The 7 Best Waveboard In India Reviews and Buying Guide

Searching for any innovative skateboards for your children? Then simply give them a waveboard. The waveboard (also called as caster board or ripstik, vigor-board) is simply the advanced and stylish version of skateboards. The waveboard comes with two wheels, which are attached to the front and back of the board and rotate 360° for easy movements.

The two deck plates of this ripstik are combined with a torsion bar and one has to twist the both ends in opposite direction and to get proper balance with this funny activity. As a buyer, one has to keep these 3 main things in mind while purchasing this waveboards.

Waveboard Deck – Different boards available for kids and adults. The concave shaped decks will provide excellent comfort and better control over the movement while riding. Select the waveboard with nose and tail which is curl up/bend slightly, to do more tricks and to perform well.

Waveboard Torsion Bar – It is the unit which links the two halves of the boards and helps to perform turning movements and other different movements easily. So, it should be strong and flexible.

Wheels – The waveboard has 360° turning wheels that allows the user to perform well with tricks. Also, if you’re beginner then prefer to use soft wheels for easy and comfortable movement. If you’re proficient in riding, then choose solid wheels to ride fast with high vibrations.

Apart from these main points, one has to consider various other factors like waveboard bearings, weight, price, dimensions, etc. in which we have explained in the below Comprehensive Buying Guide and also provided some best waveboards that are widely used in India.

Scroll down to know all about waveboards / caster boards / ripstiks in detail.

There are too many good options available for you when you want to purchase the waveboard. So, to help you in selection process, we came up with some best rated products in Indian online market, after researching a lot on market in terms of their style, durability and other riding abilities.

Just go through these products and select your best and most suited one, as per your requirement.

Best Waveboard In India

waveboardsMaterialMaximum Weight Bearing CapacityColorBuy Now
Cxm HoverboardHard Fiber20 – 120 kgBlueCHECK ON AMAZON
Famous Quality Waveboard/SkateboardAlloy (aluminum)100 kgMulti-colorCHECK ON AMAZON
Strauss Bronx WaveboardPolyurethane100 kgMulti-colorCHECK ON AMAZON
Jaspo Phantom WaveboardPolyurethane100 to 110 kgGreyCHECK ON AMAZON
Hebrik Alloy Made Wave BoardPlastic90 kgMulti-colorCHECK ON AMAZON
Farraige Alloy Made WaveboardAlloy100 kgMulti-colorCHECK ON AMAZON
Oxelo Classic WaveboardAluminum110 kgYellowCHECK ON AMAZON

7 Best Waveboard In India Reviews

1. Cxm Hoverboard 


This CXM hoverboard comes with the true battery safety certification of UL 2272 that ensures the health and safety of you and your child. The LED Marquee will allow you to drive in the dark / night safer. The built-in dual upgraded 250W motor power will climb up 18-degree slope more than 1 hour and thereby gives you more fun than any other hoverboard. It is made up of hard fiber.

One can easily ride this hoverboard up to 10 km after charging it for 2 hours. The board has anti-slip footpad, 360-degree rotation and comes with a powerful dual motor for an effective running. This self-balancing electric hoverboard with app connectivity that allows you to connect to your smart phone, set speed limit, turn on child safety mode, choose from 3 different riding modes, and controls the speed and temperature and get all the crucial data.

It comes with safety features like explosion – proof tires, low voltage protection, auto turn off if rider steps off, short circuit protection, intelligent output, smart battery monitoring, overheat protection, and overcharge protection.

Product Information:

  • Speed – 12 km/hr
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Range – 12 km
  • Learning Time – 5 minutes
  • Weight Capacity – 20 to 120 kg
  • Material – Hard Fiber
  • Wheel Size – 6.5 inch
  • Dimensions – 65 (L) X 25 (W) X 25 (H) cm
  • Weight – 12 kg
  • Motor Power – 250W
  • Color – Blue

Things we liked:

  • This self-balancing electric scooter is suitable to use for both adults and kids.
  • Its ergonomic design with anti-slip foot pads will allow you to have a comfortable ride.
  • Has app connectivity in which the user can set the speed limit, self-diagnostics, child safety mode, choose from 3 different riding modes and troubleshooting guide.
  • Enjoy the speed of this hoverboard of up to 10 – 12 kmph with powerful dual motors and efficient breaking.
  • The LED indicator will allow you to monitor the battery indicator (to check the battery life) and fault indicator (hoverboard status).

