7 Best Car Reverse Parking Camera in India

Car reverse parking is probably the hardest part for a driver be it a naive or a professional driver because nobody has eyes on the back. One mistake and you can bump into the wall, another car or a cat standing behind. Whether you are reversing out of the track or parking your car in a crowded parking low, a car reverse camera will show a clear view of scenes behind the wheels.

By 2019 almost all countries will declare reverse cameras mandatory for every car to prevent injuries and fatal accidents that occurs while reverse parking. So, don’t think it is as a luxury device for your car. And perhaps, if you consider Indian roads, busy parking lots and our reckless drivers you will agree we need it more than any other place.

The advanced and the expensive cars now come with an in-built camera, for those who the companies are making cameras that sits on the rear part of your and a display at the front for you to monitor what’s happening behind you.

Today, there are many too many kinds of reverse cameras available in the market. Some connects via Bluetooth and some via Wi-Fi. Some comes with display and transmitters that can be fitted to the front with simple drills and screwdrivers, some even has assembly line for backing. These options alone can make anyone confuse but they also vary in display type, timing, night vision, waterproofing, lenses and prices. Refer our “Buying Guide

Below in this article we are going to review the top 7 best rear view cameras you can find right now. We have included both the affordable and the expensive cameras in the list.

7 Best Rear View Parking Camera for Car In India

Best Reverse CameraNo Of LED LightsViewing AngleWaterproofWarrantyBuy Now
SunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror Monitor8180Yes (IP67)6 months Check the Price
Autotrends Combo of Car Rear CameraNo LEd LightLimitedYes (IP67)6 months Check the Price
Sound Boss Rear Camera8(IR LED)170Yes (IP67)1 year Check the Price
FABTEC Car Rear Reverse HD Camera8170(adjustable)Yes (IP67)No warranty Check the Price
Starvin Car Rear View Camera8(IR LED)170Yes (IP68)No warranty Check the Price
Volga 8 Car Reverse Parking Camera 8170Yes (IP67)No warranty Check the Price
AmiciKart Reverse Parking Camera 8120Water Resistant1 month Check the Price

Top 7 Best Selling Car Reverse Parking Camera Reviews in India 

1. SunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror Monitor

SunRise Rearview

This is a complete combination of car reverse camera with monitor. The streaming of video is wireless through Bluetooth, and the color reproduction on the LED monitor is outstanding. There is no doubt that it deserves the topmost position on the list. There is no more headache of wiring, buying monitor separately, and compatibility issue.

There are dedicated slots available for plugging in a USB drive and SD card. It is a 7-inch LED monitor, and it feels as good as a tablet. You can also adjust the parameters such as brightness, contrast, hue, and likewise.

The lens offers a 180-degree wide viewing angle, and the construction of the camera is rugged. It is marine-grade waterproof and has an IP67 rating. The lens is fog-resistant, and the night vision is also quite good. The low lux performance is always desirable, and the color reproduction is truly outstanding. There is also a remote control available for easy operation. Comes with a 6 month warranty!

Apart from using it as a backup camera, you can place it anywhere and do surveillance. Besides, you can use the versatile monitor somewhat like a tablet to play videos and songs which is a great advantage of this particular camera over others.

Notable Features:

  • Complete Set – It is a combination of monitor and camera, both of which are great in quality. There is no need for any separate buying.
  • Wireless Connection – The video is displayed on the monitor via Bluetooth, and therefore, there is no wiring required.
  • Easy Installation – The monitor comes with universal size clips for easy mounting. Installing the camera at the rear side is quite easy at any desirable position.
  • Power Efficient – Both the devices have low power consumption and therefore, needs less recharging.
  • Auto Activation – The visual automatically starts streaming as soon as you reverse the car which is always convenient.

Verdict :

It is always better to buy a complete set than buying parts separately. On top of that, the wireless connectivity is the icing on the cake, and this makes it an instant favorite. You can use the monitor for entertainment purpose which is handy in a long journey. If you are ok with the not so impressive night vision, you should definitely go for it.


  • Wireless connection and streaming of video.
  • Can use the monitor as a display for videos and songs.
  • Universal clip for easy mounting anywhere.
  • Automatic activation and remote controlling.
  • Auto white balancing and low lux performance.
  • Waterproof and fog resistant.


