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Best Wine Glass Holders

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Wine glass holders can safely store your delicate wine glassware. You can easily mount these holders under your kitchen cabinet and save space. 

These holders come in various sizes, capacities, materials, colours and designs. So, before buying a wine glass holder, consider the number and type of wine glasses you have.

In this article, you will find a list of the best wine glass holders to keep your beautiful glasses safe.

1. Plantex Wine Glass Holder

Award: Trendy Look

Tagline heading: Ensures minimal chance of breakage

Tagline: The holder is cleverly designed to slide wine glasses smoothly through it. It reduces the chances of falls.

Product description:

The wine glass holder by Plantex is made of 5 mm stainless steel wire and has a nickel finish. You can use the hardware included to install it under your kitchen cabinet with ease. It can comfortably hold up to an 8-inch base of the wine glass. It comes in double line-regular, double line-large, and triple line variants. The holder’s silver colour adds a touch of elegance to its look.

2. Incrizma Wine Glass Holder Set of 2

Award: Strong Build

Tagline heading: Made to last

Tagline: It is built using wrought and cast-iron material. These give it the strength to hold up even large wine glasses with ease.

Product description:

Incrizma offers a wine glass holder that comes in a set of 2 and can be easily mounted on the wall. You can install both of them in the same place or use them separately. It saves you space in your kitchen closets, the countertops, or even a bar cart. This kind of storage helps to keep your wine glass stemware chip-free and reachable.

3. Impulse International Wine Glass Holder

Award: Best Choice

Tagline heading: Good capacity

Tagline: This is an excellent holder to buy if you have a large set of wine glasses. It can hold up to 10 glasses at a time.

Product description:

Impulse offers an elegant double line 20-inch wine glass holder. You can use the appropriate materials that come with the holder to mount it on the wall with ease. It is an ideal choice for the kitchen, pubs, and bars. The holder is made of high-quality stainless steel. It makes it strong enough to hold the fragile wine glasses.

4. Klaxon Wine Glass Holder

Award: Also Consider

Tagline heading: Saves storage space

Tagline: It takes minimal space in your kitchen or bar. You can quickly fix it under your top kitchen cabinet, conveniently within reach.

Product description:

Klaxon has come up with a sturdy single-line wine glass holder. It comes in a silver colour finish that provides a classy look. It weighs around 200 grams. The wine glass rack can hold up to 4 wine glasses at once. It is easy to clean as well. You can use it at home or even at a bar. The upside-down wine holder has a stylish look and design. It is an excellent choice for gifting purposes. 

Things to consider before buying a wine glass holder:


Most wine glass holders come in metal or wood because they are strong materials. Ensure the holder’s surface is smooth so that it does not cause scratches on your glasses.

Mount type

You can pick mountable holders if you have the freedom to make changes at home. You can also check other options like hanging wine racks or stands that can be set up on tables or desks.


Wine glass racks hold a definitive number of glasses. Check the capacity of the holder before you buy it. This way, you can be clear if you need to buy more than one holder.

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