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How to Use Fabric Conditioner in a Washing Machine

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A fabric softener is used for infusing fresh scent to your clothes, reducing static cling and protect them from wear and tear.

However, for efficient results, it is very important to know how to use fabric softener, when to use it and when to avoid it.

In this article, we will explore several information about fabric softener, its benefits and different ways of using it.

Why Use Fabric Conditioner in Your Wash?

There are a host of benefits of using a fabric conditioner for your clothes. If you are not sure of what they are, do not worry. We will take you through the upsides of using this wonderful and miracle-working laundry product. We enlisted a few reasons out of the many for why to use a fabric conditioner. Please make a note of them so that you will not miss these points next time.

1. Fabric Conditioner Makes Your Clothes To Last Longer

We all know that delicate fabrics like wool and others are susceptible to wear and tear after every wash. To protect them and ensure they remain smooth and soft after multiple washes, you need to add a fabric conditioner. This liquid softener acts as a layer of protection on the fabrics and helps to retain the colour, softness, and shape of the clothes. In addition to preserving the freshness of your garments, the conditioner also lets them last longer.

2. Fabric Conditioner Protects The Skin From Irritation And Rashes

If you are living in an area with hard water, it may dry out your clothes and even stiffen them. This can cause irritation and scratches on the skin when you use them. This can be a common scenario often seen in children. When you use fabric conditioners for your clothes, including towels, it keeps them gentle. Furthermore, it protects your sensitive skin from any allergies or irritation. For all those living in hard water areas, make sure you add this gentle laundry detergent next time you wash your clothes.

3. Fabric Conditioner Keeps The Fabric Soft And Smooth

As mentioned earlier, using a fabric softener keeps your garments soft, smooth and protects them from wear and tear. If you want to retain the softness and allow your clothes to stay bouncier after every wash, do not forget to add a conditioner along with your liquid detergent. This not only adds a protection layer to the fabrics but also reduces the static clinginess of your garments.

4. Retains The Colour Of The Fabric

Your clothes inevitably lose colour after every wash. Do you want to retain the colour of your fabrics and make them look new every time? Use the fabric conditioner for your favourite garments during every wash. This helps in retaining the vibrant and bright colours of the clothes.

5. Fabric Conditioner Saves Time

Spending time on ironing fabrics is no less than a mundane task. If you want to save your time on ironing, a fabric conditioner can be the safest bet. It makes your clothes less crumble and prevents creases on them. That means, no spending more time on straightening the wrinkles by extensive pressing. Try this out next time to reduce your effort on the creases.

6. Fabric Conditioner Infuses A Fresh Scent To Clothes

The other upside of a fabric conditioner is it adds a fresh scent to the clothes. They smell fresh for a long time and you would love to wear them and wrap them around. It adds that feel-good factor every time you wear them.

Let us now look at how to use a fabric conditioner for effective results.

How to Use a Fabric Conditioner in Three Easy Steps?

The fabric conditioner is easy to use. While some washing machines require pouring it in the compartment exclusive for it, some may ask you to pour them directly. However, it is dependent on the washing machine type you have, i.e., front or top-loader. Let us look at the

step-by-step process for using a fabric softener:

1. Look For The Flower Symbol

Do you want to know if you can put your fabric conditioner or softener directly in your washing machine? Well, here is what you should do. Are you using a front-load washing machine? If yes, check for the flower symbol on the detergent compartment of the washer. If you find the sign, it means you can pour the liquid detergent into that chamber. If you have a top-load washing machine, then add the softener to the dispenser.

2. Use The Correct Amount

It is essential to use the right amount of this laundry product always. Most fabric softeners come with a measuring cup using which you can add the liquid to the washing machine. Make sure you measure the exact dose before pouring the conditioner. The detergent chamber or dispenser of your washing machine will also have a mark as an indicator line to the maximum limit.

Depending on the load size you are using in the washer, you can adjust the conditioner accordingly. If you need more information or guidance on the same, check for the instructions on the package.

3. Let Your Machine Do The Rest

Depending on the front or top-loader washing machine, pour the fabric softener into the respective chamber or directly into the washer. If you still have confusion regarding the same, check for the instruction in the user manual. That should give you complete information on how to use fabric conditioners during the rinse cycle.

Are you washing the clothes by hand? Do you want to use a fabric conditioner when hand washing? Well, you can do that, as well. Here is how you can use the softener.

How To Use Fabric Conditioner For Washing Clothes By Hand?

