5 Best Water Pumps in India: 2021 Reviews

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With increasing water issues, the water pumps have become a necessity in India, both in rural as well as urban places. Irrespective of the fact whether the rainfall every year is good or not, we face water scarcity issues. Water pumps can be really helpful to overcome this wrath of water issues.

This simple yet innovative tool can be used to draw water from underground sources and supply it to homes or commercial places. Understanding which water pump is good for you and your application can help you a lot in reducing the cost and increasing the life span of the system. The price of water pumps ranges from Rs 2000 – 5000.

You can find a number of water pumps in the market and this makes buying the best one a difficult task. To make this easier for you, here are a few factors that you must consider before finalizing one for you.

Flow Rate: The flow rate shows how effective is the water pump and how much water can it pump per minute. It is considered that a pump with a flow rate of 100-200 liters is suitable enough if you are planning to use it at home whereas, if you wish to use for commercial purpose, the pump should offer a flow rate of 2500 liters and above per minute.

Capacity: Installing a high-capacity water pump helps in providing faster water flow. A typical water pump that is used for household purpose provides a capacity of 0.5HP to 2HP.

Maximum Head Range: This refers to the longest distance (in terms of height) that the pump will be able to drain water. You must always select a pump that offers a head range higher than the height that you intend to pump.

To help you buy the best water pump for your house, we have shortlisted 5 products on the basis of their power rating, capacity, and efficiency. You can check the “Buying Guide” below to understand these pointers clearly. Now let’s take a look at these products with a detailed review!

Top 5 Water Pumps in India

Water PumpsVoltageCapacityWarrantyBuy Now
Kirloskar Water Pump180-240V0.5HP18 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Crompton Water Pump220V1HP10 days (replacement policy)CHECK ON AMAZON
Havells Water Pump---1.0 HP1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Lakshmi Water Pump180 - 240V0.5HP15 MonthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Havells Water Pump180-240V0.5HP1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Water Pump Brand Reviews in India

1.Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Pump

Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Pump

The Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Pump is a highly efficient pump that comes with a self-pumping feature and can pump up to 0.5HP. The machine works well even when there are voltage fluctuations. It can handle a voltage grade ranging from 180-240V.

The pump has an iron cast body that offers durability to the product. It also features B-class insulation that makes sure that the device is safe to use at home. It is a low-maintenance pump that is very light in weight and is very easy to handle.

Key Features:

  • Flow Rate: 6-33lpm
  • Capacity:5HP
  • Maximum Head Range: 3-32 meters
  • Type of the pump: Self-Priming Monoblock Pump
  • The pump is capable of priming up to 3 meters of static-suction lift without a foot valve.
  • It has a unique motor design that can work on UPS.
  • The capacitor is present inside the terminal box.
  • The TEFC capacitor starts and runs the motor.
  • TOP (Thermal Overload Protector) prevents the pump from overheating or getting damaged.

Warranty and Service Quality: It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 18 months from the date of purchase.


  • The water pump is lightweight and is easy to handle.
  • It is highly efficient and is UPS compatible.
  • The pump offers a ‘B’ class of insulation and is very safe to use.
  • The steel body case offers durability to the product.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It allows self-priming up to 3 meters.


  • The suction power is a bit low when compared to other products.

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2. Crompton Mini Samudra i-1HP Self Priming Monoset Pump

Crompton Mini Samudra i-1HP Self Priming Monoset Pump

The Crompton Mini Samudra Water Pump is a self-priming monoset pump that is great for using at commercial places, apartments, farmhouses, etc. It is a great water pump and is made up using high-quality aluminum metal. This ensures that the body of the pump stays away from rust and scale for a very long time.

An interesting feature of this pump is you can either mount it over the wall or place it over the floor. Thus, mounting is completely your choice as it works well both ways. It is an advanced and long-lasting pump that provides sufficient power supply to draw water up till the tank.

Key Features:

  • Flow Rate: 10-44 lpm
  • Capacity:1HP
  • Maximum Head Range: 25mm
  • Type of the pump: Self Priming Monoset Pump
  • You can either mount the pump over the wall or place it on the floor.
  • It features Thermal Overload Protector to prevent the device from overheating.

Warranty and Service Quality: It comes with a replacement policy of 10 days from the date of purchase.