  • Poor sound quality

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2. Autotrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit with Car Reversing Camera

Autotrends Combo of Car Rear View Kit

This is a combination of a backup camera and a monitor. The unit in total consumes less power than most. The structure is flexible enough to install it in any vehicle. You can use the monitor for any CCTV camera, and you can mount it on the dashboard. As this is a complete set and all the aspects starting from quality to performance are top-notch, it deserves the topmost position on the list of the best car reverse camera.

The monitor is a 4.3-inch TFT LCD unit and therefore, the power consumption is very low. The parameters like brightness, saturation, contrast, hue, are all adjustable. You can also connect it to the VCD, DVD and GPS. The best part is that it automatically switches to the camera connection when the car goes in reverse. You can use a parking sensor with the camera and connect it to the display unit. The company offers a 6-month warranty.

The monitor is quite small but the display is topnotch. Though there similar products available in the market, but cost twice of the price. We placed it second because what it offers under this price is simply awesome.

Notable Features:

  • Versatile – You can connect the monitor with DVD and VCD player as well as with GPS unit. You can also connect it with any other CCTV camera.
  • Auto Switching – You can play videos from various sources, but when the car reverses, it automatically switches to the video of the camera.
  • Sensor Compatible – You can use a parking sensor with the camera and connect the same with the monitor.
  • Easy Setup – You can keep the monitor on the dashboard securely, and the camera has swivel function for all types of vehicles.


This is another combo kit for car reverse camera. However, it is not as good as the previous one. In terms of price, it is nearly one third. Therefore, if you have a limited budget and night vision is not something you need, you can opt for it. It is the most affordable complete product on the list.


  • Video output quality is good.
  • Versatile applications of monitor.
  • Very easy installation for both parts.
  • Auto switching option in the monitor.
  • Easy parking grid lines available.


  • Suitable only for small car due to limited viewing angle.
  • No lights available and hence, poor night vision.

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3. Sound Boss CAM-03P 2nd Gen Rear View Backing Camera

Sound Boss CAM-03P Backing Camera

If you are looking for a car reverse camera that can operate in all the extreme weathers, Sound Boss backup camera is what you need to opt for. This camera is compatible with any monitor having RCA input. The construction quality is premium, and the night vision is top-notch. Its performance is reliable and consistent even in rainy and foggy weather, and therefore, it gets featured in the top 3 of the list.

The camera comes with a distance scale line display which helps in safe and accurate parking even in tight spaces. It has IP67 rating and hence, it is waterproof and does not get fogged up. Besides, the viewing angle is quite wide and it is very easy to install on the rear mounting locations. On top of that, there are IR night vision LED lights available and so, the night darkness is no more an issue. The company offers one-year warranty on the product.

The display quality and overall camera quality is good, but if you want night vision we don’t suggest it. Though it claims to have built-in 8 IR LED lights but the vision in dark is not up to mark. Another plus point is it can be used in any type of vehicle from trucks, SUVs with a 20 ft long video cable.

Notable Features:

  • Strong night vision – The camera is tailor-made for great night vision as it has 8 IR LED lights for lighting up low-light, tight areas.
  • High-quality Camera – The camera has HD color image sensor, and video output quality is outstanding on the monitor. The lens offers 170-degree so that there is no blind side.
  • Wide Compatibility – It is compatible with almost all vehicles, and there is long cable available for cars and trucks.
  • Suitable For All Weather – The camera is great for any weather it is foggy winter or drizzling rainy season.


This is a perfect car reverse camera from all perspective. It is just that you have to buy the display unit separately. It is a tremendous night vision with IR blasting lights, and the camera quality is top-notch for better video output. Besides, the accuracy distance scale lines are highly useful for parking in tight spaces. It is going to be functional in all weather conditions. You should not have a second thought about buying this one as we strongly recommend it.


  • IR LED lights for night vision.
  • 170-degree wide angle view in all directions.
  • Accurate distance scale line display.
  • Easily installable in different types of vehicles.
  • Suitable for all different temperatures and weather conditions.


  • LED lights are not very bright.

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4. FABTEC Car Rear View Reverse Parking HD Camera

FABTEC LED Night Vision Waterproof Car Rear

If you are looking a car reverse camera that has both the quality as well as user-friendly features for universal fitting, this is one of the best for you. The reasons why it deserves its position are its adjustable viewing angle feature, superior color reproduction, unmatched night vision quality, and waterproof construction. It is so easy to install anywhere without the need for any instruction.

