Best Tyre Inflator in India: 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Tyre inflator come in handy when you are dealing with flat tire in the middle of the road. With a 12V portable air compressor, you can inflate the tire and start your journey again within few minutes.

Being an important piece of emergency equipment, you should be careful while choosing a tyre inflator.

To Purchase Best Tyre Inflator in India, we recommend to consider the below factors…

  • PSI or Inflation Time – Usually, tire inflators in India come with PSI ranging from 50 to 200. Choose the one which can inflate the car tyre from 0 to 40 PSI within 2 – 4 minutes.
  • Display – Two types are available – analog and digital. It is better to choose digital as you can easily see the numbers even in dark or dim lighting conditions.
  • Size – A tyre inflator with small size and light in weight is easy to carry and store.

For more information on other factors, we recommend to go through our BUYING GUIDE – which has a detailed explanation on how to choose a tyre inflator according to your requirements.

In this article, we have also mentioned a list of Top Tyre Inflator in India. They have been picked up after an extensive research and testing.

12 Best Digital Tyre Inflator in India

Best Tyre InflatorsTypeTorch AvailabilityWarrantyBuy Now
Tusa Tyre Inflator *Most Recommended DigitalYes2 YearsCheck the Price
AmazonBasics Car Tyre InflatorDigitalYes1 YearCheck the Price
Bergmann Car Tyre InflatorAnalogYes1 YearCheck the Price
iBELL Car Tyre Inflator AnalogYes2 YearsCheck the Price
Voroly Car Tyre InflatorDigitalYes6 monthsCheck the Price
Woscher Car Tyre InflatorAnalogYes1 YearCheck the Price
RNG EKO GREEN Car Tyre InflatorDigitalYes1 YearCheck the Price
Coido Car Tyre InflatorAnalogYes1 YearCheck the Price
Michelin Car Tyre InflatorDigitalNo1 YearCheck the Price
AmiciAuto Car Tyre Inflator DigitalYes1 YearCheck the Price
Tirewell Car Tyre InflatorDigitalYes1 YearCheck the Price
Windek Digital Tyre InflatorDigitalYes1 YearCheck the Price

Best Car Tyre Inflator in India: 2020 Reviews

1. Tusa Car Tyre Inflator

tusa tyre inflator 11A popular and highly recommended product in the US, the Tusa Digital Tyre Inflator is a new addition to the Indian market and it most certainly lives up its American Recommendations.

Made out of high quality ABS plastic, the inflator, unlike most in the list, is incredibly light in weight and very simple to use.

The 3 different nozzles extensions that come absolutely free with the package, you can use this machine not just for your car but also for your bike, cycles, to inflate footballs or any other inflatable.

Even the power cord on this machine is ergonomic in nature. Its length, which is 3 metres long can reach to any tyre of the car with a great ease. No more tugging and pulling of the wire to reach the rear tyres.

An inbuilt digital tyre pressure gauge will give you an idea of how much air pressure is present in the tyre in the beginning. Using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ toggle buttons, you can increase or decrease the pressure you want in the tyre.

All you need to do is plug in the 12V charging cord into the cigarette lighter/ power socket of the car and place the nozzle on the tyre to inflate and press the power button. 2 minutes in and your tyre would be back to normal again.

The Large LCD screen present on the dashboard can display the units of pressure being pumped into the tyres very clearly. This could measure the pressure not just in PSI but also BAR, KPI or Kg/cm3.

The bottom of the inflator machine has rubber stoppings which provide great stability to make sure that the device does not move during its operation.

You never know when you would be needing a tyre inflator. It could be the middle of the night on the road or you need to fill the air of your tyre in a dark parking basement. A bright LED torch light that comes with this machine will aid in giving you the light you need to get your flat tyre back on track.

After you are done with filling the pressure of the tyre, you can neatly fold and place back the cord wire and the pipe into the device itself thanks to the back side storage space that is available.

tusa provides you with a manufacturer’s warranty for the first 12 months of buying the product.

Things we liked:

  • Simple to use machine
  • Light in weight and appealing design
  • Easy to toggle pressure units (Can measure in PSI, Bars, KPI and KG/Cm3)
  • Bright LED light
  • Economic Pricing
  • Rubber base for stability
  • Really long cord wire to reach all the corner tyres
  • 1 year of manufacturing warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • There is a lot of noise during operation

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2. AmazonBasics Car Tyre Inflator

amazonbasics tyre inflator 11A digital inflator by Amazon that is compact enough to get your job done. Always.

