6 Best Walker for Adults in India 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

We tend to lose the stability, strength or energy while we get old, sometimes we need support even to walk in such scenarios walkers will be very essential for excellent support and help you to walk easily.

As there are different types of walkers available in the market it must be a bit tough job to select a good walker. There are few factors you need to check before you buy the walker.

Capacity: Mostly you get walkers from 250 to 300 pounds and few are 500 pounds too, based on your weight and sizes select the suitable walker.

Foldability: This feature is suitable if you have less storage space and if you get this model it will be easy to carry with you.

There are more features like brake type, seat type, price etc which are describes in our Buying Guide”.

We have done a good research and based on the reviews of customers we have picked 6 Best walkers in India hope it makes your purchase easy

Best Walker for Adults in India

Walker for AdultsMaterialBuy Now
Viva Healthcare Folding WalkerAluminiumCHECK ON AMAZON
KosmoCare Folding WalkerAluminiumCHECK ON AMAZON
MCP Jindal Economy Foldable WalkerIron CRC pipesCHECK ON AMAZON
Dr Trust Adjustable Foldable WalkerAluminiumCHECK ON AMAZON
Meditive Folding WalkerStainless steel and AluminiumCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Walker for Adults in India: Reviews

1. Viva Healthcare Folding Walker

Viva Healthcare Folding Walker

The viva healthcare folding walker is the right choice to buy for the aged patients. This walker is light in weight and comes with the 2 armrests which give you support and steadiness to walk without any hassle.

It is light in weight and is made from aluminium; you can easily adjust the height. It is designed with the folding design which you can operate with just one button easily.

Warranty: You don’t get any warranty with this product.

Things we liked:

  • It is compact and light in weight
  • You get advanced functionality with folding design
  • It is easy to use and maintain

Things we didn’t like:

  • Sometimes the locking button may get damaged

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2. KosmoCare Folding Walker

KosmoCare Folding Walker

KosmoCare offers the extensive range of healthcare products for home and this gives the users ease and support to live without any help.

This product is the perfect solution for low limb loading and joint pain relief. It is strong and durable. The walker capacity is 100 kg and comes with the features like button to fold the walker, height adjustment.

It comes with the anti skid bushings in the four legs of the walker this add to the stability and durability of the walker and makes it easy to use in indoors and outdoors.

The walker is made up of aluminium and it weights 2.6 kg, you get the height adjustments that ranges from 78 to 96 cm

Warranty: No warranty

Things we liked:

  • It is compact and light in weight.
  • It is easy to store and carry along with you by folding the walker.

Things we liked:

  • When you are using the walker, walker slightly tends to shake.

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veayva folding walker

VEAYVA healthcare walker is designed with the deep frame and you get many height adjustments which you can adjust easily according to your height. For good stability you get the brace on the lower side.

This two step walker is lightweight and you can lift easily. It is designed with foam hand grips this gives you good comfort while you hold and use the walker.

Things we liked:

  • This walker is light in weight

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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4. MCP Jindal Economy Ms Coating Foldable Walker

MCP Jindal Economy Ms Coating Foldable Walker

This is an excellent light weight; foldable walker from MCP jindal offers you firm grip and features to use makes your life easier and comfortable.

Things we liked:

  • It is light in weight
  • Has comfortable grip

Things we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

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5. Dr Trust Portable Height Adjustable Foldable Walker

dr trust foldable walker

Dr Trust which is the most trusted brand by doctors, which is to promote the wellness and good health to everyone.

This walker is the premium quality walker which is suitable for the people who are unable to balance and walk.

The weighing capacity of the walker is 100 kg and is portable, foldable, light in weight. It is made up of aluminium.

This walker works on bio mechanical principle which allows correct body weight distribution and it balances you from falling. The walker weights about 2. 76kg and is featured with strength, durability, lightness.

Things we liked:

  • No assembling required
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It has options like height adjustment
  • It is foldable

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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6. Meditive Folding Walker

MEDITIVE Light Weight Folding Walker

Lightweight, double stain less steel bars support make this foldable walker comfortable to use for senior citizens. Arm rests are made of top quality increases the grip and stability. Hook based height adjustment make this more stable and easy to use.

