Best Water Dispensers in India: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Water Dispensers

A normal human beings needs to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water every day on an average. And the best way to achieve this target is by having easy access to pure drinking water at all times.

Installing a water dispenser in your home and office is one of the best ways to achieve this because it cuts out the hassle of carrying bottled water with you and provides a great alternative for less pure tap water.

A water dispenser is a functional appliance that provides you with large quantities of clean drinking water at your preferred temperature.

Water dispensers come in different sizes and capacity, most have the capacity to dispense water at cool, hot and room temperatures and some high end models also have a cooling cabinet that works as a mini refrigerator.

But which a wide variety of water dispensers available in the market, it is worth checking some important factors such as the type of water dispenser, capacity, water temperature, health and safety features, etc. to make an informed choice.  Hence we have provided a full “buying guide” with carefully selected list of top water dispensers in india specially handpicked for you. It will help you choosing the best one suitable for your needs.

Best Water Dispensers in India

Water DispensersCooling CabinetTypeCapacity
(Cold / Hot)
WarrantyBuy Now
Voltas Mini Magic Super - R YesTop Load2.5 Liter / 5 Liter--- Check the Price
Blue Star YesBottom Load---1 year Check the Price
Leonard NoTop Load5 Liter1 year Check the Price
Voltas Mini Magic Pearl -R YesTop Load2.5 Liter / 5 Liter1 year Check the Price
Blue Star YesTop Load2.5 Liter / 5 Liter1 year Check the Price
Usha Laguna NoTable Top Load3 Liter / 5 Liter--- Check the Price

Top 6 Best Water Dispensers Reviews in India

1. Voltas 2.5 Liter Mini Magic Super – R Water Dispenser

Voltas 6210209 2.5-Litre Mini Magic Super - R Water Dispenser

Volta’s water dispenser occupied 1st position in the list of best water dispensers in India due to the sturdy design and is also suitable for large family members.

The device has a cabinet with a storage capacity of 20-liters at the bottom to place water bottles or other cooling items. And internally with 3-liters capacity which makes it ideal to drink water on day to day basis.

You will also find the refrigerant switches at the back i.e. 1 for hot (red) and the other (blue) for cold water to access at any time you want. It comes with 3 faucets at the front-side to support hot, normal and cold water that can be accessed with a gentle press on it.

The energy efficient motor converts the normal water to hot water at the rate of 5 liter/hr and 2.5 liter/hr for cold water. To perform the heating or cooling of water, it just utilizes 500-watts of power along with an operating voltage of 230 V/50 Hz.

To conclude, the performance of Volta’s water dispenser is excellent and also comes at affordable price range. It is best to use for homes, offices and other public places like parks, shopping malls, hotels, food courts, etc.

Warning: Do not run the unit when it is filled with oxygen/nitrogen as it may lead to explosion of compressor system.

Things we love

  • Consume 500 watts of power.
  • Comes at affordable price.
  • Storage capacity is about 3 liters.
  • Made of fine quality plastic material.
  • 3 faucets for hot, normal and cool water.
  • 34*40*102 cms of water dispenser dimensions.

Things we hate 

  • Plastic may broke easily.
  • No warranty information on dispenser.

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2. Blue Star Botton Loading Water Dispenser

Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

This Blue Star water dispenser is so special because it comes in an attractive black color and also grabs the attention of the customers.

Compared to other branded water dispensers, this dispenser enhances the design quality and increases the lifespan because the outer body is made of durable food grade stainless steel materials yet it is bit expensive to buy.

You need to manually lift the 20-liter water bottle and keep it upside down to facilitate the water flow. But, this amazing device has come with a separate cabinet at the bottom to hold big-sized bottle and the reverse feed pump can be inserted to collect the water.

Additionally, it comes with 3 temperature buttons at the top to distribute, hot, cold and normal water from a single tap at regular intervals.

Above all, the product is backed with 1-year of manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. You don’t actually need to install, as it is simply a plug and play type water dispenser. The product dimensions are 36*39*112 cms and weighs 18.2 kgs which is ideal to place in halls, kitchen, bedrooms and can also be moved freely from one location to another.

To recapitulate, the performance of Blue Star water dispenser is good and acceptable. The only disadvantage of using this product is that it utilizes more power due to the bottom mounted feature and is bit pricey too. Apart from that, it’s totally a good one to purchase online.

