Types of Ceiling Lights – Choosing the Best One

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The lighting of a house is the most crucial and decorative feature. If you have just bought a new house, there will be a lot of things that you will need to pay attention to, such as furniture, curtains, shelves, wardrobes, etc. And lighting is another significant thing that you will have to think about.

Would you like to install a chandelier in the living room? Or, would you want simple wall-mounted lamps? It depends entirely on your preference.

In this guide, we will specify the details of some different kinds of ceiling lights; and, what are the materials that are used in these lighting fixtures. It is extremely hard to choose what type of lighting fixture you would want in your house. So this list will help you to choose the right lighting fixtures for your place.

Types of Lights

There are, basically two types of ceiling lights- Mounted Ceiling lights and Hanging Ceiling Lights. There are many sub-categories under these two types.

Mounted Ceiling lights

A mounted ceiling light is generally, placed very close to the ceiling or directly on the ceiling. The following are some of the best types of Mounted ceiling lights.

LED indirect lighting-

The LED indirect lighting is a more magical version of the normal and drab LED lights. This method consists of installing LED light strips around a solid fixture in your ceiling. The ceiling of your room will reflect the light of the LED strips and create the impression of a larger room, even if your room is not that big. LED lights are very affordable and, you can purchase these LED strips on foot.

Recessed Lights-

These kinds of light fixtures are mounted inside the room’s ceiling. Recessed lights are also known as “Can Lights”. The light of the bulb is diffused, by covering the bulb with a glass panel. If you wish to install Recessed Lights, your ceiling should have proper insulation. If your ceiling does not have satisfying insulation, the humidity will damage these light fixtures.Recessed lights are the best for rooms with low ceilings. The only disadvantage of the recessed lights is that you cannot just install one or two lights and be done with it. Since the spread of the light is over a small area you would need at least five or six lights even for a small-sized room.

Flush Lights-

Flush lights are lighting fixtures that have a flat base and can be easily mounted on your ceiling. These lights are available in various sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. You can use large flush lights in your children’s bedrooms to keep them safe from the dangers of a hanging light.Small-sized flush lights are suitable for closets, bathrooms, or hallways. Flush lights will look beautiful in rooms that have a ceiling that is not more than 8 ft high.

Utility Lighting-

Utility lights are very simple and basic light fixtures and, they are usually seen in malls or shopping centers. Utility lights are commonly flushed to the room’s ceiling and are best for garages or basements. They are usually very bright and, that is what makes them efficient for use at workplaces. They are also very energy efficient.

Semi-Flush Lights-

Semi-Flush lights are another version of the Flush lights. The only difference is that the semi-flush lights hang 4 inches or 8 inches below the room’s ceiling. These lights will work in the best way if your room’s ceiling is between 8 feet to 10 feet high. Semi-flush lights are commonly used in small-sized dining rooms or kitchens, but you can use them in other rooms too.

Hanging Ceiling Lights

Hanging lights are majorly used to light up a small area and provide ambient lighting. The different types of hanging ceiling lights have been discussed below.


If you want to add a dash of elegance to your room, then chandeliers are one of the best options for you. They are a fancy option for lighting and, you can use them in large halls or living rooms and even in dining rooms. You will have more design options if you are looking to purchase a chandelier- classic, chic, royal, elaborate, etc. If you install a chandelier, it will become the main feature of your room.

Inverted pendant lights-

There are many people, who prefer using inverted pendant ceiling lights in their kitchen area. But you can also use them in living rooms or bedrooms. Inverted pendant lights are majorly used, for ambient lighting.It can create the impression of a large room even if you have a small room. Inverted pendant lights can be very suitable for all kinds of rooms. There are many brands, who use the term “bowl pendants” as many of the Inverted pendant lights look like bowls.

Island lighting-

This kind of lighting is specially designed for kitchens. These lights hang much lower than any other type of hanging ceiling lights. These lights are popular for kitchen islands, but you can use this lighting over a large-sized desk or in your workplace.There are different shapes and sizes in which you will find island lighting fixtures, such as squares or circles. Island lights are used to throw task lighting on a considerably larger area. Island lighting has gradually become a staple feature of any modern kitchen and having one will transform your kitchen into a center of attraction.

Track lighting-

Track lighting features multiple sources of light on a single metal rod. Track lighting is the most versatile method of lighting, and you can have these lights customized according to your preferences. You can directly fix the track lights on to your ceiling, or you could also suspend them from the ceiling. It all depends upon your preference. You can use spotlights or pendant lights to fix onto your track.

Pendant lights-

Pendant lights are quite similar to chandeliers, but the only difference between the two, is that pendant lights have just one source of light while a chandelier has many. Pendant lights usually hang a bit low from the ceiling and would be a great addition for any room in your house.

Types of Ceiling Light by Material

We have discussed the popular designs you will find in the market while looking for ceiling lights. Now we will talk about the various kinds of material that are used in these lights. The material of the light fixtures will complement the light fixture and add more elegance to your room.

  • Fabric- For bedrooms, fabric lampshades are very popular as they create a warm effect that helps you in relaxing. It might be most suited for bedrooms, but you can use Fabric lighting fixtures in the other rooms of your house, such as the dining room or the living room. Fabric shades are most common in semi-flush as well as flush lights.
  • Glass- Glass is the most popular material used in the making of light fixtures. The reason behind this is that glass is very effective in diffusing light. So if you are looking for something that is not ornamental and will serve a functional purpose, then you should go for glass lighting fixtures. You can also find colored glass lights, which will add more vibrance to the room.
  • Metal- Metal light fixtures work very well with the modern designs of other features in the house. Metal is commonly used in Track lighting or Rail lighting as metal is a very versatile material and can be used almost anywhere.
  • Crystal- Almost all the chandeliers are made of crystals. They are more on the expensive side but they are more elegant than regular glass ceiling light fixtures. Crystal is also a more efficient material in providing lighting because of how the light is reflected. Big chandeliers with crystal fittings are not suitable for small rooms.


We have mentioned all the major types of lighting fixtures that come under Mounted light fixtures as well as Hanging light fixtures. So, if you have purchased a new home, but are confused about the lighting, then you should refer to the info mentioned above. This guide will help you to understand which type of light will be suitable and perfect for the different rooms in your house.

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