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Best Water Level Controllers & Water Overflow Alarms in India 2021

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A water level controller can help save a lot of water by just a little expenditure on your pocket. 

While selecting the best water overflow alarm, it becomes very important to gaze into these simplest yet effective points: 

  • Water quality- Look that the water doesn’t have many dust particles as the contact type sensor can have issues in the longer run. The dust particles will get stuck to the sensor and in turn, the sensor will stop responding over a period of time. Hence, it becomes very crucial to check the water quality first. 
  • Type of water overflow alarmDry run protected water overflow alarm can be the perfect choice as it prevents the motor to run when there is no water in the tank or in-ground. 
  • The number of sensorsGenerally, you get 3 sensors along with a water level controller but you can also find a water level controller with 5 sensors as well (it will work more efficiently). Well, it depends upon you as to how many sensors you would require. 
  • Automatic/ManualNowadays, there are very less water level controllers that come with manual settings. In automatic water level controllers, you can just sit back and relax and save the water. 

There are other points such as sensor type, material type, energy savings, and others which you would want to surely look at. Well, you can always refer to our Buying Guide. 

Also, we have prepared a list of the 5 Best water level controllers in India, 2021 after thorough research and analysis. Here you go: 

Best Water Level Controllers / Water Overflow Alarms in India

Water Level ControllersCapacityNumber of sensorsEasy to installWarrantyBuy Now
Imagine technologies Water level Controller2HP3Yes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Microtail Water Level Controller 2HP3Yes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Mivan Technologies Water Level Controller2HP3Yes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Blackt Electrotech Water Level Controller2HP1Yes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
Kreena Technologies Water Level Controller2HP3Yes1 yearCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Water Level Controllers in India: Reviews

1. Imagine technologies Water level Controller

Imagine technologies delivers robust quality and different types of water level controllers. 

If you are looking for a fully automatic controller then this is the right choice as you will not be required to even monitor it (it does all the work on its own). 

It comes with a capacity of 2HP and can save water including electricity like never before. 

It can protect the motor from any kind of power fluctuation and you will not have to worry about its damages. 

The advanced micro-controller design helps the features and its operations run smoothly. 

It comes with durable and high-quality SS sensors which are 3 in number (which protects the water from overflowing from the tank). 

It is made up of high-quality PCB which is known best in the market for providing long-lasting performance. 

You can easily install it within minutes without getting worried about any issues. 

Warranty- 1 year 


  • Fully automatic controller
  • Capacity of 2HP
  • Protects from power fluctuation
  • High-quality sensors-3
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Very easy to install 


  • Automatic mode doesn’t work after a few usages sometimes 

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2. Microtail Fully Automatic Water Level Controller 

Microtail deals with high-quality materials such as Kapoor Dani stand, water level controller, and others. 

This water overflow alarm works on single-phase and is a dry run protector which means it will not let the motor runs when there is no water is in the tank. 

This water overflow alarm is also fully automatic and you will not be required to do anything.

It comes with 3 anti-corrosion stainless steel sensors which can promote extra life to the water level controller. 

It protects the motor from heavy electricity fluctuations so that you don’t have to worry even if you face heavy power cut-offs. 

It comes with the capacity of 2HP. Also, it comes with high and low LED indications so that you get to know when the water requires filling. 

It is very easy to install as well. 

Warranty- 1 year 


  • Fully automatic controller
  • Capacity of 2HP
  • Protects from power fluctuation
  • High-quality sensors-3
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Very easy to install 


  • Automatic option stops working after few months

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3. Mivan Technologies Automatic Water Level Controller

Mivan technologies also deals in high-quality water overflow alarms. 

Well, this water level controller’s sensors are carbon sensors which mean these are free from any kind of oxidation. 

This is also an automatic water level controller that switches off on its own when the water is filled in the tank. 

It comes with three sensors that can easily save the water from overflowing. 

It comes with the capacity of 2HP. Also, it is not much suitable for places where there is heavy power fluctuations as it will automatically start and fill the water tank after every power cut-offs. 

It is very easy to install as it comes with complete manual instructions and instruments for mounting and installing. 

Warranty- 1 year 


  • Fully automatic controller
  • Capacity of 2HP
  • High-quality sensors-3
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Very easy to install 


  • No ideal for areas which encounter high power fluctuations
  • Certain controllers stopped working after 6-7 months 

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4. Blackt Electrotech Automatic Water Level Controller

Blackt Electrotech deals in high-quality products such as temperature controller with thermostat, water overflow alarm, and others. 

This water overflow alarm also comes with a fully automatic control option so that you can easily sit back and relax while the product saves the water. 

You will require zero to no maintenance as it will come with completely automatic plus easy to maintain option. 

Also, it will help to save a lot of water from overflowing and helps in preventing the dry run of the motor. 

It comes with the capacity of 2HP and it can be easily used in hard water without facing any issues. 

You will only get 1 sensor and you can get the maximum benefit from it. Also, it is very easy to install as it comes with the instructions for installing it manually. 

Warranty- 1 year 


  • Fully automatic controller
  • Capacity of 2HP
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Very easy to install


  • Comes with only 1 sensor
  • Not suitable during high power fluctuations

Buy Now at Amazon 

5. Kreena Technologies Water Level Controller

Kreena Technologies Water Level Controller

Kreena Technologies water level controller is the other best product for home use. It is suitable for submersible motors and single-phase MCB starter panels.

