How To Choose The Best Deep Fryer

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Deep fryer is the best way to cook fried food conveniently and effortlessly. Some of the latest models also come with advanced features like automatic shut-off, odour control and others.

So, choosing the suitable model among several options can be overwhelming.

To make the decision, you have to consider several aspects.

In this article, we provide you a comprehensive analysis on how to choose a deep fryer. This guide has all the information necessary to make a valuable investment.

What Are the Types of Deep Fryers?

While buying a deep fryer, you must select the type of fryer that you want. Below are the most popular options that you may consider:

1. Lockable Lid Fryers

As the name suggests, this kind of fryer is the one that comes with a lid. Needless to say, this is the most suitable option for homes to help you get the most desirable results. They are a perfect alternative for traditional pans and the safest choice, too. If you ask us, what is the big deal about a lockable lid fryer, it is the lid. Because of this lid, you can be worry-free from oil splattering and enjoy cooking the favourite item for all your family members.

The other merit of the lockable lid fryers is their cute basket with an adjusting feature. You can lower it or raise it accordingly based on your convenience without opening the lid. As said, you don’t have to open the lid every time to check the status of the food. You have the feasibility to see your dish from a viewing window. This additional feature is definitely going to WOW you!! It has an indicator that shows how hot your oil is and if it is ready for cooking or not!

 2. Deep Fryers Without Lockable Lids

The other type of deep fryers is the ones without lockable lids. These, again, come in two different variants – the first one does not have a lid, whereas the second kind has a lid. However, you will have to remove it to put the basket inside or remove it out.

Whether a lockable lid fryer or without a lid, both the fryers perform exceptionally well. It is just the lid that makes the whole difference.

Both types of fryers have a very simple design and a stainless-steel body. If you compare both, the fryers without lockable lids are cost-effective than the ones with lids. Moreover, they are easy to clean and also easy to maintain. The only drawback with these fryers is that there is a risk of oil splattering when cooking.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Buying a Deep Fryer?

As mentioned earlier, you may have to look into several factors for choosing the right appliance. While it can be confusing to choose from the host of options available, we do not want you to stress out. To help you identify the best deep fryer, we listed out key factors that you should look for. Make sure you pay special attention to the below parameters:

1. Capacity

Capacity is the crucial parameter that you should be keen about. Choose the capacity of the appliance based on your requirement, i.e., the number of people. Let us say you are a family of three members, fryers with a capacity of 1 litre would do the needful. If you have more people in your family, we recommend you purchase a fryer that has a capacity of 2-3 litres.

2. Power

Power is yet another considerable factor for choosing the right fryer. Usually, all fryers have between 1800-2200 watts. Nevertheless, the most powerful models will heat oil more quickly than the normal ones.

3. Temperature Control 

Models with temperature settings are the favourite ones in the town. Most deep fryers are capable of reaching up to 375 degrees. However, certain foods and preparation methods may require oil heating from 275 to 400 degrees. In such cases, you will have to adjust the temperature either manually or choose from the programmed settings.

To avoid anything as such, we suggest you look for models that come with a built-in thermometer. The added advantage of this special feature is the versatility. This helps the user to effortlessly cook different types of food that require different temperatures. Some of these models, which are digitally controlled are more expensive than others.

4. Non-stick Interior

Are you a newbie but love crunchy foods? Do not worry! We have one for you, as well. You can satisfy your fried food cravings by learning to cook in a deep fryer with a non-stick interior. With these models, you can focus more on cooking your favourite dish, without worrying about how to clean. Since the food does not stick to your deep fryer with a non-stick interior, the cleaning process is as easy as pie.

5. Safety

Never compromise with the safety feature, no matter how good or attractive the fryer might seem to be. Safety is the most essential parameter that you should always look for when purchasing a deep fryer. Since we all know that the usage of a fryer mostly deals with hot oil, there is a chance for oil to splatter, which may cause severe burns.

Hence, always choose that model that has an automatic shut-off feature. This additional feature enables your product to turn off whenever it reaches a specific temperature. Such appliances ensure the safety of the user. However, there can be a few issues with these. Hence, it is essential to follow the safety measures mentioned below:

  • Always keep the lid closed when cooking any item. This will prevent the hot oil from splattering, further protecting you from burns.
  • Another precaution that you can take is to check for the outer wall of the unit. Ensure it is cold, and if it is hot, check the fryer before you use it.
  • Make the most of the viewing window feature on top of the lid. It helps you to check the item of status that you are cooking without opening the lid. You will save yourself from the risk of getting hurt by the hot device.
  • The automatic switch-off feature is another aspect you can get benefited from. It lowers the chance of an accident while cooking.
  • Never ignore the user manual. Read all the instructions properly, which will be of great help. Pay heed to the specifications like the temperature or the level of oil for a great cooking experience.
  • Above all, this is the prominent instruction that you ought to be careful about. Never allow your children to come near the deep fryer. Keep it out of reach from them.
  • To make the experience more joyful, we suggest you place the dryer on a grill mat or something similar. Even if there any spills by chance, you do not have to struggle to clean the surroundings.