Just like most other backup cameras, this too has 8 LEDs. However, the performance in the low light condition is unmatched. The camera is of high-quality, and it can reproduce the true colors of the objects in its viewing angle.

Talking about viewing angle, it is adjustable up to 170 degrees. Besides, it is compatible with the NTSC TV system, and it comes with IP67 rating for complete protection from water. The lens is powerful and has durable glass construction.

Users had different opinions about the night vision, for some it was very satisfying and for some it was average. We will recommend you this camera if you have a strict, as per our test it works very well at night times, at least at this price point of view it worked amazing.

If you can stretch your budget go for Sunrise instead.

Notable Features:

  • Adjustable – The position and viewing angle are adjustable, and there is an unmovable distance scale line for safer parking.
  • Universal Compatibility – The car reverse camera has a universal fitting for cars of all types as well as trucks.
  • Outstanding Quality – The camera reproduces the color perfectly, and credit goes to the glass lens and camera quality.
  • Superior Construction – It is waterproof and shockproof and therefore, there is no fogging up and bad vision in rainy and winter season.
  • Easy Installation – You can set up the camera on the license plate area, back window, and various such suitable positions.


All aspects are great for the camera except for the average night vision that users have reported. There are powerful LED lights available, but they are not IR LEDs. Apart from that aspect, everything else is almost perfect. The construction is premium, the viewing angle is adjustable, and video output quality is outstanding. If you can compromise slightly on the night vision part, you can go for it at once.


  • Video output quality is top-notch.
  • Jam-free HD camera with better color CCD.
  • Waterproof and durable glass lens.
  • Built-in unmovable distance scale line.
  • Comes with driller for easy installation.


  • Drill bits are often missing

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5. Starvin Car Rear View Reverse Parking Camera

Starvin Car Rear View Reverse Parking Camera

Starvin car reverse camera is one of the best in the market as it offers premium features at an affordable rate. You get true HD night vision, full HD day vision, waterproof and shockproof construction, and installation flexibility. It is a camera that will give you full value for your money, and that is why it deserves its position in the top 5 on the list.

Talking about night vision, not many cameras can offer true HD night vision as they do not have IR LED lights. This one comes with 8 such lights due to which you get stronger and clearer night vision than even high-quality LED cameras cannot provide.

Coming to the camera part, it has HD color and auto white balancing. The result is crystal clear video which is as good as Full HD videos. Not just that, the camera has an IP68 rating which makes it completely waterproof as well as shockproof. There is no question of fogging up and parking will be safe and secure.

Starvin is no repeatable brand still the camera and the video quality are as good as any other branded models. It doesn’t have a warranty that can be a major drawback of the product but it will easily last quite a few years, customers haven’t reported any problems yet.

Notable Features :

  • Premium Quality – There is Infrared night vision, 170-degree wide viewing angle, superior construction for all seasons and weather, and crystal clear day vision.
  • Multipurpose – Even though it is primarily a backup camera, you can use it as a front view, side view camera as well as surveillance security camera.
  • Easy Installation – The camera has a universal fitting, and you can install it in the license plate area, back window, handles, and likewise.
  • Operating Temperature – It has a wide temperature range for easy operation which varies from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.


It is by far one of the best car reverse cameras to buy. Not only is it feature-rich, the features are absolutely premium. You get a clear day and night vision, and on top of that, the camera is waterproof completely. The IR LEDs and wide viewing angle are icing on the cake. There is nothing more desirable from a backup camera at its price point.


  • IR LED lights for clear night vision.
  • High-definition color reproduction.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Easy installation and universal fitting.
  • Does not fog up in the rainy season.
  • Long cable available for versatile use.


  • No warranty provided.

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6. Volga 8 Car Reverse Parking Camera for Renault Kwid

Volga 8 LED Night Vision Car Reverse Parking Camera

Specifically designed for Renault Kwid, this car reverse camera has quality construction and reliable performance. It offers wide viewing angle which helps you to drive in reverse faster and safely. Even though there is no screen available in the package, it is compatible with Kwid’s touch display seamlessly. Considering factors like overall quality, construction, clarity of vision, and flexibility in installation, we have positioned the product correctly on the list.

