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The most basic form of assurance which is required from a commercial outfit or a simple seller is a receipt of the transaction which would have all the details of the purchase along with the date, time and place of transaction. This would act as a proof of the purchase made hence it needs to be done with precision. It is very important that these calculations have no errors, which is just not possible if done manually. This is where a need for automatic billing machine arises. Also, the bill-generation and printing procedure demands to be fast for there might be a lot of customers waiting.

Billing machine is the need of the hour if the organizations wish to carry on their activities in a precise, efficient and effective way. It is a great way to actually provide a great source of support for all the employees who are indulged in the billing process. These machines even have a hold on the taxation policies and numbers and classify the figures according to it, automatically. These machines also have a duplicate of each and every bill which has the details of the purchase along with the purchase details.

There are a lot of varieties of machines which are available in the market right now, and each and every billing machine has its own set of features, pros, and cons. These features vary in terms of printing type, connectivity, speed, quality of paper used, etc. The basic type of receipt printers only do the printing but the newest models are wireless, they have Bluetooth connectivity and can be paired with phones, iPhones and computers.

Another major difference is in printing type. In the market, you will mostly find three of their kinds, thermal printing, impact printing and inkjet printing. While thermal printers are the most inexpensive ones but slower, impact printers are faster but need a toner to function and inkjet printer provides the best printing but is the most expensive.

All of these types and features are available in the market at the moment and it is very important that you know your need. We have a full-on “Buying Guide” if you are planning to buy a bill or receipt printing machine. This would help you to actually choose a product that is suitable for you from the vast list.

Also here is an insight into the various machines which are a great option for you to buy right now in India.

Best Receipt Printer in India 2019

Best Bill PrinterOS CompatibilityConnectivityWarrantyBuy Now
Everycom EC-801 80mm PrinterWindows, Linux, iOS, AndroidBluetooth1 year Check the Price
Epson LX-310 Dot Matrix PrinterWindowsBuilt-in USB2 years Check the Price
HOIN 58mm BIS Certified PrinterWindows 7, 8 and 10Standard USB, port or Blutooth1 year Check the Price
Zjiang 5890K PrinterWindown 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Linux.USB port 1 year Check the Price
CYSNO BIS Certified Receipt PrinterWindows, LinuxUSB port6 months Check the Price

Best Selling Printing Machine Reviews in India 2019

1. Everycom EC-801 80mm Direct Thermal Printer

Everycom EC-801 80mm Direct Thermal Printer

This bill and receipt printer is an excellent option for network and kitchen printing. The benefit of this particular model is its build quality and printing speed. It prints everything at high speed and the build quality is top notch. It will easily last you a long time! The best features about this product are that it is absolutely water resistant, oil resistant, and has a dustproof structured design. And that’s why this is our top pick on this list.

The print status of this device is real-time and doesn’t waste time to buffer, causing absolutely no loss in the time of transactions. This printer has been designed to meet the needs of all the commercial uses, for the time taken by the product is notably low. Its speed is fast enough to not cause any problem for the salesman and neither the customer.

It is well designed for large input buffer that will keep you connected with all the bills you assign the printer to print. The product is actually well configured with the embedded IE server which facilitates ease in the configuration as well.

Notable features

  • Printing parameters –the width of the printing is 72mm and the resolutions are 576 Dots /Line or 512 Dots/Line (8 Dots/mm 203DPI). The speed is 300mm/s, with a command that is compatible either of ESC or POS print instruction mode.
  • Warranty: – the product’s manufacturer provides a warranty of 1 year, within which all the expenses incurred will be covered, and so comes another benefit of the return policy. The product can be returned within 10 days from the date of purchase in case of any dissatisfaction.
  • Interface: – a rich interface is assigned to the product that is Ethernet (100M) + USB which best supports the cash drawing integration.
  • Connectivity: – This printer connects via Bluetooth and supports a number of printing systems, namely Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. The printer can as well print any of the barcodes, so mentioned in the bill.
  • Supports: – It has thermal printing line and the printing line space by default is, 3.75mm which is adjustable with the help of commands. Supports characters of Dots/Line Or 512 Dots/Line (8 Dots/mm 203DPI. The graphics support of the product is Dots/Line Or 512 Dots/Line (8 Dots/mm 203DPI. So, there is full as well as half cutter function supported by this product. Also, the product is embedded with easy feed.


