Best Window Blinds and Shades in India 2021 Reviews

Window blinds and shades will set the style and tone of the house along with providing insulation and privacy. With the help of this blinds and shades, you can easily control the amount of light, heat and air that enters into the room. Also, cleaning and maintaining these blinds and shades will be an easy task with the help of a feature duster or hand vacuum cleaner, when done on regular basis. 

Before buying any blinds and shades for your window, you should keep these 3 main factors in mind to grab the best one. 

Safety Safety comes first while purchasing any product (especially for these window blinds and shades). Although, both cord and cordless blinds and shades are best in providing privacy and insulation but the cordless one is much better (comfort to operate) to those who have children in their home. 

Measurements Take proper measurements of your window for installing blinds and shades. Accurate measurements will help to achieve a perfect fit and well finished look to your window or door, either you choose buying readymade blinds or custom size blinds or ordering online.

Decorating Style How do you want to decorate your window or room with these blinds and shades? It matters a lot like formal or stylish or just casual or corded or cordless, which type of blinds or shades, its color, comfort, design or pattern, etc. So, choose the best style in which you want to decorate your room windows.

To help you in dealing with this problem, we are providing you with a Buying Guide and some best products that available in the market. Go through this guide and products and purchase the one that suits your requirement.

Best Window Blinds and Shades in India

Window BlindsDimensionsMaterial
WeightBuy Now
Zebra Polyester Windows Blinds 45 X 180 cmPolyesterBeige1.5 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Deco Window Blinds38 X 84 inches
Polyester & Polyester Blend
Zebra Blinds for Window120 X 130 cmPolyester & Polyester BlendBrown (Wood look)1.5 kgCHECK ON AMAZON
Kreepo Window Blinds12 X 25 inchesPolyethylene terephthalate (PET)
TCLPVC Window Blinds48 X 60 inches
BambooBrown998 gramsCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Window Blinds and Shades in India: Reviews

Have a look at blinds and shades for windows that are widely used by the people in India to get control over their room temperature and to have privacy. 

1. Zebra Polyester Blinds for Windows

The zebra polyester blinds are luxurious metal hardware profiles that has multi-level control over the light and privacy. Its light weight fabric allows the maximum light diffusion. The fabrics with horizontal segments will alter between sheer and semi-opaque are generally made of dual layers parallel to each other.

When the sheer band of fabric is aligned each other parallel, a blurred view will be possible but light filter through this sheer fabric and when the opaque fabric is aligned each other parallel, light is diffused for light filtering shades. 

So, to darken your room, this blinds and shades will definitely block the light and view through. Whenever this shade is partially raised or lowered then the light filters through the sheer fabric. It is act as an excellent UV protector and insulator that helps you to read a book, play with your kids, sleep or perform any activity without getting any disturbance from light, heat and air.

The fabric used in this blinds and shades is resistant to stains which minimizes dust built up. So, you don’t get over stained in cleaning these blinds and shades. All it needs is a gentle wash and clean it with vacuum regularly. 

Product information: Size – W45 X H180 cm, Color – Beige, Weight – 1.5 kg, Material – Polyester, Warranty – 3 months


  • Light weight fabric that controls light and heat
  • Great insulator and UV protector
  • Fabric is strain resistant and thereby minimizes the dust built up
  • Multilevel light and privacy control and water resistant
  • Comes with corded chain to operate it easily.


  • Do it yourself installation with provided manual.

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2. Deco Window Customized Polyester Blend Corded Roller Blinds

Deco window roller blinds are available in various color options that not only give maximum light control and better privacy but also gives an elegant look to your room. It works best for air conditioned rooms due to its insulator property and thereby reduces your electricity bills along with reducing the noise pollution. 

Another important aspect of this roller blinds is that it comes with cord tensioner which keep the blind cord tight, so that it prevent the child or pets getting hurt (gives complete safety to your little ones). These blinds come with very easy to install option in which everyone can install this blinds in everywhere.

Suitable for ceiling mount, wall mount, inside mount and outside mount. Also, this Deco window roller blinds are highly heat reflective with complete water repellent protection. You can easily clean this roller blinds with few swipes. 

Product information: Size – W38 X H84 inches, Weight – 898 grams, Material – Polyester & Polyester Blend, Color – Red.


  • Comes with cord tensioner to prevent accidental strangulation and provide complete safety to the child and pets. 
  • Easy to clean procedure – use a feather duster for regular cleaning of this blind along with cleaning with a damp cloth. For stain removal or spot cleaning, simply use warm water and a mild soap but don’t immerse this roller shade or blind in water. 
  • Suitable for every type of mount for any height up to 84 inches (for all models but width differs).
  • Comes with a user manual that explains you on how to fix this roller blinds and shades. 


  • Although, it comes with good quality with perfect finish but the size is small (especially width). 
  • Not suitable for all type of window and doors and also universal brackets doesn’t matched. 

