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Best Beautiful Vases For Home Decor

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Best vases add beauty to the plants and flowers. They also add elegance to the living rooms or office spaces. Vases come in various colours, sizes and some of them are even hand painted. A good quality vase can turn even artificial flowers to something worth displaying. Here are some of the best vases that are simple and durable.

1. Craftghar Decorative Flower Vase for Living Room

Tagline: Handmade ceramic flower vase that adds an artistic look to your living room.

Craftghar’s 12-inch-long flower vase is made of ceramic and features a handmade lotus flower design all over. It comes in indigo blue colour which suits your living room and bedroom. The wide mouth opening of the vase makes it ideal for displaying long-stemmed flowers. You can use this vase even with water. It is also dishwasher-safe.

2. Aakriti Glass Flower Vase

Tagline: A 24-inch crystal clear glass vase that suits modern office spaces.

It is a hexagon-shaped tall flower vase that has become the recent best-seller for its quality and modern look. This vase goes well with fresh flower arrangements. As the material is of glass and the design is sleek, it can be a perfect centrepiece to any table. You can even use this vase as a candle holder or a storage container.

3. Incrizma Glass Flower Vase

Tagline: A cylinder-shaped glass vase that lends itself to a world of possibilities.

Incrizma’s glass vase has thick glass walls with a heavy base to ensure it stands intact anywhere. It comes in three sizes, 10, 15 and 25 centimetres and can accommodate succulents, roses, orchids, pearls and pebbles. You can even place real flowers or artificial ones. This vase can also be an affordable gift option.

4. DECENT GLASS Glass Flower Vase Set of 3

Tagline:  A set of 3 borosilicate glass vases that are handmade to perfection.

Decent Glass flower case is the best choice for home decoration, christmas parties, corporate events as it supplements colourful flowers. The package has three vases with different sizes – 15, 20 and 25 centimetres. You can decorate them with artificial or real flowers, LED lights, and floating candles. The sealed-rim of these vases ensure the flowers stand intact.

Things to consider before buying a vase

 1. Shape

The shape of the vase is an important thing which you should choose carefully. It must be as per the size and shape of the flowers you put in it. A wrongly-shaped vase can make your plants and flowers look dull. Consider choosing the one with thick walls and a round base. Here are the shapes that are mostly available in the market.

A cylindrical vase is best for placing long-stemmed flowers like gladiolus and lilies. Meanwhile, a conical vase can accommodate wildflowers. A round vase goes well with flowers that have lighter petals such as roses.

2. Material

Make sure to check the material of the vase while you buy. The vase you select must be strong enough to undergo daily wear and tear. Choose the one made of either ceramic or glass. These materials can give your living room a rich look and are also durable.

3. Transparency

The transparency of your vase enhances the look of the flowers you place. Moreover, transparent vase suits any décor and colour of the wall. Crystal clear vases suit living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces and also go well with party décor.

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