The bottom line, if stated, would be you will come across so many products which you would feel are similar to this one, but when actually try your hands on it, you will enjoy high quality, and a worry-free printing experience, unlike anyone else can offer. The printing speed and the interface are the main highlights of this one. Overall, a well built, result-oriented and value for money device!

What we like

  • Superb printing speed.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Beyond expectations printing quality and speed of billing
  • Two types of paper supported, 80mm and 58mm
  • Supports all kind of symbol printing, i.e. logo, images, and fonts

 What we don’t like

  • Average battery life

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2. Epson LX-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LX-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Dot printers are the traditional printers which have managed to come a long way and still are a pretty good competition to all the modern printers. If you wish to opt for the traditional printing dot matrix printer, this Epson model would be of great interest for you.

This printer comes with a narrow carriage impact printer of 9-Pin. This product is highly reliable in terms of printing and also its performance is a lot better than other dot printers in the market. The printing speed of this device is notably high and the MTBF or the mean time between failures is close to 10,000 power on hour

This printer is USB-Compatible, having both serial and parallel ports. Hence, you can connect this printer with just any of the devices you wish to. This product is highly reliable in terms of carbon copies and you can create multiple carbon copies via this printer.

The setup of this product is also very simple and cost-efficient; all you need to do is to understand the printer’s set up along with the side of paper used.

 Notable features

  • Speed: – This product is provided with an input data buffer memory of 128KB. The speed designated to this printer, helps it touch the speed of close to 357 characters/second at around 12 CPI, which is actually a pretty high unit.
  • Reliability: – This model’s reliability is pretty high which takes it to a higher rating of 67% more than the prior model. This makes it great in terms of dependability. The LX-310 is rated for a mean time before failure (MTBF) of 10,000 POH (power on hours).
  • Carbon copies: – As Dot Printers are well known for the ability to provide carbon copies, this printer is very efficient in making multiple carbon copies and can actually reach up to the efficiency of creating up to a 5 part form printout (1 original+ 4 carbon copies).
  • Connectivity: – This product has in-built USB, alongside serial and parallel interface options which makes it possible for you to connect the product with literally any of the device you wish to.
  • Warranty: – 2 years of warranty and the product comes with an offer of return within 7 days from the date of dispatch.


All credit goes to the brand it comes from, which is well-recognized in the printing industry and leaves no option for you to rethink before placing the order. This printer is made keeping in mind long-term use and cost-savings. Best buy if you are an individual firm which needs not tons, but a few hundred prints on a daily basis. Maintenance of the product is not much and so, it is a great option for a long term investment.

What we like

  • Decent print quality
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Works efficiently and connect to any devices
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Reputed brand

What we don’t like

  • Ribbon problems
  • No extended warranty provided

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 3. HOIN 58mm BIS Certified USB Thermal Printer

HOIN 58mm BIS Certfied USB Thermal Printer

Here is another thermal printer amongst the varied options available in the market. HOIN’s model is highly equipped with a number of exciting and really useful features. The best thing about this product is that it is highly convenient to use for there are hardly any connectivity issues with this one.

This printer is made, with an aim to produce results in high speed which is equally efficient when used in a commercial environment with a busy and high-volume customer base.

For the purpose of regular printing, this printer has it all. The performance, energy efficiency and professional grade built of this product are splendid. The most dwelled-in yet extraordinary features are a lightweight & compact design, resistant to dust and splashes, and the ability to create a practically noise-free environment which is favorable for both the users and also the customers.