While many people think that fabric conditioner is only for washing machines, it isn’t. You can use it when you are hand washing your clothes. And you know what, it works wonders for that, as well. Follow the below steps and do not forget to implement them:

  • After you finish washing the clothes, rinse them by draining the water completely. Now, refill the bucket with clean water for rinsing again.
  • Dilute the fabric conditioner by adding a tablespoon of it to a mug of water. Add this solution to the bucket of fresh rinsing water.
  • Dip the garments in the bucket and let them soak for a few minutes. Now, take them out and wring them before drying them in the sun.

Note: Never pour the fabric conditioner or softener directly on the clothes.

When To Avoid Fabric Softener?

People often have many questions when using a fabric conditioner? Some may ask if they can use them for their towels. While others ask if it is safe to use a softener on all kinds of fabrics. We have got all your questions answered. While it is safe to use a conditioner, it is advisable to avoid it on certain types of clothing. We all know that these liquid laundry products leave a coating on the clothes to give a smooth and soft feel. It may sometimes affect the garment’s ability to absorb water.

Few clothes like the towels (both bath and hand towels), or those of microfiber material absorb the water. Other items like sportswear also have the tendency to absorb. These products need extra care when handling them. To protect and retain the softness and fluffiness of the towels, we suggest you to wash them with a softener for every alternate wash.

It is advisable to follow the instructions mentioned on the towel or other fabrics for washing. Additionally, check for the guidelines of the fabric conditioner, as well.

How To Get The Best Results From Your Fabric Conditioner?

If you want to make the most of your fabric conditioner, there are specific tips to follow. To help you get the best results from your softener, we curated those points for you. Have a look at what they are:

1. Always Use The Correct Dose

The first step to the effective usage of a fabric conditioner is using it in an appropriate quantity. If you want to know the correct dose to use, read the instructions mentioned on the label. Accordingly, measure the right amount of liquid and pour it into the washing machine. Also, check for the garment label to ensure if it is safe to use a softener on it.

2. Add To The Correct Compartment Of Your Washing Machine

The next thing you need to take care of is adding the conditioner to the right dispenser or chamber of the washing machine. If you are unsure about which one is the right compartment for pouring the liquid, refer to the user manual.

3. Use Within Three Months Of Purchase

It is always advisable to use the fabric conditioner within three months of its purchase. Storing it for a longer time can make the liquid thicker, and it may not be effective for use.

4. Store At Room Temperature And Out Of Direct Sunlight

Always remember to store the fabric softener or conditioner at room temperature. Do not let it get exposed to extreme heat or cold conditions. Also, store it away from the sunlight. Make sure it does not freeze, as it may affect the quality of the product.

5. Never Use The Cap To Dose Any Other Detergents

Avoid using the measuring cap of the conditioner for other liquid laundry detergents. This cross-contamination may affect the product, making it thicker to use.

6. Avoid Direct Contact With Clothes

Never pour the fabric conditioner directly on the clothes. There is a risk that it could leave a stain on them, which can be difficult to get rid of.

7. Avoid Direct Contact With Skin

Avoid direct contact with the fabric conditioner on your body. If it spills accidentally on you, make sure to wash it immediately to avoid any irritation.

What Is The Difference Between A Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner?

Some people often confuse a laundry detergent with a fabric conditioner. Both are different, and so are their functionality and usage. You use a liquid detergent to get rid of the dirt, stains, and other grime accumulated on the clothes. It helps remove them effectively so that you could wear them again and again. These laundry detergents are strong on the stain and soft on your clothes. If you prefer hand washing your clothes, you can use detergent powder, which is easily available in the market.

A fabric conditioner is a laundry product recommended for after-wash. You primarily use it to keep your fabrics fresh, fragrant, soft, smooth, and static-free. They retain the colour of the fabrics, strengthen the material and make them last for a long time. They have an increasing demand in the market for their outstanding results. This helped the fabric conditioners or softeners earn growing popularity and availability. If you want your fabrics to smell fresh and look bright and soft, this liquid laundry product is all you need.


What to do if my washing machine does not have a dispenser?

Do not worry if your washing machine does not have a dispenser to pour a fabric conditioner. All you need to be aware of is when to add it. If you know this trick, then you could make the best of using a softener. You should always add the liquid softener during the rinse cycle without having direct contact with the clothes. Pour the laundry product into the water pockets of the washer, to prevent stains on the clothes.


I hope this article cleared all your confusion on how to use a fabric conditioner for your washing machine. I am sure you are now equipped with all the necessary information on using it correctly. This article should help you a great deal with answering all your questions. Now that you know how to do it, make sure you follow all the steps without fail. Enjoy the best

results from using a fabric softener and make your clothes last longer.

Write to us in the comments section below if you find this article insightful. If you have any questions or need more information on this topic, let us know. Please feel free to add your inputs to this article and tell us if we missed out on any points. Your feedback is important to us, and do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments.

We would love to hear and learn from you.

Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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