How To Choose The Best Deep Fryer

What is a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryers are a fun and interesting addition to your kitchen appliances. They help you deep fry any food that you wish to eat such as a chicken lollipop or fish fingers at the convenience of your home. They come in different sizes and with different features, both for commercial use and for house.

The fryers are commercial use are a bit larger in size than the ones that are used at home. If you are wondering that how does a deep fryer looks from inside and how it functions, then the fryer has a deep-walled pot that is either made up of stainless steel, black steel, or cast iron. The pots contain a basket that fits perfectly inside it.

This basket is used to hold the food that you wish to fry. The pot is usually deep so that the food is dipped properly and fully. This makes frying easy and less time-consuming.

Types of Deep Fryers:

Before buying a deep fryer, you must select the type of fryer that you want. Mentioned below are the most popular options available in the market:

  • Lockable Lid Fryers

The Lockable Lid Fryers are one of the best options for using at home. They provide a safer option to fry the food items than traditional pans. Since they have a lid at the top, you will not have to worry about the splattering of the oil. The lockable lid fryers have a basket that can be lowered or raised without opening the lid again and again. It also has a viewing window that allows you to check what is happening inside without opening the lid. These fryers also have an indicator that also shows whether the oil is hot enough to use or not.

  • Deep Fryers without Lockable Lids

These types of deep fryers come in 2 types – they either don’t have a lid at all or they have a lid that has to be completely removed to put the basket in or take it out. Except for this, they work exactly the same as the lockable lid fryers. These types of fryers are made up of stainless steel and the design is very simple. When compared to the fryers with lockable lids, these are less expensive and are easy to clean and maintain. The only risk related to these types of fryers is you might have to deal with hot oil splatters.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Deep Fryer

With so many options available in the market, there are a few factors that you must always consider so that you don’t end up buying an irrelevant product for you.


You must select the capacity of the fryer as per your requirements and the number of people in your family. If you wish to cook for 2-3 people, fryers with a capacity of 1 liter would be sufficient. But, if you have more number of people in your family, you can go for a fryer with a capacity of 2-3 liters.

2. Wattage

Most of the deep fryers operate on power consumption of 1800-2000 watts. It is always suggested to use energy-efficient products as they are helpful in the long run. The lesser the energy it consumes, the better it will work for you in the future. The electric deep fryers with higher wattage ratings provide some powerful heating elements. These features help in heating the oil to the desired temperature quickly. This helps in saving time as well as electricity consumption.

3. Adjustable Temperature

A fryer with adjustable temperature is a great feature that you must consider while buying a new one. Some electric fryers come with a built-in thermostat that help in providing versatility while cooking different types of food. Non-stick Interior If you are just learning to use a deep fryer, then you must consider buying a fryer with a non-stick interior. These interiors also help in making the cleaning process easier as unlike other interiors, food doesn’t stick to the pan or the fryer.

4. Ease of Cleaning

After using a deep fryer, it can be a very painful task to clean up everything. There are a number of complicated components that make the cleaning a tedious task. Thus, it is always suggested to buy a fryer that has a drainage tube. These tubes ensure the effortless removal of excess oil. But, again, another point to note here is the feature must be easy to use otherwise you will end up in a big mess. Some fryers come with removable and dishwasher-safe parts. These components make it easier to clean and a perfect appliance to use at home.

5. Safety

Safety is one of the most essential things that we must never ignore. Since using a deep fryer is all about dealing with hot oil, and this hot oil can cause damage to the skin, we must try to shortlist the product that is safe to use. Some deep fryers come with an automatic shut off feature where the product turns off by itself once it reaches a specific temperature. These appliances are very safe to use; however, they can cause a lot of harm too. Some of the safety measures that you must take care of are as follows:

  • Since oil splatter can be a really serious issue, it is always safe to use fryers with lids. These lids will protect you from the occasional splattering of oil.
  • If you don’t want to harm yourself by getting burns, make sure that the outer wall of the unit is cold. And if you think that it is getting hotter, you must check the fryer before using it.
  • A viewing window on the lid helps you check the status of the food without opening it again and again. This helps in reducing the risk of going near a hot device again and again.
  • Automatic switch-off is again a nice feature as it can reduce the chances of an accident.
  • Go through the manufacturer’s instructions properly as they are very helpful. Some of the pointers such as level of oil or temperature can be helpful to you in the long run.
  • Always keep your children and pets away from the deep fryer.
  • It is always suggested to place the dryer on something heavy such as a grill mat as even if the oil spills, it will be easier to clean the surroundings.