Things we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Double bars support made of stainless steel
  • Hook based height adjustment

Things we didn’t like:

  • Nothing much

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Types of Adult Walkers:

1. Standard Walker:

The standard walker is most used walker, it is designed with four legs with no wheels and at top it comes with the handle bars. To take forward steps the user should lift the walker and drop it to the front, this type of walkers are durable, inexpensive and light in weight, it works well on plane surface.

Mostly these walkers are suitable for the seniors who don’t have proper balance to walk.

2. Front Wheeled Walker:

These walkers are similar to standard walkers but they are equipped with wheels on front legs, it will be easy to use as you can easily push to move the walker. You can easily use the walker on rough surface as they have wheels.

These walkers are suitable to people who can moderately balance their body, but be cautious as too much weight can lose the stability.

3. 4 Wheeled Rollator:

Rollators are designed wheels on all four sides, comes with brakes which can be used by squeezing, you usage this walkers for outdoor purpose easily as it comes with four wheels. Few walkers come with seating facility. These walkers are suited for seniors who cannot balance.

The only negative with this stand is the stand is heavy and weight around 9 kgs.

4. 3 Wheeled Rollator:

This is similar to 4 wheeled rollator the small variation is the shape it is in triangular shape, same as 4 wheel rollator it is equipped with brakes with the handle bars.

  • This type comes with storage basket, it doesn’t have seating facility and the triangle shape will be more flexible to use the rollator.

Factors to consider before buying a walker:

The below are few factors you need to check for before you buy the walker

1. Price:

The walkers price range from $40 to $150, choose the walker that suits your usage.

2. Foldability:

This model is suitable if you run short of space at your home or you need to carry the walker in your vehicle regularly then this foldable walkers are useful.

3. Capacity:

There are different models of walkers with different capacity as few walkers come with capacity of 250 and 300 pounds where as few have capacity of 500 pounds.

Depending on your weight and size select the walker suitable for you.

4. Brake type:

Most of the walkers come with hand loop brakes which you can use by lever squeezing, it will be hard to use but if there is issues like hand nimbleness then it is best to choose the walker with pushdown brakes and weight activated model.

5. Seat height:

Four wheeled walkers are featured with seating facility; choose the walker with different seating adjustments so as it will be easy to select the height based on your preference.

6. Handle Height:

Few walkers come with handle adjustment where you can adjust the handle higher or lower this helps you in adapting plane floor or shoe height. So it is advisable to select the walker with handle adjustable option.

7. Weight:

You need to choose the walker with light weight especially if you are planning for standard models, as you need to lift the walker and step forward.

8. Width:

Most of the walkers come with 22 and 27 inches base wide, you need to choose the walker which mostly suits your doorways at home.

How to use a walker safely- Tips and Advices:

Using the walker correctly gives the good impact; consider the following tips to use the walker properly and safely.

Height Adjustment:

Walkers need to be fit in a way by which it reduces tension on backs and soldiers, and for doing it, slight adjustment must be made. Soldiers must be relaxed while arms being at grips of walkers, and they, also must be relaxed at a good angle.

It’s suggested to have approximately 15-degree angle for best walker experience.


People who use walkers for walking face a tough job, but there is an easy way. Firstly, keep the walker at arm’s length in the front and gently push it. Ensure that you take off hand weight and slowly move forward.

Weaker leg must be kept in the middle of walker and should go first, however anyone can go forward if both are weak. Remember that sudden push is a no while using a walker.


Back up and keep hands on walker until your back touches chair. Use hands to take support from arms of chair, and the, slowly lower you into it.

Frequently asked Questions:

1. How do i measure for a walker?

To select the correct height of the walker you need to stand straight leaving the wrist freely on both sides, the length is measured from the wrist to the floor and this would be the correct height.

2. Can you push someone in a walker?

If you are using rollator you should not push the walker as they don’t have that capacity to stand the movement.

3. What to look for while buying a rollator?

These are the 10 tips to check while you buy the rollator
*Trust the expert
*Understand the height recommendations
*Check if the folding and packing is easy
*Choose hoe you are going to use the walker
*If there is more stability then it have less manoeuvrability


Walkers are essential for senior citizens to move around with good support. We advise you to choose based on your requirement and budget.

Considering all the features we suggest Viva Healthcare Folding Walker as this is very easy to use, light weight and foldable walker.