Best Waffle Makers in India Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

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Be it for breakfast, dessert or school snack, nothing can beat a crunchy delicious waffle. You can easily purchase ready-made waffles in local stores or bakeries. But smell, taste and texture of these waffles live not live up the deliciousness of freshly cooked ones.

So, investing in a WAFFLE MAKER is a wise choice…

Making waffles is pretty easy with this appliance but find the right one is the trick.

While purchasing a waffle maker, we recommend considering the below factors…

  • Waffle Type – If you love thick waffles with deep pockets, then choose Belgian style. But if you like thin, shallow pocket and crispy waffles, then go with American style waffle maker.
  • Waffle Quantity – Single waffle maker is suitable for a small family with 2 to 3 members. They can bake 25 – 35 waffles in an hour. But for a large family, we recommend double waffle maker as it can bake two waffles at a time. So, you can easily make 40 – 60 waffles in an hour.

Other notable features to consider are flip or rotate models, material, durability and others. Read our “Waffle Maker Buying Guide” to know more about these factors and how to clean a waffle maker.

To help you spend wisely, we have shortlisted Best Waffles Makers In India after careful analysis, research and testing.

Top 6 Best Waffle Makers in India

Best Waffle MakersModelWarrantyBuy Now
IBELL Waffle MakerStandard6 months Check On Amazon
Prestige Waffle MakerStandard1 YearCheck On Amazon
Russell Waffle MakerStandard2 YearsCheck On Amazon
Oster Waffle MakerStandard1 YearCheck On Amazon
Cuisinart Waffle MakerVerticalNACheck On Amazon
Rossmann 3 in 1 Snack MakerStandard1 YearCheck On Amazon
Black+Decker Waffle MakerFlip RotaryNACheck On Amazon

Top 6 Waffle Makers Reviews in India

1. iBell 750 Watt Waffle Maker

iBell 750 Watt Waffle Maker

iBell is well-known to manufacture robust tools with several technological advancements. Its captivating sandwich maker consumes 750 W of power and weighs just 2.3 kilograms.

It comes with three different non-stick coated cooking plates. One for toasting, one for grilling, and the other one for making waffles. The plate lock button lets you easily change the plates according to your requirement.

The sandwich maker comes with a thermostatically controlled heating element that regulates the cooking process in the most efficient way. Its overheat safety protection plays a vital role in avoiding injuries while using.

You just have to simply connect the maker to a power source and turn it on. It automatically prepares waffles without any further manual intervention.

The green and red light indicators let you know if it is still cooking or if it is done.

The comfortable grip lets you easily carry it around without much effort. Due to its compact size, you can place it anywhere you like in your home or you can effortlessly store it away when not in use.

iBell is offering the best service on its products. You will be receiving a 6-month manufacturer warranty on the product along with an additional 6-month warranty upon registration which is free.


  • Thermostatically controlled heating element
  • Overheat safety protection
  • Detachable cooking plates
  • Non-stick coating
  • Grip handle
  • 6-month warranty + 6-month extra warranty on free registration


  • Build quality can be better

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2. Prestige Waffle Maker

Prestige Waffle Maker

Almost every Indian household is familiar with the brand Prestige. It has an amazing collection of kitchen appliances such as pressure cookers, gas stoves, mixer grinders, induction cooktops, etc. Let us see what does Prestige has to offer in its good-looking waffle maker.

It is very user-friendly and can be carried around easily as it comes in a compact size. The body is made of heat-resistant bakelite material so that you won’t face any injuries while handling it.

The inside of the waffle maker has two highly durable die-cast plates. They are given special coating for efficient heating and less oil usage, resulting in healthier waffles and easier cleaning.

The two indicators on the top will let you know if the waffle is prepared or if it is ready to serve.

The machine automatically turns off when it is done so you don’t have to panic if you forgot.

The waffle maker operates at a voltage of 230 V AC and 50 Hz. It consumes just 800 W making it moderately energy-efficient.

You will be receiving a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the product.