It has three sensors put at the bottom, middle, and top-level positions of the tank. 

It’s operation is also so simple and automatic. 

In case of a lower water level below the middle sensor, the motor turns on automatically to fill the tank. Once reaching the higher level, the top sensor detects the water level and switches off the motor automatically. 

As it does not need any manual intervention, it gives you peace of mind with a hassle-free performance. 

With a better water level indication and motor on or off indication, it is easy to detect the device working. 

You can use this device for motors with 0.1 HP to 2.0 HP capacity. Though it functions automatically, it equips both manual and automatic switch modes to operate as per your desire.

Yet, it requires no additional wiring. Coming to the quality, the unit uses high-quality ABS, and also the sensor elements are free from oxidation. So, it lasts longer with ultimate safety. 

The product comes with a water level controller unit, 2 S.S sensors, and a user manual with technical details. Kreena Technologies offers a one-year warranty period apart from the affordable purchase price. 

Warranty – 1-year warranty service on manufacturing repairs


  • Fully automatic controller
  • Maximum capacity of 2 HP
  • Three high-quality S.S sensors
  • Durable and efficient
  • Easy installation
  • ABS enclosure
  • It can work in auto and manual modes. 


  • The accuracy is not that better. 
  • The after-sales service is not satisfactory.

Buy Now at Amazon 

Water Level Controllers Buying Guide 

Buying the water level controller could be the ideal choice for people as you can’t every time hear the water overflowing noise. We often forget to switch off the motor and hence, it results in the overflow of the water. 

These are few things which you should surely keep in mind before going for a purchase of water overflow alarm: 

1. Water quality

If the water quality is bad for example if there is a lot of dust particles in the water then it will not be beneficial to go for the contact type sensor for a longer run. Contact type sensor attracts these dust particles and after a while, the particles damage the quality of the sensor or maybe the sensor itself. So, it becomes very important to choose and analyze the quality of water before purchasing the water overflow alarm. 

2. Type of water level controller

Experts advise that a dry run protected water level controller can be always the ideal choice. The reason behind this is- it will not let the motor run on its own even when the water is not there in the tank or underwater. If the water motor runs dry then there are higher chances of the motor getting damaged in the future. 

3. Sensor type

You can find 2 types of sensors normally- contact type and non-contact type sensor. While the contact type sensor is easy to maintain and comes with a low-range, a non-contact type sensor is hard to maintain and comes with a high-range. It completely depends upon which type of sensor you would be buying as it depends on personal usage. 

4. The number of sensors

Usually, there are 3 sensors that come along with the water level controller. By buying the 3 sensors’ water level controller, you can easily stay less bothered about the water overflow and the condition of your water motor as it will take care of everything. 

5. Material type

Check the switched- On/Off and also the wires (if they are sturdily constructed and can stay for many years). See that the switches and wires are strong enough to sustain any kind of electrical condition like the power cut off and others. 

6. Energy-saving

Many water overflow alarms come with an energy-saving option. In general terms, it not only saves the water overflow but also saves energy and increases the lifespan of your water motor. Go for the one which comes with this option as it can be very beneficial for the long run. 

7. Very easy to install

The water overflow alarm should be very easy to install. Many people call an electrician for the installation because they fear the connecting process. The water level controller should come with an easy installation option so that the installation process could be done manually. 

8. Automatic

There are water level controllers which require no men to operate them as they come with the fully automatic option. It is better to go with this option as it can promote easy maintenance. 

9. Durable

It should be durable which means it should stay with you for years and for as long as you require. Look for the sturdy one which comes with a good number of sensors. 

10. Lightweight

You will not be required to carry it from one place to another but buying a lightweight material could be the most feasible option (as it will help during mounting it and connecting it). 

11. Warranty

You will get the warranty of around 1-3 years on these water level controllers. Make sure that you buy the product with a minimum warranty as it can help you trust the product plus it can also save you from future expenses. 

12. Price

Ideally, you can find these water overflow alarms at a rate of 799-1999 INR. Buy the one which is sturdier and stay with for as long as you require.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the difference between an automatic and manual water level controller? 

An automatic water level controller is always the ideal choice as you will not require to either switch it on or off (it will do the work accordingly). But, in a manual water overflow alarm, you will be required to switch it off manually after hearing certain indications. We have given the list of automatic water level controllers only and it is always best if you buy the one.

2. Can these water overflow alarms work in power fluctuations?

Yes, a water overflow alarm can easily work efficiently in areas where there are high-power fluctuations. The only thing required to do is- to buy the water level controller which comes with this feature. You can read about it in the product details of the products or the reviews mentioned by the customers.


Everyone becomes extra conscious when it comes to buying some electrical products and after a  thorough analysis, we recommend you to buy Imagine technologies Fully Automatic Metal Water level Controlleras it can easily work on high power fluctuation areas, is fully automatic and hence stops the water from overflowing, and most importantly, it is very sturdily built which ensures its durability. 

Also, if you are looking for something which comes with more than 3 sensors then buying IoTfiers Fully Automatic Water Plastic Level Controller could be the perfect option as it comes with 5 high-quality stainless steel sensors, it saves a lot of your ground or tank water, and most importantly is very sturdily constructed to withstand any kind of power issues and work for many years. 

Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or queries for us then you can write to us by just commenting down below and we will ensure to reply to you within 5 working days (reply depends on the flow of the comments and we can reply within minutes even). Till then, we wish you a safe and very happy purchase 🙂 

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