Best Wardrobes To Buy Online in india 2020

Having the perfect wardrobe means no more clutter in your bedroom and an organized way to maintain your clean clothes.

Purchasing a wardrobe is a long term investment. So, you have to consider certain factors to make sure you are purchasing the right one that suits your requirements.

  • Type – Wardrobes are available in different variants that include single door, double door, multi-door, sliding and open frame. You have to choose the wardrobe, based on your clothing range, area you can accommodate and preference.
  • Material – Common materials used for building wardrobes include MDF board, metal, plastic and plywood. Each material has its own perks and drawbacks. If you want waterproof options, then you have to go with metal or plastic. For modern look, you can choose plywood or MDF board wardrobes.

Along with these two important factors, there are several others you have to consider. We have mentioned them clearly in our Buying Guide. A list of Best Wardrobes in India is also provided for your reference.

Best Wardrobes in India

H X L X D(Cm)
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Deckup Cove 2-Door Wardrobe With Mirror2Engineered180 X 61 X 43CHECK ON AMAZON
Forzza Madison 2-Door Wardrobe2Engineered180 X 80 X 42CHECK ON AMAZON
Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe2MDF board180 X 46 X 80CHECK ON AMAZON
Styleys Plastic 8 Cube Organizer, Wardrobe Closet Organizer for Clothes8Water proof plastic120 X 60 X 30CHECK ON AMAZON
HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe3Engineered182 X 119 X 410CHECK ON AMAZON

List of the Top Wardrobes in India

1. Deckup Cove 2-Door Wardrobe With Mirror

Deckup Cove 2-Door Wardrobe

Yet another 2 door wardrobe with a mirror, the Decup mirror wardrobe is made out of engineered low density fibreboard.

Coming to the size of the product, it is at a 71 inches height, 24 inches length and a depth of 17 inches. Given the light in weight nature and the DIY structure, it is perfect for bachelors or spinsters who are looking for a temporary solution for their rooms.

With a dark wenge colour and a matte finish, this contemporary styled would easily add a great deal of decorum to your room.

The engineered wood laminate has a somewhat thin back laminate and needs to be handled with care. The mirror easily serves as a makeshift dressing table too.

One can easily go ahead and assemble the device as the product when delivered is given the DIY instruction manual.


  • Light in weight and easy to move around
  • Small and easy enough to fit around any room
  • Dark Wenge colour and matte finish give it a good visual appeal
  • Has a mirror


  • LDR Engineered wood quality is low.
  • DIY is not that easy and you may need the help of a carpenter

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2. Forzza Madison 2-Door Wardrobe

Forzza Madison 2-Door Wardrobe

Next on our list is the Forzza Madison Wardrobe. Made out of the Tallisa Oak’s engineered wood, this is a dual door wardrobe.

The contemporary styled wardrobe has a visually appealing oak colour and has a dimension of about 190 cm high and 80 cm long and a 42 cm depth. For a nuclear family’s kids room or bachelor’s pad, this is a perfect fit.

While the wardrobe is made out of engineered wood with 3 mm MDF back panel and high quality stainless steel hinges, it is not the best part. The best part about the wardrobe is that it is made out of 15 mm thick termites and insect repellent and resistant chipboard.

But given the Low Density fibreboard build of the wardrobe, even with the protection, the strength of the wardrobe may not be as on par with most of the wardrobes.  It has a weight bearing capacity of 50 kgs and should be placed against a wall for good stability.

The legs are made out of tough ABS thermoplastic material which is chemical resistant. You need not worry about the assembly of the wardrobe as the seller would send in a carpenter within 48 hours in order to fix up the wardrobe. If you were to clean it, you can freely use a damp cloth to clean it up.

A mirror present on one of the door of the is an added attraction and utility to the wardrobe. Also, there is a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty so you can return the product for a replacement if you find any manufacturing defect with it.


  • 2 door wardrobe
  • Engineered wood
  • High quality stainless steel hinges
  • Tough ABS Thermoplastic chemical resistant legs
  • 50 kg weight bearing capacity
  • 30 Days manufacturer’s warranty
  • Mirror on the door


  • The low density front part may not be as durable as promised and thus should be handled with care.