  • Durable die-cast plates
  • Heat-resistant bakelite body
  • Non-stick coating
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power indicators


  • Damaged products are being delivered to a few customers

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3. Russell Hobbs 750 Watt Waffle Maker

Russell Hobbs Sandwich Maker

Russell Hobbs supplies the most well-reviewed kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, toasters, juice extractors, grinders, etc. Its 3 in 1 sandwich maker is an ideal choice for preparing delicious meals in the most energy-efficient way.

With the three detachable cooking plates that come with this sandwich maker, you prepare a wide variety of items for breakfast or for mid-day snacks. You can use it for toasting, grilling, and preparing waffles.

The non-stick coated plates can be easily attached or detached with buttons placed beside the slots at the top and the bottom.

It features a thermostatically-controlled heating element that effectively regulates the cooking process. The powerful heating rods keep the waffle maker ready to cook within a few seconds after turning it on.

The body of the maker is made of heat-resistant bakelite material. On the top, it is given a steel plate to add up to its sturdiness. It also has power indicators that let you know the cooking process and avoid over-browning of the dish.

This 3 in 1 sandwich maker consumes 750 W of power while in use making it one of the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Due to its special non-stick coating, it requires less usage of oil and does not require much effort while cleaning.


  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • 3 detachable non-stick coated plates
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Sturdily built with an elegant finish
  • Powerful heating rods
  • Power indicators


  • Product quality needs to be better

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4. Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Oster strives to manufacture products that would make its user’s life easier than ever. From highly efficient electric knives to multi-functional food processors, you can find many varieties with exceptional features. Its waffle maker is designed in such a way that it cooks the large Belgian waffle with deep pockets and irresistible taste.

The waffle plates come in 8-inch size and completely non-stick. They release the waffle as soon as they are ready and they can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly.

You can easily adjust the temperature of the waffle maker with a regulator to make the waffle crispy or light & fluffy. Below this regulator, two indicators let you know if the waffle is being prepared or ready.

For added durability, the waffle maker is given a stainless steel finish. It is designed with cool handles made of heat-resistant material so you won’t burn your hands while handling the waffle maker.

You will be receiving a one-year manufacturer warranty on the product.


  • Non-stick 8 inch waffle plates
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Stainless steel finishing
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Indicators
  • 1-year warranty


  • Does not work effectively for Indian household voltage 220V

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5. Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

Cuisinart may not be a household brand in India as of now. But it has seen significant growth in the last few years and has a good reputation in many other countries. Its waffle maker becomes a great addition to your kitchen with its unique design and effective results.

It comes in a vertical design with a batter pour spout on the top and a locking handle. The indicator inside the spout will let you know up to where you need to pour the batter without any spillovers.

You can bake one round Belgian waffle at a time in this maker and you can adjust the heating with its 5 setting browning control.

The two indicator lights let you know if the maker is ready to bake or if the waffle is ready to eat. As soon as the waffle is ready the maker also lets out an audible alert so that you can take it out on time.

You can easily transfer the waffle from the waffle maker into your plate as the baking plates are completely non-stick.

It is made completely BPA-free and is given a brushed stainless steel top cover for an added durability.

You will be receiving a measuring scoop to take enough batter required to make a round Belgian waffle.


  • Vertical design
  • Batter pour spout
  • 5-setting browning control
  • Indicator lights
  • Audible alert
  • Non-stick baking plates
  • Locking handle
  • BPA free
  • Measuring scoop & recipes included


  • Warranty details are not mentioned

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6. Rossmann 3 in 1 Snack Maker

Rossmann 3 in 1 Snack MakerRossmann is probably one of the most versatile snack maker available online. Apart from giving you fluffy and melt in the mouth Waffles, the Rossmann can also double as a sandwich maker and also as a grill machine too.

All you need to do is place the waffle batter on the grilling plates and close the device and switch it on. A few minutes and you can have fluffy and tasty waffles by dipping them in some delicious maple syrup.

The powerful heating elements enable the grill to heat well and thus cook better. The heating plates provided in the device are all non stick in nature and thus are easy to

2 LED switches present on either side of the grill’s handle let you know of the status of the waffle maker. When the Red light is turned on, it indicates the light turning on where as the green light indicates that the device is ready to cook.

A waffle plate is given separately in the device that makes your job of getting groovy square shaped waffles with ease. Thermostat control present in the device facilitate control over the temperature, give consistent cooking and prevent any overheating too.