Things we love

  • Item weighs 18.2 kgs.
  • Made of ABS plastic material.
  • Dimensions – 39*36*112 cms.
  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • Available in black colour.
  • Food grade stainless steel tank.
  • Bottom loading water dispenser
  • 1-year of manufacturing warranty.
  • Comes with 3 temperature settings – hot, cold, and normal.

Things we hate 

  • No cooling cabinet.
  • Bit expensive to buy.

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3. Leonard Stainless Steel Water Dispenser 

Leonard Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Number 3 in the list is Leonard Water dispenser. We’ve listed as one of the best water dispensers in India as it is certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and DOE (Department of Energy).

It has got the piano button style faucets that deliver hot and cold water evenly at a steady rate of 5liters/hour. There is an option for you to switch on and off from the back of dispenser according to your needs and deeds.

The compressor or refrigerant is made of R134A environmental friendly materials to ensure durability and last longer. To perform the cooling process, it requires 85-watts of power with a source of 220-240V AC/50Hz.

You don’t require installation as this is simply a plug and play type device. And this high energy efficient compressor withstand even at the time of power fluctuations.

Leonard stainless steel water dispenser offers a manufacturing warranty of 1-year from the purchased date. If you find anything defective, get it repaired for free of cost without any delay.

Wrapping up, the performance of this water dispenser is excellent and best to use in homes, offices, and public places like shopping malls, food centers etc. The only thing is few people with back pain may face difficulty in placing the bottle on the top to get the hot/cool water.

Things we love

  •  5 lt/hr of heating capacity.
  • Certified by EPA and DOE.
  • Comes at reasonable prices.
  • Built-in automated cut-off feature.
  • High energy efficient compressor.
  • Power consumption is 85 watts/hr.

Things we hate 

  • Weighs about 16 kgs.
  • Difficult to handle for back pain people.

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4. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl -R Water Dispenser

Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R 500-Watt Water Dispenser

Yet another exciting water dispenser model is from Volta’s brand. Voltas is a brand that offers variety of top notch home and kitchen appliances along with the standard services. The product comes at inexpensive rates so that the normal people can buy without any worries.

There are 3 faucets and LED indicators that you can notice on the front side of the dispenser. When you gently press on the faucet, the water i.e. hot or cold flows out from the device and accordingly LED lights will blink to give you the clear idea on water level and temperature.

Volta’s water dispenser requires 500-watt power to flow the water freely from the top end and also to work the motor efficiently for generating the desired water temperature.

This dispenser has a cooling capacity of 2.5 liter/hr and 5 liter/hr for heating the water by utilizing 500-watts power and operating voltage is 230 volts.

Overall, this water dispenser is best for a family consisting of 4-6members and also it allows you to change the water bottle every alternative day. This water dispenser has a sleek, compact design that can easily be placed on a counter top and table.

Like 2 side of a coin, there’re major cons too which includes the bulky design structure (19 kgs) which makes it difficult to carry to other locations whenever you want and the absence of child safety lock feature.

If you are looking for instant cooling or heating of water then you must try Voltas Water Dispenser which is available in pearl black colour. It features a compressor by delivering 3.2 liter for cold water and 1 liter of hot water capacity.

Things we love

  • 3 LED indicators and faucets.
  • Utilizes 500-watts of power.
  • 230 V of operating voltage.
  • 1-year of warranty services.
  • Durable anti-corrosive body.
  • 80/86-watts of power consumption.
  • Hot, normal and cold options are available.
  • Heating capacity is 5 liter/hr and 3 liter/hr for cooling.

Things we hate 

  • No child safety lock feature.
  • Bit difficult to shift to other locations (19 kgs weight).

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5. Blue Star Hot, Cold, Normal Water Dispenser with Storage Cabinet

Blue Star Hot, Cold And Normal Water Dispenser with non cooling cabinet

Blue Star water dispensers offer the finest cooling/heating of water with a wide range of functions. For this reason, it is considered as the premium quality product in the given list of best water dispensers in India.

Compared to other popular brands, Blue star water dispenser comes at affordable prices and features a cooling cabinet for refrigerating small items like bottles, milk packets, tetra-packs, and any other thing you like to cool.

The outer body is made of ABS plastic material and food grade stainless steel tank inside which helps to perform the heating/cooling of water effortlessly and improves the lifespan.

This water dispenser features 3 faucets and has the ability to dispense hot, plain and cold water. Child lock safety is an added feature which prevents kids from playing/spoiling the dispenser.

The most important thing you need to consider while purchasing the blue star water dispenser is the capacity which is 3 liter/hr for cooling and 5 liter/hr for heating.

