5 Best Ultrasound Therapy Machine India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a physiotherapy treatment at the comfort of your home?  Then the home ultrasound therapy machine is the best solution for you to get relief from chronic pain / injuries?

This ultrasound unit comes with a low intensity, portable, and easy to operate in home. They simply vibrate on a frequency that deeply penetrate into the body and stimulate the cell and tissues to relax, heal and relieve your pain effectively.

These home ultrasound machine will save your time in waiting rooms for clinical physiotherapy and cost for every sitting. Although, they are specially designed by professionals but you should definitely have a little bit knowledge on how to operate or use it properly.

One should keep these 3 main things in their mind before purchasing, so that you can grab the best ultrasound therapy machine in 2020.

Quality – The machine with less beam non-uniformity ratio (BNR) then the higher will be its quality. So, choose the beam ratio of about 1:1 for best quality machine.

Radiating Area – The Effective Radiating Area (ERA) is the portion of the sound head that produce sound waves. ERA of an ultrasound device should be smaller than transducer area but the closer the ERA and transducer surface area are, then the better will be its penetration and accuracy. A good ERA should have 5 cm2 when the surface area of ultrasound head is 7 cm2 but not 2.5 cm2.

Ultrasound Frequency – There are different types of ultrasound therapy units will generate different frequency levels. So, choose the one that comes with 1 MHZ range of frequency for your application.

Other important factors to look out in this ultrasound therapy machine are transducer / sound head, ultrasound gel, storage cart, adjustability, and many more, which are mentioned below in the Comprehensive Buying Guide.

Got mess up with numerous brands available in the market and unable to find the best one? Here we are providing you with the best 5 ultrasound therapy machines in India.  Pick it up carefully, as per your requirement.

Best Ultrasound Therapy Machines in India

Ultrasound Therapy MachinesUltrasound (or) TENSTreatment TimeWarrantyBuy Now
Physiotherapy Machine Both10 – 15 Minutes1 YearCheck On Amazon
PHYSIOTREX Physio Solutions Therapy Ultrasound20 Minutes1 YearCheck On Amazon
Ultracare Pro Sonictens Relief MassagerBothAdjustable1 YearCheck On Amazon
Physiogears Ultrasonic TherapyBothProgramable1 YearCheck On Amazon
Max Health Equipments TENS Stimulator MachineTENS10 – 30 Minutes1 YearCheck On Amazon

Best Ultrasound Therapy Machines in India

Here we provide the list of best home-based portable ultrasound therapy machines, which are highly effective and affordable.

1. Physiotherapy Machine 


This is an excellent physiotherapy machine from the house of Maktrex International (Indian based company) to get an excellent electro therapy. This machine comes with a combination of both ultrasound and TENS therapy. The ultrasound is used to provide deep heating to the soft tissue structures and increases the blood circulation to those tissues in the body and reduces pain whereas the TENS treats muscle spasms and pain. So, it helps to prevent atrophy and relax the muscle spasm and stiffness. It is an ISO 9001-2015 certified quality assured.

This combo therapy digital ultrasonic 1 MHz with TENS and works with the power input of 220V/50Hz. This machine is advanced, compact, portable and lightweight that uses continuous and pulsed mode. You can use it as a combination or separately (either ultrasound or tens). It helps to give relief from neck pain, back pain, shoulder aches and carpel tunnel syndrome. One can use this machine with frequency range that comes with 2 Hz to 250 Hz.

It is easy to use due to its simple ergonomic design and has the ability to use this machine at physiotherapy clinics. It improves your health, keeps you active all the time and full of energy. This unit comes with 1-year warranty and weighs about 4 kgs. You can get an ultrasound machine, ultrasound gel, tens applicator, power adapter, soundhead, user manual guide, carrying case (to protect the device), and warranty card.


  • The unit comes with a combination of ultrasound and TENS in which one can use it either individually or combinational.
  • Gives effective relief from neck pain, shoulder aches, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Easy to carry, operate and use it.
  • Comes with 1-year national warranty.
  • Used with pulse and continuous mode of operations.
  • Value for money


  • The straps of this ultrasound therapy machine are small.
  • A little bit pricey product.

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2. PHYSIOTREX Physio Solutions Therapy Physiotherapy Equipment


This is another excellent product from Maktrex International, an Indian company. This ultrasonic therapy device (1 MHz) with continue and pulse mode of operation for pain relief. The continuous mode will help to heal chronic neuroma myalgia sudek’s syndrome & tethered scar tissue by increasing the blood circulation whereas the pulsed mode is used to heal the scars on the skin. It comes with ISO 9001 – 2015 certified quality assured and 1-year national warranty is provided on this product.