The bottom of this device has rubber studs that give ample stability to the device and makes sure that the waffle maker does not topple over. As is the case with most of the Rossmann products, the Rossmann 3 in one snack maker too comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Has an easy to carry and compact body
  • Effectively uses 700 watts of power
  • Has 2 LED switches that let you know when the device is powered on and when the device is ready to cook
  • Separate plates for waffle, grill and sandwich making
  • Rubber bottoms for greater stability
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Needs to improve the build quality of the product

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7. Black+Decker Waffle Maker

Black+Decker Waffle MakerSimilar to the wonderchef model in terms of design, the Decker Flip Waffle Maker also works on the principle of Wonderchef waffle maker.

It too has a heating plate beneath it and a turn around motion that is used to flip and turn around the device to make waffles.

There is a handle with cool touch which can be caught, bent to rotate mode and used for this rotation process. All you need to do is place the waffle dough/batter inside the device, close the lid, turn on the light and rotate the device once every few minutes till the waffle is cooked.

Also, make sure you have preheated the device for at least 5 minutes before you jump on to make the waffles. You can get one round, supple, fluffy and tasty waffle every 10-15 minutes with this waffle maker.

But one of the major problems with the device, apart from being over the shelf pricey is its voltage consumption. This 1000 watts device requires a 110V connection which is not very common in Indian households.

For smoother and safer performance of the device, you NEED to have a step down transformer which needs to be used along with the device.

Priced higher, the device does not specify any kind of warranty, which seems to be another sort of letting down.


  • Rotary style design
  • Cool touch handle
  • Easy to use and cook
  • Good build material


  • 110V which is not a norm in Indian Households.
    Needs a step down transformer to operate safely
  • A tad bit pricier
  • No warranty

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Waffle Maker Buying Guide

With a wide assortment of waffles known to mankind, one can choose from an array of waffle makers that excel in making the right type of waffle. Here is a quick look at the types of waffle makers available to the consumer.

  • Standard/American Waffle Maker

American Waffle Maker

Standard waffle makers make multiple waffles with the right indentations required for easy cutting of the waffle. A standard waffle measures 5-7 inches across with a very little thickness to give you a soft chewy feeling. They tend to bake the batter evenly all throughout the area.

  • Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian Waffle Maker

A Belgian waffle is traditionally thicker when compared to a standard or an American waffle. The indentations are well defined and have the ability to hold a whole lot of toppings. These waffle makers are generally circular in shape and consume an extra amount of time to bake those crispy frames and fluffy insides.

  • Flip/ Rotating Waffle Maker

Rotating Waffle Maker

Both flip and rotating makers have the same principle but a different layout. They are well-suited for larger families wherein the demand for the number of waffles needs to be met with. Once some batter is poured onto a clamshell, it can be flipped or rotated to 180° making way for the second waffle to take shape.

  • Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

Simple yet satisfying, these cast iron makers can be placed directly over the flame or stove top to get those perfectly cooked waffles. They do not need any extra supply of electricity or space on the kitchen counter. These makers are ideal to carry around especially when you plan a family picnic or camping.

Best Waffle Makers 2021: Buying Guide                                                    

Decided to buy a waffle maker but confused on which one to go for? We understand the problem! There are so many varieties of waffle makers available but you need to go for something that can produce consistent results like perfect looking, uniform textured and evenly colored waffles irrespective of the batter. It should be highly customizable and should suffice your needs without being heavy on the pocket. Keeping in mind the factors, we have come up with a detailed buying guide to help you through the buying process. Take a look!

1. American or Belgian: Which is Your Style?

The connotation of the word ‘style’ is not just limited to fashion. Foods have styles too, and if you are a professional cook or a homemaker, you’d know it. The style of a waffle depends on how it looks, which influences its taste and texture to a considerable degree.

The foremost thing to decide while buying a waffle maker is, which type of waffle you would like? There are two main varieties, let us have a look at each of them.

A. The Original Belgian Waffle

Waffles originated in Belgium and constituted a staple in the breakfast spread of the country. The Belgian waffles typically have a thickness of 1 to 1.5 inches and have marked indentations that can hold a lot of syrup or toppings. These delectable square waffles are crispy on the outside and slightly moist on the inside.