The quality of the product is top-notch as far as the design and construction go. On top of that, it is fully waterproof which takes care of its durability. You do not have to worry in the rainy and foggy seasons. There are as many as 8 super-bright LED lights available.

Along with that, it is suitable for clear night vision. It can operate comfortably in the extreme temperatures as its range is -20 to 90 degree Celsius. You can also connect it with your TV with an appropriate power adapter.

Please note, it is not only compatible with Renault Kwid, you can also use it for other cars as well. The cable provided is 6 feet long (19.7 meters) which can be fitted to others SUVs and sedans.

Notable Features:

  • Wide Viewing Angle – The premium lens offers 170-degree viewing angle due to which you get a wide coverage.
  • Quality Night Vision – There are 8 bright LED lights with an infrared system to make things vision easily in the dark of the night.
  • Highly Durable – The complete waterproofing layer with IP67 certification makes it sustainable in all weather conditions.
  • Complete Reliability – It can operate in almost all temperatures possible, and it activates as soon as you put the car in reverse gear.


If you are a Renault Kwid owner, you cannot get a better car reverse camera than this. All the features are well balanced. It has premium construction, waterproofing layer, bright lights for the darkness of the night, clear vision lens, and wide viewing angle. All these features make it an ideal backup camera. However, if you have any other car other than Kwid, you should check the compatibility before buying.


  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Wide viewing angle with great night vision.
  • Compatible with Kwid touch display unit.
  • Automatic activate when the car is in reverse shift.


  • The video output quality is not top-notch.
  • No sensor available in the package.

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7. AmiciKart Reverse Parking Camera for Cars

amiciKart 8 LED Night Vision Reverse Parking Camera

With 8 LED lights and 6-glass lens, it is clearly one of the best car reverse cameras on the list. The darkness is always a concern while parking at night, but this camera provides high definition night vision for accurate and parking. Even though it is a relatively new product in the market and the average rating is not really high, it is still one of the most affordable backup cameras with reliable performance. Hence, it has managed to grab a position among the top best car reverse cameras.

The camera lets you drive in reverse and park easily as well as speedily due to the clear vision of the camera. The LEDs are extremely bright and the throw of light is optimal and hence, it is suitable for beginners as well as professional drivers.

Moreover, you can make the camera mount almost anywhere in the rear hood including the handle. All the necessary components are included in the package for easy installation.

The camera price is higher than many other cameras mentioned in our list. The daytime view has really been improved and the video quality is super crisp but it has only 120 degree of side viewing angle which is quite disappointing at least when you are paying almost double for this.

Notable Features :

  • Optimal Viewing Angle – The camera offers 120-degree viewing which is enough for clear viewing of the rear side for safe driving and parking.
  • Clear Night Vision – There are 8 bright LED lights provided with the camera so that the darkness of the night gets totally vanished.
  • Better Lens – The 6-glass lens equipped with the camera provides crystal clear and flawless vision.
  • Water Resistant – You do not have to worry about foggy weather and when it is drizzling.


There is no doubt that the camera has it all from solid-build quality to clarity. The day and night vision are totally taken care off. It is true that a sensor and waterproof construction would have been better. However, at its price point, one cannot ask for more. Even though the product is new and does not possess a great average rating, it is still good at its overall performance.


  • Crystal clear viewing lens.
  • Super bright night vision.
  • Highly water resistant.
  • Easy and flexible installation.
  • Highly durable and reliable.


  • Only 120 degree of viewing angle

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All You Need To Know About Car Reverse Camera (Backup Camera):

After installing a backup camera system on your vehicle, when you put the vehicle into the reverse gear, the backup camera shows on the monitor what is there at the rear side of your vehicle. You can have that monitor on the dashboard, center console as well as on the rearview mirror. The display shows the real-time video of what’s behind, and it can prevent you from driving your vehicle into other cars, pets, kids, and surrounding property. You can accurately park your vehicle in tight spaces. Some of the backup cameras have IR LED lights for clear vision at the night time.

Benefits of using a car reverse camera –

  • No More Blind Spots –

Most of the backup cameras provide at least 120-degree viewing angle of the rear side of the vehicle. Some of them also provide 170-180 degrees viewing angle. Therefore, there is no need for turning your head backward to inspect what is behind. Similarly, there is no need for someone standing at the back to instruct you which direction to go or how much to go when you are moving the vehicle in reverse. It eliminates all the blind spots at the rear side of the vehicle.

