The 5 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

It wasn’t easy to get your hands on a self water filter pitcher just a few years back. But time has changed now. Water filter pitchers are now easily available in the market and are one of the simplest yet effective that provides you as well as your family with healthy water.

In a water filter, the unfiltered water is filled in the tank. A reservoir present at the base of the pitcher collects the filtered water in it.

Nowadays, life has become easier as we have a lot of options to choose from. But before you buy a water filter pitcher, you need to keep in mind to check out two important factors that are listed below:

  • Have an idea of the water: Before buying, getting an idea of the water’s quality is very important. This will make it a lot easier for you to decide which water filter will be the best for you as you will be aware of the contaminants present in your water.
  • The capacity of water filter: One of the frequent complaints that the customers have regarding water filter pitchers is that they have to fill their water filter frequently. This is why you should consider the number of family members and the daily consumption of water for your family, and only then you should buy a water filter pitcher.

Currently, there are thousands of products in the market, and you might seem to get confused while you are choosing for the very first time. If you wish to buy a water filter pitcher, then this is the best time for you.

In this article, we have listed the best water filter pitchers available in India. We have provided the pros as well as cons of each product. We have also written a detailed Buying Guide at the end of the product review that you should go through before buying a water filter pitcher.

5 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2020

Water Filter PitchersCapacityMaterial Buy Now
Brita Everyday Pitcher10 CupBPA free plasticCHECK ON AMAZON
Waterdrop Filter Pitcher10 CupHigh-grade BPA free plasticCHECK ON AMAZON
Pur Water Pitcher7 CupPlasticCHECK ON AMAZON
Kent Water Filter Pitcher3.5 litersFood grade plasticCHECK ON AMAZON
Watamate Puro Pitcher2.6 litersPlasticCHECK ON AMAZON

5 Best Water Filter Pitcher In India 2020 Reviews

1. Brita Everyday Pitcher with 1 Longlast Filter

Brita Everyday Pitcher

BRITA has been one of the leading brands in water filtration and has experience of more than 50 years. Brita water filter pitcher is made up of clear plastic and is quite large. This filter can be filled easily with water, and that water can also be easily poured.

The BPA free pitcher also removes cadmium impurities, copper, and mercury that can be found in tap water. This will result in the improvement of your health. The capacity that the water filter can hold is up to 10 cups and can replace water bottles up to 24 ounces.

A status indicator indicates lets you know when is the correct time to change the filter of the water pitcher. It is very easy to refill the Brita water pitcher, all thanks to the top lid.

The Brita pitcher is available with one water filter that should be changed after using it for two months. The filter is easy to clean and assemble. You should remember to always use cold water while cleaning the filter and pitcher.

Notable Features:

  • It is BPA free
  • It can hold up to 10 cups of water.
  • The filter is space-efficient.
  • It removes the traces of chlorine, mercury, copper, and cadmium impurities from tap water.
  • The filter is easy to clean and change.
  • The status indicator indicates when is the correct time to change the water filter.


  • The filter comes with advanced technology.
  • The filter is easy to refill.


  • The pitcher is stuck to the filter reservoir.

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2. Waterdrop 10-Cup Filter Pitcher

waterdrop water filter pitcher

Waterdrop is a globally renowned brand. More than 200 products have been engineered, designed, as well as developed by Waterdrop that includes water faucet filters, water refrigerator filters, water filter pitchers, etc.

This waterdrop water filter pitcher has a technology to filter water in 7-stages. This pitcher can test the water and eliminate most of the impurities. It also reduces the content of heavy metals present in water like odor, arsenic, chlorine, bad taste, and Fluoride. It is made up of BPA plastic of a very high grade.

This filter, before getting replaced, can produce pure water of high quality up to 200 gallons. One pitcher by Waterdrop has a huge capacity and can fill up to 10 cups before refilling it. This will ensure that you have healthy water ready for a large meeting. The handle of the pitcher is ergonomic. This pitcher also uses activated carbon that has been silver-loaded and is highly efficient.

