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Best Washing Machine Inlet Pipe

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Washing machines have an inlet pipe at their back, which is responsible for managing the entry of water into the machine. The water pipe should be of the right size to make sure that water flows properly into the machine. Here is a list of the best inlet pipes for washing machines. Let’s have a look. 

1. MGS – Inlet Hose Pipe for Fully Automatic Washing Machine


Tagline Suitable for top-load fully automatic washing machines. 

MGS inlet water hose pipe is made up of PVC material while the connectors are made with ABS plastic. The length of this inlet pipe is 3 meters and a diameter of 18mm will make it compatible with all major brands. It comes with a textile braid inside. It is easy to install and highly durable that lasts for a longer time. 

2. Irkaja Washing Machine Water Inlet/Inflow Hose Pipe


Tagline Flexible water inlet hose pipe suitable for fully automatic washing machines. 

Irkaja water inlet hose pipe is a flexible PVC pipe with a length of 2 meters. It comes with two types of adapters/connectors – type 1 is a fixed one and type 2 adapter is an expandable one that adapts to any type of tap. It is suitable for all front and top load fully automatic washing from all brands with loading capacity from 5kg – 12kg.  

3. Sarah Washing Machine Inlet Hose Pipe


Tagline Plastic Inlet hose pipe that is compatible with fully and semi-automatic washing machines.

Sarah washing machine inlet hose pipe is made by using flexible PVC material. It has a length of 5 meters and a diameter of 18mm with a textile braided inside that makes it easy to assemble. It is compatible with both fully and semi-automatic washing machines from all major brands. It is suitable for both hot and cold water with a temperature range of 10°C-60°C with a loading capacity of 6kg to 10kg.

4. Irkaja Washing Machine Water Inlet/Inflow Hose Pipe


TaglineA leakproof and durable design that comes with two types of adapters.

Irkaja washing machine water inflow pipe is a flexible PVC water inlet pipe with 5 meters in length. It is suitable for fully automatic washing machines. It is durable, leakproof, and comes with textile braided pipe. With its 2 types of tap adapters, you can use any one that suits your requirement. It is suitable for machines with a capacity of 5kg – 12kg.

What to consider while selecting a washing machine inlet pipe:

1. Material – The most commonly used materials for making inlet pipes are rubber, PVC, or steel braided pipes. The material used for the pipe should be flexible, smooth, and durable. So, prefer to purchase a good quality PVC plastic material that suits perfectly for inlet pipes.

2. Tap Adapter – They are two types of tap adapters – fixed and expandable. So, depending on your requirement, you can choose the right one. Also, consider the diameter of the adapter that should suit your tap properly.

3. Length – The length of the pipe should be long enough to reach the tap and the washing machine. Or else, it may result in a loose connection and thus leads to water leakage. So, check it before making the purchase. 

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