  • Safer And Accurate Parking –

Most of the backup camera system offers parking grid lines to accurately park in tight spaces. These parking grid lines are virtual lines, and one can maneuver your vehicle accordingly. Besides, these lines indicate how close your vehicle is to particular structure or object. Therefore, parking is going to be safe in all possible way, and there is no chance of your vehicle striking with another object at the rear side of the car.

  • Reversing In Heavy Traffic –

Getting stuck in traffic is a common happening. Sometimes, you have to reverse your car a little bit to make space to take another alternate lane or to overtake the front vehicles. While backing up, you have to make sure that your vehicle’s rear side does not strike the front bumper of other vehicles at the back. That is where a backup camera system will come so handy for fine-tuning the reversing of the vehicle.

  • Safety of Vehicle Occupants –

With a reversing camera system, you can avoid collisions while driving in reverse. Therefore, the occupants of the vehicle at the back of the vehicle will be safe. Besides, your vehicle will not get dents, and you can save a lot of money by not requiring to repair anything.

Things to consider while buying a car reverse camera:

There are too many factors to consider while buying any electronic product, and a car reverse camera is not an exception. In fact, there are many more factors to watch out for while buying a car reverse camera than usual. The following is a complete guide describing all such factors in details so that you have full knowledge about the product and compare products to choose the best one.

1. Viewing Angle

The backup cameras generally come with viewing angle in between the range of 90 to 180 degrees. The higher the degree, the greater will be the viewing angle. Therefore, it is better to opt for a camera offering 170-180 degrees of viewing angle than the lesser ones. This viewing angle depends on the image sensor size.

The bigger the sensor size, the higher will be the viewing angle. A 0.25-inch sensor can achieve 60 to 90 degrees while a 0.50-inch sensor can achieve 150 to 180 degrees. You should reject anything below 120 and above 180. Below 120 degrees, the viewing angle is too narrow while above 180 degrees can create a fisheye effect.

2. Types Of Backup Cameras

There are basically three types of such cameras available, and they are as follows.

  • Surface Mounting Camera

You can mount this camera on any flat surface. Most of the people mount it high up so that they get a wide viewing coverage along with outstanding depth perception. This type of cameras is mostly for bigger vehicles such as trucks, RVs, trailers, and likewise.

  • License Mounting Camera

This is the most common backup camera, and it is mounted on the license plate hole. It is easy to mount as most of the modern cars have license plate hole to install them. Even drilling holes is pretty easy, and car owners can do it themselves. It is better for those cars or vehicles whose license plate is high up in the trunk than those that are close to the road surface. This is because a high up position can offer a better view of the rear side of the car.

  • Flush Mounting Camera

This is for those car owners who want to make their car look as it was before installing the camera. Such a camera is installed by drilling a hole in the rear panel. Therefore, only the lens with its bezel will be visible, and it is going to be almost invisible. The drawback of this setup is that the camera stays very close to the ground, and hence, the depth perception is not optimal.

3. Wired or Wireless

The backup camera system can be distinguished based on whether it is wired or wireless. If it is wired, you have to connect the camera to the monitor using a wire. The advantage of this system is that the video quality will be superior, and there is no question of interference of signal. However, the connecting wire can look awkward, and you cannot mount the monitor on the windshield or rear view mirror.

On the other hand, a wireless backup camera system is considered better. But the camera and the monitor need to be compatible with the same. The quality may not always be top-notch, and there can be interference during which there could be lag, and the quality of the video can suffer. However, you can mount the monitor anywhere, and you can install such a wireless system yourself within a few hours.

4. Types Of Monitors

If your car comes with an inbuilt display unit, while buying a backup camera, make sure that the camera and the display unit are compatible. They may not be directly compatible, and you may need to buy adapters separately to make them compatible.

If there is no inbuilt display unit, you have two options. You can buy a backup camera and a monitor separately, or you can opt for a complete backup camera system where a compatible monitor is included in the package. When you are buying a monitor separately, you have to again take care of the compatibility factor.