6. Ease of Cleaning

While cooking and eating your favourite scrumptious meal can be satisfying, cleaning can be an equally painful job. Removing excess oil from the fryer and cleaning the various components of the device can add to the complexity of the tedious task. To combat this, we suggest you purchase a fryer that comes with a drainage tube, which ensures the effortless removal of oil from it. If this feature is easy to use and maintain, half your task gets done. All you just have to do is clean other parts of the appliance. To enjoy the ease of cleaning, always choose fryers that come with removable and dishwasher-safe parts.

7. Oil Change Notification

Many a time, we tend to reuse the oil. In some cases, we might be overusing the same oil over and again without our knowledge. To help you with this, a few models come with a smart feature that notifies if you overused your oil.

8. Detachable Power Cord

Some models come with a detachable power cord that prevents the fryer from tipping over when you pull off the unit accidentally.

9. Frying-Basket Hooks For Draining Foods

A trivial yet considerable feature is the hooks that the frying baskets come with. Most models have this feature that will help you lift the food out of oil and drain the excess oil. You can also hang them using this hook.

10. Timer and Audible Alarm

One major drawback of using traditional frying pans is that you have to be watchful of the item you are preparing. You will have to keep stirring it continuously to prevent the food from getting burnt.

Sometimes, it may even happen that one side of the food gets overcooked, while the other side does not. With the timer feature, this is not the scenario. Set the time, and go back to your work or relax. Once your device reaches the set time, it raises an alarm. Once you hear this, you can go and check the status of your item.

11. Accessories

Premium models are available that offer added benefits like accessories. You can use them accordingly, based on your cooking item and the preparation type. Below are some of the accessories:

a) Deep Fryer Baskets

Baskets are a crucial part of deep fryers. You cannot accomplish your task of preparing crispy French fries or any other crunchy item without using these baskets. Most deep fryers come with baskets of different sizes. Choose the size that serves you best.

b) Thermometer

As discussed earlier, most fryers come with a built-in thermometer with adjustable settings. Set or maintain your temperature using these for hassle-free cooking. If your model does not have one, we recommend you buy it separately.

c) Cooking Oil Pump

Removing excess oil from the fryer can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Models with a drainage tube can help achieve this effortlessly. However, if your deep fryer does not have this component, you can use a cooking oil pump to remove the oil out of the fryer and store it in a container.

12. Reviews

We all go through reviews. Don’t we!! Although I do not have to mention this point in our discussion, I want to remind you how this can help you. Make sure you read all the reviews from the customers who purchased the product and decide if it is really worth purchasing the item.

13. Warrant

Warranty is yet another vital parameter that you should look out for. Always choose a product from a reputed brand that offers a maximum warranty to the product. If you face any issue in the future, this could save you a lot of bucks, as every repair cost gets covered under this warranty period.

How Does a Deep Fryer Work?

The way a deep fryer works is almost similar to that of traditional frying. However, it is easier and quicker than the latter. To help you understand the different phases in the deep-frying process, and how to do it effectively, we provided all the necessary information below. Let us get into the details:

Phase 1: This is the initial phase, which is the most common for both conventional frying and deep-frying.

  • This phase starts with heating the oil.
  • Once the oil is hot and reaches the required temperature, i.e., 325-400ºF put the items in the basket and lower it into the fryer. (You will know whether the oil is hot or not using the built-in thermostat.)
  • After the food gets submerged in the hot oil, the heat cooks the outer surface of the food. This further helps in sealing the moisture that naturally occurs in the food, and also prevents absorbing excess oil.

Phase 2: The next phase is where the naturally occurring moisture in the food starts transforming into vapour. This vapour helps in forming bubbles on the food that healthily facilitates slow cooking. Not only that, but these bubbles also prevent oil from entering the food by forming a protective shield

Phase 3: In this phase, the heat transfer process gradually becomes slow, allowing the liquid inside the food to convert to steam. This enables the food to stay tender from the inside, not losing its texture and flavour.

