5 Best Bread Maker Machine in India 2020

To say that bread machines are amazing would be an understatement. Gone are the days when you had to get your arms pained in order to get the perfect loaf of bread made- and now freshly baked bread is no longer a hassle.

This is because of the prevalence of numerous bread making machines in the market that has emerged in the recent days. Plus a bread maker for your home can save you a lot of money in the long run.

But it is still a daunting task to find the best in the market and you might get confused on what features you need- but don’t worry! We will help you out! Today we are going to talk about a number of aspects of bread making machines along with the perfect “Buyer’s Guide” so that you are no longer in a quandary.

Best Bread Makers Available in India

Best Bread Maker Pre-Set Menu OptionsWeightWarrantyBuy Now
KENT 550-Watt Atta and Bread Maker 1911 kg1 Year Check the Price
Sharp 600W Table-Top Bread Maker 12NA1 Year Check the Price
Bajaj Platini BM01 550-Watt Bread Maker123.8 kg2 Years Check the Price
SKG 2LB Automatic Programmable Bread Maker Machine193.9 kg2 Years Check the Price
Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker67 kg1 Year Check the Price

Best Automatic Bread Maker Reviews 

1. KENT 550-Watt Atta and Bread Maker 

Kent Bread Maker

The Kent Atta and bread maker is a delight to have in the kitchen. With its 19 pre-set menus, sophisticated steel-grey body, and sturdy built this bread maker holds the top position on our list of the best bread makers in India.

It will effectively make several kinds of bread, cakes, and jam in the most hygienic way without you having to touch it. Being a homemaker, it is tedious and tiresome to knead doughs for chapatis and puris. Well, the scenario will change when you get home the KENT Atta and Bread Maker 16010.

It has a maximum capacity of 1 kg and has three loaf-size settings, which are 500gm, 750gm and 1 kg. The product comes with one year of KENT warranty. The box includes non-stick bakeware, kneading panel remover, measuring spoon, measuring cup, and user manual, which also includes recipes that you can make using this bread maker.

The product demo is not available in every state in India. For some of the cities, KENT provides online demos. To get full information, you can call on +91-9582123456 and check if it is available in your city before buying.

Notable Features 

  • It has an LCD screen that shows several selected settings to make operation easier.
  • This bread maker comes with 19 pre-set menus
  • It has 3 loaf-size settings, which you can adjust according to the quantity of ingredients you are putting in.
  • The ‘color setting’ enables the user to decide the amount of browning.
  • There are upward and downward arrow keys, which will let you increase or decrease the time.
  • Apart from kneading and baking, you can as well ferment, stir-fry and defrost using this bread maker.
  • It comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty, effective from the date of purchase.
  • The product has a dimension of 36 x 24.5 x 30 cm and weighs 11kgs.


KENT is a trusted brand, and this bread-maker from the same brand is the best one according to us. With its multiple settings, this bread maker is a multi-tasker that can knead, defrost, and ferment as well. Adding it to your kitchen will indeed be a good decision.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 19 pre-customized setting
  • 3 loaf-size settings
  • Option to customize browning
  • LCD control interface


  • Item weight is on the heavier side

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2. Sharp 600W Table-Top Bread Maker

Sharp Bread Maker

The Sharp 600W Table-Top Bread Maker is from a Japanese brand which specializes in making premium quality electronic gadgets. It has modern steel and black body and comes with 12 pre-set programs. It lags by one position because of its price, which is slightly higher than the KENT bread maker. Also, there is no pre-set menu for kneading chapati or puri dough. You will have to use the manual mode for it and set the timer accordingly.

The Sharp 600w table-top bread maker has a fully automatic function. Once you put in the necessary ingredients for a particular type of bread, it will knead the dough, let it rise and then bake it, without you having to monitor the cooking all the while. It takes around 3 hours for this machine to bake a loaf of white bread; the time is slightly more for brown bread.

With this machine, you will get the option to select the loaf size and control its browning as well. Apart from bread, it can make jams and cakes too. It has a fruit and nut dispenser which comes handy when you want your recipe to incorporate some dry fruits for texture. The box contains the main unit, kneading blade, measuring cup, two-sided measurement spoon, user manual, and a hook.