The monitors can be of different types starting from LCD to LED. The LED ones are better as you can watch the video from all directors without any issue in clarity. The LCD ones are more economical, but viewing from the sides can be problematic. Apart from that, the size of the screen matters quite a lot. It generally varies from 5 to 10 inches and the bigger, the better. Moreover, some of them can connect with multiple cameras especially for the wireless ones. Even the wired ones come with one additional input port to connect two cameras simultaneously.

Besides, you should make sure that you can use the monitor for other entertainment purposes when not in use for the backup camera video streaming. This means you should be able to play videos and songs from your pen drive, DVD players, or memory card whichever is applicable. Not just that, there should be an auto switching option which means the monitor should automatically start streaming video from the backup camera when the car is in reverse gear even when you are using it for other purposes.

5. Mounting Options 

We have already stated the mounting options for the camera on the types of cameras. Most of the mounting is done on the license plate area, and they are to be fitted in the hole. However, there are some that can be clipped on the edges of the license plate. There is no doubt that fixing in the hole is more stable that clip option. The mounting option for a camera is very important as it determines the viewing angle and depth perception.

Similarly, you have to check the mounting option for the monitor as well. If you are opting for a wireless system, you can mount the monitor on the rearview back above the dashboard. This option is not suitable for a wired system as the wire running from the bottom to the top of the mirror which is very distracting. Some of them are fixable on the console or the fan area on the dashboard. Besides, there are some which you can fix on the top of the dashboard with screws for stability. In such a case, you cannot use the monitor for entertainment purpose as playing videos can be distracting for the driver.

6. Image Sensor 

There are generally two types of image sensors available in the rear camera.

Charge Coupled Device (CCD) 

CCD-equipped cameras are more expensive of the two types. They are built to produce high-quality video, and they work the best in low-light conditions. But their video quality suffers when the car is moving fast as the frame refresh rate is low.

Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)

CMOS-equipped cameras are cheaper, and since they were invented decades ago, the video quality is not in high-definition. However, the quality is not bad too, but it is not as clear as CCD ones. On the contrary, it has a higher frame rate, and therefore, it is ideal for high-speed imagery. But the low-light application is not great. It is more compact than CCD-equipped cameras.

7. Infrared Night Vision 

There are many rear view cameras available that come with infrared LED lights. With these lights, you can have infrared night vision which means you can see clearly in total darkness. This is true for 20-30 feet of distance. Most of the companies promise great night vision but only a few deliver. Make sure that the LED lights are truly infrared, and if the company mentions military-grade night vision, such a product is even better. Along with the lights, the camera must be equipped to produce quality video in the night.

8. Automatic Operation

Most of the quality car reverse camera comes with this function whereby when you put the car in reverse gear, the camera starts working instantly. The camera keeps on streaming video on the monitor as long as you keep the reverse gear on. It is very inconvenient to switch it on manually every time you move the car in reverse direction. However, along with automatic function, a manual option can be a great addition for general surveillance even when the car is not reversing.

9. Waterproof Rating

As the camera will be mounted on the rear side of the car, the camera is going to face the weather conditions all along. Therefore, it must be waterproof or at least water resistant. If the wiring is exposed on the outside, it must be waterproof. But it is not just water, the device will have to face rain, snow, grime, and fog. If the camera is not well rated in terms of waterproofing, the lifespan of the devices will be very short.

Most of these cameras come with an IP67 rating. There are some that come with a better rating which is IP68. It is needless to say that IP68 is better than IP67 in terms of all-round protection. The device will be resistant to fog and shock if it has IP68. There are some rear car reverse cameras are also rated IP69, and they are more expensive.

10. Parking Lines

Parking lines are virtual lines that you can see on the monitor, and these lines will help you to drive in reverse with more accuracy and safely. What these lines do is give you an estimated idea about the distance of your vehicle with respect to the different structures and objects at the back. They also show the direction of maneuver for better driving. While buying, make sure that the camera can help produce such lines and the monitor can show it. Besides, the parking lines can be in the form of lines or grid. It depends on your personal preference which one you will opt for.

11. Other Additions 

Instead of a simple camera, if there are various other additional components, it is going to be more useful. There are some which come with parking sensor, motion detecting sensor, inbuilt microphone and likewise. The parking sensor alerts you when an object gets very close when you are reversing the car. The motion detecting sensor alerts when things are moving at the rear side when it is kept in active mode. This also makes the camera as a surveillance camera, and it can prevent burglary. The microphone is useful to ask the people standing in the rear side to move aside.

