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Vacuum cleaners are the best appliances for keeping floors dust-free and germ-free. If you are using a bagged vacuum cleaner, you might be in a dilemma of purchasing the right dust bags. To ensure 100% clean and pollen-free spaces, you should connect your vacuum inlet to the proper filter bag. The best vacuum cleaner bag retains the dry/wet mess and prevents them from polluting your air. Some vacuum cleaner bags that offer you simple usage and minimize exposure to dust. Take a look at a few of the best vacuum cleaner bags.

1. SHAFIRE Practical Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Award: Cloth HEPA filter bags

Tagline: A cloth filter bag that traps and prevents pollen from circulating in your spaces.

SHAFIRE vacuum cleaner bag is made from non-woven that is eco-friendly and ensures durability. This cloth HEPA filter bag prevents dust particles from recirculating back into the air. The bag also has perfectly sealed edges that trap dust from spreading out. Further, the bag easily accommodates vacuum pipes of 5cm in diameter. It is washable and reusable.  

2. RODAK Vacuum Cleaner Bag

Award: Best reusable

Tagline: A durable cloth vacuum cleaner bag with an adjustable jubilee clip!

This vacuum cleaner dust bag is perfectly suitable for Rodak, Karcher, and Bosch vacuum cleaners. It comes with a stainless steel jubilee clip that helps you to fix the cloth filter to the cleaner. You can also adjust the clip’s size from 52 to 76mm based on your vacuum cleaner model. Further, this cloth filter can be washable and offers long-lasting usage.

3. VMTC Paper Dust Bags 

Award: Best eco-friendly 

Tagline: A set of 5 paper dust bags ideal for both dry and wet vacuum cleaners.

If you are looking for use and eco-friendly vacuum dust bangs, VMTC paper dust bags are best for you. The set comes with five easy to connect and use dust bags. The bags are tear-resistant and have a vast storage capacity. The bags are best suitable for Karcher models  – WD3, WD3 P or WD3 Premium, WD3 KAP, MV3, MV3 Premium, and WD 3.200 only.

4. Karcher Filter Bag 

Award: Best quality

Tagline: A set of four fleece filter bags for Karcher Mv4, Mv5, and Mv6 vacuum models.

Karcher filter bags help you in ensuring the longevity of your vacuum motor. It quickly sucks up dirt and protects your vacuum motor from dust. The bags are perfect for Karcher Mv4, Mv5 & Mv6 vacuum cleaners. The water-proof interior makes it ideal for cleaning wet floors. On the material front, they are made of high-quality PVC material. Thus, the dust bags offer safe and durable performance in humid environments too.

Things to consider before buying vacuum cleaner dust bags

1. Inlet size

There are plenty of vacuum cleaner bags available. Not all bags suit all vacuum cleaner models. So, before you make a purchase, check for the model compatibility to ensure a perfect fitting.  

2. Durability

Most of the vacuum cleaner bags are washable and usable. Moreover, fleece filter bags are resistant to water and are best for vacuuming up both dry and wet areas. Fleece made bags are more durable than paper ones. So, for ensuring easy and convenient usage for the long run, fleece bags are worth buying.

3. Material

The thickness and quality of vacuum filter bags are some of the significant factors to consider. The material of the bags should withstand fluctuating weather conditions. Unlike paper bags, fleece bags are excellent for humid environments. They will not tear and give value to your money.

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