easier for you to use the steamer efficiently. Some of these features are:

1. Nozzles:

Some facial steamers have multiple angles for the nozzle. It adds flexibility to the steam outlets. You can adjust these nozzles and let the steam pass in a particular direction so that it is comfortable for you to use the steamer. Thus, it can be beneficial for you to buy a steamer with nozzles.

2. Oil Compatibility:

The water tank that comes with the steamer is used to heat water. However, there are a few models that allow you to add essential oil to it. This way, you can add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy the steam. The essential oil can penetrate into your skin and work efficiently.

3. Mirrors:

Some models of facial steamers even come with built-in mirrors. With the help of these mirrors, you can keep an eye on your skin while the steaming session is going on. This feature is very important for people with sensitive skin types. As soon as you see any redness or something unusual, you can turn off the machine. Some facial steamers come equipped with humidifier capabilities. They help in moisturizing the room even in dry weather conditions. A few models of facial steamers allow hair steaming function too. You can steam your hair with the same device.

Types of Facial Steamers

While buying a facial steamer, you must check what type of steamer you should buy. There are different types of steamers available in the market. Each one of them offers different functionalities. You should make a note of all your requirements first and then buy a steamer. Let’s learn about all the different types of facial steamers:

1. Personal Facial Steamers:

Personal facial steamers are designed to use at home. One person can use this steamer at a time. There is a cone opening that allows the steam to flow directly towards your face while you are leaning over it. It is a small and lightweight steamer. These units are portable and can be easily carried from one place to the other. You can find it online or at any departmental store. These types of steamers are available at an affordable price and are easy to operate too.

2. Professional Steamer:

Professional steamers are very much like personal facial steamers. They are a bit big in size and can be used by multiple people. The capacity of the water tank is huge and thus, it can be used for a long period of time. As professional steamers are big in size and capacity and offer more features, they are a bit costly when compared to personal steamers.

3. Table Top Facial Steamers:

You can find these tabletop facial steamers in parlors or spas. They are a bit small in size. These steamers come with a heating device and a water chamber. They don’t have a base though and thus, can’t stand on the floor. Since the steamer is kept on the table, it is called as Table Top Facial Steamer. There is a rod-like outlet for the steam to flow. It is extended from the machine and can be adjusted towards your face in whichever direction you want.

4. Nano-Ionic Face Steamer:

When compared to the regular facial steamers, a nano-ionic facial steamer is made using a different technology. It is an advanced steamer that is made using a ceramic heating element. This allows the steamer to heat up very quickly. It also pulls out steam in a better way so that it penetrates into the skin properly.

How to Use Facial Steamer At Home?

A facial steamer is a handy and easy to use device. It improves the quality of your skin to a great extent. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Prep your skin:

It is very important to prep your skin before steaming rather than directly using the steamer. Clean your face with a mild cleanser or plain water and get rid of the dirt. Don’t scrub your face too hard. If you don’t clean your face, the steam won’t be able to penetrate inside the pores.

2. Fill water in the tank:

You can now fill the tank with water or oil, depending on the model of the steamer that you are using. Here’s how you can fill the tank: Water: Go through the manual and check the ideal water level that should be maintained in the tank. Overfilling the tank can hamper the steamer’s performance. Oils: Some models allow you to add essential oils or aromatic oils to the tank. You can check the manual to understand whether you should add water first and then oil or vice versa. The amount of water used might vary, depending on the type of oil you are using.

3. Start steaming:

After turning on the device, steam will start coming out of the steamer. You can adjust your face according to the direction of the steam and start steaming. Make sure that you maintain a proper distance and don’t keep your face too close to the outlet. Keep checking the temperature of the steam and adjust as per your requirements. You can enjoy the steaming process for as long as you wish to. However, taking deep breaths is highly suggested.

4. Post-steaming:

To get the most out of this session, apply a face mask soon after you are done with steaming. Since steaming open and cleanses the skin pores, it is easier for the essential ingredients in the face mask to enter the pores and work on it. If you don’t want to apply a face mask, you can simply wash your face with plain water.

