How to Curl Hair with Straightener?

A hair straightener comes in handy when you want frizz-free, smooth, and straight hair. But did you know hair straightener or flat iron is a multipurpose machine? Well, to get all those beautiful curls, you need not buy a separate machine. A hair straightener does a fine job.

How? If you’re interested to know how you can curl your hair with a hair straightener, this article is for you. You’ll find a step by step process which is quite easy to follow. So, let’s start rolling.

How to Curl Your Hair with Straightener? – Step – By – Step

1. Prepare your hair:

You have to ensure that you have dry and clean hair. It’s because neither wet nor damp hair curls well. Even if you have a wet-to-dry hair straightener, we’ll still prefer dry hair for the best results. You should also prefer clean hair over dirty hair to get amazing curls.

So, make sure you had washed your hair in the last twenty-four hours. And if you blow-dry your hair, make sure to use mousse. It’ll help you retain some volume, which will further help in curling your hair.

2. Use a thin Flat iron: 

Now, if you want good curls, you need to have a flat iron. Your straightener should be at least 1-2 inches wider than the plate. If it is not, you won’t get smooth curls. It’s because you won’t be able to wrap or keep your hair in one place with such a straightener.

You should also ensure that your flat iron is of good quality. Poor quality hair straighteners tend to damage the hair. On the other hand, good quality straighteners take care of the shine and provide consistent curls.

Make sure to heat the straightener at the minimum temperature which you need for your hair. If you have quite thin hair, you can go from 300-380 degrees. And if you have high volume or have thick hair, you may have to increase the temperature.

3. Use a heat protectant:

If you don’t want your hair to burn, you have to apply a thermal spray or a heat protectant. It’ll act as a layer between your hair and the straightener and will protect your hair from burns. You can simply spray the heat protectant and let it dry.

In case you have thick hair, you need to divide them into sections. It’ll help you apply the protectant evenly. Also, make sure your hair is tangle-free before you use the flat iron.

4. Part into sections

Now, it’s time to part your hair into sections. It’s done to achieve more uniform and effective curls. More thickness, more are the partitions required. You can tie your hair above your ears if you need to do that.

Here are important points to keep in mind: –

  • You need to start right from the bottom of your scalp. You can leave as much hair you can handle and pin the rest of them up. Usually, curling or handling 1-2 inches of hair works the best.
  • Once you’re done with one layer, you can unclip your hair and move towards the next.

What are Some Different Methods of Curling?

1. Alternate Flicks and Curls: Curls and Flicks are two different ways of curling your hair. You can select the ones that suit you better.

Flicks: You need to start halfway down the length of your hair. Just feed your hair to the iron and start the process. You should now maintain a half-turn angle with the straightener and move towards the end of your hair shaft. How gentle or big flicks you need depends on how you move the iron.

If you need meager or gentle flicks, move the iron fast. And if you need good heavy flicks, you need to slowly go all the way down.

Curls: For curls, you need to start from the scalp. It should be still slightly away from your scalp so that it doesn’t burn the skin. Clamp the flat iron and move it downwards at a certain angle. If you move slowly, you’ll get thick or tighter curls. And if you move fast, the wave will be gentler or light.

2. Achieving more pronounced curls: In the previous method, you used your straightener down the hair at a half turn angle. However, you need to change the methods if you want complete curls. The process is the same, and you just need to rotate the straightener at a full turn angle and move slowly.

For some, the half-turn is sufficient, and for others, it needs a quarter or full turn. So, it’s up to you to notice how your hair performs at each stage. Only then can you find what works the best in your case.

3. Under and over technique:Now, when you use your flat iron, it’s either a full rotation or a half rotation. But how should you do it? Should you do it under and around or over and around? Well, both techniques are correct. It depends on what looks nice to you.

4. Flat Waves: It may be an old technique, but it’s still worth a try if you want to be unique. Now, you need to move from bottom to top. Clamp your flat iron down on the hair and move it up at a half turn angle of your straightener. Now, grab the next part of your hair, clamp it and move from top to bottom. By following this method, you’ll get flat waves.


Curling the hair can be quite a task if you don’t take the safety measure and use the right techniques. However, this article has the information you need. You need to first read and understand what precautions you need to take, like applying the hair protectant, etc.

It is for your own safety. Once you’re done with the safety measure, it all pours down to the technique you use. You can also find several different methods for forming flicks and curls. However, you can only tell which one’s perfect for you if you try it on your own.

So, try different methods and share this Info, if you found it useful. Also, make sure to come back for more insightful content.