This bread maker comes with a peculiarity. Once you press the start button on the machine, all other buttons stop functioning. If you press the ‘stop’ button, the machine pauses for 2 seconds before resuming its work again. It also has a memory that remembers what you prepared the last time, in case you want to repeat the same recipe.

Notable Features

  • The Sharp bread maker has two loaf settings, which are- 680g and 900g
  • You can select between light, medium, and dark browning option.
  • Its function is fully automatic.
  • The longest side of this bread maker is 14 inches
  • It comes with 1 year of on-site warranty
  • It has a backlit LCD that displays the timer and the selected settings


This fully automatic bread maker is powered by Japanese technology and it is easy to use. All you have to do is follow the user-manual cum recipe-book and enjoy freshly baked preservative-free bread. It might cost a little extra, but its built-quality and performance are worth every penny.


  • Japanese technology
  • Browning control
  • 2 loaf size option
  • Fruit and nut dispenser
  • Fully automatic function
  • 12 pre-customized settings
  • Last-operation memory


  • Costs slightly higher
  • The ‘stop’ button acts more like a pause button for 2 secs.

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3. Bajaj Platini BM01 550-Watt Bread Maker

Bajaj Platini Bread Maker

The Bajaj Platini has made it to the 3rd position on our list owing to its compact dimensions, portable design with side handles and superb performance. It has 12 menu options from which you can choose the type of bread you want. Alternatively, you can as well knead doughs, make jams and cakes using this bread maker.

Another added plus point is, the Bajaj Platini bread maker has 2 years warranty. It has a non-stick coated detachable pan that can accommodate two loaf sizes of 700 gm and 900 gm. This bread maker also provides its user with three crust options of light, medium and dark brown to select the one he likes.

It has an internal memory of 10 minutes. Which means, in case of power cut or accidental unplugging, it will remember the selected program up to 10 minutes and can resume its work if it gets a power source within that time!

It has a delay timer which can delay the cooking process for up to 13 hours. With the help of this technology, you can get bread at your choice of time. Additionally, the Bajaj bread-maker automatically shifts to ‘keep warm mode’ after the bread is prepared, which keeps the loaf warm up to 60 minutes.

Notable Features

  • 12 pre-set menu options
  • It has 2 years of warranty
  • This bread maker can make jams and cakes apart from making bread loaves.
  • An LCD display on the front with easy to control buttons
  • The delay time adjustment of up to 13 hours will prepare the bread according to your convenience
  • It keeps the bread warm for up to 60 minutes.
  • It has a dimension of 39 x 31.4 x 32.6 cm and weighs just 3.75 Kg.


There is nothing not to like in this machine. It has several pre-set menus, it is compact, pocket-friendly, and portable. However, there is one downside, and that is its customer service, which is not the best as per many users.


  • 2 options for loaf sizes
  • 2 years of warranty
  • 3 browning control settings
  • pocket-friendly price
  • Portable
  • keeps bread warm for 60 mins
  • Delayed time adjustment
  • A short-span internal memory of 10 minutes


  • Customer service is not up to the mark

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4. SKG 2LB Automatic Programmable Bread Maker Machine

SKG Bread Maker

SKG is a Chinese company, which is still not a very well-known one in India. However, the bread maker by this brand that we are about to review is packed with features, superb design, 19 automatic programs, and non-skid feet that secure its position on the countertop.

You can set the timer according to your will and taste freshly baked bread in less than an hour. Also, it has a delayed timer setting of a whopping 15 hours. After this machine prepares the bread, it is equipped with the technology to keep it warm for 1 hour.

The overall user reviews of this portable machine with a sleek design are mostly positive. However, some users have expressed their complaints regarding SKG customer care. Also, the company instructs users to set the 19th program and run the machine for 10 minutes after unboxing, to get rid of any manufacturing oils.