  • It is a compact and versatile product.
  • The water pump looks elegant and is fitted with TOP.
  • The pump features a better built and quality.
  • The pump is designed to consume low power and provide high efficiency.
  • It is a lightweight pump and allows both wall and floor mounting.


  • The pump is a bit noisy while functioning.

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3. Havells Hi-Flow Centrifugal Pump

Havells Hi-Flow Centrifugal Pump

Havells manufacture pumps that work well in agricultural, residential, commercial, petroleum, and industrial sectors. Havells Hi-Flow MP1-1.0HP 1PH Centrifugal Pump has motors that can work smoothly even in high temperatures and has F class insulation. This means they don’t get burned easily and are very energy efficient.

The performance of its pump makes it stand out in the market. The suction power in these pumps is very high and the discharge rate in its operational range is over the top.

Key Features:

  • Discharge: 1850- 400 lph
  • Head range: 6-25 meter
  • Maximum working pressure:0 kg / cm²
  • Type: Self-priming regenerative pump
  • Designed for wide voltage fluctuations
  • The rotor is dynamically balanced ensuring smooth operations
  • En-8 pump shaft, which means no easy breaking
  • F class copper winding gives high motor efficiency & endurance to high temperature.
  • High-quality mechanical seal that prevents water from entering the motor.

Warranty and Service Quality: Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Energy-efficient motor
  • High-grade pump casting
  • A top-notch performance by the pump
  • Low power consumptions
  • Self-priming regenerative pumps – 1.0 hp
  • F class insulation and copper winding


  • It is not waterproof

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4. Lakshmi Self Priming Monoblock Water Pump

lakshimi water pump

Lakshmi’s self-priming monoblock water pump is made of aluminium body and cast iron casing. With a horsepower of 0.5, it can be used conveniently for agricultural, industrial, and residential purposes. It comes with a Thermal Overload Protector that prevents overheating. In case of unexpected high temperature, it turns off automatically and resumes after cooling down.

The motor runs at a speed of 2880 RPM with a class B insulation and can handle a voltage range of 180-240V. It consumes less power compared to its competitors and can be used for water curing, domestic water supply, storage tanks, hotels, etc.

Key Features:

  • Suction Capacity: Up to 15 Feet
  • Total Head: 60 Feet
  • Delivery: Up to 40 Feet
  • Type: Self priming monoblock pump
  • Double shield bearing
  • Has a maximum flow rate of 1800 liters per hour

Warranty and Service Quality: It comes with a 15-month warranty


  • Low power consumption
  • Comes with Thermal Overload Protector
  • Aluminium body & cast iron casing
  • Double shield bearings


  • Insulation can be better

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5. Havells Hi-Flow MX2 Series 0.5HP Centrifugal Water Pump

Havells Hi-Flow MX2 Series 0.5HP Centrifugal Water Pump

The Havells Hi-Flow MX2 Series Water Pump has an energy-efficient motor and is manufactured using modern technology. It provides an innovative solution to all the water problems and provides reliable performance.

The pump is beneficial for both commercial purposes as well as for water-lifting to the upper tank. It comes with an SS-shaft that protects the shaft of the pump from rusting. This rusting is usually caused due to hard water.

Key Features:

  • Flow Rate: 8-34lpm
  • Capacity:5HP
  • Maximum Head Range: 6-27mm
  • Type of the pump: Centrifugal Water Pump
  • The high-grade pump castings ensure the slow rusting of the pump.
  • The motor features F Class insulation that ensures that it does not get burnt.
  • Pump offers higher suction power and gives high discharge in its operating range.

Warranty and Service Quality: It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • It is an ISO-certified product.
  • The pump works smoothly even at higher temperatures.
  • It is a powerful pump.
  • The dual-coated F Class copper winding wires provide high motor efficiency.
  • Stainless Steel Shaft (SS-410) prevents the shaft from rusting.
  • It has an in-built thermal overload protector.


  • The pump is great, but it does not have a handle to lift it up.

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Water scarcity can be a very problematic thing in a long run. Thus, selecting the best power pump is very important as it can solve all the water issues. Along with this, maintaining a water pump can also be a tedious task. Keeping these pointers in mind, we must always go for a low-maintenance device that will last for a long time. We would recommend Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Pump as it is highly efficient.

It is a low-maintenance pump and is very easy to handle. It also features B-class insulation that makes sure that the device is safe to use at home.

We hope these reviews and buying guide help you find the best water pump for you. In case of any queries, you can write us back in the comments section below.

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