6 Best Whiteboards in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you allergic to dust? Earlier chalk boards that are used tend to produce lot of dust which is not suitable for many of the users.  Whiteboards are great choice as they are dust free and easy to use and helps you even in writing or studying. As you use markers on these boards cleaning also can be done easily.

It can be used in the schools and also in offices for meetings etc. You may get confused as there are different types of whiteboards available in market. Things to look for before you buy whiteboard are

Size: Before you buy make sure to measure the space available to mount the board, so that the board you buy fit the place correctly.

Material: it is best to know the material of the whiteboard to make your usage easy, as the two materials these boards are made up are melamine and porcelain steel.

  • Melamine: These are the good option if it’s to be used lightly or moderately.
  • Porcelain Steel: These whiteboards can be used if you plan to use it more frequently.

There are more features like maintenance, cleaning, magnetic, planner whiteboards, projection whiteboards etc, that are clearly given in our Buying Guide below which will help you in your purchase.

Based on our research and reviews we have finalized the list of 6 best whiteboards in India, please check out and make a wise decision.

Best Whiteboards to Buy in 2021

WhiteboardsSizeBuy Now
Pragati Systems Steel Whiteboard2 X 3 Feet, suitable
for home, school, office.
Geet Enterprises Non Magnetic Whiteboard3 X 4 Feet, suitable
for office, school, home
AmazonBasics Whiteboard23 x 35 InchCHECK ON AMAZON
Duverra Whiteboard2 x 3 feet suitable
for home, office, school
YAJNAS Whiteboard1.5 feet x 2 feetCHECK ON AMAZON
Roger Moris Abs Plastic White Board3 x 2 feetCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Whiteboards in India: Reviews

1. Pragati Systems Genius Regular Steel Whiteboard

Pragati Systems

Pragati system come up with the motive of promote learning through excellence and innovation. It is the best for whiteboards.

If you are looking for economical, long lasting, maintenance friendly, dry erase, magnetic friendly whiteboard this is the perfect choice. It can be used at offices, schools, homes and tuitions also.

These are resin coated steel boards and are magnetic in nature. A ‘Prime’ series board is Prime in every part of design. The sections and corners are made up of thick aluminium and can fit in any environment for heavy application. ‘Genius’ series boards are lighter and have thinner frame sections, hence making it inexpensive and worthy for moderate application.

The corners of the board are made up of virgin ABS plastic and the board is designed to provide excellent erasability, scratch- resistant and readability. It can be used in any type of environment as the board have silver and white colour combinations.

Warranty: Though this board does not come with warranty, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product you can return the product and get the full refund.


  • This board has hard Melamine surface and compile to IS: 2046/1997
  • It comes with anti glare coating
  • You can mount this board horizontally and also vertically as it comes with the size 2 feet x 3 feet.

Things we like:

  • This board come with sturdy and high quality material
  • This board is light in weight and the aluminium is durable
  • This board has PHC core technology and HPL back surface

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2. Geet Enterprises Non Magnetic Whiteboard

Geet Enterprises Non Magnetic Whiteboard

This takes the second place in our list. This whiteboard cannot be used for sticking notes and this board has melamine surface as per IS: 2046/1997.

This non magnetic whiteboard come with the measurement of 3 X 4 feet and can be used anywhere.

Warranty: There is no warranty for this product.

Things we liked:

  • It is high scratch resistant and has an excellent erasability with no ghost marks.
  • It comes with the maximum readability with minimum glare
  • To make the board 100% flat and wrap free it has satin finish alloy aluminium frame and precision engineered bagasse practical board core.

Things we dint liked:

  • This cannot be used for sticking magnets.

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3. AmazonBasics Magnetic Framed Dry Erase White Board

Amazon Basics white board

Though it is new-age, AmazonBasics is the best retail brand with a wide collection of high-quality products. Our next best whiteboard comes from this brand. It is unique with distinguishing magnets, durability, and efficiency. 

This dry-erase board, with its straightforward design, suits most decors in school, home, workspace, or office where you can use it for sharing ideas and learning things. 

In fact, it has ample space for taking notes, track chores, create to-do lists, manage projects, and leave messages. 

You can clean by wiping, and also reuse it. Moreover, its dry-erase writing surface resists staining and ghosting, and so you can make a fresh and clean start every time you use it.

This modern-style whiteboard looks elegant with a black MDF frame. You can also use magnets on it for attaching paper notes, photographs, menus, invitations, or other reminders directly onto the board’s surface. 

With just a size of 23*35 inches (58*88.9 cms), you can place it anywhere. Also, based on the needs and preferences, you can use it horizontally or vertically. Amazon provides the board along with a whiteboard marker, installation accessories, and a user manual. 