6. Detachable Power Cord

Since the deep fryer deals with hot oil and chances of oil splattering are very high and this is why the appliance usually receives a lot of flak. To help in solving this problem, some fryers come with detachable power cords. If the unit gets snagged or pulled accidentally, these cords detach itself from the unit and prevent the fryer from tipping over.

7. Frying-Basket Hooks For Draining Foods

Some deep fryers have hooks where you can hang the frying basket. This helps in lifting the food out of oil and draining the excess oil from the food.

8. Reviews

This is, of course, is a pointer that you cannot miss going through. You must always go through the customer reviews to check if the products have any issues and if it is worth buying.

9. Price

Since deep fryers come in a variety of ranges, you must always fix a budget in your mind so that it should not be too difficult to choose a product. Also, the product must be worth it.

10. Warranty

You must always buy a product with maximum warranty time. This indirectly gives authentication that you are buying a trusted product and if in future, you face any issue, you will not have to worry about spending a lot of money on repairing it. All the repair cost is generally covered under the warranty.

How Does a Deep Fryer Work?

The main purpose behind deep frying food is it shouldn’t make your food oily. Instead, it is a type of dry cooking which is way more healthier than traditional frying. A deep fryer works on a process that is made up of several smaller chemical processes but is not time-taking at all. To help you explain the process of deep-frying, we have categorized it into 4 phases. Let’s have a look!

Phase 1: This is the initial phase where the oil starts getting hot. Once the oil reaches a temperature of 325-400ºF, it is time for you to put the items in the fryer. Once you put the food in the hot oil, sudden heat helps in cooking the outer layer of the food. This, in turn, helps in sealing the moisture inside the food.

Phase 2: The moisture that is built inside the food slowly starts converting into vapor. This vapor helps in cooking the food slowly in a healthy form. It is more or less like slow boiling. Because of this, tiny bubbles start forming on the surface of the food. These bubbles also act as a gas barrier that helps in keeping the oil out and prevent it from entering inside the food. These bubbles form a shield and prevent the oil from penetrating inside the food.

Phase 3: Once the surface boiling is done, the process of heat transfer becomes slow and the liquid inside the food becomes steam which further helps in maintaining the tenderness inside it.

Phase 4: Once it is cooked properly, the bubbles start vanishing from the food’s surface. This means the food is ready to be taken out of the fryer and is ready to eat!

Features Of Deep Fryers

One of thereasons that people prefer using deep fryers rather than a traditional pan is it provides a lot of new and exciting features that make cooking a lot more fun. Let’s check out some of these features:

1. Timer and Audible Alarm

One of the biggest issues with traditional frying pans is you have to be near the stove throughout and keep stirring the item continuously to avoid burning. Another scenario might be that your food item is overcooked from one side to the other side. With the timer feature, you can simply set up the time and get back to your work. Once the desired time is reached, you will get to hear an alarm sound. This is audible enough so that you can come back and check the status of your food item.

2. Ventilation System

Whenever we fry anything in the kitchen, one of the suffocating things that it generates is the odor that is developed along with it. It starts causing stench to the nose and without an exhaust fan, it becomes difficult to stay in the kitchen. Thus, a proper ventilation system is a must in the kitchen. With the fryers, the odor is developed inside it while the food is being fried inside. And with a proper ventilation system, you will not have to face it again.

3. Oil Filters

Using the same oil multiple times might not be a great idea. It is harmful to health. Since frying requires a lot of oil, it doesn’t even feel good to throw away all the oil. To prevent this wastage, the deep fryers have oil filters that clean the oil so that you can use it again. This helps in solving the problem of changing the oil after every use. But, make sure that you look for a fryer with proper oil filters.

