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What is a Boombox?

It is a portable audio music system which is capable of playing cassette tapes, recorded music, AM/FM radio, CD’s, and including MP3. Boombox is also called as ghetto blaster or jambox. The audio is delivered via an amplifier and loudspeakers (it can contain 2 or more of them).

Some of these models can also record audio (from radio or other sources) onto cassette tapes. They are usually powered through batteries or can be plugged into electrical outlets. Based on their battery size, some of these models can be bulky and heavy as well.

Different Types of Boomboxes

Boomboxes are available in five different variants that include cassette and CD, docking station, wireless, satellite radio, boombox for kids. Each boombox type uses different technologies from different generations. We have provided detail information of these variants below for your reference. Read this information to know which one suits your needs.

1. Cassette and CD Boombox

Almost everyone will be aware of this boombox type as it has been in the market since very long. Using this machine, you can play CDs and cassette tapes. Well, you can use an MP3 converter for that, but this option is for people who love to go old-school or affordable solution.

If this is your option, then we recommend to go for a model that has the ability to play CD-R/RW formatted discs as well. This will let you listen to rewritable CDs. Some of these Boomboxes come with multi-CD feature which will let you load 2 or more CDs for continuous play.

2. Docking Station Boombox

If you to use your smartphone or MP3 players to listen music, then docking station is the perfect way to experience boombox. For smartphones, it can be both boombox and charging station – one appliance, two uses. You have to just connect the smartphone and it will play the music using its powerful stereo.

3. Wireless Boombox

This type is the most popular ones in the market now-a-days. As the name implies, it is a wireless option which can be connected to smartphones or laptops through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This will let you play music from anywhere without direct connection. And you can also access your mobile while playing the music. As there are not wires involved, you can carry them anywhere you want. They have impressive price tag, so it will not hurt your pockets.

4. Satellite Radio Boombox

This is actually similar to docking station however it is designed to use with a satellite radio. If you want to purchase this boombox, then we recommend to check whether it is compatible with satellite radio system or not. Apart from just listening to local radio station, some of the modern satellite radio come with advanced features.

For example, you can connect to satellite like antenna with additional equipment. However, make sure to pay the subscription to enjoy the satellite shows.

5. Boombox for Kids

These Boomboxes are specially designed for youngsters and kids who love to tap their feet to music. They are light in weight, compact and available in bright colors. They usually have recognizable pop culture characters. This boombox is available in several forms; like cassette and CD combo, radio combo or wireless ones for playing MP3s.

How to Choose the Best Boombox?

With so many models and variations in the market, it is obvious to feel confusing and overwhelming. To choose the best boombox according to your requirements, it is very important to consider the few factors. Below, in this buying guide we have provided a detail information on every factor. Read it thoroughly as it helps to analyze the products and choose wisely.

1. Sound Quality

Main reason for purchasing a boombox is good audio quality along with enhanced low frequency notes. This means the model you choose has to deliver satisfying experience even when notes are high and audio is at high volume. For better sound quality, you should check the watts of boombox. The more watts, the better will be the sound quality.

When it comes to best bass quality, most of the Boomboxes come with both active and passive speakers. When you analyze the boombox model, you will come across that pricier models have more speakers and higher wattage. So, finally it comes to the budget you want to spend.

2. Power Source

Usually, most of the boomboxes available in the market are powered by rechargeable, non-rechargeable batteries, AC or a combination of them. If you are going to use boombox mostly outdoors, then you have to make sure it has durable battery pack. It is better to have rechargeable battery pack for uninterrupted music experience.

When it comes to battery capacity, make sure they are large enough to suit your requirements like how long will you be listening to music. This is even more important if you are going to use it outdoors or while travelling. Durable batteries with higher capacities are usually a bit expensive which can add up the cost of the boombox as well.

However, if you mostly use the boombox at home, then battery capacity may not be a major issue as you will have the option to connect it to an electric socket (AC power).

3. Connectivity

It is better to invest in a boombox that has maximum number of connectivity options. If it cassette and CD player boombox, then this option may not be necessary. But for modern boomboxes it is better to check this option before making the purchase.

