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Top 5 Best Ceiling Speakers India: Reviews, Features & Buyer’s Guide

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Most people find it difficult to place the speakers in the right place, especially when you are dealing with less room space. That’s not a big deal if you think slightly out of the box, as using a ceiling speaker or embedding speakers inside the walls can save up a lot of space in your room or commercial office.

That being said, we have found some of the finest and the best ceiling speakers that you can check out in recent times and grab a nice deal. Well, the only prerequisite thing is to check for these simple facts before buying one:

  • The Driver Size: The ceiling speakers are no different from any other kind of speakers as the main motive is to produce audio. Likewise, you will most likely experience better sound-quality and details from a speaker with a larger driver size.
  • Frequency Response: Yet another important factor responsible for the sound quality is the frequency response. Generally, music has quite a lot of variations of frequencies that can only be listened to if the speaker supports a wider frequency band like 20Hz-20KHz or more.
  • The Audio Output (Wattage): Apart from the quality, the power output should not be neglected if you are fond of loud music. The speakers with more power output like 100W produce louder sounds than a 50W’s one.

Apart from these basic facts to consider, we have covered several more similar facts in a separate section below “Buying Guide”. Make sure to check that out as well to get better knowledge about such kinds of speakers. Until then, let’s quickly take a peek at the list of best ceiling speakers in India that you can grab for the best prices at the moment.

5 Best Ceiling Speakers In India

Ceiling SpeakersDriver SizeFrequency ResponseAudio OutputBuy Now
POlk Ceiling Speakers8 Inches35Hz – 20kHz130 WattsCheck On Amazon
Pyle Ceiling Wall Speaker8 Inches-125 WattsCheck On Amazon
Micca Ceiling Speaker8 inches40 Hz - 20 kHz100 WattsCheck On Amazon
Yamaha Ceiling Speaker System8 Inches-120 WattsCheck On Amazon
Bosch LBD0606 Ceiling Speakers6.5-inches150 Hz - 15 kHz6 WattsCheck On Amazon

5 Best Ceiling Speakers In India Reviews

1. POlk Audio US RC80i 2-Way in-Ceiling Speakers


POlk Audio brand has been quite well-known for producing such sort of ceiling and wall speakers, out of which you can pick this pair of two high-performance RC80i 2-Way in-Ceiling Speakers.

Since the outer construction of the speaker body comes with pre-constructed brackets and all the protective coatings, these speakers are made to survive in moist environments for a life-long. Speaking of the sound quality experience, you will be pretty much satisfied with them as its 8-inches woofer offers amazing mid-range and vocals clarity.

In fact, the 15-degrees swivel mechanism of the units allows you to fire the speakers in whichever direction you wish and take total control over them. However, we feel that the bass is slightly on the average side as it delivers a frequency response of 35Hz – 20kHz only, but that won’t make you regret your decision as the 130W audio output is good enough to compensate for it all.

Best Features:

  • Paintable outer grill
  • Pre-constructed brackets for installation
  • 15-degree Swivel Mount


  • Can easily survive in moisty ceilings
  • Highly Durable
  • Rustproof stainless steel hardware


  • Not highly bassy output
  • Slightly expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Pyle Dual Bluetooth Ceiling Wall Speaker


If we come down to find a pair of ceiling speakers with a reasonable price tag, you will find these Pyle Dual Bluetooth Ceiling Wall Speakers very pleasing. Since it is a set of two speakers, setting up a stereo environment in your room becomes much easier without taking up a lot of space.

In fact, the sound output from each speaker is about 125W loud and offers amazing dispersion levels. In addition, you will notice these ceiling speakers consist of wider 8-inch drivers along with tweeters, which offer decent bass levels as well.

Despite being a wall or ceiling speaker, it offers you Bluetooth connectivity as well so that you can use them with your smartphone or any other similar devices as well. Keeping the designing factor in mind, the grill of the speakers is entirely paintable so that you can match up the colors and make them hide completely.

Best Features:

  • 8-inch drivers
  • Minimal Design language
  • Bluetooth Connectivity


  • You can color the grills
  • The stereo effect sounds great
  • Easy to install


  • Bass is there, but not very high

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Micca Ceiling Speakers

Micca Ceiling Speakers

Micca Electronics is one of the leading brands for great sound systems. If you wish to have the best ceiling speakers for your house to enjoy the music, then don’t miss the chance to have this Micca M-8C two-way ceiling speakers model that can be fit in the ceiling and the wall. 

It is an 8-inch that is easy to fit in ceilings as recreational room speakers or background music. When installed in the ceiling or wall, it serves best as surround speakers in a home theater. Moreover, you can also fix it in the wall for a front or center speaker in a home theater. 

With a special subwoofer feature and great output power, you will have the best sound experience ever by coaxial connectivity. Using high-standard electronic elements, it is effective as well as durable. 

Best Features:

  • 8-inch Drivers
  • Elegant design and lightweight
  • Coaxial connectivity
  • Subwoofer for better sound
  • Frequency response range of 40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • The maximum audio output of 100 Watts


  • You can use it as the best speaker for home theater, background music, and recreational music. 
  • Crispy lower and higher ends of music
  • It can be used as Atmos speakers.
  • Clear woofer effect
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year warranty


  • A bit expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Yamaha Audio 2-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System


If you are in search of a high-quality set of speakers to pair with your existing home-theater setup, we would suggest these highly popular speakers set from Yamaha.