4. Temperature Controls

You must never overheat or over fry your food item as it might spoil the taste of your food. Thus, it is very necessary to prepare food at a specific temperature. To help you solve this problem, the deep fryers come with in-built thermostats that help in maintaining a perfect temperature and this will eventually help in cooking the food perfectly and evenly.

5. Making Food Crispier

When you use traditional pans for frying food items, it definitely does the purpose but one thing that you cannot avoid is the amount of oil that it soaks. Basically, this is the difference between home-cooked fries and the ones that we order from outside. Outside items are not oily and at the same time, they are crispier than what you prepare at home. Don’t worry! A deep fryer can solve this problem of yours as they are built in such a way that they consume the least amount of oil and give you crispier food items.

Benefits of Using Deep Fryers

The deep fryers can an interesting addition to your kitchen and if used properly, you can make as many new dishes as you wish to. Along with innovation, it benefits you as well in multiple ways. Let’s check out the benefits of using a deep fryer.

1.No More Visits to Local Food Joints

With a deep fryer at your home, you will no longer have to rely on the food joints for a simple french fry or a chicken lollipop! You can make it all in the comfort of your home according to your taste.

2. Be Healthy

When it comes to outside food, we have no idea how many times have they used the same oil or what is the quality of the food. Using the same oil, again and again, can lead to major health issues. But, when you make it at your home, you know that your food is healthy, and this can help you overcome all your health-related issues. With a deep fryer, you can have control over the amount of oil intake and thus, it provides you with a healthy alternative.

3. Fast and Easy

A deep fryer makes cooking easy. It is very quick and also helps you in saving a lot of time. You can cook in a minimal amount of time.

4. Improved Taste

When you make your own food, you select all fresh products and according to your taste buds. This eventually helps in making tasty food. Also, the fryer helps in cooking your food strategically without overcooking. Thus, it helps you enjoy tasty and crispy food.

5. Desired Tender/Crispier Food

When you soak the food in the oil, it tends to become very oily. This eventually leads to spoiling the taste of the food. With the deep fryers, you can cook the food with the minimum usage of oil, and you can also have your desired tenderness or crispiness. The moment you feel that this is the texture that you want, you can turn off the fryer and take the food out and serve it hot!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which oil should you use?

It is very important to select the best type of oil to use in your deep fryer. It is always considered that oils with the most saturated fats are the best. According to research, it is shown that the coconut oils are the best for deep frying. They can also be reused for a longer period of time when compared to other types of oil. Some other alternatives are palm oil, peanut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. Using vegetable oil for deep frying is usually not suggested.

2. How do you clean your deep fryer?

You must follow a few instructions before cleaning the fryer: *Before washing the fryer, wipe out all the oil residue and food debris from the cooking pot with a paper towel. *Don’t mess with the thermostat wires as it might affect the effectiveness of the dryer. *Once you wipe it out, clean the basket and the cooking pot with warm and soapy water. *Don’t use a scrubbing brush, chemical cleaners, or abrasive materials to clean the unit. *Once it is dry completely, put the units back to the deep fryer.

3. How much electricity does a deep fryer use?

A normal deep fryer uses electricity between 1700-2500 watts. However, there are few energy-efficient deep fryers available in the market that consume less power.

4. Can you reuse the oil in a deep fryer?

Since the deep fryers have oil filters, you can reuse the oil. Once the frying is done, you can strain the oil and refrigerate it.

5. How often should you change the oil in the fryer?

You can use the same oil up to two to three times but make sure that you strain and store it properly.

6. Can you leave the oil in the deep fryer?

Yes, you can leave the oil in the fryer itself by covering it with a tight lid. Make sure that there’s no contact of the oil with the water as oil and water don’t go well together.

7. What is an ideal temperature to use a deep fryer?

The food forms a dry crust from the outside when there is a balance between the temperature of the oil and the time for which it is being fried. Thus, the ideal temperature of the oil must be around 325-400°F.