Things we didn’t like:

  • A little bit pricey product.
  • A few people may get confused on its working mechanism and it works only when the battery is recharged properly.

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2. Famous Quality Waveboard/Skateboard 

famous quality

Our next best product is from the house of Famous Quality. This waveboard comes with slip resistant concave deck platforms and high-grade urethane (High elastic and wearable PU) wheels with high grade bearing to have a smooth and comfortable riding and comes in medium size (7 inches).

The light illuminating wheels will allow the rider to have a safe riding even at night with its visible wheels. It is specially designed for children who are above 7 years. It comes with features like anti-skidding, high flexibility, PU light wheels, and easy to carry around.

Ride the board by placing the board on the pavements on a flat or slightly downward slope. This waveboard is sturdy, strong and durable along with shock proof and has 360-degree rotating wheels.

Product Information:

  • Material – Alloy
  • Color – Multicolor
  • Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity – 100 kg
  • Dimensions – 83 X 23 X 12 cm

Things we liked:

  • It is a sturdy, strong and durable waveboard that helps for comfortable riding.
  • Value for money
  • The LED light wheels, interchangeable deck plates, high performance 4 ply torsion bar, built-in grip pattern, and durable high rebound ABEC 7 wheels will allow the user to have a smooth ride.
  • Looks attractive and stylish with heavy duty board.
  • The built quality of this product is good.
  • Comes with a carry bag that let you carry this waveboard to anyplace you want to practice.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not good for adults or professionals – good for beginners.
  • Warranty period is not mentioned.
  • It is somewhat difficult to go on down slopes.

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3. Strauss Bronx Waveboard


Strauss Bronx FB waveboard is a self-propelling waveboard in which the inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck gives a snowboard like carving ability, the unique design of the board will allow to turn and accelerate it without pushing and the concave deck will increase the foot control. The combination of this will make you experience the snowboard, skateboard riding and surfing.

The polyurethane wheels (80 mm) with blue, green and red lights (illuminating wheels) along with high performance bearing with ensure a safe and smooth ride. The slip resistant deck with concave shape will increase the foot control. It is made with hard plastic and comes in a size of 34 X 9 inches.

The 360-degree inclined caster trucks and pivoting deck will provide a snowboard like carving ability. The faster you go the brighter the light will become and it is easily transportable, as it is portable and lightweight. It is designed for children above 8 years and supports up to 100 kg.

It comes with some features like anti-skidding, high flexibility, PU light wheels and easy carrying, torsion bar connection system, 16 non-slip points, hand grip, etc.

Product Information:

  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Size of the Wheel – 80 cm
  • Size of the Board – 34 X 9 inches
  • Maximum load bearing capacity – 100 kg

Things we liked:

  • It offers an overall exercise to the body by increasing the balance, reflexes and coordination.
  • It comes in an army designed carry bag that allows you to carry around.
  • The rear double back design with cool and unique graphics will aid in a secure riding.
  • Illuminating wheels will make the user to ride safely at night time.
  • It is portable, compactable and lightweight.
  • Suitable to use in playgrounds, skate board rings, driveways or any smooth surfaces.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the wheels is not up to the mark.
  • It is a little bit pricey product.

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4. Jaspo Phantom Waveboard

jaspo phantom

The Jaspo Phantom works to provide the best riding experience by combining high quality materials, cutting edge technology and innovation to deliver the right products to suit the riders. This waveboard is built for rough or exciting outdoor playing.