Categories of Belgian Waffles: Brussels vs. Liege

a. Brussels Waffle– This is the type we typically call the Belgian waffle. These fluffy waffles are made with batter and are well shaped with uniform hollow markings all over.

b. Liege Waffle– This kind of waffles is made with dough instead of batter. They aren’t uniform and are more on the chewier side.

Popularity in India

The Brussels waffle is perhaps more popular in India as it fits more to the taste of Indian masses. But you can sure make a Liege waffle once in a while to try out something different.

B. The Crispier American Waffle

The American waffles are typically way thinner than the Belgian one. They are crispier with shallower grids and are round in shape. The thickness of American waffles is 0.25 to half an inch. Just pour melted butter, honey or maple syrup enjoy a delicious breakfast every day.

Key Ingredient that Actually Makes the Difference

American waffles are leavened with baking powder, which is the reason they are crispy. The Belgian waffles, on the other hand, are leavened with yeast, which accounts for their fluffy texture.

While the Belgian waffle comes in square shapes (sometimes round too), the Americanwaffles can range from plain round shape to Micky shape, to heart shape. You can also turn an American waffle into a cone and serve it with ice-cream.

Our Suggestion: Needless to say, if you like American Waffle more, you should get an American style waffle maker (one with honeycomb grid), and it is the same in the case of Belgian waffles. Each kind of waffle is different from the other, and it is best to buy a waffle maker that is dedicated to a particular kind.

2. Number of Slots: How Many Waffles Do You Want?

The capacity of a particular waffle maker is measured in ‘waffles per hour.’ This capacity is certainly influenced by the number of waffle slots in the maker apart from its speed of cooking.  Most commonly, waffle makers come in single, double, and stacked variations.

Number of SlotsCharacteristicsSuitable ForProsCons
Single Waffle Maker1. Single top and bottom grid
2. Makes one waffle at a time
3. Cab make 20 to 35 waffles per hour
Bachelors or Couple Use*Takes less space
*Costs Less
Lower production capacity
Double waffle maker1. Dual grids for top and bottom
2. Customizable temperature settings
3. Can be used by 2 persons at once
Family of 3 to 5 heads*More production capacity
*Customizing control options
*Costs more
*Not space-efficient
Stacked Waffle Maker1. Two waffle irons clubbed
2. There is just one temperature controlling option
3. It has a compact design
Family with space crunch*Requires lesser space
*Average waffle making capacity
*Costs lesser as compared to ‘double waffle maker.’
*Lower waffle-making capacity
*Lacks temperature-controlling option

3. Shape and Size of Waffle: Your Liking Matters the Most

  • Shape-Presentation matter as much as the taste of the food. The shape of a waffle influences the visual appeal of it. If you have a kid who is particularly fond of hearts or flowers, then you can undoubtedly get a waffle maker of that shape. Sticking to the classic square or round shapes is another good way to go as well.
  • Size– The Belgian waffle is 1 to 1.5 inches thick, while the American waffles have 0.25 to 0.5 inches of thickness. Size-wise, the Belgian waffles are a tad bit larger than the American ones.

4. Grid Material: Numero Uno Difference-Maker

Browning, making-time, and cleaning-process is largely dependent on the grid material. For instance, the inner plates of an economy waffle maker model will probably be of aluminium, which isn’t the most durable. But that of a high-end model will probably be made of cast iron. We have made the following chart for you to pick the grid material that suits your suitability.

Grid MaterialProsCons
Aluminium*Pocket-friendly price
*Pre-heats quickly
*Fast cooking
*Saves energy
*Tough to clean
*Lesser control over the cooking time
*Not very durable
*Even distribution of heat
*Poor heat conductor
*Not an energy-efficient option
*Might have discolorations over time
Non-Stick*Easy to clean
*Gives perfect shaped waffles every time
*Easy to use
*Not dishwasher safe
*Coating chips easily
Cast Iron*Very durable
*Great heat retention
*Surface can be made non-stick
Only wash the trays or put them in the dishwasher, if they are removable. If the trays are not removable, never immerse them in water. It can damage your waffle maker or cause an accident the next time you plug it in.