The therapeutic ultrasound provides the deep heat treatment for relaxation and thereby reduce the inflammation and swelling. Regular usage will definitely promote the synthesis. One can get 1 main unit, 1 ultrasound applicator, 1 ultrasound gel, 1 power cable, instruction manual, and warranty card in a protective carrying case.

It works with a power supply of 220V and frequency of 1 MHZ. It can be operated with both continuous and pulse waves modes. The ultrasound output is 15 and acoustic ultrasound head will be 2.2 watt/cm2. The treatment time or operating time should not exceed 20 minutes.


  • Widely used to treat neck pain, shoulder aches, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • It is compact, advanced and lightweight device.
  • Its massaging effect on the tender parts of the muscles will helps in curing the neuromuscular and muscular skeletal diseases.
  • This white mini ultrasound therapy produces ultrasound waves that effectively heals the pain.
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Value for money


  • Won’t support advanced technology (ultrasonic and tens combination).
  • It lacks in automatic shut off and dual mode functionality.

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3. Ultracare Pro Sonictens Advanced Pain Relief Massager

Ultracare Pro Sonictens

Sonictens is an advanced tool from Ultracare Pro that utilizes two proven methods (ultrasound and tens) to give you complete relaxation. It uses therapeutic ultrasonic waves to penetrate your skin and stimulate the tissue for quick relief. It uses an electronic current to stimulate nerves in the targeted area.

It is designed in a compact size and lightweight for comfortable handling and storage. In all the clinical trials it was tested in, it is proven to be 91% effective for all types of bodies. It is made to provide massage evenly to the affected areas. It is approved by top health agencies such as FDA and CE which usually decide if medicine or medical device is usable by the common man.

You will be receiving one Sonictens device, one ultrasound gel, one reusable self-adhesive electrode pad, one ultrabook pack, one lead wire, one power adapter, one instruction manual, one quick start guide, one electrode placement chart, and a carrying pouch. The kit comes with a one-year national warranty as well.


  • Quick-relief to all kinds of body pains, muscle atrophies, chronic pains, etc.
  • Lightweight & portable
  • FDA & CE approved
  • 1-year national warranty
  • Overheating protection function
  • Autopower shut off
  • Body sending technology


  • A little less comfortable grip

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4. Physiogears Ultrasound Therapy Machine

Physiogears Ultrasound Therapy Machine

This advanced machine comes in a compact size and is very lightweight. It comes with a continuous and pulse mode to have an effective result in the targeted areas. It works with a combination of tens and ultrasound therapy. It gives you the best treatment by providing electrotherapy and heat therapy together.

The machine is designed to help the user’s nervous system from blocking out the pain from the cerebral lobes. All your body pains, chronic pains, a few cerebral issues, arthritis, and many more problems can be resolved effortlessly. The machine lets two users get treated at one time. One can use electrotherapy while the next person uses heat therapy.

It is programmed with an adjustable timer from one minute to 99 minutes with frequencies ranging from 2Hz to 150 Hz. It effectively synthesizes proteins inside the cells and accelerates their metabolism. It helps the body to fight cellulite reduction by lymphatic drainage and regenerates wounded tissues.


  • Therapeutic deep heat treatment for reducing swelling & inflammation
  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Programmed with timer
  • One year warranty
  • Continuous & pulse mode operation


  • Product quality can be better

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5. Max Health Equipments TENS Stimulator Machine

Max Health Equipments TENS stimulator electrotherapy

The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) uses mild electrical current to give relief from the pain. Here the electrical impulses will reduce the pain signals which are going to the brain and spinal cord and thereby reduce pain and muscle spasms to relax muscles.

This TENS Stimulator device is widely used reduce the knee pain, joint pain, neck pain, back pain and sports injuries and designed especially for muscle pain relief. The treatment time range will be 5 to 30 minutes. The ABS body with 2 channel accu electronic stimulator works with 200V electric operator.

This treatment is safe and have effective changes and thus improves your health. Its ergonomic design and functionality will make it easy to use. This small and lightweight machine will allow you to carry it easily. The shock proof, pulse high frequency control device will come with tens machine (2 channel), 2 loads, 4 electrode pads, and 2 fixing belts (big & small). It come with 1-year warranty and works with continuous and pulsed mode.