The anti-slipping concave deck platforms and high-grade urethane wheels (80 mm) with high grade bearings (ABEC-7) will ensure the rider to have a smooth ride. The 360-degree inclined aluminum castes, aluminum torsion bar and replaceable wheels will make it strong, sturdy, durable and flexible.

The illuminating wheels will make the rider to safely by being more visible. It is lightweight, portable and easy to transport (comes in attractive bag). It is ideal to use in places like playgrounds, skateboard rings, driveways, or in any smooth surfaces.

Product Information:

  • Wheel Size – 80 mm
  • Size of the board – 34 X 9 inches
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Color – Grey
  • Weight Bearing Capacity – 100 to 110 kg
  • Weight – 2.40 kg

Things we liked:

  • It comes with various features like smart printing patterns, 360-degree rotate bracket, aluminum torsion bar, illuminating wheels and easy grip to hold board.
  • It is lightweight, portable and easy to transport around.
  • It allows the user to have an easy to work on balance and synchronized movements.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The grip pattern won’t come with perfect finish and may hurt for children.
  • Poor customer service.

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5. Hebrik Alloy Made Wave Board


This waveboard is great to start for the beginners, as it made up of high-quality PU wheels and plastic frame. It is easy to carry this board and it is ideal for storage and travel. It comes with 360-degree rotating wheel with shock proof brake and LED flash colorful lights on the wheel.

This board can be used to ride on any pavements or flat surfaces or slightly downward slope. The maximum weight bearing capacity of about 90 kg. one can easily ride this board by making both forward and backward motions.

Product Information:

  • Maximum weight capacity – 90 kg
  • The size of the board – 33 X 9 inches
  • Wheels size – 80 mm
  • Color – Multicolor

Things we liked:

  • The illuminating wheels, slip resistant concave deck, high grade ball bearings and high-grade urethane wheels will allow you to a safe, smooth and comfortable riding.
  • Stylish and attractive color designs
  • The 360-degree caster trucks and pivoting deck will enable the snowboard like carving.
  • It is a strong, sturdy and durable product
  • Value for money.
  • Good for beginners and experts, as it made with heavy duty material.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the wheels/ wheel movement is not up to the mark.

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6. Farraige Alloy Made Waveboard


The waveboard is an excellent sports equipment that comes with 360-degree caster trucks and pivoting deck to enable the snowboard like carving. The alloy made wheels and internal body along with heavy duty waveboard will definitely ensure a smooth ride.

This waveboard comes with anti-slip edge strips, 16 non slip points, high flexibility, PU light wheels, torsion bar connection system, handle grip with multicolor or multi-design. The illuminating wheels of the board will make it visible for the rider, even in the dark/night time. It is durable, and can hold the weight of about 100 kg and comes in a carry bag which let them carry around.

Product Information:

  • Material – Alloy
  • Color – Multi-color
  • Load Bearing Capacity – 100 kg

Things we liked:

  • Suitable for children up to 15 years.
  • The product is sturdy, strong and durable.
  • It is an anti-skid alloy made heavy duty waveboard.
  • The illuminating wheel lights will make the user to have a comfortable ride even at night time.
  • Value for money

Things we didn’t like:

  • The quality of the product is not up to the mark.
  • Not suitable for adults and for children whose height is above 4 feet.

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7. Oxelo Classic Waveboard

Oxelo Classic

Oxelo is the last best product from our list. It is easy to learn in 3 stages – balance, ride and turn to let know how to ride like a professional. The ABEC – 5 bearing, polyurethane wheels and 88A SHR hardness will make it strong and comfortable to ride. It is made with aluminum material and comes in unique size and yellow color.

It comes with 2 years warranty on any manufacturing defects. It is suitable for beginners to learn and practice to get a surf like experience. The weight bearing capacity of this board is 110 kg. The wheels are made with polyurethane.

Product Information:

  • Warranty – 2 years
  • Weight bearing capacity – 110 kg
  • Color – Yellow

Things we liked:

  • It is a sturdy and durable product.
  • Value for money
  • Suits best for beginners.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Riding on the busy roads will cause damage to the wheels and ball bearings
  • Need to work on its wheel movement.