5. Plain Beige or Golden brown; How Brown do You Like Your Waffles?

Aren’t golden brown waffles just the best? Or do you like it lightly done? Well, if you are a lover of either of these two, it’s better to look out for a waffle maker with browning control. There is a thermostat that gives even browning on a waffle, but if you want it customized as per your liking, a browning control is precisely the thing to look for.

Our Suggestion: If you aren’t on a tight budget, we suggest you look for browning control in the waffle iron anyway. It is always good to have options, especially if guests frequent in your home.

6. Nothing’s Better than Multi-functionality

Easy Waffles on busy days are great! But what about weekends when you want to add an egg, sandwiches or some healthy grilled veggies on your breakfast platter?  If you would like a compact all-in-one breakfast/snacks making machine, look for a waffle maker with a removable tray which can give you a flat surface to fry an egg or toast bread. Some models also come with an additional tray where you can grill some veggies or sausages.

Our Suggestion: It is indeed a good feature. But if you have a gas stove where you can get all the other works done, this feature is optional which you can skip. 

7. Rotating Waffle Makers: Flipping Isn’t Always Bad

Rotating waffle makers are in trend as they give even looking waffles that are thoroughly cooked through. After you put the matter on a rotating waffle maker, you have to flip it once. This flipping causes the batter to spread evenly and results in fluffier waffles.

Our Suggestion: It is a cool feature that ensures that there is not an undercooked lump of batter anywhere on the waffle plate. There are a number of brands coming up with this feature, and you can easily get it in a mid-budget range.

8. An Indicator Frees Up Your Time

Waffle makers that come with an Indicator/timer are always better for a user, especially if you have a busy schedule. With this feature, you can conveniently go about your work while the machine is baking fresh and fragrant waffles.  After the procedure is over, the waffle iron will indicate you, so that you can collect the waffles.

NOTE: There are several indicator types. Some just beep, some flashes a light or change color while some others come with a digital countdown clock that shows the time left.

Our Suggestion: It is best to search for an indicator that beeps, even if it has another type of indicator present already. A beep or shrill sound will immediately alert you, no matter where you are in your house, even if you forget about it. Otherwise, the heat retained by the waffle-iron might burn the waffles or crust them a little too much.

9. Features That Makes Handling A Waffle Iron Easier

  • Non-Stick Plates– For ease of use and quickness of action, non-stick plates have become a necessity. You might choose a Teflon coat or a ceramic coat, as per your wish. Non-stick coats produce better waffles and are way easier to clean.
  • Drip Trays- Some models come with a drip tray that is placed underneath the waffle iron to catch any batter that drips off. It keeps the counter clean and reduces workload.
  • Space-Efficient Model- No matter which model you choose, it is important that you measure out the storage space at your disposal. Some waffle irons come with built-in wire storages; others have a locking mechanism which can be put into use to tuck them away in a hassle-free manner. However, in case you plan to buy a flip model, you must understand that they require more space on your kitchen counter and can be stored only in the box.

Our Suggestion: The lack of these features will not make a difference in the quality or taste of the waffles a machine makes. However, we would suggest you get a waffle iron that has a non-stick surface at least.

10. Don’t Ignore safety Features

Safety is above everything else. Especially in the cases of electrical appliances, one should never take safety lightly. Look for features like ‘cool-touch exterior,’ ‘auto turn-off’ and a ‘locking lid’.

Our Suggestion: Auto turn-off feature should always be on the top of your list. The other safety features are important as well, and must not be compromised with.

How Make Waffles in a Waffle Maker

Making Waffles isn’t a hard thing. Once you have a waffle iron, it will be one of the easiest recipes on the breakfast menu. Let us see how to make a basic waffle step by step.

  • Step 1: Prepare the waffle batter using any recipe on the internet (or on your user manual), or you can get a ready-to-mix packet as well.
  • Step 2: Pre-heat the waffle maker till the indicator goes off.
  • Step 3: Grease the surface using a heat-protected greasing brush.

