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Best Decorative Wall Sticker for Switch Panel Board

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Decorative wall or switch panel stickers enhance the appearance and complement your spaces. They add a stylish look to switchboards, walls, doors, refrigerators, and many more. Since most stickers are water-proof, you can happily use them outdoors. Plenty of multi-purpose, attractive, and fun-oriented stickers are available in the online market. Here, we have listed a few of them to help you make the right purchase. Let’s start!

1. Decopix Hero’s Decorative Wall Sticker

Award: Best Material Quality

Tagline: A pack of five stickers is perfect for indoor or outdoor decors.

Decopix Hero’s wall stickers add extra beauty to your home interiors. You can stick them on electronic appliances, near switchboards, and laptops too. Made from premium quality vinyl, these stickers won’t shrink and last for years. These stickers come with DIY manuals. They are safely packed in a hard paper tube for proper delivery. 

2. StickersYard Superheroes Decorative Wall Sticker

Award: Best sticky surface

Tagline:  A superhero stickers set that makes switch panels more attractive and rich.

These wall stickers are made of dust-proof and water-resistant PVC vinyl. Thus, the stickers will look bright even after years of use. The stickers have high-quality sticky surfaces, making them easy to stick and remove. Moreover, these self-adhesive stickers also keep your walls safe from stains while replacing them. These are perfect to add a luster look to modern switchboards. Further, you can also use these stickers to decorate walls in any room in your home. 

3. Decor Kafe Set

Award: Best reusable

Tagline: Best decorative stickers for walls, doors, and switch panels.

Decor Kafe’s multi-color stickers give a touch of a vintage look to modern switch panels. You will get five well-finished stickers in a single pack. Each sticker comes in a rectangular shape and varies in design and color. Along with switch panel use, the stickers also ensure a more fun look to walls, doors, and other smooth surfaces. On the material front, the stickers are made out of vinyl with matte-finishing. Hence, the sticker’s top is more glossy and the bottom is more sticky.

4. Decals Creation Vinyl Flowers Wall Switch Board Sticker

Award: Best design

Tagline: A set of five stickers with five creative designs gives life to walls or switchboards. 

It is one of the best decorative stickers that comes in a romantic theme. Each sticker with a unique design and red color delights your interior. With a dancing young lady, swinging love birds, a sleeping pet, a cute penguin, and an Eiffel tower, this set has gained a star rating. Moreover, its adhesive properties won’t damage the surfaces of walls or doors. 

Things to consider before you buy switch panel stickers

1. Size of the sticker

If you are specifically looking for switchboard stickers, then you must choose a sticker of perfect size. Choose a sticker with 15cm X 9cm for a switch panel with a single switch. If you are looking for medium-sized switch panels, then 15cm X 17cm dimensions ensure a perfect fitting.

2. Materials & adhesive properties

Almost wall stickers or switchboard stickers use PVC vinyl material to ensure their durability. So, before buying a sticker, make sure of its material quality and type. Also, check for the stickiness that allows stickers to sit flat on surfaces without bumps.

3. Designs

Wall stickers are ideal for placing in any room. If your search is for a kids’ room, then choose stickers with funny designs like superheroes, teddy bears, and all. If you are looking to switchboards stickers for the master’s room, then select a romantic-theme. So, based on your requirement and interest, choose one among the best.

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