5. Toning:

Steaming your face using a good facial steamer helps in relaxing the skin. It opens the skin pores and cleans them. If the pores remain open for a long time, dirt might enter again. Hence, it is important to close the pores by toning your skin. Take a toner and a clean cotton ball. Dab it on your skin so that the poor closes.

Benefits of Facial Steamer:

Here are a few benefits which we can get from facial steamer. Have a look at them.

  • The steam emitted from the steamer will stimulate the natural oil production in the skin and thereby moisturizes and hydrates your skin to make it smooth and shiny.
  • This steaming encourages the production of elastin and collagen and thereby helps to maintain the facial elasticity. It also increases the blood flow to the face, prevent aging and improves appearance.
  • The deep exfoliating and cleansing effects of this facial steamer will help to clear the acne on the skin.
  • To grab the best results from the facials or able to make the best out of other skincare products, you have to undergo the facial steaming. This will open up the pores, clear out the pores, and turn into absorbent surface with its exfoliating qualities.
  • Steaming will soften the skin and open up the pores (prepare the face for extraction) to remove the blackheads and whiteheads on the face in a hassle-free manner.
  • It provides a calming, soothing and relaxing effect on the face and also it is a great addition to the spa days.
  • Facial steaming is an affordable and excellent alternative for facials. You can easily perform this steam facial at home without spending much money.
  • Facial steaming increases the temperature and thereby make the skin to undergo perspiration process. It effectively clears extra water, and removes dead cells, oil, and dirt on the skin effectively.

It is easier, effective and simple to use than traditional steaming process where people use hot towels or hot water to steam the face.

Tips for Best Facial Steaming:

  • Never ever over steam your skin
  • Always prefer to follow the steam facial along with a nice skincare routine for best and long lasting results.
  • Add some essential oils in this steamer for best results.
  • Follow the instruction manual before using any facial steamer to make it use properly.
  • Avoid placing your face right next to the steam outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to choose the best face steamer?

The answer to this question is simply the one which meets all of your needs is the best facial steamer. *In case, if you want to use it personally, then simply choose a small personal type steamer rather than commercial one. *If you want to use for different users at a time, then simply select a big steamer in which different users can use it at the same time. *If you’re worrying about electricity consumption and power bills, then simply have a look at steamer that won’t consume too much power and thereby you can easily save your energy cost. *If you’re thinking about the cost, then choose the facial steamer that fulfills your requirement but not beyond your required features (no additional features, just check features to fulfill your needs).

2. Are facial steamers safe to use?

The usage of face steamer is safe when compared with manual steaming (bowl of hot water above the face). However, the manufacturers will take all the essential precautions to ensure that you will be safe while using this steamer. So, all you need to use it properly in a right way and therefore you will be safe and comfortable.

3. How long the steamer should be there on the face?

In general, steamers should not keep for more than 15 minutes. However, the time along with other factors like temperature of the steamer and the amount of steam it emits should be taken into consideration. The steaming session won’t last for more than 10 minutes at a time. In case, if your face steamer operates at low temperature then you have to use it much longer time when compared to the one what operates at high temperature.

4. How frequently one can prefer this steaming on the face?

Although, it is tempted for you to do this face steaming on every day but it is suggested to do it at least once a week. Overdoing may damage your face. In case, if you have blackhead problem then prefer to use it twice a week.

5. What are the things we need to keep handy while using this facial steamer?

The steaming process is meant for relaxing and soothing your face. So, you have to keep the following things in handy before using the steamer. *Exfoliating Scrub – Before using the steamer, you have to exfoliate the skin to clean and remove all the dirt and impurities from the upper layer of the skin. *A soft and clean towel – Used to defy the entire purpose of face steaming. *Facial mask – After steaming, the skin pores gets opened and cleaned. So, using the facial mask at that time will let all the nutrients

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