  • It is small, portable, compact, and lightweight device.
  • Works effectively to relieve you pains and spasms.
  • Through adhesive pads they attach the skin and delivers the small electrical impulses to relieve your pain.
  • Built quality is good and it is easy to use.
  • Comes with 1-year warranty.


  • The adhesive pads are non-sticky.
  • Won’t support ultrasound technology (only TENS).

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Buying Guide for Ultrasound Therapy Machine for Home Use:

Home ultrasound machine has to be lightweight, reliable and ideally designed as all-in-one device for treating various kinds of pains in the body. So, you have to choose it carefully and here we are providing you with a guide that explains you all about the ultrasound therapy machine.

Types of Ultrasound Therapy:

The ultrasound therapy is used to relieve the pain and promote tissue healing. In general, there are two main types of ultrasound therapy – thermal and mechanical. Although, both of these types use sound waves but the difference is the rate at which the sound waves penetrate the tissues.

Let’s know them in detail.

Thermal Ultrasound Therapy

It uses a continuous transmission of the sound waves. This cause microscopic vibrations in the deep tissue molecule and thereby increases the heat and friction. This warming effect will encourage the healing in the soft tissues by enhancing the metabolism at the level of tissue cells. Effective to give relief from myofascial pain or muscle sprain or strain.

Mechanical Ultrasound Therapy

It uses a pulses of sound waves to penetrate tissues. It has minor warming effect on the tissues and causes contraction and expansion in the tiny gas bubbles of the soft tissues. It helps to reduce the inflammatory response, decrease tissue swelling and minimizes the pain. Effective to give relief from pain caused by scar tissue or swelling like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Things to Consider before Buying the Ultrasound Therapy Machines:

Most of time, it is quite hard to choose a product from various options. So, here we came up with a few things for you to consider when you’re looking to purchase an ultrasound machine that is suitable for personal/home use.

1. Quality:

One can easily know the quality of the machine with its beam ratio. The beam ratio will let you know how the beam energy produced by the machine can be sent to different body parts. In simple words, the machine with low beam non-uniformity ratio (BNR) then the higher will be its quality.

The BNR is a ratio between ultrasound unit’s average intensity (in w/cm2) and the peak intensity within the output wave. So, choose the beam ratio of about 1:1 (or <4:1) as perfect for ultrasound therapy machine. Also, make sure to check whether the product is having quality manufacturing certificates.

2. Radiating Area:

The Effective Radiating Area (ERA) is the portion of the sound head that produce sound waves. In general, the ERA should be smaller than transducer area but the closer the ERA and transducer surface area are, then the better will be its penetration and accuracy. A good ERA should have the surface area of ultrasound head is 7 cm2 and the ERA should be 5 cm2. Whereas if the ultrasound head is 7 cm2 and the ERA is 2.5 cm2 then it is considered as poor ERA.

Most of the manufacturers report a ±20 or 25% error for ERA while a few other reports an actual measured ERA value for each transducer. So, choose the higher ERA while selecting the ultrasound machine.

3. Frequency:

The portable ultrasound therapy machines won’t generate the same frequencies. The acoustic energy generated from the unit will depend on its frequency to allow the body tissues to absorb this energy and speed up the healing process.

The frequencies used in this therapy typically lies between 1.0 to 3.0 MHz. In general, the ultrasound machine with higher frequencies will make the body absorb the energy easily and quickly when compared with the machines that come with lower frequencies.

4. Adjustability and Portability:

Always prefer to choose the home ultrasound machine that comes with easy to adjust features or power settings, in which it comes with multiple therapy modes to treat any kind of chronic pain. So, select the device that offers numerous adjustable parameters in their units. For instance, a few units allow you to alter the amplitude of the ultrasound waves and thereby help you to regulate the amount of energy generated at their sound head.

With this adjustable unit, you can easily alter numerous treatment parameters as per your requirement. Also, select the machine which is small, lightweight and has longer battery life that allows you to carry and use it anywhere.

5. Price / Budget:

The portable ultrasound device is easy to use and affordable as well. The cost of this ultrasound unit depends up on several factors like soundhead size, intensity level and other features. So, choose the best one that comes within your budget range.

6. Soundhead / Transducer Applicators:

Without this applicator, we can’t use the ultrasound therapy. So, make sure to choose the compatible soundhead applicator to work for treating different types of pain on different body parts. It is always wise to invest in multiple sized applicators used to treat diverse painful issues. For instance, small applicators used to treat wrist for carpal tunnel whereas the larger one used to treat low back pain. So, choose it wisely.