This particular thing is imported from Japan and will guarantee you the best performance. This water filter pitcher has been designed in a unique way that makes it very easy to store in a refrigerator door. It also prevents the entrance of particles as well as from entering the pitcher.

Notable Features:

  • It uses a 7-stage technology to purify water.
  • Made up of BPA plastic free of the best quality.
  • The main purpose of the pitcher is total dissolved solids.
  • Long-lasting pitcher as it can hold up to 200 gallons of water before being replaced.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • A large pitcher that can fill 10 cups.


  • Removes all the heavy metals as well as the impurities from the water.
  • The design of the pitcher is done in such a manner that no particles or dust can enter the pitcher.


  • Sometimes the lids fall off while pouring water from the pitcher.

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3. Pur PPT711B 7 Cup Ultimate Filtration Water Pitcher

PUR water filter pitcher

PUR believes that everyone should have the access to pure water. They aim to develop new technologies at an affordable price. PUR has been in the water filtration business for the past 3 decades and is continuing their great work.

You may feel like the water coming out of your tap is pure, but in reality, it is full of impurities. The PUR water filter pitcher reduces the pollutants, impurities, as well as chemicals considerably and provides you high-quality water.

The PUR water filter pitcher consists of 7 cups. After that, you need to refill the pitcher. The pitcher should be replaced after 2 months or after it has produced 40 gallons of pure water. This is one of the leading water pitchers that are offered by PUR and are certified by WQA.

This certification ensures that this pitcher reduces 99% lead present in the tap water along with 22 other contaminants. The PUR water filter pitchers use ion and carbon oxide to get rid of lead and 22 other contaminants. This filter is affordable and allows you to save a huge amount of money.

Notable Features:

  • This water filter pitcher is certified by WQA.
  • It reduces 99% lead from the tap water.
  • Uses ion and carbon dioxide to get rid of lead as well as 22 other contaminants present in the water.
  • The pitcher can provide 7 cups of pure water in one fill.
  • The pitcher can produce 40 gallons of water before they need for the filter to be changed.
  • The pitcher is affordable.


  • To secure the filter fit, the top is designed like a cap.
  • The design of the pitcher makes your work a lot easier.


  • The pitcher takes 3-hours to get filled.

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4. Kent Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher 3.5-litres

KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

KENT is an Indian multinational company that produces healthcare products. They are known mainly for the production of water purifiers and are known to use ROP. KENT has introduced a water filter pitcher and that serves your family to drink germ-free, clean, and freshwater safe with enhanced taste.

This pitcher can hold water up to 3.5 liters before the need of getting it refilled. This pitcher increases the water’s pH levels to 8.5-9.5, which is considered to be the best for drinking. The pitcher also has ORP reduction. In this process, the level of oxygen is reduced, thereby increasing the ability of antioxidants. Along with this, the water’s alkalinity is increased, making the water fresh and clean.

A sediment filter is also attached with a KENT water filter pitcher that effectively removes all the physical impurities present in the water. Also, chlorine, as well as other chemical impurities, are removed from the water with the help of a carbon filter.

KENT uses non-breakable and high durable plastics for the construction of the pitcher, which ensures that the taste of the water will not get compromised even after years.

The manufacturer also provides a warranty for 1-year.

Notable Features:

  • The water filter pitcher balances the pH levels that allow you to enjoy a healthy mind as well as body.
  • It also lowers the oxygen reduction potential.
  • It removes all the impurities through the sediment filter and the chemical impurities through the carbon filter
  • It uses non-breakable and high durable plastics.
  • It can hold water up to 3.5 liters.
  • It comes with a manufacturer guarantee of 1 year.


  • It has a smart design that makes it easy to store.
  • It increases the alkalinity of the water and makes it taste better and fresh.


  • You need to handle the filter with care; otherwise, it can get leaks.

