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Best Wall Stickers For Kids Room

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Wall stickers are an amazing concept to create a very impressive vibe in your kids room. To change the dull look of your kids room and to reduce the monotony of the same architectural view, wall stickers are must. They add extra charm to the rooms instantly. In this article, we have discussed four amazing and beautiful wall stickers for your kids room. 

1. Decals Design ‘Jungle Cartoon Cute Animals’ Wall Sticker

Tagline: Amazing animal stickers that are easy to use.

These wall stickers are amazing for a kids room as they are very bright and interesting. These are self adhesive wall stickers. They are undoubtedly easy to use. You can add it anywhere in the wall. They are made with premium quality PVC material. The sticker is of 50x70cm.

2. PAPER PLANE DESIGN Baby Panda Wall Stickers

Tagline: High quality colourful panda sticker that is waterproof.

This panda sticker is highly durable. This cute panda sticker can make your kid extremely happy by changing the complete look of the room. The sticker is waterproof hence it will not get damaged easily. It is made of high quality material that gives a matte finish texture to your wall. The sticker is of 24×36 inch. 

3. Decals Design Wall Stickers

Tagline: Bright cartoon sticker that is made of non toxic durable material.

These cartoon stickers are amazing for your kids’ room. This is undoubtedly easy to apply. You just need to peel the pre cut pieces and paste it wherever you want. It will last long. And for better results don’t apply this on a wet wall. This is 120 cm x 90cm. This is waterproof and also easy to clean.

4. Wallstick ‘Creative Alphabets’ Wall Sticker

Tagline: Cute alphabet sticker to decorate your kids room.

This wall sticker is made of high quality vinyl. These are easy to install. Just peel the pre cut pieces and apply it. This is easy to keep clean also. It is highly durable. It will look very interesting in your kids room as it is not a common design. For better results, just apply it on a smooth and dry surface. 

Things to consider before buying wall stickers for your kids room: 

  • Material: It is important to check the material. Because if it is not made of a quality material, then definitely it will not last long. 
  • Design: It is important to check the design because kids mostly love eye catching designs or motifs. So before buying a sticker for your kids room, you should definitely check if the design is bold and colourful. 
  • Features: You should consider some features while making the purchase. If the sticker is waterproof, dustproof or not. Otherwise it may get easily affected or damaged. 


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