7. Ultrasound Gel:

It is a must to have for using ultrasound therapy. During the treatment, this ultrasound gel not only reduce the unwanted friction but also delivers the transmission of ultrasound waves into the body and thereby ensures a quality treatment. Also, to warm your ultrasound gel or any other therapeutic massage creams or lotions, you have to use an ultrasound gel warmer to improve the user’s comfort during this therapy.

8. Mobile Cart / Storage Cart:

It is an additional accessory to the ultrasound therapy unit, in which it allows you to store and use this device anywhere in your home. Also, one can easily carry the extra ultrasound gel, soundheads, bottle warmer, and other accessories in this cart. So, choose the variety which allows you to keep everything in a well-organized way.

9. Rechargeable Batteries:

Most of the portable home ultrasound therapy machines runs on a battery, especially the rechargeable batteries. The reason is that they are quite less expensive than regular replacement batteries. It also improves the longevity of the battery life and its usage.

10. Carrying Case:

In some cases, it would be able to offer ultrasound therapy in – home treatment (at various places in your home) then having a convenient ultrasound therapy protective carrying case will make it easy to carry / transport this portable ultrasound therapy device with all essential accessories or supplies. So, one can carry or store this complete unit in this sleek carrying case.

11. Warranty & Brand:

Always check whether the product is coming in warranty or not before buying. Most of the branded products comes with warranty. So, choose it wisely why because this ultrasound machines are won’t come at lower price.

How does an ultrasound machine work?

The ultrasound machines produce the healing sound waves that provide and thereby work to increase the blood circulation to the affected area. The proper blood circulation increases the flow of nutrients to that injured or inflamed tissues of the body. So, due to the spread of nutrients the pain in the affected will speed up the healing process and gets cured quickly.

Benefits of using Ultrasound Therapy Machine:

One can grab the following benefits while using this ultrasound therapy unit in your home.

  • Reduces pain
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Facilitate the tissue healing
  • Improves the range of motion
  • Breaks up the scar tissue and enhance healing process
  • Provides phonophoresis

What type of pains can be healed by using this home-based portable ultrasound therapy machine?

In general, everyone suffers from small aches or pains which are associated with our daily life. Most commonly the sports people suffer from chronic pain and acute injuries, in which they can be alleviated with the home ultrasound therapy machine due to its healing sound waves. Here are a few types of pains which can be healed by using this unit.

  • Chronic headaches
  • Tennis elbow
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tendonitis
  • Lower back pain
  • Plantar fasciitis / Foot pain
  • Knee pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Scar tissues
  • Sprains and strains
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How often this ultrasound therapy can be used?

The physician will advise you by depending on the problem or health condition which you’re getting treated. In most cases, the medical professionals suggest ultrasound therapy for about 3 times a week by depending on the patient’s condition.

2. Is this ultrasound therapy painful or results in any side effects?

An ultrasonic massage won’t be painful if the session lasts for 3 – 5 minutes on an appropriate body parts and the transducer is in constant motion. Yes, it may result in causing side effects by depending on the temperature gradients. If the transducer head remains in one place for a longer time then it burns the tissues underneath. If not used properly, then the mild heating will lead to tissue vaporization or coagulative necrosis.

3. On which parts this ultrasound therapy should not be used?

The ultrasound therapy should not be used on the following body parts.
*Around the eyes
*Breasts or sexual organs
*Over the abdomen, pelvic regions or lower back in women whose who are pregnant or menstruating.
*Broken skin or healing fractures
*Over lesions
*Over any areas with plastic implants
*Over the areas with impaired sensations or blood flow
*Over or near the areas with malignant tumors.


Some muscle pains tend to last months depending on where they occur. You need to provide proper massages to the affected areas frequently to relieve yourself from excruciating pain. The therapy machines are designed to provide a quick remedy to such pains. The real question is what kind of machine should you pick?

Our article brought to you a list of top ultrasound machines which we think are the best choice for all kinds of body pains, chronic pains, arthritis, and many more cerebral issues. We also provided you with a buying guide that shares the required knowledge for you to understand the essential features required for an efficient therapy machine. If you are still confused check out our recommendation below.

Ultracare pro sonictens is an advanced therapy machine that combines ultrasound technology with the electronic current to effectively repair damaged tissues and stimulate nerves. Its compact size design and ergonomic built helps users to handle it without much effort. If there is trouble using it, you can go through the manual for assistance and in case there is any damage, you can utilize the one-year warranty on the product.

Spend your quality time relaxing and getting massaged instead of going from one site to another searching for the machine. Buy the one that is effective and lasts you longer.

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