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3. Zebra Blinds Polyester Blend Wooden Blind for Window

This Zebra polyester blend wooden blind is made with nylon polyester material with a wood-like finish. The fabrics with horizontal segments will alter between sheer and semi-opaque which are made in dual layers parallel to each other. 

This blinds and shades will block the light and view through (from the window) effectively. It is a high quality product that last longer by providing multi-level light and privacy control. The light weight fabric will allow maximum light diffusion and also the fabric comes with stain resistant and water resistant that minimizes the dust built up. You can give a gentle wash to this blind and shade. 

Product Information: Size – W120 X H130 cm, Weight – 1.5 kg, Material – Polyester & Polyester Blend, Color – Brown (Wood look), Warranty – 1 year


  • Double layer fabric provides breathability and ventilation. 
  • Comes with everything for fitting and it is very easy to fit.
  • Easy to install, easy to use and easy to clean.
  • The net part is transparent which makes it look elegant and keeps your room beautiful with proper light and airflow. 


  • Do it yourself (DIY) installation in which a few users may get confusion on how to install it properly. 

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4. Kreepo Privacy Window Tint for Home Solar Film Heat Control

This Kreepo window blinds are generally black in color to provide minimal view shielding for privacy and works ideal for heat control while letting in a lot of light. This glass blinds will block the harmful solar rays and UV radiation effectively during summer and thereby helps to reduce the cooling costs. 

It also reduces the fading on furnishings that caused by the sun. Coming to the safety, the solar sticker is durable that keep shattered glass together to prevent accidents. The adhesive solar film can be applied easily with soapy water on all smooth glass surfaces (window or doors) of home or office. 

For Installation, Keep the window or glass clean in which you have to place this Kreepo window tint. Now wet the window or glass with water (prefer soapy water) and then remove the static film from backing protect sheet (must remove it before applying the window film to the glass). Finally apply this to wet glass and smooth with hands. Squeeze away the water and air bubbles and enjoy it.

Removing this window tint is also easy procedure, simply peel the window film from any corner and it comes off cleanly without leaving any residue. 

Product Information: Size – 12 X 25 Inches, Color – Black, Material – PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).


  • Test Parameters: UV rejection – 98%, Infrared Rejection – 57% 
  • Easy to apply, clean, maintain and easy to remove as well.
  • It is custom made in which you can buy it on any size required to place it on your window.
  • Ideal to use for privacy control and light (and heat) control, as it gives minimal view shielding and blocks harmful sun UV radiation.


  • Some users say that the size is not enough to single full glass window while some others say that if rubber leveler is provided along with the product then it would be easier for the glass to stick. 

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5. TCLPVC Economy Bamboo Roll up Blind Chick Window Curtains

This TCLPVC bamboo roll up blind will come with one side cloth (heavy duty cloth) and other side bamboo with roller to open and close this blind. It provides protection from sun (harmful UV rays – heat), dust, wind, rain and hail along with cooling your room (especially in summer). 

For Installation, first of all measure your window by holding the blind up to the window and mark the position of hooks with a pencil and drill small holes. Then screw the hooks into the small holes and tighten it properly. Now hang the blind on the hooks with pulleys facing inside of the room and let it unroll to its full length. Even up the cords on both sides. Finally, install the cord cleat next to the blinds and secure it with small screws. Pull the shade to the desired length and fasten the sord to the cleat. 

Everyone can fit this blind easily by just drilling 3 hooks which was sent with blind and tie ropes on the hooks. It is available in custom sizes in which you can order the blind size as per your requirement. 

Product Information: Size – 48 X 60 inches (4/5 feet), Weight – 998 grams, Color – Brown, Material – Bamboo


  • Easy to install and all you need are a pencil, a screwdriver and a drill to fix this blind.
  • Suits perfect to fix this window curtains/protective screens for window, door, balcony, home, outdoors, kitchen or office. 
  • Easy to install, use and remove this bamboo window blinds and shades. 
  • Ideal for using in bedrooms where you need privacy and insulation. 


  • As it is a natural product, mildew and warping may occur if exposed to damp or wet conditions (sun, rain or wind) for extended periods.
  • This blind is made of bamboo and cloth that can easily catches the fire. So, keep this blind away from fires. 

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Expert’s Advice:

Expert’s advice will add some value to your opinion on buying any product. Here our expert team (researched the market) is giving their advice to help you in buying the best window blinds and shades.

Zebra Blinds Polyester Blend Wooden Blind, which comes with double layer made with strong material. (OR) Deco Window Customized Polyester Blend Corded Roller Blinds, which comes with cord tensioner (safe for kids).

Both these products are highly heat reflective and water repellent protection that not only insulate your room but also gives protection. Also, easy to install, durable and easy to clean and maintain them.

Choosing the right blinds and shades will definitely give you the control over the temperature of the room to increase the energy efficiency and comfort. So, simply go through the buying guide and best products mentioned in the article and choose the right one that suits your requirements.

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