This wonderful device is available in white and blue colour combination to attract the customer’s attention. Free standing design occupies minimal space on the floor and allows the user to set anywhere in the house i.e. hall, kitchen, dining room etc.

On the whole, this high capacity water dispenser is suitable for offices and large families. Also, this appliance comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. This dispenser boosts the water flavor and makes it convenient to collect and drink hot/chilling water with a single push button on the device.

Placing the bottle is not an issue, but you need to open the bottle cap, invert and place in its respective position. This type of mechanism makes it difficult to handle for back pain people and elders.

It does not contain a refrigerant element which helps to cool the water. Furthermore, it consumes more power than other dispenser types and also there are chances of water leakage when you do not install properly.

Things we love

  • Stainless steel inner tank.
  • Has a large storage capacity.
  • Dimensions – 34*31*94 cms.
  • Plastic front panel and faucets.
  • Dispenser weighs about 14.2 kgs.
  • Accomplishes the task in 20-minutes.
  • Suitable to use in hot Indian climates.
  • 3 liter/hr for cooling and 5 liter/hr heating capacity.

Things we hate 

  • No refrigerant cabinet.
  • Chances of water leakage.
  • Consume more power than usual.

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6. Usha Laguna Table Top Water Dispenser


If you are the one who is concerned about healthy living, then Usha water dispenser should be your choice. This is a decent quality product that is suitable to use at both homes and offices as it saves room space, time and power to run the dispenser.

What we like the most in usha water dispenser is the fast processing i.e. 3 liter/hr rate for cooling and 5 liter/hr of heating the device.

The 3 LED indicators shows the sign of water level and temperature that are placed just below the 3 faucets- for collecting hot, cold and normal water for better convenience. Bigger and wider drip tray beneath the tap/outlet pipe prevents the water spillage over the time.

Its cooling capacity is 3 liters/hour and heating capacity is 5 liters/hour. And the hot water is very much suitable for coffee brewing and many other useful applications.

Winding up, this water dispenser comes with a capacity ranging from 5-15 liters and makes easy to install. This highly energy efficient portable appliance consumes 80/86-watts of power and hence occupies less space.

The only downside of using this product is that it does not contain storage cabinet and child safety lock and also the manufacturer did not mention about the warranty details.

If you have enough space in your room, then go with the Usha Interfresh Water Dispenser that brings attractive look to the home interiors and gives the hot or cool water instantly.

Things we love

  • Very economical to buy.
  • Table top water dispenser.
  • Best to use at homes and offices.
  • Product dimensions – 36*39*58 cms.
  • Cooling capacity is 3 liter/hr and 5 liter/hr for heating.
  • 3 water faucets for dispensing hot, normal and cold water.

Things we hate 

  • No information about warranty.
  • Faucet knobs are not user friendly
  • There is no storage cabinet, child safety lock.

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Water Dispensers Buying Guide

Why would you like to buy a water dispenser?

Most people are attracted to the water dispensers because they get to drink instant cool water or hot water for preparing coffee or tea. But do they know it comes with several other benefits than just cooling or heating? We will give you seven undeniable reasons to spend on a good water dispenser.

  • Convenience- one of the best reasons for you to buy a dispenser would be the ease of use. You can directly get cool drinkable water directly from the tap without opening the fridge or pouring from the big jars. It is that simple to use, even kids can fill their own glass of water without asking the parents.
  • Instant Cool/hot water- your refrigerator will keep you longing for a cool glass of water when you need it most, but with a water dispenser, you can get chilled water ready in just a few minutes.
  • Storage facilities- some water dispensers have an in-built water tank to store cool water.
  • Hygiene- less chances of water contamination by dust, insects and microbes compared to other water storage practices.
  • You drink more water- the convenience of instant cool and hot water at the tip of your fingers makes you drink more water.
  • Better taste- dispensers with attached filters boost the taste of your tea, coffee, soups and all time favourite recipes.
  • Fully portable- water dispensers especially the counter-top need no plumbing. Place them anywhere in your office, home or kitchen.