Notable features

  • Specifications: –
  • Printing paper width of 57.5mm * 0.5mm, along with a potent print width of close to 48mm.
  • This printer performs in high speed, the speed in precise units is 90mm per second or 24line per second, and
  • The density with which the printer prints is 384 dots per line and 8dots per mm.
  • Some other specs include a Print dot space of around 0.125mm and an official Service Life of close to 50km.
  • Interface: – The interface of this device uses standard USB connectivity, parallel port or serial port. If we speak in terms of cashbox control, the capacity output is DC12V/3A Power signal, 6 lines RJ-11 socket operation. The temperature of the printer is in the provision of 0~50.
  • Design: – It has a very compact and small structure which makes it lightweight and extremely easy to carry or to use it anywhere you want i.e. both in home and work environment.
  • Compatibility: – Compatibility is another competitive advantage of this printer, for this printer is compatible with devices having an OS of Windows 7, 8 and 10. This makes it highly compatible with a number of devices and highly functional.
  • Ease of use: – This product is excellent in terms of installation. You can easily roll a paper roll in the printer from the top opener and get all set. Also, the functional buttons are easy to use, and not distracting at all.


The specifications and features offered by this printer are often ignored but are actually very useful and satisfy all your printing needs. Though it is a thermal printer it is definitely one of the premium quality thermal printers. The printing quality is top-notch, offers noise free function, the design is very compact and easy to use and moreover it is super affordable.

What we like

  • The features are actually its pros
  • Highly compatible and also lightweight
  • Noise-free results
  • Easy to use and install

What we don’t like

  • No auto paper cut
  • Works only with Windows OS

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4. Zjiang 5890K USB Direct Thermal Printer

ZJIANG 5890K USB Direct Thermal Printer

Shout out to all the business owners. This bill printer is for you as it fulfills all the checks of the essential features required by a thermal printer. It is a great product, which prints bills at high speed in a very smooth fashion, making it extremely convenient to use.

It is highly capable of printing bills in all kinds of format, namely value-added tax invoice, express bill, A4 paper, passbook, tag, certificate, greeting card, account book, air ticket, etc.

You can expect this product to produce stable performance because it can work with great speed and supports cash drawer driver, consuming low power and reducing operating costs. This ZIJANG printer is lightweight which makes it highly compact and comes with a great yet smart design. Rest assured, it will present a noise-free environment even when functioning.

ZJIANG is a portable USB POS receipt thermal printer which is great in terms of use and maintenance. It can be easily opened which makes it easy to troubleshoot the device if the need ever arises.

Notable features

  • Specifications: – this product works at high speed, numerically speaking, 90mm/sec whilst the power consumption is of 12V. The working power requirement for this product is DC 12V/1A. This product is absolutely lightweight as it weighs around 0.5410 kg and has a design worth taking a glance at.
  • Interface: – This product has a USB interface and it prints commands compatible with ESC/POS. if we talk about power consumption and operating cost, this product is at the lowest phase because it uses no ribbon or ink cartridges. The structure of the product is excellent and makes it extremely easy to install paper into it.
  • Connectivity: – This product supports cash drawer driver and is highly compatible with EPSON and Samsung. It easily connects with a number of drivers, namely Win 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ Linux. While on work, this product makes no noise causing ease in bulky transactions
  • Printing parameters: – This printer uses thermal line printing method with a font size of 384 dots/line. You would want to consider printing paper of size 58mm (width), 50mm (max diameter) while making sure the thickness of the printing paper is 57.5mm. You can easily rely on the printer to print up to 100 km.


Given, all the interface information, this product is well suited for commercial retail POS system. The most appreciated fact is that it doesn’t cost a bomb. It is indeed affordable and has all the features of a good thermal printer, just neglecting a below-par battery life. It would have easily taken our 3rd place if the battery life was slightly better. Nonetheless, a value for money product!

