Types of Drill Bits – Choose the Best One

Drill machines have made lives easy. And it goes not only for the repairpersons but for manufacturers and homeowners as well. However, for different purposes, you require a kind of drill or at least drill bits. Do you use the same drill bit for every wall or surface?

Well, if you do, it’s not a good practice. Drill bits are the extensions you fit in front of your drill. These drill bits help you in drilling a hole through surfaces. Different surfaces require different drill bits for the best results. So, if you want to know about different drill bits, read this article in full.

What is Drill Bit?

A drill bit is an extension you attach on a drill machine. Their purpose is to drill holes perfectly in different types of materials. Brick, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, copper, aluminum, steel are some common examples.

Different drill bits come in different sizes and diameters. It’s the reason why you’ll need a thick drill bit to drill a hole in the concrete wall and a thin one for wood.

Drill Bit Types

Here are some common types of drill bits: –

Twist Bits

The twist drill bits are used mainly on plastic wood, soft metals, ceramic materials, etc. All in all, it is suited for materials that are not too tough to drill in. If you’re someone who needs drill bits for repairs at home, building projects that include wood or maintenance, a twist drill bit is ideal for you.

Pilot Point Bits

These drill bits are suited for woodworks. If you’re into cabinetry, and woodworking, this drill bit is for you. It comes with a W shaped center point, which delivers a beautiful exit hole. It’s usually good when you’re dealing with wood at your home for Do-it-yourself projects.

Auger Bits

Again, the auger drill bit is good for working on wood. If you have a big woodworking project at hand, this is what you should refer to. Auger drill bits are also suited for big woodworking or building projects. The screw tips help in drawing the drill and requires very little pressure, which means anyone, can handle this drill bit.

Spade Bits

This drill bit is usually used to drill holes for framing, electrical, or plumbing projects. Spade drill bits work to fine one wood, and this is the reason why it can be used for detailed woodworking projects. With this drill bit, you can easily work on boreholes with a big diameter.

Forstner Bits

Forstner Drill Bit is another powerful drill bit for wood. Using this drill bit, you can create holes that have a flat base. However, it is not preferred for handled drill machines. You’ll need a good quality drill press for this kind of drill bits. Also, it works just fine for building and woodworking projects.

Countersink Bits

If you’re into the woodwork, this drill bit can be ideal. It works very well on cabinetry and other types of light woodwork. You can easily drill pilot holes with this drill, which are of the correct depth. This drill head also creates recesses, which are used to countersink the flush heads in fasteners.

Installer Bits

The installer bit is specifically used for creating wood plugs. These wood plugs are further used to hide the countersunk fasteners. Similar to the countersink drill bit, this drill works just fine with wood. If you’re dealing with cabinetry, this is again a good option.

Step Bits

This one is a bit different. You can use it on both wood and metals. You can use this to drill pilot holes in sheet metals and even wooden surfaces. The best part is, using this drill bit; you can drill holes of different sizes. It’s also used for cleaning waste that’s left in the drilled holes.

Tile Bits

If you work with porcelain or ceramic tiles, this drill bit can work. It’s ambient for backsplash and tile. Mainly it’s used for tile wall renovation or installation projects. The tip of this drill bit is tipped with carbide. And this is what reduces chipping and cracking when you’re drilling through the surface.

Glass Bits

This drill bit, as the name suggests, is used for ceramic and glass. It’s also used for DIY repairs and renovations projects. However, you need to keep in mind to use a rotary drill with this drill bit. Also, the drill machine should be set at slow speed settings for good results.

Masonry Bits

This drill bit works the best for people who deal with concrete, masonry, or brick surfaces. It’s mainly used for repair and building projects. Make sure to attach it with a good hammer drill if you want effective results. There are some masonry drill bits meant for rotary drills, but it is not that effective.

Hole Saw Bits

It’s a multipurpose drill bit meant for tiles, masonry, metals, and even wood. It’s good if you’re dealing with renovation, repair, or building projects. This should be connected to a shank before you connect it to a drill. You can use a hole saw drill for cutting large holes used for piping.

Screwdriver Bits

There are different tip types for screwdriver drill bits. And it’s the tip you chose, which decides for which material it’ll work best. You can purchase it for machine work, renovation, and other building projects. This kind of drill bit works best with a handled drill.

Cording Bits

This is another multipurpose drill bit type. Depending on the tip, you can use it for various purposes like brick, concrete, wet concrete surfaces, and whatnot. This drill bit is used for heavy building projects, mainly commercial. You should connect it to a common rotary hammer for the best results. If you want something solid for concrete jobs, this can be a good option.


Not all drill bits are meant for glass, wood, or metals. There are different varieties available for different materials in the market. So, you should make sure to choose the one, which is perfect for the material you want to drill the hole in.

If you want to drill in a concrete wall, you cannot use the one suited for glass, right? Fortunately, you can refer to the above info for the best details. If you liked the above insights, do share them with others who may need them.