Phase 4: This is the last phase wherein the bubbles start disappearing from the surface once the food gets properly cooked. Whenever you notice the bubble vanishing, this is a clear indication that the food is ready, and you can take it out from the basket.

What Are The Benefits of Using Deep Fryers?

Unlike the standard method of frying, cooking in a deep fryer can fetch you a lot of benefits. While you can stop ordering fried foods from outside, you can still enjoy crispy food at home by owning a deep fryer. Here is how you can get benefitted from it.

1. Faster Frying Process

Did you know that you can cook your favourite fried food in the deep fryer much faster than traditional frying? What if I told you that you do not have to compromise the flavour and the texture!!!! Oh yeah! A deep fryer helps in saving your time by shortening the frying process. Since the item gets cooked in the hot oil consistently, it relatively consumes less time.

Try cooking in a frying pan, it will not only consume your time, but you might as well have to turn the food while cooking. Moreover, some models from fryers come with advanced features that include timers. You can use it to customize the temperature settings based on the food you are cooking, which will notify you once done.

2. Crispy and Delicious Food

Want to eat restaurant-style crispy fried food at home? Then I bet you try a deep fryer at home! You will surely enjoy the delicious meal at your convenience. The upside is that there are fewer chances of having overcooked food, as the built-in thermostats that come equipped in the deep dryer control the cooking temperature. You can enjoy cooking and eating all your favourite lip-smacking snacks and meals at home.

3. Food Odour Filter

Have you ever observed this? The smell of the food that you are preparing spreads your entire house!! Well, you do not have to worry about this when using a modern deep dryer because they come with odour filters, which prevent the spreading of odour. Moreover, you can easily replace these odour and oil filters.

4. Better Taste

You do not have to worry about whether your food tastes good when cooking in a deep fryer. Many people who own this appliance testified that they are happy with the food taste, which is, indeed, better than food prepared using regular frying or in the oven. The oil surrounding the ingredients seals the food, retaining the flavour and the texture.

5. Tenderness of Food

One common issue that many face when deep frying is that they sometimes end up overcooking the items. Eventually, they dry out losing the tenderness and the flavour, giving an unpleasant experience to those who cook and eat, too. However, this is not the case when using a deep fryer. Also, even if you cook your food longer than required, there is no chance of losing its tenderness. With a deep fryer, a delicious and tender meal is a guaranteed deal.

How to Maintain a Deep Fryer?

Any appliance will last long only if you follow the maintenance routine regularly. Even for a deep fryer, you need to maintain it properly to ensure the product’s longevity. Let us see some ways that will help you increase the life of the dryer.

1. Wiping The Exterior

What many tend to forget or neglect is cleaning the exterior of the appliance. When using a deep fryer, the oil may splash on the exterior surfaces, making it sticky. Clean the oil stains or marks on the stainless-steel device using warm water and vinegar. Do not forget to use a non-abrasive scrubber when cleaning the outside of the dryer.

2. Oil Filtration

The next crucial thing is oil filtration. The type of oil you choose in the fryer might impact the appliance. Hence, we recommend you filter the oil regularly before reusing it to keep your food crisp and delicious. The other advantage of this is that you can save your oil and also the operational costs. Some manufacturers offer deep dryers that come equipped with built-in filtration systems. However, if your model does not have this option, we suggest using filter paper, or a filter pot to remove any food remnants.


Below are some tips to follow to ensure the good working condition of your appliance. Make sure you follow when using a deep fryer.

  • Put the oil in the appliance first before plugging it in.
  • When you are reusing the oil, make sure there are no food particles left in it. Also, reheating the oil can deteriorate it. To increase the oil’s life, do not forget to filter it through filter paper, a kitchen towel, and other similar means.
  • Do not strain the oil or remove it unless it completely cools down. Allow the oil to cool down for several hours before draining it.
  • We do not recommend olive oil for deep frying. Peanut oil is ideal for frying in a deep fryer. However, you can also use vegetable oils, canola, etc.
  • Allow the appliance to cool down, unplug it, and then start cleaning the deep fryer.
  • Most parts of the deep fryer are dishwasher-safe. Make sure you refer to the user manual before plan to wash them in the dishwasher.


I hope this article gave you a better understanding of the factors to consider when buying a deep fryer. Now that you are aware make sure you invest in a good one. Enjoy your favourite food at home by trying the various recipes available for deep frying foods.

If you like more information about deep dryers or if this article was of great help to you in purchasing the right product, do let us know in the comments section below.

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