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Works with great speed and highly efficient
  • Compatible for small businesses
  • Works with Windows 10 as well.
  • Energy efficient

What we don’t like

  • Installs with a disk
  • Battery life

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5. CYSNO BIS Certified Kios Printing Thermal Receipt Printer

CYSNO BIS Certified printer

If you are in search of a kiosk receipt printing machine, this printer should definitely be in your watchlist. It is considered a zero-maintenance printer and that’s why it is on our list. Speaking in terms of size, this is a mini POS printer which is of compact size and helps you save a lot of space, whilst you use it on your desk.

The design of this product is quite similar to that of the Everycom thermal printer. Its dimensions are 180mm in length, 115mm in width and 127mm in height, whereas the weight of the product is a meager 0.75 kgs.

CYSNO 58mm printer is embedded with easy paper roll installation and can easily support cashbox. Easy installation leads to easy maintenance resulting in low consumption and low operating cost.

Though this printer works for only Windows and Linux, it is actually a great pick. A security warning has been provided with the device; do not touch the printer cutter or the printer’s head.

Notable features

  • Printing parameters: – The printer works with a speed precision of 90mm/sec, with a printing density of 384 dots/line. You are required to use thermal paper with a width of 57.5 ± 0.5mm. It highly facilitates the printing instruction set of ESC/POS.
  • Connectivity: – The 58mm USB support cash drawer driving, bitmap, and graphics printing. This device connects with all the windows OS and also Linux. It makes no noise while operating, which is highly desirable for the users and also the end customers. The device uses thermal line printing and is extremely lightweight.
  • Installation: – Installing this product is extremely easy because it facilitates ease insertion of paper rolls. So, it is easy and convenient to operate. It is ideal for all the windows devices and also supports Linux. The product has built-in power design to save space making it a great option for POS printing system.
  • Maintenance: – This printer is highly easy to maintain because changing the paper roll is convenient and there is no use of ribbon and ink cartridge. Also, the printer head life cycle lasts up to 100 km.


The reason for which it is truly considered a zero maintenance printer is the lack of ribbon or ink cartridge. The best part of this product is that it can support a variety of international language character. Keep in mind, it only has 6 months of warranty. Our last product on this list but it doesn’t lack in usability or efficiency. It is a great product on its own and recommended by a number of customers as well.

What we like

  • Works well for the price it is offered at
  • Produces no noise whatsoever
  • Supports cash drawer facility
  • Works great for kiosk banking
  • Requires zero maintenance

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t have a LAN interface.
  • Only 6 months warranty
  • Works only with Windows and Linux.

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Bill or Receipt Printing Machine Buying Guide

The POS or point of sale system of any outlet depends upon a number of integral factors which make up the system as a whole. Processing payment is the priority for any store, which is the reward and the (compensation) for the goods or services provided. From printing credit card slips, to print customer receipts or tasks as minute as forwarding the orders!

But before you decide on buying a bill printing machine for your outlet, you need to jot down all the favorable and unfavorable factors. Here is a detailed guide which would help you through the decision making process.

1. Determine your business needs

The first and foremost factor to consider while selecting a printing machine is your business needs. Determining your need, you can select a machine based on quality, speed, color, and graphics. Here is an insight into the types of printers which would help you have a clear idea about printers.

a) Impact printers

These are generally the classic version of printers wherein, a metal strikes an ink ribbon against a paper causing the formation of various characters. The characters are generally in the form of letter, digit, dots, and lines. Such printers are capable of printing graphics and characters in a color combination of black and red.

Dot Printers, Matrix printers and ball printers are all considered to impact printers. You can expect the best printing results in a kitchen environment, because these printers, in no way, are affected by the temperature levels.

Reasons to consider impact printers

  • Available at cheap prices
  • Simple to use and highly reliable
  • Capable of producing multiple carbon copies
  • Are not affected by hot temperatures

Reasons to not consider impact printers

  • Lags behind in speed
  • Extremely noisy
  • Images are not of high quality
  • The ribbon needs to be changed and replaced on a periodic basis.

b) Thermal printers

These printers are the modern and advanced way of printing, wherein heat is the only source of printing, contrary to the traditional way of using ink and toner. Such printers are highly known for their excellent performance and have grown in demand as a result of high quality of print, speed and technology advancement. These printers are widely used in the airline, banking, entertainment, retail, grocery and healthcare sectors of the industry.