NOTE: Even if you have a waffle maker with non-stick coating, you might like to add a little bit of grease to it. This step makes sure that the waffle would come out right and also adds taste to it.

  • Step 4: Set the temperature to the lowest and pour the batter in the center of the waffle iron.

Note: Setting the temperature to the lowest makes sure that the batter does not harden as soon as you pour it in. It gives time to the mixture to spread well.

  • Step 5: Close the lid and set your preferred temperature.

Additional Step: If you have a rotating waffle, now is the right time to flip it. Also, set the temperature after flipping.

  • Step 6: Gently wipe off any batter that comes out of the waffle maker.
  • Step 7: Once the waffles are done, remove them from the machine and top them with your choice of condiments or fruits.
  • Step 8: Enjoy freshly baked waffles at home.

How to Keep a Waffle Maker Clean

The Body– Before attempting to clean the exterior (or interior) of a waffle maker, first make sure that it is not plugged in and is cool to touch. Now take a soft paper towel and wipe off the exterior off any dirt or residual batter.

In case any amount of batter has hardened on the sides of the waffle maker, use a sponge and soapy water to soften it. Then pry it with a spatula to get it off.

The Tray– To clean the tray, use a washcloth, and dip it in soapy water. Wipe the plate after wringing the cloth well. Now use a dry paper towel and wipe down again and soak the extra moisture. In case the trays are removable, you can wash it in the sink or put them in a dishwasher as well.

Useful Tips When Using a Waffle Maker at Home

If you have already bought or are going to buy a waffle maker, here are some of the tips that will make using it at home easier for you.

  • Instruction Manual is the Best Source of Information

”Read the instruction manual carefully” is the most quoted sentence and the most ignored one as well.  People often buy a gadget and proceed to use it or search for information on the internet. The one thing that you should do first is, set some time apart to read the instruction manual before using the waffle maker.

It gives you accurate information on how to use it, instructions to clean, whether to grease it or not and time to cook waffles. Reading it is essential because your waffle maker will differ from another one to some degree. So, it is best to proceed with precise and accurate information.

  • Pay Attention to Cleaning

Clean the tray of a waffle maker every single day after you are done using it. Non-stick surfaces might look clean, but in reality, it can have bacteria formation if they are not cleaned. Give special attention to tricky areas like the handle and hinges. Make sure to pry off any batter from them. And clean the exterior once in a while to keep your machine in the best shape.

  • Pre-Heating Refrains the Batter from Sticking

Yes, you read that right. Pre-heating the waffle maker is supremely important if you want tasty and evenly cooked waffle that comes off easily.

  • Mix the batter well

Spend a few minutes mixing the batter. If the mixture is uneven, it can result in lumpy or not-thoroughly cooked waffles. Certainly not a thing you want.

  • Avoid Using Metal Spatulas

Using metal spatulas can lead to s scratching the surface. It is especially true in case of ones with non-stick coating. If you need some help removing the waffle from the tray, use a rubber or plastic spatula instead.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How to prevent the waffle from sticking to the grid?

The right temperature and amount of preheating is the key to avoid waffle from sticking onto the griddle. It also depends upon the consistency of your batter. Make sure you add the required amount of oil and butter to the batter. This helps in picking up the waffles easily once they are done. Another tip is to avoid using sharp objects such as forks, knives to pick up the waffles. These might damage the grid which can result in sticking of the batter.

2. How much batter to add to the maker?

It depends upon the type of waffle maker you buy. Additionally, all the waffle makers come with a handy manual that mentions the right amount of batter required to make a good waffle in that particular maker. Secondly, it also depends upon the recipe and the amount of leavening the batter has undergone.

3. How long does it take to bake one waffle?

Depending upon the material of the grid, it might take anywhere between 3-6 minutes to make one waffle.

4. What is the difference in non-stick waffle plate and ceramic coated waffle plate?

Most waffle plates are made with Polyetrafluoroethylene which is commonly known as Teflon. While PTFE has great non-sticking properties they stop the waffle from sticking to the plate but some doesn’t want to use it because it can be related to certain health problems.
Ceramic plates on the other hand are safer and more durable options. They are made with natural elements instead of artificial chemicals. They don’t peel or flake off easily like other non-stick options, even if you use it regularly. These all make them a bit expensive though.