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Buying Guide for Waveboard – How to Choose the Best One

Waveboards are not much popular in India but now it gaining its popularly, as most of the people are showing interest in learning and riding these waveboards. Although, waveboards has similar design like skateboard but the waveboard comes with two wheels (rotate 360°) and two separate caster boards connected by a torsion bar (strong and flexible one).

So, to ride best on the waveboard, one has to twist the board ends in opposite direction to get complete control over the ride. To know more about waveboards and want to purchase the best one, then simply go through this guide to know how to choose the best, as per your requirement.

Things to consider before Purchasing the Waveboard

Here are a few factors which you have to pay some special attention while selecting the product, to make it as your best one.

1. Waveboard Deck

One has to know their height before going to ride it. There are different boards for kids and adults and in general, the board that less than 1.4 m is for children and over 1.4 m for adults. The concave shaped decks will provide excellent comfort and helps you to have a better control over the movement while riding.

Select the waveboard with nose and tail (both the ends of the board) curl up/bend slightly, to do more tricks and to perform well. Also, check that your board has grips that provide non-slip patches on the platform to prevent you from slipping while riding. Just like skateboards, this waveboard is made with materials like maple wood/ solid wood, carbon fiber or glass derived materials (for advanced boards).

2. Torsion Bar

The waveboard torsion bar will allow the board to perform turning movements and other different movements easily. This unit links the two halves of the board and thereby differentiate the waveboard from other types of skateboards. So, it should be strong and flexible. One has to check its performance by riding the board for a while (test run) and make various turns/stunts. Choose it wisely.

3. Wheels

If you like to ride on any skateboards or waveboard then you have to consider the wheels of the board. The waveboard comes with 360-degree turning wheel to have a better control over the board. If you’re are beginner, then choose a board with soft wheel to have an easy and comfortable ride.  In case, if you’re proficient in riding, then simply choose solid wheels to ride faster with more vibrations.

The harder the wheel, the more one can ride on the board. So, the hardness of the wheels will range from 65A (softest) to 100A (hard/difficult). So, choose the board wheels as per your level of performance. Also, the wheels of this waveboard should be removable and replaceable with the new one overtime.

4. Waveboard Bearings

Different users ride waveboard at different level of comfort and speed (not everyone performs same). So, the bearings are used to increase or reduce the speed as per their comfort levels. It can be scored on the ABEC scale.

  • For children, choose the score of ABEC 1 – 3 bearings, to prevent from increasing speed while riding.
  • For beginner adults, prefer classic bearings that comes with ABEC 5.
  • For experienced riders, opt for ABEC 7 to 9, in which this bearing will reach at faster speeds but won’t offer comfortable driving.

5. Board Weight

Always measure the weight of the board. The heavier board is more difficult to move but for beginner, it offers stability and reassurance when starting out. Also, check the weight of the user why because the board should able to hold the weight of the user and it is different for children and adults. So, ensure that you riding on a board that fits perfect for your weight.

6. Safety

The usage of Skateboards and waveboard is not an easy task. So, we recommend you to take some safety precautions while riding like wear a suitable helmet, knee pads, shin guards, elbow pads and gloves. Falling may occur at times, even for an experienced rider.

7. Dimensions

Wondering, how & why dimensions of the board are important to consider, why because they are boards that are specially made for shorter people with a narrow stance. Whereas for a broad-shouldered tall person need a longer board or else it won’t allow them to have necessary movements and comfortable riding.

8. Price / Budget

Safety and comfort while riding is main things to consider while deciding the price range, especially, if you’re budget freak. So, buy a waveboard that comes with strong and smooth movement wheels, durable torsion bar and sturdy deck first and then comes the design, its style and other things comes last. So, choose it wisely as per your budget range.

9. How to Ride a Waveboard Easily?

Here is the step by step process that helps you to learn how to ride this waveboard easily and effectively.