Reasons to consider impact printers

  • Capable of working at high speed
  • Are free of noise pollution
  • Highly durable
  • Quality of the image produced by these printers is splendid

Reasons to not consider impact printers

  • A bit pricey
  • Further increase in media cost
  • Not suitable for places with high temperatures

2. Cutter options

Auto cutter or not, these are the two options you are provided with. The auto cutter is actually a device, which cuts the edges of the receipts completely, making it easier to remove the bill easily. It is mostly the thermal printers which are embedded with this feature.

Some printers, mostly the dot printer, have no built-in auto cutter device. They are instead, embedded with a tear bar, a replacement of the auto cutter. Tear bars generally have jagged teeth which pierce into the paper when it is pulled off, making a deep cut onto the paper.

If you wish to weigh in the pricing factor for both the types, it is important to note that the tear bar printer cost considerably lesser than the auto cutter printers. If quicker and easier removal of the bill is necessary for you, you should probably go for a model of printer which has auto cutter embedded in it.

Another important thing to note is that all the printers which come along with auto cutters already have a tear bar included. If any malfunction in the auto cutter arises, you will still be able to take the receipt or bill off the machines.

3. Number of buttons provided

Every printer comes with a few buttons embedded on them to directly control the device, without needing a computing device. These buttons are generally given features which can process the request of the customers and ease the billing process. Each button will have a diversified significance which you need to be well aware of before making a purchase, as even one convenient button can change the transaction time considerably. Look into the requirements of your business and go through the buttons which facilitate the same.

4. Storage capacity

This factor depends upon the services and products you provide along with the customer base of your organization. You need to check onto the sales you are able to make per day and per customer basis and check if the printer has enough storage to fill in all the requirements of the transaction hence made.

5. Overall budget

Budget is another important factor which needs to be considered while making a purchase. The market of billing printers has grown and so is there an availability of a number of printers varying in terms of price.

Prepare a budget comprising the amount you can actually spend and a threshold of how much more you can spend to the trade-off between the different extra features available across models. Hence select the best printer suiting all of your needs.

6. Dimensions

Width is the concerned dimension here. You have a choice to make among three different types of widths – 2, 3, or 4 inches

  • Receipts with a width of 2 inches easily slide on to people’s wallet.
  • Receipts with a width of 2 inches are of the standard size, which is used in restaurants and retail stores. These receipts have enough room for graphics, coupons, promotions and other information’s. So is there a provision for a variety of media, which might be a deciding factor for you.
  • Receipts with a width of 4 inches are rare and are used only in high-end, such as jewelry and electronic stores. These receipts are usually preserved by the customers.

7. Connectivity

Point of sale solution highly depends upon the connectivity. Connection Interface highly affects the type of printer you would want to consider. So, let’s go through all the different kinds of interfaces which are presently available.

  • Serial

These ports are well established and hence, are simple to use and also cost less. But, the con here is that these ports are slower as they rely on the older versions of Ethernet or USB.

  • Parallel

Parallel mode of connectivity is generally faster, works well for shorter distance and this makes it easy to connect to a circuit board. But, in comparison with the USB and Ethernet, parallel ports are still slower.

  • USB

These are the modern form of connectivity, as these carry power to the devices. The adapters are extremely flexible for almost all the devices but, the con here is that the connectivity is a bit expensive

  • Ethernet

These adapters are available universally and hence, are capable of carrying signals efficiently for long distances. This mode of connectivity offers LAN and also internet connectivity, making it highly expensive.

  • Wireless

POS system actually depends upon wireless connectivity and the reason is, away from all the mess wires create. This is generally very important if you want mobile receipt printing. With all the benefits come the cons: expensive, difficult to troubleshoot and network security issues.

  • Bluetooth

This mode of connectivity depends upon batteries and so they consume less power. If compared to the traditional wired connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity is quite expensive and so it cuts down on the distance it can work. Security is a matter of concern but they do serve all, both the mobile and stationery printing methods.