5. What is the ideal temperature at which a waffle is baked?

Generally, a waffle with soft chewy filling and a crispy outer layer bakes under 200℃.

6. Do I need to use a cooking spray on my non-stick waffle plate?

No, if your waffle plate has a non-stick coating don’t use any cooking spray, as because they build up on the plate surface, making the waffle hard to remove and becomes sticky and hard to clean.

7. How Belgian waffle is different from a regular waffle?

Belgian waffle differs in one key aspect-that is they are thicker and have deeper squares. They deep iron plates make deep crevices to hold more syrups and toppings. Belgian waffle maker makes the outer side crispier while leaving the inner side soft and fluffy.

8. Is it okay to clean the waffle make in the sink?

No, never. Like any other electrical appliance you should never put the waffle maker in the sink as it can seriously damage the electrical parts. If you use a non-stick machine you can wipe it with a cloth after using it, or use a wet cloth to clean whatever is left on the plate. But don’t forget to unplug it from the electric port and never try to wash the whole thing.

9. What all can I cook on a waffle maker apart from waffles?

The most popular recipes that are cooked on a traditional waffle maker (one that does not come with an adjustable tray) are panini, cinnamon rolls, and cookies.  But if it comes with a reversible or additional tray, you can get pancakes, omelette, sausages, and other items done right on your waffle maker.

10.How to know if a waffle is cooked?

Most waffle makers come with a timer or an indicator that tells you when a waffle is cooked. But if you do not have an indicator, you should refer to the user manual to know the precise time your waffle maker will take to get done. Another easy way to tell that the waffles are done is when you no longer see steam coming out of the machine.

11. Do I need to grease a waffle maker?

It is best to grease the surface a bit, even if it has a non-stick coating. It will ensure that he waffles come out easily.

12. Can I wash waffle maker manually or put it in the dishwasher?

If your waffle iron has a removable tray, you can wash the tray manually or put it in the dishwasher (if the material is dishwasher safe). Otherwise, you should simply clean it with a paper towel or a slightly damp sponge.

13. Can I store leftover Waffles?

Yes, you can. Just put the waffles in an air-tight container and keep them refrigerated. Home-made waffles without preservatives stay fresh for 2 to 3 days.

14. Can I Make waffles without a waffle maker?

If you do not have a love for the shape or the texture a waffle of a traditional waffle, you can surely make waffles without an iron.  Just make the waffle batter and put them on a pan. Wait for both the sides to get done, and your waffle is ready.  Surely it will look nothing like a waffle, but it will taste the same.


A waffle, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. Adds up to a perfect breakfast. Making a perfectly round waffle with deep pockets is not that hard when you have the right appliance. All you have to do is prepare the batter, pour it in the right waffle maker, and enjoy a perfect waffle at the breakfast table.

Through this article, we brought to you a list of, what we consider, the best waffle makers in the market. Our buying guide is prepared to help you in making the right decision with knowledge of the essential factors in a typical waffle maker.

If you are still confused about what to choose, we recommend you go for the iBell waffle maker. Although the other four are equally efficient, iBell is cheaper comparatively. It comes with three different cooking plates and an effective heating element. It also has overheat safety protection to save itself and you from unexpected incidents.

Why waste quality time roaming from site to site when you can pick the best in one place. Choose the one that best suits you and makes your life easier.

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  1. Please suggest from where can I purchase different kind of spreads like coffee flavour spread, butterscotch flavour spread, tiramisu flavour spread and different berries cream cheese ?
    I currently only use melted chocolate blocks of dark,white and milk and Nutella.

    1. Hi Manan,
      Glad that you are having fun with your waffle maker. If you wish to experiment with different kinds of waffle spreads, you can find a wide range of spread choices in Big Basket and Amazon as well. Even nature’s basket has a wide range of syrups and spreads such as the butterscotch syrup, Maple, mixed fruit, strawberry or even a coffee or tiramisu flavoured syrup.
      Make sure you are searching for the terms “tiramisu syrup” instead of simple tiramisu flavour or spread. Also make sure you are searching for these syrups in the gourmet section if you are on Amazon

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