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3. Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe

Spacewood Optima 2-Door Wardrobe

A 2 door wardrobe with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty,t he Spacewood Optima is made out of Medium Density Particle Board.

This engineered wood almariah has a walnut rigato colour which easily compliments with most of the different colours of the room. The product is about 71 inches high, 31 inches long and a depth of 18 inches. Though very narrow in terms of depth and given the price range, this is ideal for easily movable people and also for kids rooms too.

MDF board used is water resistant, termite and fungus resistant and even scratch proof. There is a wide place for hanger placement and two large shelves for the placement of folded clothes or anything else. There is no mirror on any door of this wardrobe

While the strength of the material used is decent, the problem with this wardrobe is the pieces delivered may not be of the exact fit. The carpenter may need to cut down either of the piece in order to fix it up. Also, unlike other items in the list, there is no free installation available.

But the availability of a 3 years warranty seems to be a promising note of this wardrobe.


  • High quality MDF board
  • 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Light in weight
  • Scratch proof
  • Fungus, termites and water resistant


  • No mirror
  • No free installation
  • The pieces can sometimes not be aligned so you need a skilled carpenter to help you out.

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4. Styleys Plastic 8 Cube Organizer, Wardrobe Closet Organizer for Clothes

Styleys Plastic 8 Cube Organizer

Now we get to a fun and exciting wardrobe. They Styleys is a modern styled plastic cube like wardrobe. It is also the most affordable and budget friendly wardrobe in the entire list.

Made out of high quality Polypropylene Plastic, the wardrobe is highly customizable and can be used and placed pretty much anywhere, this is ideal for people who are always on the move and for the kids room too.

With a total of 8 cubes of the wardrobe, You are given 5 1×1 (30cm x 30cm x 30cm) cubes where as 3 cubes are clubbed together to form a long form door. The small cubes can be placed about and used as individual storage units whereas the large one can be used to hang coats or anything as such.

Easy to assemble all by yourselves, the DIY wardrobe needs no external carpenter help for installation. Multifunctional in use, this storage organizer can be your cabinet for clothes, toys or plain storage or even book shelf too.

Light in weight and water resistant too, it is a good gift that you can give to a child for storing their things or buy for yourselves for a temporary or movable property.


  • Modernistic and convenient design
  • Budget friendly and value for money
  • Highly customizable and easy installation thanks to the DIY model
  • Has enough storage
  • Made out of water proof plastic


  • Not ideal for a long term solution

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5. HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe

HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe

First on our list is the Hometown Willy Engineered Wood wardrobe. Hometown is a well known brand in the home appliances sector of the Indian Market. This wardrobe comes in a walnut colour and has 3 doors with great finish.

The wardrobe is about 1820 mm in height and 1190 mm in width with about 410 mm in depth making this an ideal fit for a moderate to even big room too. It has a good fixature and if you are looking to buy something and not planning on moving around it a lot, this is a good option.

Talking of the finish, this product’s walnut coloured finish has a neat and seamless surface and gives you a unique look and feel. Hometown provides you with free installation within 48 hours of the delivery of the product.

Spacious inside and stylish and a bit modernistic on the outside, this contemporary piece of furniture comes with a high quality hardware hinges and plywood that promise good strength and durability.

But given the plywood build nature of the wardrobe, it is highly advised for you to get the wardrobe treated for termites and place moth balls at appropriate places every once in a while


  • Triple Door Wardrobe
  • Made out of durable plywood
  • Height: 1820(mm) X Width: 1190(mm) X 410(mm)
  • Walnut colour
  • Free installation


  • Needs good care and maintenance
  • Does not come with a mirror

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How to Choose the Best Wardrobe?

Wardrobe is the place where you keep your stuff and organize your clothes. So, it is an important piece of furniture is almost every house. But purchasing a wardrobe is not a small investment. If you want to choose the right one that satisfies your requirements, then we recommend considering the below buying guide. It has all the information required to make the right decision.

1. Type of Wardrobe

This is the first factor to consider while purchasing a wardrobe. You have to analyze this factor based on the storage you require and space you can accommodate for it. Wardrobes are available in different variations that include – single door, double door, triple door, multi-door, sliding door and open wardrobe.