Type of water dispensers

The first and the foremost thing you need to pay attention to is the types of water dispensers. There are mainly two- electrical and non-electrical. With electrical, you will get options for cooling or heating the water whilst the other can only offer normal drinkable water which can be further classified into 5 categories namely-

  • Table Top water Dispensers- they are the smallest type of water dispenser and usually pretty affordable. You can place them on your kitchen platform or on a table. Usually, they can hold and utilize a 5 L water bottle which is to be placed on the top. Doesn’t come with many features and commonly offers only cool water, but they are still handy, easy to maintain and practical for home use. They work with a Peltier device for cooling and an air pump for dispensing the water.
  • Free Standing Dispensers- also known as top-load water dispenser they can be placed anywhere on the floor. You will need to place the bottle upside-down on the top of it, and they are very useful to hold those 20 L big drums which have become very common in localities. They commonly offer hot, chilled and room temperature water while some of the newest models may also come with a refrigerator at the bottom or in-built water filters.
  • Wall Mounted Water Dispensers- wall mountable dispensers are connected to the building’s water supply for water source and electricity to run the refrigerator. A small tank in the dispenser holds the cool water and turns on by pressing a button on a spring loaded valve at the top of it. Some of the new models don’t even have a button; they have a sensor that turns the machine on when someone comes near. Also called a water fountain or drinking fountain, it is usually found in schools, office buildings, hospitals and malls.
  • Bottom Load Water Dispenser- yet to be popular in the Indian market, however you can still find some. They are more convenient in terms of lifting the heavy bottles to put them on the top; here you place the jars below the dispenser. One of the most innovative features is the implementation of countertop devices that connects directly to the main water source and takes no time in serving chilled or boiling hot water.
  • Point of Use Water Dispenser- these are quite similar to wall mounted water dispenser and use the existing water source of the building, the main difference is in their functionality. These are more advanced as they offer both hot and cool water. They are mostly used in malls, offices and residential apartments.

Features to look for in a water dispenser-

  • Hot and Cold feature- some models in addition to cool water offers hot water for easy and instant making of tea, coffee etc. You should also check the water heating/cooling capacity. Like it can offer hot water 5 L/hr at 90 degree C or cool water 3 L/hr at 12 degree C.
  • Filters- dispensers with in-built water filters are more expensive than the regular ones and filter the water using a UV filter, activated carbon filter or water distillers.
  • Drip tray- to prevent water overflow and spilling out on the floor. Removable drip trays help in cleaning-up without creating a mess.
  • Cup Holders- an additional space where you can place your cups or mugs
  • Hot water safer faucet- this prevents the kids from accidental dispensing of water while making it easier for the adults to avoid accidental water spillage.
  • Side Water gauge- shows the water level in the water tank
  • Rubber feet- keeps the device steady standing on smooth floors. A good safety feature often neglected
  • Indicator- indicator lights/sounds that notifies when your water is ready to pour
  • Thermal cut- for preventing water overheating
  • Thermostat- lets you select the desired water temperature by changing the thermostat dial.

Choose the Right Dispenser for You

By now you know what benefits you get with a water dispenser and the styles they come in but that doesn’t mean you will buy anything that comes across your path and meets your budget. You would want to invest in something that gives a good value for the money you will spend and for that you need to consider a few other things. Let us quickly discuss the principals of buying a reliable water dispenser for your use.

1. How you plan to use it?

Decide whether you want an electrical water dispenser or non-electrical water dispenser. Do you want to have cold water, hot water for quick coffee or normal temperature water would be sufficient.  Also, think about the water supply, can you lift a 5-20 L drum to the top the dispenser or would you prefer automatic refilling, that is directly connected to the main water channel?

Another thing, if you decide to buy an electrical dispenser, make sure there is an electrical output, for instance, suppose you want a dispenser for quick water supply in parties and there is no electrical port.

2. Space Vs Capacity

Do you have enough space to accommodate a large size free-standing or POU water dispenser? If not, the best option would be a table-top water dispenser as it will save your floor space and the easiest to install. But you also need to consider the capacity. Small sized dispensers obviously have less capacity. If you are going to use it in an office or public places and the capacity is too less, you need to replace the empty drum very often, which is a real drag. For commercial uses, it’s always better to opt for high capacity dispensers and best if they are connected to the main water supply system of the building.

3. Consider Power Consumption

Keeping in mind, electrical water dispensers will add some extra bucks on your monthly bills, depending on how powerful compressor it uses. The water dispenser that gives chilled water or boiling hot water uses a higher capacity compressor that comes with higher power consumptions. If you go for a smaller compressor unit, the power consumption will be less but you will get moderately chilled or hot water.