  • Get Proper Safety Gear To ride this board safely, one has to wear comfortable clothing and skateboarding shoes with flat outer sole and the shoe’s surface area comes in contact with the board, to give better traction.
  • Find the Correct Surface to ride After you’ve geared up, you have to choose a spot/place with a smooth, even surface with slightly sloping surface. But make sure not to choose a steep hill or upwards. So, choose the area which is comfortable and safe to ride.
  • Place the Waveboard/Ripstik properly Now place the board on the ground with nose (front end) pointing the direction you want to go. Stand to the side of the board in such a way that your front foot near the nose end and back foot (stable foot) near the tail end.
  • Face the toes perpendicular to the board direction Place your front foot in the center of nose end portion of the board in which faces toes in perpendicular direction. But make sure that it is not tilted one way or other and place the weight in the front foot and lift the back foot up and place it in the center of the tail end portion of the board.
  • Start Moving the Feet Back and Forth Try to move your feet back and forth to gain momentum. When you get ready then start making the motions bigger and bigger till you get continuous motion. Depending on the direction which you’re going, manage your weight either more on the toes of both feet or more on the heels of both feet.
  • Stop the waveboard properly The final step is stopping the board properly and easily. You can either hop off the board or steer the board to a patch of grass. The latter option will be safe for the board and the legs.

10. Tips to Maintain the Waveboard

Here are a few tips which you have to follow them for maintaining the waveboard properly and to enhance its longevity.

  • One has to pay attention to the design/style of the deck and choose the one as per your preference. Make sure to wear appropriate clothes, protective gears and accessories while riding on it.
  • Remove the bolts of the torsion bar to clean any dirt or to repaint the rust (if any). Also, cover the bar with grease to prevent it from any rust and reattach the bolts properly.
  • Remove the wheels (detachable) and clean them thoroughly by either soaking them in any mineral spirits or varsol and then lubricate with oil. When once done, clean it and reassemble them.
  • When the wheels are removed, one can easily find the caster bolt. Remove the bolt and ball bearings and try to wash them carefully with water and soap. Dry it thoroughly and grease everything well and reassemble and tighten them.
  • Make sure before heading out, you have to inspect the hardware of the waveboard by checking their parts (whether fitted properly or not), as a safety check.
  • Always ride on the dry ground level and avoid steep inclines to reduce the chance of falling down.
  • Make sure to have some support from your friend or trainer before you begin to ride (new to riding) till you get proper balancing while riding the waveboard.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What matters while riding on a waveboards?

A waveboard is used by people of all ages but the level of balance and mobility will affect the ability of the user to ride on the waveboard. So, get the waveboard in the correct size to get proper balance and thereby to reach from one place to another. then slowly learn the basic technique of riding this waveboards.

2. What is the difference between skateboards and waveboards?

Although, both skateboards and waveboards belong to same family but it’s all about basic and advanced versions of boarding/riding. Skateboard is considered as the primary one while the other caster board (waveboards) offer advanced version of boarding and comes in variations in the design and tricks. It differentiates in all matters like deck design and construction, wheel support, foot placement, acceleration and power, turnings and tricks, etc.

3. What is the available height and weight of the waveboards in the market?

The size of the waveboards and skateboard are same, as they range from 31 – 34 inches and most of the manufacturers use this range for normal range and 27 inches for a shorter version. One has to consider the height of the rider will determine the size of the board. Coming to weight, the regular caster board weight is 3.5 kg and the lighter one weighs around 2.2 kg.  So, choose it wisely as it depends on the user’s height and weight.


From the above listed best products, we pick CXM Hoverboard , as our first and best product. The reason is that it comes with safety features like explosion – proof tires, low voltage protection, auto turn off if rider steps off, short circuit protection, intelligent output, smart battery monitoring, overheat protection, and overcharge protection. It has app connectivity, dual powerful motor, LED light-up wheels for visible ride in dark.

Hope you got a good idea on waveboards and how to choose them. Which one you’re going to pick from our above list of best products in this 2020? Don’t hesitate to share your queries or experiences about waveboards with us in the below comments box. We are always ready to clarify your queries.