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5. Watamate Puro ACFT Pitcher

Watamate Puro

PURO is an Indian brand that has been effectively delivering healthcare products. PURO believes that everyone should have access to pure and healthy water. That is why they design products that are reliable and affordable.

Watamate Puro is made especially for Indian customers. It is portable, which allows you to carry it anywhere you go. Puro removes all the hassles and the tensions of mounting in a wall cleaning, large space, filter changes that are expensive by providing water filtering in just a simple jug.

The jug can hold 2.6 liters of water before it needs to be refilled. If the jug holds up to 5 liters of water every day, then after 60 days of using, the filter of the jug has to be changed. It works with ADSORP technology, where it uses activated carbon filters to remove all the unwanted chemical impurities from the water, making the water pure and fresh.

You can be assured that you will get only the purified water and not the impure water because of the precision of the lid as well as the funnel high. The lid of the water filter can be sealed tightly, which will prevent the water from spilling even when the filter is kept upside down.

The filter comes with a non-arc slip handle that allows a tight grip on the jug.  The material used for the construction of the water filter pitcher is food-grade material that does not compromise the taste of water. It also has a certificate of environmental monitoring service.

Notable Feature:

  • It is designed especially for Indian customers.
  • It offers you to filter water in a jug that is also portable.
  • It uses ADSORP technology to purify the water of impurities.
  • The design of the lid and funnel does not allow the water to spill.
  • It has a non-arc slip handle that allows a tight grip on the jug.


  • It has a certificate of environmental monitoring service.
  • Food-grade material is used for the construction of the filter.


  • Water can spill if the spout part is not adjusted from time to time.

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Things You Need To Consider Before Buying a Water Filter Pitcher

The biggest reason behind the popularity of water filter pitchers is the simplicity behind them. They are available in the market in different sizes as well as shapes. Most of the different types of water filters work in a similar pattern.

They can be assembled quite easily and have only a few parts. No matter the quality of the tap water, it will provide you with healthy as well as quality water.

While writing the reviews of the products, we have provided you the pros and cons of each product, so you can buy the product according to your needs. Though before you purchase one, you must consider a few things that we have written in the buying guide provided below.

1. Quality of the water

To buy the best water filter pitcher for yourself, you need to understand what you are dealing with, and only then you will be able to understand which one is the best for you. The level of contaminants in water differs in different parts of the world. Before deciding on your water pitcher, you have to run a test on the water to get an exact idea about the contamination level in the water supply. You can either ask the water supply of your city or perform the test yourself with a kit.

2. Water filtering capacity

One of the most frequent complaints that we hear from the customers is about the capacity of the container and how they need to refill the pitchers. You will have to decide on the size of the pitcher depending mainly on two factors- on the number of members present in your family, your daily consumption of water. It is quite tricky to find out the actual water pitcher capacity. This is because most of the customers are fooled by the company as they mention the total volume of water it can hold, inclusive of the top-fill tank as well as a clean water reservoir.

3. Removal of contaminants

The most crucial aspect while buying a water pitcher is its ability to remove contaminants from the water. At this point, your experience of testing the water quality comes in handy because you will understand what you are looking for. Certain water filters focus on removing Fluoride, while the other pitchers are good at removing heavy leads as well as metals. Before going to buy a water filter pitcher, you should do your research on which filter is the best at removing toxins.

4. Speed of filtration

We know that water goes through a filter, and the water has to go through several stages of purification. This is the reason behind the time gap between the water tank getting filled and the water reaching the reservoir. The only annoying thing that you will come across in water pitchers is that you have to wait for the purified water. Certain filters take a longer time than the others. While some of the pitchers can complete in a few minutes, while some others can take up to hours.

5. Boosting the quality of drinking water

Apart from the fact that you will get better tasting as well as healthier water, certain filters give you the added advantage of adding alkaline as well as pH levels and enhance your water pitcher. While some people want to keep their water pitcher simple, others want the absolute best out of their drinking water and adding alkaline levels to the water boosts the quality.

