Can We Boil Milk In Electric Kettle?

Electric kettle makes your life simpler as you can easily boil water. The kettle saves time when you need to heat any beverage or water.  But, you must be aware as boiling milk in the electric kettle is a tricky process. This article will help you understand the pros and cons about boiling milk in an electric kettle.

It will also suggest ways to boil milk in an electric kettle. And, while boiling milk it will suggest ways to save the kettle from potential damages.

Can we Boil Milk in a Kettle

The uncomplicated answer to this question is NO. The design of the electric kettle is not suitable for boiling milk. There are several reasons due to which boiling milk in the kettle is not an ideal option. They are discussed below.

The milk might spill

Water and milk have different textures and properties. When boiling, milk does not evaporate like water. It might spill and can cause a good amount of mess. You have to understand that milk is a complex liquid.

It is a mixture of proteins, fats, and water. The protein and fat component gets separated from water. This forms a separate layer when it is boiling which prevents the water from evaporating. This is the main cause of milk boiling over.

The overflow of the milk might cause a short circuit of the electric base. This might lead to the non- functionality of the kettle.

The shut-off feature will not work

When the steam comes out of the electric kettle, it automatically shuts off. Due to the layer of protein and fat, much steam does not come out when the milk is boiled.

This does not allow the shut-off function to work. It will let the milk boil for a longer time. This feature will not work till the water of the milk is completely evaporated. And, the protein and the fat inside will be burned.

Therefore, the milk will be burnt and not ideal for consumption.


We now know that milk has protein and fat. This will stick on the interiors of the electric kettle when boiled. The kettles are designed in such a way that you cannot scrub the interiors easily.

It will reach in such corners of the kettle that you cannot reach it. This can affect the performance of the kettle. These sticky deposits can ruin the heat sensors. Therefore, these can disturb the performance of the electric kettle.

Bad odour

We are already aware that burnt milk can leave residue behind. Those residues are particularly difficult to clean. But, the milk, if burnt can also leave bad odour such as the smell of burnt cheese. This in turn ruins the flavor and taste of all the other beverages.

Therefore, the electric kettle is not suitable for boiling milk. But, some variants of the kettle are available in the market which can be used to boil milk. You should go for those kettles if you want to boil milk in the electric kettle along with the preparation of other beverages.

If you still want to use an electric kettle

If you still want to boil milk in your electric kettle, there are some ways and tips to do so.

Firstly, you should not keep the lid on. If the lid is on, the pressure will be created. Now, we know that the milk will expand and might boil over. If the lid is not on, you can shut the kettle down once the milk starts to rise. This will prevent all kinds of mess which can be created if the milk is spilled.

One alternate method is to apply indirect heat. You can take a glass made of steel inside the kettle filled with water. The water will boil and in turn warm the milk. This will not burn the milk or leave any foul smell or residue.

Final Word

So, the electric kettle is not the ideal option to boil the milk. But, if you are using an electric kettle that is designed to boil milk then it is not a concern. Milk is different from milk as it does not evaporate. It might spill over and cause a short circuit if it reaches the base of the electric kettle. The protein and fat might burn and stick to the interiors of the kettle and might burn them.

The burnt leftovers can prove to be very difficult to clean. It can also make the kettle to smell like burnt cheese and make the milk sour. You can boil milk by keeping the lid off. This will prevent the spill or any mess due to the burnt milk. However, with precautions and safety measures boiling the milk in the electric kettle is possible.