  • Single Door Wardrobe

They are suitable for tiny bedrooms but they have the capacity to handle clothing requirements of a single person. They are usually preferred by bachelors, dorm rooms, child’s or guest bedroom. Single Door Wardrobes are the most economic both in terms of design and pricing. Furthermore, given the monodoor style, they consume very little space too.

  • Double Door Wardrobe

double door wardrobes are a very common sight in the Indian middle class households. With more space compared to a single door wardrobe, these popular sized wardrobes easily fit in any average sized or even small sized bedrooms.

Most miniature double sized would be about 6 feet high and 4 feet long but this is not the standard size for all. They have more drawers, coat hang places and sometimes either 1 or even 2 mirrors on the doors thus doubling as a dressing table too. Modern models even have extra drawers in the bottom facing outside too.

  • Triple Door Wardrobes

Triple door wardrobes are suitable for couples. They have enough space to keep clothes of 2 or 3 people based on their clothing collection. But they are suitable for people who have large bedrooms or enough space to place them. They come with several storage combinations that include placing jewelry, shoes, dresser and others.

  • Multi-Door Wardrobe

These are perfect for people who have a large clothing collection or families with 4 members or more. They come with several storage segments suitable for placing jewelry, shoes, bags, clothes, bedsheets and others. Sometimes multi-door wardrobes are also ideal for couples to place most of their belongings in a single place. And most of these even come with a dressing table in the between too.

  • Sliding Door Wardrobe

As the name implies, a sliding door wardrobe is a contemporary styled wardrobe which offers you doors that slide instead of open outwards. Sliding door wardrobes are easier to access and have larger storage spaces than conventional wardrobes. They are ideal for bedrooms but given the sliding nature of the doors, they do not have a lock option and the ones. As they have sliding doors, they don’t take much floor space. So, they are suitable for rooms that have less space.

  • Open Frame Doorless Wardrobe

It is a frame stand lets you create a display for storing clothes. It is collapsible and movable, so you can carry it around when you are moving to a new house. They are mostly suitable for people who live in rented houses or hostels.

2. Material

Material of the wardrobe is very important. You have to choose the material based on your preference and room interiors. Apart from that, you should make sure the material you choose is durable and long lasting. Below, we have mentioned common materials used for building wardrobe.

  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) – It is also referred as engineered wood material (wood made by pressing hardwood particles). This material is cheaper and has smooth finish. However, if water falls on it, they can get soggy and be damaged. Also, they are prone to termite infestation.
  • Plywood – Plywood is also made out of engineered wood but it is much more strong and durable. Given quality of the wood being used, plywood is generally very costly and do not have the smooth finishing as the other type of particle boards.
  • Metal – It is the most contemporary style of wardrobe which are pretty common in Indian households. Metal is formidable and it is strong. They can withstand any type of damage and with proper care and anti-tarnish/anti rush paintings from time to time, a meta wardrobe will last with you for a very long period of time.
  • Plastic – Recently, some manufacturers are providing plastic wardrobes. This material is strong and durable. Plastic wardrobes are easy to assemble and disassemble. They are suitable for people who live in rented flats.

3. Design

Wardrobes are available in two different styles/designs that include contemporary and modern.

  • Contemporary – These are the typical outdoor wardrobes with limited shelves or sometimes, a hangar space as specified and used by many generations before. They are either made out of wood or metal are have internal lockers too (made out of the same material as the wardrobe).
  • Modern – Modern wardrobes are more design and style statement driven. They come with the most minimalistic designs and at the same time try to minimize wastage involved., High tech wardrobes have separate spaces to install safes inside the wardrobes.

4. Space

Though it looks like a simple question, it is very important factor to consider before purchasing the wardrobe. You have to analyze this factor based on your requirements and where you are going to place it. For that, first you have to measure the height, width and depth of the area where you are going to place the wardrobe. Based on these measurements, you can choose the wardrobe that is suitable.

5. Ease of Use

Some wardrobes are ergonomic while others are not. So, it is important to choose the wardrobe that is easy to use and provides the required comfortability.

6. Assembly

Wardrobes are bulky piece of furniture. Sometimes, they come in easy to assemble state while others need professional help. Some wardrobes can be disassembled and again assembled whenever necessary while others are permanently fixed. So, choose the right one based on your preference.