4. Look at the Price

If there are budget constraints compare the dispenser types with their price. Don’t choose something with unnecessary facilities that don’t serve your purpose. Price starts from 5000 for the simplest type of dispensers and goes above 25000 for the most advanced types. The non-electrical dispensers are less expensive than the electrical dispensers. Among electrical water dispensers, table-top are less expensive than the free-standing ones, but they have less capacity and lack in some qualities.

5. Is it User-Friendly?

Another must considerable fact while choosing a water dispenser is the ease of use. It should have simple operating systems so you don’t waste time figuring out how it works. It should be understandable by everyone because it serves you water. Also, check the gap between the faucet and the drip tray. A good water dispenser will always have enough space in between so that you can fill large glasses and tall bottles. The nozzles of the faucet should be narrow enough to enter a bottle but should be fast enough to fill the bottles quickly.

6. Consider Parts and Material Used

Its durability is directly proportional to its construction. Look carefully what material it is made with, if it is plastic then chose those with ABS Food Grade Plastic, as it offers the highest durability in terms of plastics, but if you can spend some more, go for the stainless steel dispenses as they are of great quality, looks premium and lasts for decades.

7. Is it Easy to Maintain?

Like any other device, a dispenser also requires maintenance and needs it often. You need to clean the dispenser tray, change the filters, and clean the dust and spillages around it, so choose the one which requires low maintenance. A removable dispenser tray makes cleaning easier. Dispensers with filtering capacity, add an extra task of changing the filters from time to time.

8. Is it safe?

Last but not the least; look for a dispenser that has a safety lock feature. It becomes more vital for counter-top and freestanding water dispensers as the faucet stays within the reach of small kids. The lights and the buttons usually attract them and you may be left with water spill around everywhere. Having a child-lock will not only prevent spillage of water but will also save the children from burning their hands from hot water.

Water Dispenser customer FAQs

1. How to clean water dispensers?

To maintain good hygiene cleaning your dispenser is necessary. For cleaning first unplug your dispenser and remove the bottle, then remove the upper lid of the reservoir, then mix 3 portions of hot water (add more according to reservoir size) with one portion of vinegar. Let the vinegar sit for 10-20 mins then drain the reservoir. Take a clean wet cloth and wipe the inner surface of the reservoir until it no longer smells like vinegar.

2. How often should you get the dispenser cleaned?

It is recommended to clean the dispenser in every six months, if not then at least a year to prevent bacterial build up. Follow the manufacturer’s guideline for cleaning purposes.

3. Does a water dispenser purify it?

Water dispensers are used for quick access to drinking water. The top-loading dispensers or free standing dispensers don’t usually come with filtering options, so the water you put in it should be pre-treated. But the wall mountable or point of use water dispensers may have an in-built water filter, in such case; you can connect it directly to the water source of the building which then gets purified with the filters inside. This kind of dispensers is more expensive than others.

4. How does water dispenser work?

The water in the dispenser is stored into the reservoir where it gets cool using a refrigerant. The refrigerant circulates through pipes which are located inside the reservoir. In a gas form, the refrigerant can absorb the heat from the water and cools it, then the heat is expelled from the refrigerator eventually.

5. What is a self-cleaning water dispenser?

The bottom-load water filters have self-cleaning technology to replace manual cleaning operations. It kills the virus, bacteria along with other water contaminants and has a LED light which notifies you when the cleaning is in process.

6. How does a water dispenser heat the water?

The water is heated using an electric water heater that is located inside the dispenser tank. In case where it is directly connected to the main water channel of the building, it works with a technology called Instant Heating which heats the water straight from the main water faucet without the need of a tank.

7. Will it run out of hot water?

Technically yes. Usually, a water dispenser can deliver only a few cups of hot water at a time. The hot water indicator light turns off when the water temperature falls down, but it recovers very soon within a couple of minutes.


If you want to stay strong, healthy or feeling thirsty during hot climatic conditions, one must prefer water dispensers at home. They are very economical to buy and also supply the type of water you wish for – hot, cool, and normal depending on your needs and deeds.

Our top pick from the list is Voltas Water Dispenser because of the fast cooling/heating mechanism and supports 20-liters of water bottle i.e. suitable for large family members. It has an excellent delivery rate to spread the coolness at 2.5lt/hr and 5lt/hr for hot water. Above all, this wonderful product is best to place in halls, kitchens, dining rooms etc and attracts the customers with its elegant and sturdy design structure.

Still, if you face difficulty in choosing the right water dispenser for your home then read buying guide mentioned in our article. If you have any doubts or think we’re missing any of the branded dispenser models, write to us in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them and update the products list with credits as soon as possible.

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