8. POS system compatibility

Being compatible with a POS system should be the topmost priority. Make sure the printer you are considering facilitates POS system and you still have some concerns regarding the same, you must get in contact with the vendor and confirm the same. For better use, you can try purchasing a terminal of the same brand as that of the printer because most of the brands design their own terminals and it is obvious it would work best with the same brand.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Are Thermal printers better as compared to the Dot printers?

Yes! Thermal printers are the modern form of printing bills but they have their individual pros and cons. It is always the best of interest to consider the type according to your requirements. Make sure to take into consideration your business nature, cost, and maintenance.

2. Is connectivity an issue for Dot printers?

Though these printers are the traditional printing machines, yet it shouldn’t mean that the interface provided to these printers is limited to a single port. Dot printers generally connect using 3 ports, i.e. USB, serial and parallel which is enough for the machine to get connected with all the output devices.

3. Can I randomly choose receipt width?

No! It is really important to consider the width of the paper which usually varies between 2, 3, and 4 inches. You have to consider the requirements of the bill and then choose the width of the paper. Though for the insight, the standard size is 3 because it has a lot more space to fit in all the extra details such as offers and stuff.

4. Will expensive printers work the best?

There isn’t a rule of thumb to follow in terms of bill printers. All you have to consider is your requirements and then choose the one most compatible with your business needs. Thermal machines are the most expensive, but Dot machines aren’t useless either. They differ at some points which are generally speed and quality which is as a result of the technology they work on.

5. Which printer has a better print precision?

Vote for better print precision goes to the Dot printers because they work with the help of a metal and an ink ribbon. On the contrary, Thermal printers work on heat which makes it extremely difficult to keep up with the print precision. A slight increase in the ink can cause a more flow of ink onto the paper resulting in smudges. Even, a person’s hand can affect the temperature of the paper.

6. Does the room temperature affect the printer’s efficiency?

Temperature does affect the ability of the printer. If your line of business is somewhere related to kitchen and heat, Impact printers are the ones you should opt for.

7. Do printers produce noise while printing the receipt?

This factor varies from printer to printer. It is usually a Dot printer, which is expected to produce noise, because of the ink and the way it works. Thermal printers are noise free and hardly a disturbance for the customers and the salesman.

8. Is the POS system compatibility necessary?

Yes, it is extremely necessary for you to check if the printer is facilitated by the POS system. Perform a background check if necessary and go for the printer which has it.

9. What is an auto-cutter and is it necessary?

An auto-cutter cut the edges of the paper automatically making it easy for the user to pull it out. Not all printers have an auto-cutter and neither is it necessary, rather depends upon the number of transactions. For easier and faster removal of receipts, one must consider a printer built-in with such features.

10. What are the other necessary factors to consider?

Compact design, reliability, heavy use, storage, integration and installment, mode of connectivity and print speed are the other factors to consider before making a purchase.


Technology has played a significant role in shaping an appropriate processing system where a machine is made capable of doing everything on its own. A simple billing process can be handled using a bill or receipt printing machine which not only ease off the whole procedure but also automates it making it faster and more efficient. But you need to make sure you know your business needs as that is the main factor while buying a receipt printing machine for your business. Our buying guide above will definitely help you through it.

As for our top recommendation, we will place the Everycom EC-801 80mm Direct Thermal Printer as our top pick. It is a simple product with a bulletproof build quality! It is a thermal printer with a very high printing speed, good connectivity options and a very simplistic yet effective interface! Ignoring the slight battery life shortcoming, it is by far the best thermal receipt printing machine out there with all round performance.

Our list also has a lot of other great bill printing machines that might be more suitable for own requirements and business purpose. We hope the list will help you choose the right one for you with the exact specifications you want.

Do let us know of your say on the products we mentioned on the comment section below. Also, if you have any other product in mind, that we might have missed, do let us know. We are eagerly waiting for your ping!

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