6. Filter change

Another thing you need to look for is how easily you can change the filters. While changing filters in some of the water pitchers can be quite easy, others may be quite hard. At the time of changing filters, you must get sure to install them properly. If you are unable to do it properly, then there is a chance of water leaks in some areas and end the process of contamination.

7. Ease of cleaning

Another important factor you need to consider before buying a water filter pitcher is how easily you can clean the pitcher as well as the water filter. The process of cleaning the pitcher is different for different pitchers. Certain dishwashers cannot be washed in dishwashers and have to be washed by hand. Since water filters are affordable easily, they can be cleaned easily. You just need to rinse the filter with cold water.

8. Material of Pitcher

Nowadays, people usually prefer a water filter pitcher that is free of BPA plastic as well as environment-friendly. This kind of plastic is environmentally friendly as well as recyclable. In the case of human consumption, this is said to be the safest.

9. Simplicity

We have come across several people who are not appealed by the idea of the plumbing or installation in the walls. This usually scares these kinds of people, and they tend to accept the water they are receiving irrespective of its quality. You do not have to worry about any of these things while using a water filter pitcher. They come with only a few parts and are very easy to assemble. The assembly is so simple that you do not need anyone else for help. You just require to put the filter in and then keep the pitcher cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When should we change the water filter?

The correct time to change the water filter depends on the water filter present in the pitcher. The usual range of the pitcher varies from 40 gallons to 150 gallons. Some of the water filter pitchers come with LED light indicators. These lights flash red to indicate that it is time to change the filter. Apart from this, some water filter pitchers come with digital readouts. These readouts tell you the time to change the filter.

2.Is it safe to use water filter pitchers?

It has been noticed that most of the water filter pitchers remove chlorine as well as all the other bad tasting elements. But there are only a few water filter pitchers that efficiently remove lead. But if the level of contamination is serious as well as very high, then there is a chance of the water filter pitcher not being able to do the job properly.

3.Should we drink filtered or tap water?

Filtered water is better than tap water as it offers the best of both worlds. Water filter pitcher allows the water to get rid of all the contaminants. It will cost less than having a whole house filtration system at your place.

4.Which is the best water filter pitcher?

There indeed are thousands of water filters available in India in different shapes as well as sizes. You should choose a water filter based on the water quality supply in your area. If you are still unsure about which one is the best, then we would suggest you buy the BRITA everyday water filter. The filter is BPA free that can hold up to 10 cups of water in a single fill. It is easy to clean, and a status indicator indicates when is the right time to change the filter.

5.How long does a water filter pitcher last?

Usually, the time to change a water filter pitcher is different for different brands. Typically, a water filter should be changed after two months. But you will also come across some water filter pitchers where the filter needs to be changed only after six months.

6.Zero water filter or Brita, which is a better water filter pitcher?

The Brita filter earns a very good rating as it gets rids of the odor completely and also the metallic taste to a great extent. Whereas the zero water filter only gets rid of the odor but does not get rid of the metallic taste. Hence, the Brita filter comes out on top when compared with Zero water filter.

7.Which is the water filter pitcher that removes most contaminants?

The Brita water filter is known to remove the maximum amount of contaminants.

8.Can a water filter pitcher remove bacteria?

The Epic Nano water filter pitcher is the only water filter pitcher that removes all the bacteria effectively.


Water filters are inexpensive, as well as easy to maintain. It is the perfect solution for filtering your drinking water. There is no tension about plumbing or the thought about where to install it. Moreover, you will get tasty and healthy water.

The pitchers that have been mentioned above will not only improve the quality of the water; it will have a positive impact on your health as well.

If you are still confused about your choice, then we suggest that you go and buy the Brita everyday water filter. The filter is space-efficient and removes all the traces of chemical impurities from it. It is easy to maintain and is made with advanced technology.

We hope you have cleared all your doubts in the buying guide and Faqs section. If you still have any questions left, feel free to share them in the comment section below.