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Best Wind Chimes

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Wind chimes are the decorative pieces that bring beauty to your indoors or outdoors with their gentle tickling sounds. They also promote the health and harmony of the family. When you hang these in the west direction, they bring good luck to the family. Whereas when hung to the north, wind chimes open up career opportunities. Apart from this, they come in varied colours, designs, and materials to suit your home decor. In this article, we got you some of the best wind chimes for your home and balcony. Take a look.

1. PARADIGM PICTURES Wood Metal Wind Chime

Tagline: A 30-inch wooden wind chime with colourful rod pipes is a feast for your eyes.

Paradigm Pictures’ wind chime comes with a height of 30-inch blends with your home decor and suits your garden or balcony. You can also hang it to your main door or windows. Coming in various colours, this wooden chime with seven colourful metal rods can be a perfect gift option. It gives out a soothing sound that brightens the mood of your family.

2. Lilone Brass Wind Chime

Tagline: A metal wind chime with an attractive design impresses everyone around with its melodious music.

Lone brass wind chime attracts people who enter your home with its combination of beauty and melody. The chime gives out a bright melodious sound after each breeze. It comes with an attractive design with colourful beads and golden bells. It has a cotton thread in between that weighs a coin to the end. The four metal pipes in the golden colour give the chime an elegant look. This wind chime is perfect to hand near your front door or balcony.

3. Paradigm Pictures Bamboo windchimes for Home

Tagline: An all-natural bamboo wind chime that is weather-protected and easy to maintain.

It is a bamboo wind chime in brown with a height of 65 centimetres. This wind chime comes with varnish protection and also weather protection. It is perfect for decoration and meditation as it’s made of a single colour and gives out a soothing sound. You can hang it in your living room or your balcony. For a nature lover, this can be a perfect option. 

4. Plusvalue Feng Shui Metal Windchime Bell

Tagline: A vastu wind chime that can add positive vibrations within your home. 

Feng shui is nothing but vastu or spatial arrangement in layman words. Depending upon the place you hang this Plusvalve wind chime, it helps balance the environment with its harmonic touch. Having a length of 9 inches, this is perfect for hanging in your living room, near the main door, garden, bedroom or even office space. The six pipes of this chime are of metal and the base which holds these pipes together is of wood. 

Things to consider before buying a wind chime:

1. Material

For the best soothing sounds, you must consider the material the wind chime is made of. Metal pipes have a higher vibration and create sustaining sounds. Bamboo tubes create melodious sounds but last a short time. Chimes made with glass or shells give out light tickling sounds.

2. Appearance

Wind chimes come in various designs and colours, so you need to pick the right one matching your decor. If you are planning to have one for your garden, go for the bamboo or wooden chimes that look earthy. For your living room or bedroom, go for colourful ones. Some of the chimes come with a thread in between. It’s better not to go with these as the pipes tend to hook with the thread leaving the chime tangled.

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