Best Water Bottle Sets

Be it in a gym, on a hike, or while working at the office, a water bottle always comes in handy. 

The water bottles are available in materials such as stainless steel, plastics and glass, each with different characteristics. If plastic bottles are your choice, go for BPA-free ones as they are safer. 

There are a variety of water bottles in the market lately. Some of them come with lids, while some have insulation to keep the liquids hot or cold. The wide range of choices will often leave you confused. So, here we’ve researched and assembled the bottles with the best features. Take a look.

1. Tupperware Aquasafe Water Bottle Set

Award: Editor’s choice

Headline: Ideal set for all

Tagline: This set is human-engineered to suit the daily needs of everyone.


This Tupperware set crafted from high-grade non-toxic plastic is spill-resistant, sanitary and stylish. Each bottle has a capacity of one litre. The bottles are compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. 

A tab on the cap makes for effortless closing and opening of the bottle. It safely holds water, juices or iced beverages.

2. Cello Venice Water Bottle Set

Award: Budget pick

Headline: Break proof and leak proof 

Tagline: This food-grade plastic water bottle set is hygienic and freezer safe.

Product Description:

Cello Venice set of five water bottles is a mould of BPA free, non-toxic plastic. It ensures a healthy and hygienic lifestyle for you and your family. The bottles do not leak or break in the freezer and are spill-proof.

These durable and reusable bottles look pleasing with vibrant colours. The design gives an edge to the set. The ergonomically manufactured bottles are compact, lightweight and healthy.

3. Solimo Water Bottle Set

Award: Best in features

Headline:  Thick and attractive design

Tagline: This set of water bottles come with a firm grip and attractive design.  

Product Description:

This product from Amazon brand Solimo holds 500 millilitres of water. It is of thick plastic material and is 100% BPA free. The sturdy pattern has a snugly fitted lid and is spill-proof.

It easily accommodates in the freezer and comes in a set of four attractive colours. This set is safe, lightweight and fit for regular use.

4. Steelo Selina Water Bottle Set

Award: Best in design

Headline: Multicoloured cool-to-touch bottle set

Tagline: An elegant design and a modern finish pattern to adorn the tables and freezer of your home.


Steelo Selina delivers a set of four water bottles that give a refined look and enhance the surroundings. This sterilized high-grade plastic set is a stylish solution to storage at the home, office or outdoors. 

Its cylindrical shape occupies less space in the freezer and fits in the racks of all refrigerators. The cool-to-touch water bottle set is leak-proof and is easy to maintain.

5. MILTON Plastic Water Bottle Set

Award: Value for money

Headline: Good quality set

Tagline: Milton provides a set of dozen water bottles of good quality that come in an easy-to-carry shape.


MILTON’s set of 12 water bottles are unbreakable and leak proof. They are perfectly shaped and offer good grip. These bottles come with a wide mouth which makes them easy to clean. The set is ideal for storing water at room temperature and cold water.

Features To Look For Before Buying Water Bottle Set

Material: Water bottles come in various materials such as glass, plastic and stainless steel. The plastic must be high-grade and BPA free, but overuse causes odour and slow degrading of mild toxins into the water.

Glass bottles give a look of sophistication but are sensitive and need proper handling. Stainless steel water bottles are ideal but choose ones that are scratch-proof and dents-free.

Size: Different needs require a different size of water bottles. Choose one that is best suited to yours.

Quality: Be mindful of the quality of the bottle. The bottles must be of non-toxic materials, easy to maintain, leak-proof, compact and sustainable. The quality of plastics must be high grade and durable.