7. Budget

Last but no least factor is the price you have to pay for purchasing the wardrobe. They are available for a varied price range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 30000. Based on your requirements, you can choose any one. But remember that wardrobe is long term investment.

Tips to Maintain Wardrobe to Increase its Durability

  • Don’t place the wardrobe under direct sunlight as it can affect the color of wood.
  • For cleaning, use damp cloth and let it air dry completely before placing the clothes.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the surface.
  • Clothes in Plywood or engineered wood wardrobes can be easily eaten or bitten through by moths. Hence make sure that expensive clothes are sealed off neatly
  • Place mothballs in order to repel any bugs that have the potential to destroy your clothes
  • If you are buying a metal wardrobe, get it properly painted at least once every 2 years or so in order to prevent it from getting rusted.
  • For MDF wardrobes, try keeping them away from any kind of moisture as the wood material can easily be damaged by moisture.
  • Metal wardrobes may have sharp edges so make sure that they are not placed in the passways and also not by the walls. Ideal placement of these wardrobes is the corner of the room

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I adjust the door hinges of the wardrobe?

Yes, you can. Hinges of the wardrobe can be loosened or tightened for moving the doors farther or closer together. For that, you have to turn the hinges in clockwise direction for moving the doors towards the frame.

2. Is hinged wardrobe the best option for my bedroom?

This wardrobe option lets you see all your clothes at once. They are suitable for anyone who wants to make out-fit decision pretty quickly. If you have a very big clothing collection, then this is the right choice.

3. How to measure a sliding wardrobe?

For that, you have to grab a tape and measure the area of your bedroom where you are going to place wardrobe (length, width and depth). Don’t forget to provide the clearance along the sides, at the top for easy maneuvering. As sliding doors don’t open, they are space savvy so you don’t have to worry about the clearance opening doors. But if you are going for a wardrobe with opening doors or drawers, then you have to consider the floor space as well.

4. How much do sliding doors overlap?

Usually, sliding doors overlap over 75% which provides enough room to see your clothes without any worries.

5. Is it possible to adjust mirrored wardrobe doors?

Most of the mirrored wardrobes come with sliding doors. So, they can be tightened or tweaked to maintain them in place.

6. Among all the materials, which one is the best option?

If you don’t consider the price factor, plywood based wardrobes tend to have higher durability and life than typical MDF and lDF material wardrobes. It is always suggested to pick a good plywood because when it comes to plywood, their quality is also questionable if taken from the wrong manufacturer.

7. Are sliding doors better in wardrobes?

Sliding doors offer better and easier access to the internals of the wardrobes than a hinged/ pull out doors. These are smooth to access and often come in lightweight version of the wardrobe. But sliding door wardrobes fail in the area of security as it is not so hard to open a locked sliding door wardrobe.

8. Do wardrobes come with key locks?

Yes, they do. Most of the wardrobes come with key locks to its door sections and drawer sections. But this option is not available for sliding doors.

9. Of all wood materials, which one is the best for wardrobes?

If price is not an option to be considered, plywood based wardrobes tend to have higher durability and life than typical MDF and lDF material wardrobes. It is always suggested to pick a good plywood because when it comes to plywood, their quality is also questionable if taken from the wrong manufacturer.

10. Are sliding doors better in wardrobes?

Sliding doors offer better and easier access to the internals of the wardrobes than a hinged/ pull out doors. These are smooth to access and often come in lightweight version of the wardrobe.
But sliding door wardrobes fail in the area of security as it is not so hard to open a locked sliding door wardrobe.

11. How much should the sliding doors overlap from one another?

Not much and not little too. The width of both the doors has to be same and the gap between them has to be about that of an inch in order for them to move and slide smoothly.


With 3 doors and its Walnut Colour in a neat matte finish, the HomeTown Willy Engineered Wood Three Door Wardrobe is made out of high quality durable plywood and comes with free installation and also tops our list of the best wardrobes/almirah in India.

While that was our list, we are keen on knowing your top picks. That and if you happen to have any queries regarding wardrobes, their build material or anything as such, be sure to write to us in the comments below, our team of experts will get right back to you as soon as possible.