Not only can you make an array of bread types with the SKG bread maker, but also prepare yoghurt, jam, desserts, and knead doughs for several purposes. Its three crust settings let you select the type of browning you want. It also has 15 minutes power-interruption recovery feature.

Notable Features

  • It comes with 19 pre-set programs
  • It has 15 hours delayed time setting
  • With this machine, you get 3 loaf size setting and 3 types of browning options
  • It has 15 minutes of internal memory in case of a power cut
  • The product dimension is 35.6 x 23.9 x 30 cm and it weighs 3.89 Kg
  • It has 1 hour keep warm feature
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years


In case you do not have the internal compulsion of settling only for well-known brands, you can go for this one. Except for its not-so-good customer support, it is overall a very good product that can give you an amazingly tasty loaf of bread every morning.


  • 19 pre-set menu options
  • 3 browning control options
  • 15 minutes power-interruption recovery
  • non-stick internal coating of the bread pan
  • 2 years warranty
  • 3 bread loaf sizes
  • non-skid feet


  • Customer care is not good
  • The transparent window on top is small

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5. Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser

Panasonic Bread Maker

We have ranked this bread maker from the popular brand of Panasonic on the fifth on our list as it is comparatively costlier. Though it is a decent bread maker, it has only 6 pre-set menu options, which is way less as compared to other bread-makers on this list.

It has three crust control options and can knead various kinds of doughs and bake some of the tastiest bread you have ever tasted.  This Panasonic bread maker has a weight of approximately 7 kgs and comes in a dimension of 10 x 5.71 x 7.86 inches. Along with the main unit, the box includes measuring cup, measuring spoon, kneading blade, and a recipe book.

This bread maker from Panasonic intelligently adds yeast at the right time to give your bread the right amount of fluff, as it has a separate yeast dispenser.

Notable Features

  • This bread maker has 3 adjustable loaf size setting
  • It has 3 crust setting
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty is valid from the date of purchase
  • It has 6 different types of bread and dough options to choose from.


This is a no-nonsense bread maker that does its job just right. Don’t expect to make jam or yoghurt with this one. If you want to use it as a bread maker or just knead doughs for chapati, puri, and pizza, you can most certainly opt for it.


  • 6 settings for bread and doughs
  • 3 browning options
  • 3 load options
  • Separate yeast dispenser
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty


  • Cannot make jam or dessert
  • Only 6 pre-set menu options
  • Price is on the higher side

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Bread Machine Buying Guide

The bread making machines can be used easily and it gives the best taste of the homemade bread which cannot be topped by anything else. Also you will be able to add as much additive ingredients you like to make it tastier! Not only that, you will not have to worry anymore about your health because you yourself will be able to supervise over what you are eating. With the help of this machine, bread making becomes effortless and hassle free, and even though it is an expensive thing to buy, it is a one-time investment and it can save you a lot of time and money in the long term.

1. Types of Bread Makers:

Here are the two major types of bread makers:

  • Vertical Bread Makers:

If you looking for an unconventional bread shape, then this is the one for you because it makes the bread in the vertical shape with a brick-like appearance. It is good to make vertical bread because they are cheaper and can be stacked easily without eating up much space. If you use efficient ingredients along with yeast, it can make very good bread with fluffy tops.

  • Horizontal Bread Makers

If you are very finicky about how your bread looks like, then you would definitely want to have this kind of bread maker. In this kind of bread maker, you will be able to have the same look in the bread that you can get in the markets. In this bread, you will be able to give the ingredients like all-purpose flour and the most impressive factor is that you will be able to make healthy bread which is gluten-free.

2. Affordability

The first priority that you will have while you are trying to buy a Bread Machine for your own home! Most people do the blunder of buying big sized machines which are expensive by nature but you have to understand that the sizing is not directly proportional to the efficiency. It is true that you get what you pay for and you can choose to buy an expensive one. But if you are a novice in choosing the machine, it is advisable that you get the lower end model to understand whether it suits your needs. It all depends on the kind of usage that is done. If the use is regular, then use the high priced model for better durability of the device and prolonged bread making without any obstacles. But it is highly recommended that you go for the best companies like Panasonic, Breville,……etc.