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a one-year limited warranty period. 

Things We Liked:

  • Its dry surface is resistant to staining and ghosting, and so good to use. 
  • It comes with magnets to stick notes, photos, or reminders. 
  • You can use it horizontally or vertically with its flexible mounting. 
  • It comes with one-year warranty service.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • The whiteboard surface is only on one side. It could have been better if it is on both surfaces. 
  • As the backplate is wooden, it may be prone to damage due to moisture or humidity. 
  • It is not movable. But, if necessary, you can detach it from the mounting location and assemble it again in your desired place. 
  • It is highly expensive.

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4. Duverra Whiteboard

DUVERRA Whiteboard

Duverra is one of the India’s most leading marketplaces, this company promise to provide each customer with highest standards of customer service.

This whiteboard comes with the high quality aluminium frame and honeycomb core for the board to be flat and wrap free. This board is used for sticky notes and stickers with the help of magnets.

The board size is 2 x 3 feet, it can be fixed horizontally or vertically and also have adjustable hooks on two sides. These boards are suitable for homes, offices and schools. It has best erasable capability with no ghost marks.

Warranty: It has 6 months warranty.

Things we liked:

  • This whiteboard is durable, scratch and stain resistant with the double sided magnetic writing surface.
  • This helps in productive meeting, inspiring presentations and highly efficient organization as it has sleek and high glossy surface.

Things we Didn’t liked:

  • Cost is little higher

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5. YAJNAS Non-Magnetic Double-Sided White Board

YAJNAS Non-Magnetic Double-Sided White Board

YAJNAS non-magnetic whiteboard is the other best one you can choose to make learning fun and easy. 

It is a double-sided board – a whiteboard on one side and a green board on the other side – so you can use either side by simply flipping it over.

It is suitable for presentations, planning work schedules, kids learning, education, or to-do lists. So, it is ideal for teachers, students, children, and managers to use in the home, school, college, workspace, kindergarten, or office, study room, cubicle, desk, class, dorm room, game support room, or locker room. 

You can take it anywhere as it is compact, lightweight, and portable. It has a resin-painted steel surface with an aluminum frame that is sturdy, damage-free, and durable. Its smooth round corners assure safety to you and your kids.  

Moreover, the whiteboard surface is smooth and easy for writing, drawing, painting, and making signs. It is also scratch-resistant to make the writing and erasing easy and hassle-free. You won’t find any stains even if you re-use the board over and over. 

The board has dimensions of 1.5 feet * 2 feet, and so you can use it in landscape or portrait modes. 

YAJNAS offers this whiteboard along with a duster, a marker, and a 30cm scale. You can use any type of whiteboard marker on this non-magnetic surface. But, the only downside is that you do not have any warranty services. 

Things We Liked:

  • Double-sided writing board – whiteboard and green board
  • High-quality and smooth surface
  • Sturdy enough and avoids moving when used
  • It has a scratch-resistant surface.
  • Perfect board for uses in many places
  • Sturdy aluminum frame 
  • Smooth round corners for safety
  • Lightweight and portable
  • You can use it in landscape and portrait modes. 

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It is non-magnetic. 
  • There are no warranty services. 

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6. Roger & Moris Abs Plastic White Board

Roger Moris Abs Plastic White Board

This white board comes with the size of 3x 2 feet and it has perfect marker writing in the front and back side of the board, it is laminated to make water proof surface.

It has aluminium framing and for wall hanging it is provided with hooks. It has non magnetic white board marker surface.

The corner of the whiteboard includes ABS plastic, mounting hardware.

Things we liked:

  • As it comes with the size of 3 x 2 feet it is portable and can be easily used anywhere.
  • It is moderately scratch resistant
  • Board is non magnetic.

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What is a whiteboard?

Whiteboards are standard writing surface used in most classrooms today which are also known as marker boards or dry erase boards. These whiteboards are designed to serve many purposes like used as sticky notes, used in offices, schools etc.

They come in different sizes and with different capabilities, from large mounted board to mobile dual surface board.

Factors to consider before you buy a whiteboard:

1. Size:

Before you buy the whiteboard the very first and important thing you need to check is the size of the board. According to your needs select the size, if you are planning to use it for home or for your personal use then opt for 1.5 feet x 2 feet size.

You need to prefer bigger size if it’s for school of office purpose, go for 3 feet x 2 feet size.

2. Material:

The material used in the construction of the whiteboard affects the durability, versatility and cost of the board. It is important to look for the material used to create writing board writing surface of the board before your purchase.

Below are the most common materials used in the white boards.