For example, ideal boombox should have at least one Aux 3.5mm port and USB 2.0 connection. Having an additional option for NFC will beneficial as it will help to connect with devices much easier. It is good to have USB port that can connect memory card adapters and flash disks.

4. Compatibility

Just like connectivity, it is important to make sure the boombox is compatible with devices you may use for playing music. For example, it has to be compatible with OS like Android, iOS, Windows and others. So, it will be easy to connect with iPhone, Android smartphone, iOS, or Windows PC.

5. Radio Preset and Station Tuner

If you want radio option in boombox, then you have to check out this factor. Mostly, radio options are available in two frequencies; AM and FM. You have to make the model you choose can tune between these two frequencies. It is also better to choose a model that is programmed with your favorite channels so that you don’t have searching for stations.

Some boomboxes provide recording any program so that you can listen later. AM/FM radio is actually a characteristic of the boombox. And they are not exactly the same as in your smartphone. Boomboxes with analog turners come with a knob and antenna (which can be extended) to reach better reception and tune into other stations. And moreover, they are efficient in areas with low phone reception. They are perfect for people who do a lot of camping hiking and travelling.

6. Portability

Though boombox is not as portable as MP3 player, it is still a convenient option. The main reason people choose boombox over other portable options (MP3 player) is the sound quality. Most of the boombox types are portable. They are easy to move around different locations without worrying about wires or checking for electrical outlets. If you want to enjoy music wherever you go then you have to choose a portable boombox.

7. Size

Based on the brand, design and other factors, boomboxes come in several different sizes and shapes. So, make sure to choose a model that is appropriate for your needs and lifestyle. If like to it with you while travelling, then choose small sized boombox. If it is just your yard or outdoors, then any size as per your preference would be fine.

8. Style

Boomboxes are available in different shapes and colors. Well, style or color of choice can be different from one boombox to another. This factor usually depends on individual preference. Some people may prefer retro designs or large speakers while other may look for LED lights that sync with the beat. Whatever design you choose, make sure the boombox is made up of durable materials, light in weight and has better battery life.

9. Durability

No one wants to spend their money on a model that is less durable or breaks down sooner. So, it is important to check the boombox durability before making the purchase. Make sure it is made up of high quality materials and the outer box should be strong enough to protect the inside components.

10. Charging Other Devices

If the boombox model you have chosen come with Bluetooth technology, then it can also be used as a power bank. It will help you charge smartphones or tablet while you are streaming music.

11. Other Features

  • Bluetooth – Most of the boomboxes come with Bluetooth connectivity option. Using this feature, you can stream audio from any source on your smartphone or tablet like TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify or any other personal music collection.
  • Water Resistance – If you like to take the boombox to the beach or poolside, then check for water resistance feature. This will ensure the boombox can withstand at least some amount of splash or spill.
  • Built-in Subwoofers – Some boombox models come with subwoofers which provide window-rattling bass. If you like some good bass frequency, then get a proper boombox.
  • Auxiliary Input – Sometimes, we may like to directly plug smartphone or tablet to the boombox. If you have to plug in 3.5mm cable, then make sure to purchase an auxiliary input.
  • LED lights – Some boombox models come with in-built LED lights which change their color according to the beat of music.

12. Warranty

Most of the boombox models come with 1 year of warranty. Make sure to purchase model with warranty as it ensures reliability.

13. Price

Check the price if you want to keep your purchase within budget. These devices can have a wide range of prices. It can start from a minimum of 2,000 and go up to 25,000.

How to Maintain a Boombox Properly?

Proper maintenance will make sure the boombox stays in proper condition for a very long time. To maintain the quality of boombox and decrease the chances of it wearing out quickly, we recommend following tips mentioned below…

  • Check out the instruction manual and follow the instructions provided in it properly.
  • Don’t let magnets stay near the boombox as they can damage the speakers present in it.
  • For cleaning CD lens, we recommend using swabs and ethanol.
  • Don’t let the boombox come in contact with any liquid materials.
  • While you are cleaning the exteriors of boombox, we recommend using slightly damp cloth.
  • If it is ok, don’t play the boombox at maximum volume as it can wear off the speakers faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it ok to charge my phone while Bluetooth boombox is still in operation?

