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Best Washing Machine Covers

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Washing machine covers are the most useful thing as they protect your washing machine from dust. If you keep your washing machine on the balcony or in any area uncovered, then it is normal that dust will affect the machine’s body. But once you start keeping them covered you need not worry. These covers are available on online websites in huge variations. Hence we have come up with some of the best washing machine covers. 

1. Classic LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover

Tagline: A classic cover that is perfect for any LG top load washing machine.

This floral printed washing machine cover has a zip closure. It seems transparent. And the best feature of this cover is it is waterproof and dustproof too. It also has holes for the inlet, outlet pipe, and power cord.

2. Bosch Washing Machine Protective Cover

Tagline: A protective cover for Bosch front loading washing machines.

This premium quality washing machine cover is designed such that it will provide protection from scratches, moisture, and dirt. It has a sturdy zipper facility. This cover requires very low maintenance. Sturdy and smooth zipper is provided for easy opening. 

3. Dream Care Washing Machine Cover

Tagline: Washing machine cover that is made of premium quality durable material.

This washing machine cover provides ultimate protection to the machine. It is perfect for any fully automatic top load washing machine. It has a zipper closure which makes it easier to use. It has holes for the inlet, outlet pipe, and power cord.

4. E-Retailer Classic Top Load Washing Machine Cover

Tagline: A premium quality cover suitable for any top load washing machine.

This beautifully designed washing machine cover is very useful. It is made of high-quality durable material. It has a zip closure that helps in providing full protection from dust and scratches. It can fit well on any top loading washing machine. 

Things to consider before buying a washing machine cover:

It may seem that buying a washing machine cover is pretty simple but choosing the right one is actually a tough task. So before buying a washing machine cover it is always important to check a few things:

  • Size: The size of the washing machine cover should always be checked before buying. Because not all covers are made in such a way that they can fit in all machines. So if you buy a wrong-sized cover, then it will not be able to cover your machine fully.
  • Waterproof: It is equally necessary to check if the washing machine cover is waterproof. Because the cover doesn’t have that feature then it will greatly affect your machine’s body.
  • Holes for pipe: Before buying a washing machine cover, it is important to check if the cover has holes for inlet and outlet pipes. Otherwise, it will not provide perfect fittings to your machine.


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