Apart from these, you have to check the warranty and return policy. Even if there is no warranty on the product, there must be a few days of return policy. This is because there could be manufacturing defects and other damages that could make the device useless.

How to install a car reserve camera?

Contrary to popular belief, installing a car reverse camera is not difficult. If you want to do it yourself, you can do it in 2-4 hours. We have provided a complete guide on how to install a car reverse camera system. Besides, a backup camera comes with all the required instructions. Moreover, you can go through YouTube videos to understand the process perfectly.  Apart from these, you can always take your car in the mechanic garage to get it installed from a professional. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are the tools you need to buy.

  • Wire stripper
  • Screwdriver set
  • Socket wrench set
  • Butt splice connectors
  • Ring terminals
  • Electrical tape
  • Driller

Step 1 – Disconnecting Battery

The first step to any installation on a car is to disconnect the battery. All you have to do is to open the bonnet and unplug the battery wire safely. This is going to prevent any shock or short-circuiting and fuse popping.

Step 2 – Accessing Tail Light Wires

You have to connect the wires of the tail lights to that of the camera for powering the camera as well as to activate the camera when the car is in reverse gear. You need to remove the panels around the tail lights using a screwdriver and wrenches. After all the unscrewing and removal, you should have access to the tail light wires.

Step 3 – Fixing Mounting Location

There are different places on the rear side of your car where you can install the camera. It totally depends on the available options on your car as well as on the camera. Generally, it is placed on the license plate area, and in this guide, we are stating a license plate installation.

Step 4 – Connecting The Wires

Remove the cover of the license plate and then the license plate itself. Drill holes in the license plate to fix the camera. In modern cars, there are already holes for setting up the camera and connecting the wires easily. If not, you may need to drill holes into the bumper to get wires to the camera from the back. Connect the power wire to the power wires of the camera and reverse light using butt splice connectors.

Step 5 – Connecting Camera to Display

It may be that you already have an in-dash display in your car or you buy a display separately and install it on your dashboard. It may also be that you buy a backup camera system that comes with a camera and a monitor. Considering that the camera and the display are compatible directly or via adapters, if it is a wired camera system, you have to connect the signal wire from the camera to the display unit.

For this, you have to find the signal wire from the display unit and then run it creatively from the front to the back where the camera wires are and connect them. Then you should apply electrical tape wherever needed. Make sure that the wires are not widely visible.

If you opt for a wireless backup camera system, there is no headache of wiring, and therefore, it is the best option for those who want to install the system by themselves. All you have to do is to connect the display with the power source, and the radio signal will be transmitted from the camera to the display unit.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How does a backup camera work?

In a backup camera system, the camera is placed at the rear side of the vehicle, and a monitor or display unit is placed on the dashboard in front of the driver. The camera is generally connected to the reverse back light so that it can sense when you put the car on reverse gear. As soon as it senses that you are moving the car backward, it gets activated. The video of the camera is sent to the monitor by wire or by radio signal (wireless). In wireless case, the camera comes with a transmitter, and the monitor comes with a transceiver. The streaming of the video continues as long as you keep the car in the reverse gear. 

2. How to install a backup camera?

Installing a backup camera is not difficult, and most of the cameras come with the necessary accessories for easy installation. If you have a wireless backup camera system, it is even easier. In such a case, you have to install the camera on the rear side of the car which is usually on the rear license plate. You have to drill a hole to mount it and connect the wires of the camera to the wires of the reverse light.
Then you have to mount the monitor on the dashboard or rear view mirror or windshield as per your preference. The monitor comes with a transceiver to receive signals from the transmitter of the camera and stream the video.
In case of a wired backup camera system, the extra work involves connecting the camera to the monitor directly using a wire. You need to be creative to hide the wire well so that it does not look weird or get damaged.

3. Do backup cameras record accidents?

No, a backup camera is mainly for streaming live video into the display unit when you move your car in reverse. It cannot be configured for recording video as it is not a dash camera.

4. Do backup cameras reduce accidents?

Yes, the main purpose of using a backup camera is to eliminate the risk of potential accidents that could happen when you are moving the car in reverse direction. You can see whether there is anyone behind your car or not, how much distance your car is at from the wall and the surrounding objects, see clearly in the dark and eliminate blind spot, and much more. All of these help you to drive backward safely without any chance of unfortunate accidents.