3. Size

There are a number of different sized bread makers in the market and that is the reason why you should be careful about picking the right size. There are a number of sizes as follows:

  • Small machines- 1lb in weight
  • Medium bread making machines- 2lb
  • Large sized bread machines- up to 3lb
  • Customizable flexible size- 1lb, 1.5 or 2 lb

If you want to choose the correct size, then you have to count the slices- for example, if you need 8 slices in a single loaf, then you would need a 1lb bread maker if you need 12, then you can get 1.5lb bread.

4. Efficient Kneading Paddles

Talking about Bread Machines, you should know that there are a number of different kneading paddles that are available in the market. There are some specific paddles that are used for the dough created during pasta and they are typically designed. It is always recommended that you should be getting dual kneading paddles because it gives the consistency of the dough that is similar to the one that is kneaded by hand.

In some of the machined with single kneading paddle, sometimes there is an extra paddle but even if there isn’t any, you should get the extra one to bring out the desired effect. Also, determine the kind of notifications that you get from the bread machines as to whether the paddles are removable or not. Removable paddles are easy to use as well as clean up so those should be your first priority.

5. Delayed Timer Option

It is always a good choice to have the delayed timer option in the bread machine because it can help you set the specific timing when you would want to get the kneaded dough baked. Therefore when you set the timer, there will be no looking back as the timer will do its job perfectly. Therefore you can set the time early in the morning when you are residing to bed and by the time you get up, you will wake with the smell of freshly baked bread.

6. Noise

The noisy bread makers are not at all desirable by any as it might seem irritating at some point of time. Therefore you should always choose a model which is noiseless and can give the desired outcome of hand kneaded bread even then. So if you are buying a bread machine with flimsy material, then beware! It will surely make a lot of noise. So try to choose the machine on the basis of the material that has been used to make it- the harder the material, the better it is! Also if possible check out the demo model first so that you can be sure about the noiselessness.

7. Alarm

Are you worried about the raisins and other delicious additives to be crushed while kneading the bread dough? You can easily avoid that with the help of an alarm system which will notify you when you need to mix the other ingredients. This is incredible because then your toppings will remain intact and your bread will be delicious too! So the next time you are going to buy a bread machine, be sure to get the one which has a good alarm function.

8. Baking Time

If you want to go for the best of quick baking facility, then you should definitely go for the models that can give you the Rapid Bake or Fast Bake option. It helps in making the process quicker- but it is always recommended that you give ample time for your bread to bake.

9. Removable Bread Pan

You should always check whether the baking pan is removable from the device or not- because the detachable ones are easier to clean and maintain. So for easy cleanup, this is the most viable option that you can have.

10. Keep warm option and viewing window

It is a good thing that you should go for the warm settings in the machine so that even if the baking is done a long time ago, even then the bread can remain hot till the time it is served. Also the viewing window helps you in understanding the progress of the bread making so that you can check the appearance without having to open the machine time and again.

11. Need for special bread?

You need to understand that not all kinds of bread makers will be able to give you the special kinds of bread like pizza dough and noodles. So if you are buying it for a specific purpose, then make sure to mention it so that you can have the satisfactory end results.

Look out for the various programmable options in the machine and choose in accordance to the user-friendliness of the device. The programmable options will give you a better sense of control over the kind of bread you are making and will take you to the culmination of bread making perfection.

12. Bread Shape

Many of you may consider the shape of the bread loaves. It can be an important aspect while buying a bread maker. Most of the bread makers out there produce breads that are typically of the same shape when baked vertically or horizontally. But some of them can come out as square shaped loaves instead of the regular rectangular loaves.

If the shape of the bread is important to you, you should think about selecting your bread maker and the space. Though typically they would create the same shape of bread you prefer, there is a chance that it may not. The shape can also depend on the counter space you have. So, practically a good enough counter space can equal to normal rectangular pieces and small counter space can sometimes lead to square ones.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is the work of a bread maker?