Although the price might seem a little high, these speakers are actually worth every penny as they are capable of offering you one of the best sounding experiences with an amazing balance between the bass and other low-range, mid-range sounds.

All thanks to the 120W incredible output from the speakers that are good enough to turn your room into a movie-theater itself. The installation process for these speakers won’t take much effort and time as all the brackets are already given in place. Once installed, you would be amazed to see how nicely it disperses the sound in your entire room.

Best Features:

  • 8-inch drivers
  • Dual-Speaker Setup
  • 240W total output


  • Highly durable
  • Exceptional Sound quality
  • Bass is rich


  • Slightly expensive

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Bosch LBD0606 Ceiling Speakers


We all know about Bosch being a very good speaker brand out there, and finding such a good speaker for such a low price seems like a dream. Despite being a budget-product, we did not find any issues regarding the build quality.

And, as far as the performance is concerned, the 6.5 inches drivers offer 6W output, which is good for listening to soft songs only. Moreover, since the frequency response from this speaker lies between the range of 150 Hz – 15 kHz, it simply delivers high-quality audio with good low-end and mid-range punch altogether.

Coming over to the installation part, you can save it from rusting by painting over the grills, but no such protection is given by the manufacturer itself. So, be careful while using this speaker in a moisture-prone area. Otherwise, the build quality of each part is top-notch, as anyone would expect from Bosch.

Best Features:

  • 6.5 inches drivers
  • 150 Hz – 15 kHz frequency response
  • 6 Watts output


  • Easy installation
  • Very Affordable


  • Sound output is not very thumpy and loud

Buy Now From Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Ceiling Speakers

When it comes to choosing the best ceiling speakers in the market, it feels like a slightly hard choice to make as all the options in the market look the same.

Actually, that’s not how you should be judging a speaker as you have much more to check before buying one. You can either check customer reviews of the product or check some of the important factors related to the speaker that we are mentioning below.

1. Driver Size

The driver’s size says the size of the woofer present inside the speakers plays a major role as it is the major part that delivers the sound. Well, it is generally said that the larger drivers are capable of delivering more variations and make it easier to distinguish between the low-range and mid-range sounds.

However, most speakers on the market usually come with either 8 inches drivers or 6.5 inches drivers. Hence, there is a lot of difference between the quality, but you can only analyze it if you listen to both speakers and compare them side by side. Thus, we would suggest you pick an 8-inch driver option if your budget allows it. Otherwise, the 6.5-inch driver option is not bad either.

2. Frequency Response

As you might know, music is just a combination of sounds of various frequencies. And, the best sounding experience comes out of a speaker when it is capable of covering all the frequencies present in the music.

Hence, if you are looking forward to having a more professional monitoring experience, and want to hear all the minimal beats too, make sure the speaker you choose has a wide frequency range such as 35Hz – 20kHz or ever wider for a perfect sounding experience.

3. Audio Output Wattage

Apart from the clarity of sounds, the loudness of the speakers is equally important as highly detailed music won’t matter if it is even struggling to reach your ears. That said, you must always check for the speaker’s output wattage that makes it quite clear how loud a speaker can sound.

Generally, speakers with high output wattage like 100W+ are a good option as they work best when used on mid-volume levels. Whereas if you crank up a 40-50W speaker up to its full potential, sound distortion will ruin your experience.

4. Coloring

Most of the ceiling speakers come with a minimal design language, including a white-colored round grill to match with the ceilings.

However, not everyone has a white ceiling, or some people use such speakers on walls as well. That said, most brands allow you to color the grill so that you can match the colors with the ceiling or wall to blend them in the environment. Moreover, painting the grill offers additional protection for the grill and saves it from rusting over time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How do I install these ceiling speakers and hide them properly?

Ans: Although you would find all such details in the instruction manuals, or the expert would suggest good ways. However, most people are opting to use them with ceiling-drop tiles or fake ceilings for attaining the best look and ambiance.

2.How do I power these speakers?

Ans: These are normal speaker units that would require an additional media receiver or an amplifier to power up. There are plenty of good options that you can choose from third-party brands as well.

3.Can we make the speakers focus on the center of the room?

Ans: Yes, that depends on the angles at which you install the speaker. However, in most cases, speakers come with in-built angle adjustment options that would even help you further.


That’s all for now; this was the list of best ceiling speakers that you can find in the market right now for the best prices available. In case you liked any of the speakers mentioned in the above list, don’t forget to share your choice with us. However, for those people who might be getting confused to pick the right one for themselves, we have got some personal recommendations for them to help choose one right product for their budget and requirements.

  • Since sound quality is not what you should compromise in a speaker, we personally like the POlk Audio US RC80i 2-Way in-Ceiling Speakers for their rich-sounding experience and high durability.
  • The Pyle Dual Bluetooth Ceiling Wall Speaker can be also a good choice if you want to pick something good for a more reasonable price as these speakers also carry a powerful 8-inch driver along with a Bluetooth connectivity option as well.
  • On the other hand, if the budget is a real constraint, the Bosch LBD0606 Ceiling Speakers should work fine as you can get multiple units of these speakers for a fairly low price and fill your entire room with crystal clear music.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

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