5. Can I turn off the screen while driving?

Most of the backup camera system turns on only when you move the car in reverse. It does so by sensing the turning on of the reverse rear lights. However, there are some backup camera systems that keep on rolling until you turn it off. While driving normally in the forward direction, there is no need for the backup camera to stream video on the monitor. In fact, it can be quite distracting. Therefore, you should turn off the screen manually while driving forward.

6. Can I connect a backup camera with the display unit already built in my car?

It is possible to hook up an aftermarket backup camera with a built-in display unit of a car on when both the devices are compatible. In modern cars, the display unit is built in such a way that it can support modern backup cameras. You have to check the manual to understand whether your display unit supports video coming from external cameras or not. While buying a backup camera, you have to check the type of display unit it supports for easy compatibility. Otherwise, you have to buy a separate display unit or monitor that is compatible with the backup camera of your choice.

7. Are backup cameras compatible with any car?

The modern cars come with built-in dashboard systems that can support an aftermarket backup camera. The modern backup cameras also come with technology to support most of the dashboard display systems of the modern car. However, we cannot say for certain that any backup camera will support any car. But if you have a modern car preferably with the build year 2018 and henceforth, and the backup camera has the same, they are most likely to be compatible. You should always check the manual of your car and the description of the backup camera you are about to buy to be fully certain.

8. How much does a car reverse camera cost?

If you are buying only a backup camera, it can cost you around 400 to 1000 INR. However, if you buy a combination of camera and monitor, it can cost you around 1000 to 3000 INR.

9. Which is the best reverse camera for cars?

If you are looking for the best reverse camera only, Sound Boss CAM-03P Rear View Backing Camera should be your first preference. But if you want to buy a reverse camera system which includes the monitor, SunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror Monitor with Waterproof Backup Camera Combo is the best product available.

10. Can I add a backup camera to my old car?

Most of the modern cars come with a display unit that could be compatible with most of the modern backup camera. However, there is no such arrangement in old cars. You can still install a backup camera with a monitor to your car. It can be both wired and wireless backup camera system. The wireless camera system will be better as it is easier to install and there is no wire that has to run from the back of the car to the front where you keep the monitor.

11. Do wireless reversing camera work well?

Every reversing camera has pros and cons. The wired ones are better at streaming the live videos by transferring data through the wire. However, the wires may look weird and distort the interior look of the car as it has to run from the back to the front. Besides, you cannot keep the monitor on the rear view camera as running a wire there could be messy. That is where the wireless reversing camera works well and considered to be better than wired ones.
A wireless reversing camera system takes care of all the issues associated with a wired system. There is no wire running from the back to front, and therefore, you can place the monitor anywhere you want. The camera transmitted video data via a transmitter and received by the monitor via a transceiver. The signal is strong for most of quality camera systems. Due to these conveniences, they are slightly expensive than wired reversing camera.

12. Are reversing cameras better than reversing sensor?

Most of the modern cars, especially the premium ones come with the inbuilt reversing sensor. Such a sensor senses any object as you move your car by sending out signals. If the signals come back, there is an object in the path, and it warns the driver on the display system on the dashboard. However, there are so many limitations. It cannot sense small objects and those objects on the sides.
That is why a reserving camera is so much more useful. You actually get to see what you behind and on the sides, Depending on the viewing angle, you can check what is lying on the path, and you can place your car accurately. Moreover, there are bright LED lights available to light up the low-light areas.


With that we have come to the last phase of our detailed guide and we sincerely hope that all the information above will help you pick up your most suited car reversing camera. As you can easily make out, reversing cameras are the norms these days and rightfully so! It is an important accessory and you should invest in one right away.

If you want an all rounder, our pick is the SunRise Rearview 7 Inch TFT LED Mirror Monitor. We have chosen this one because it comes with a 7inch LED monitor along with the camera. It is a very versatile product that not only ensures safety but also provides a lot of options like playing videos, games on the monitor etc. Other than that, the 180-degree wide viewing angle, the construction of the camera and the IP67 rating are excellent! The low lux performance and the color reproduction are huge bonuses. Overall, with a 6month warranty, it is a great value for money device that comes with almost all the desirable features one looks for while buying a car reverse camera.

Do let us know your pick from our list in the comment section below! We are all ears!

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