The bread maker comprises a container which is non-sticky in nature and one or two kneading paddles which help in the preparation of the dough. Now you will not have to get the dough kneaded by hand and by the time it stops, it will be ready for baking. Once you put it in the baker, the dough will end up rising with perfection to give you the best bread that you created for.

2. What will the expensive bread maker help me with?

The cheap bread maker will not give you any control over the kind of bread that is being produced because it will not have the customizing options. But if you are going for the expensive one, then you will be able to get several programmability options. Actually, the expensive ones are highly durable and if you are making a good investment, then it will definitely be worth the price.

3. What is the time taken to bake a single loaf of bread?

It does take a little bit of time when you are trying to make a single loaf of bread- around 3 to 4 hours. But it also depends on the kind of bread that is being used to bake the bread- but you should take note that the whole wheat bread takes a lot more time than the white bread.  But in the high-end models, it will take a maximum of 58 minutes.

4. Apart from the conventional work, what can the bread maker do?

Apart from the normal breadmaking process, you will be able to determine the kind of thickness that the crust should have. It should also help you with various kinds of flours and for getting different types of bread made. Also, there are a number of bread machines with indicators that will help you in adding you whatever you want to add so that they can remain intact even after the baking has been done. In some machines, you will be able to find racks to give a specific shape to the loaf and bring out the perfect consistency to the same.

5. Is it a messy affair?

No, absolutely not! It is a very easy thing to use bread machines and the best factor about it is that it is not at all a messy thing. In fact, the pan is non-sticky so that it will be easier to clean.

6. How do I know the size that I need from my family?

It is a question that has been asked by many. It is a sheer concern of a number of people that they cannot determine the perfect size that would be ideal so let us help you out. If you have a small family then you should get a machine that can bake 1-1.5 lbs of bread.  If it is a middle-sized family, then 2lbs would be great. And if you need more than 12 slices in a loaf, then 3-5lbs capacity will be convenient for you. But of course, you need to think about the kind of kitchen space that you actually have to buy according to the space availability.

7. How long is the durability of the product?

The durability of the product definitely depends on the kind of pressure that is being put on the same. If you use the nonstick pan and the paddles efficiently and clean it every single day, then you will be able to use the product for at least 2 years without any hassles.

8. Can I use all the automated features?

It is true that now you can find a lot of features that are fully automated but for the regular use you would not need to use each and every one of them. But in case of special occasions, definitely, you will be entitled to use the same. So instead of the high-end models, it is always a good thing to have the average models of good brands.

9. What are the settings that I must have for the bread making a machine?

You should definitely have some of the settings as mentioned below-
Delay timer- for getting the baking done according to your convenience – and the baking will be done even without your presence.
Dough Setting- to help you determine the consistency of the dough and the crust thickness. So your handwork burden will be lessened to a great extent.
Express Cycle- to make the baking a lot faster.
Pre-programming- This is used specifically when you indulge in a variety of bread, and there can be consistency in the quality.
Non-stick paddle- So that the dough does not stick to the surface and the kneading can be smooth.
Automated timer for nuts and raisin addition- There are machines in which there is a specific compartment for the additives- you just have to pour them in and add the timer- it will put them in time without crushing them.

10. What kind of dough settings do you need in the bread maker?

If you want to indulge only in the two main types of bread, then you should definitely get hold of a normal bread maker. But if you need some more settings, then the cost will also be higher. It is also recommended that create three types of bread like- white bread, whole wheat bread and multigrain. The other specific kinds of dough settings that you can have are gluten free, sour dough and rye.

11. Does the shape of the bread really matter?

It depends from person to person- while some people want their bread loaves to be perfect and horizontal in shape, the others might not need their bread shape to be perfect and it can be baked in brick shape as well. On the basis of the space that you have on the countertop, you can have the bread shape option. If the space is small, then you will have to settle for vertical bread shape and if the space is good enough, then the horizontal bread makers can be obtained.


Now that you have a fair knowledge about the essence of bread makers and the kind of machine that you should indulge in, why wait anymore? Leap into the market and get the best one that suits your needs.

Do let us know if this guide is helpful for you in the comment section below

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