Most of the Bluetooth speakers come with charge my phone capability. So, you can happily use the boombox for charging your phone while you are hearing to music. This will be even more helpful if you travel a lot. Some of these models come with batteries that are as big as 8000mah so you can be assured that you can charge the smartphone whenever needed.

2. How long does Bluetooth speaker lasts on a complete charge?

It actually depends on how high the volume is apart from that, if you are using it for charging up your phone as well, then the battery will drain much faster. If we consider on average, the boomboxes can last up to 4 to 8 hours on full change. If you listen to music with less bas and treble, then it will last for up to 14 hours.

3. Will the in-built speaker’s battery get damaged if i plug in speakers continuously?

In fact Bluetooth speakers work great when connected to a power source. Some people prefer to use Bluetooth speakers for both home and outdoor use. However, if you love loud volume, then you may have to connect speaker to boombox. You can connect as long as you want, it will not affect the boombox.

4. How can I get the loudest Bluetooth boombox speakers?

It is now very easy to purchase Bluetooth speakers that are loud than any other traditional public address system. In fact, Bluetooth boombox with powerful batteries are often used in outdoor parties and concerts. Bluetooth speakers are designed for specially to suit both outdoor and indoor applications. Some of these speakers can increase the volume as high as 120 decibels. However, you have to make sure the bass is impressive as well. If you are going to use them in a party, having a good bass will be helpful to improve the mood and tap to the dance.

5. Which are the best outdoor Bluetooth boomboxes?

Outdoor Bluetooth boomboxes are suitable for people who love to throw beach parties or entertain people over the poolside. Boombox for such applications should be capable of withstanding to wildest applications. IPX waterproof rating is suitable for outdoor speakers can it can withstand heavy water slashing and rain as well. This will not allow any water seepage when they are exposed to water.

Even if they get immersed into water, sensitive part of the boombox will not get exposed to water damage. But you don’t test the speaker for its waterproofing limits. For example, there is an immersion limit for IPX-7 waterproof outdoor speakers which is actually not more than half an hour and within one-meter depth. Most of the Bluetooth boomboxes are specially designed to use on beaches, near pools and boats as well.
6. Is it ok to purchase an extra battery for Bluetooth boombox?

Yes, it is. Most of the manufacturers provide extra battery packs as well. If you hold all-day parties where there is no proper electricity source, then these extra batteries can come quite handy. They are also helpful when you have to recharge your mobile now and then during the party.

7. Apart from Bluetooth, which other connectivity options are available with boomboxes?

You can connect speakers using AUX input. Using the AUX cable, you can connect the speakers to boombox. Other speakers have NFC connectivity which makes it easy to connect with several devices. Along with that, USB port is quite handy, using which you can connect flash discs, USB memory car adapters.

8. Is it ok to pair portable Bluetooth boombox with multiple Bluetooth devices?

Yes, you can. If you want to pair several sound sources to the speaker, then you can pair them. however, the connectivity should happen via Bluetooth.

9. Can a phone be charged while the charging boombox is in operation?

Usually, Bluetooth speakers come with my phone feature. This lets you comfortably charge your phone while listening to music. Some of the batteries are as large as 8000mah which is sufficient to be carried outdoors and charge your phone.

10. Can the speaker’s battery be damaged if plugged in continuously?

No, in fact, most Bluetooth speakers work well when connected to a power source. As you plugin as long as you wish.

11. Can saltwater damage the boom box?

Yes, this can damage your device. It can corrode parts of the speaker if left for too long. It can also cause water repellent parts to deteriorate making the speaker more damaged. In case the speaker comes in contact with saltwater you can wipe it with fresh water.

12. Are extra batteries available for boombox?

Yes, most manufacturers sell extra batteries along with the boombox. An extra battery always comes handy when you are travelling or using it outdoors. It is also very easy to change the batteries and it takes no time.

13. Can boombox be paired with multiple devices?

Yes, boombox can be paired with multiple devices as long as they have Bluetooth features.

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