Melamine: Melamine or plastic surface boards backing with ¼” hardboard. These are suitable for very minimal usage and proper cleaning. Price of these boards is low compared to others and last for long periods under good maintenance, comes with 1-5yrs warranty.

Magne-rite:  These are steel boards coated with PVC surface and backed up with ¼” MDF sheet. As this made of steel, these are magnetic and durable at low cost. This offers smooth writing and dry erase. These last for long term and come with around 10yrs of warranty.

Dura-rite: These boards are surfaced with high-pressured laminate and backing with ¼” MDF Sheet and suitable for moderate to heavy usage. These are not magnetic but durable at economical price. This surface offers an exceptional erase capability which will not leave any marks.

Glass: These dry erase boards are not only functional as boards they add beauty to your wall. You can select from various colour options and these are made of tempered glass.

Porcelain-steel: These steel boards are surfaced with enamelled porcelain. These are magnetic and low glossy which offer great contrast and will not leave any marks while erasing.                                                                                                                      These boards are available in two thickness options i.e. ½” and ¼”. These boards are expensive, durable and useful for regular usage in places like classrooms.

3. Mounting options:

Dry erase boards are available in different sizes, shapes and with different mounting options. Let’s discuss on mounting options.

Wall mounted: Dry erase boards that come with specific brackets for wall mounting. Sometimes this requires some additional hardware for mounting and this is a permanent option.

Removable: This is a portable option where you and attach dry erase boards to an existing chalk boards. If you are not looking for permanent options this is a good option which is also inexpensive.

Mobile: These types of dry erase boards are an option for you, if you don’t have enough space on your wall. These dry erase boards are light in weight, available in different size options and come with tyres with locking functionality. Some of these boards also offers reversible feature where you can switch the boards for more writing space.

4. Maintenance:

Proper maintenance of white boards makes it last for long periods.

  • Read the maintenance manual of your board. Some boards may require some specific cleaning liquids and some may just need water and paper towel. You need to read the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Marker usage is also important. Permanent markers are tough to erase, so use the dry erase markers which are much suitable options for white boards.
  • It’s necessary to wipe off the writings every day. This will not leave any marks on boards and last very long.

5. Brand:

There are various manufacturers sell their boards with different brands. Select the boards with good material and good brand is always suggestible as we can expect high quality in branded products.

6. Price:

Price of the board is another important factor to consider while purchasing a board. High quality material is always advisable as it last long. Price of boards made of this high quality materials like Porcelain steel are expensive but last very long.

Low quality materials leave marks and will not last long. You need to change the boards often. We suggest going with high quality boards in your budget.

7. Warranty:

Select the board that comes with warranty which you feel comfortable with, this helps you when something unexpected happens.

Tips to Choose a Whiteboard:

How you will use: How you are planning to use your dry erase board is the key thing here. Heavy usage like class rooms you can pick porcelain steel one and wall mounts, if you are planning for office or home then portable would b good.

Surface type: Surface type of your dry erase boards is another important aspect to consider while selecting. Surface type will impact the durability, smoothness and price. Painted surfaces like melamine threat of scratches but you can clean ink stains easily. Surfaces like porcelain, glass, laminated are scratch resistant and stain resistant but these are high in price.

Accessories you want to use: you need to consider what all the accessories you want to use. Like dry erase markers and erasers. Some need some cleaning liquids to clean the stains completely and keep you white board neat. You may need to use the magnetic strips, icons etc. you will need magnetic dry erase boards.

Size of the board: you will need to think where you would like to use your white board. Measure it perfectly and choose the size. There will be number of sizes available in market; you can choose which fits in your space. If you may require moving from one place to another place, then look for portable options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use permanent marker on my Dry erase board?

We suggest using dry erase markers and erasers to use on dry erase boards.

2. Do we need to clean the board regularly?

Yes, for best results and durability we suggest cleaning your boards after writings.

3. Do white boards come with any warranty?

Yes, usually most of the products come between 1- 50yrs.

4. Does it need any installation support?

If you want to go with wall mounting, then you will need installation support.

5. Can I get colour options in dry erase boards?

Yes, you need to go with glass models; there will be few options available.

6. What size of boards I need to pick?

There will be a lot of size options available in market. You need to measure the size of the space where you would like to place your board and select the size.


We suggest you to select the material considering your requirement and space. Select the one fits in your budget which also last longer. If you plan for home usage prefer glass surface one and laminated or magnetic for office usage. Porcelain ones are suggestible for heavy usage like class rooms.

We suggest you to go with Pragati Systems Genius Regular Steel Whiteboard, as it is economical and come with high quality. This whiteboard requires a little maintenance and has scratch free surface and also it is a dry erase model and magnetic. We feel it’s definitely value for money you spend