A kit that you’d love to have in your car’s boot at all times, this inflator is capable of inflating tyres up to 120 PSI rating. It is ideal for SUVs, cars and even trucks alike. It can even be used to fill the air to toys, inflatable pools, basketballs or footballs.

Along with a digital meter reading, the device also has a digital auto shut off. This means that the compressor stops automatically after it reaches a certain predetermined reading.

The air compressor gives out 22 Litres per Minute (CFM) free-flow of air at 0 PSI thus is very fast in pumping up air. And speaking of weight, it just weighs about 1.15kgs and hence easy to carry about.

It also has the LED light which helps you see and fix your tire in the dark. Even the digital LED screen lights up in the dark due to a backlight on the screen. The device has a neat carry case and a handle to carry it from place to place. 

The operation of this device is noiseless and it is simple to use.  It just needs to be connected to the car’s battery via the cigarette lighter port and it’s good to go. After connecting, turn on the car and preset the dial to the number you wish to pump your tire too. Now watch as your flat tyre gets inflated.

As awesome as this product is, we did feel that the quality of wiring used in it can be improved. Moreover, the device and its carry bag are just too tight. You have to struggle to pull the inflater out of its bag and then back in it.

Amazon provides a 1-year limited warranty for the product. As a verdict, it is a good buy for small vehicle owners.

Things we liked:

  • Small and compact size
  • Easy to use operation
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Digital Display
  • Good Build Quality

Things we didn’t like:

  • Wiring quality needs improvement
  • Carry Case needs to be a bit breathable. It is just too small and it is a herculean task to pull the device out and then put it back inside.

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3. Bergmann Car Tyre Inflator

bergmann tyre inflator 11Next on our pick is the Bergmann Typhoon. A heavy-duty tyre inflator, this device can pump air from 0 to 30 PSI air in just under 2 minutes.

This 150-watt motor is made with copper and thus is highly powerful than any mini tyre inflator. As it is heavy-duty, this is designed to pump air to even heavier cars and bigger tyres. With a 2 feet long air hose and a 1.5-kilogram body, it is ergonomic and light in weight.

All you need to do is plug in the 3-metre long chord of the device to the 12 Volts DC cigarette lighter of your car. You have an analogue display to help you understand the pressure of the tyre while pumping in.

The packaging provides you with adapters and nozzles of kinds to inflate various other stuff such as inflatable toys, play balls etc., There is even a tyre gauge that comes with the product which is helpful to measure the amount of air that is being sent in, accurately. There is an extra fuse provided in case one goes out.

Apart from the usual stuff and the instruction manual, the inflator even comes with a big LED light. This high powered LED is immensely helpful when inflating the tyre in the dark or during the night.

Care must be taken while using this product because most inflators tend to get heated up due to the high air compression. Always turn on and off the device before plugging into the car. Keep your car running while plugged in.

The motor inflator claims to have anti-vibration qualities but we did not find anything as such. Also, we felt that there is a good room for improvement when it comes to the quality of plastic used. We also felt that with such a brilliant design, they could have improved it with a digital screen than the analogue one.

For any disputes, you are given a 1-year warranty which can be claimed from the Mumbai Branch of the company.

Things we liked:

  • 0 to 30 PSI in under 2 minutes.
  • High powered 150-watt motor
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Anti-Vibration
  • An LED light that comes in the device is incredibly helpful.
  • Extra fuse in case the original is blown
  • Adapters to inflate for various other balls and toys.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Cheap quality of plastic for the legs
  • Analog Display

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4. iBELL Car Tyre Inflator 

iBELL Car Tyre Inflator 11Yet another analogue tyre inflator, the iBell IBL is a heavy-duty tyre inflator with a powerful motor could pump up to 150 PSI.

Though it looks compact, the inflator comes packed with a 180-watt powerful 100% copper-wound direct-drive motor. This motor comes with a solid metal compressor that gives very speed flow of air. Perfect to pump air to massive tyres of big trucks or jumbo cars in just a few minutes compared to many other inflators.

Given the heavy-duty nature of the inflator, it is common to expect a significant vibration and noise that accompanies with it. To accommodate it, the bottom of the inflator has strong and sturdy rubber stoppers. No more jiggling motor on the floor.

The highly ergonomic 12V DC power cord slips-in directly to the cigarette lighter/DC socket. Press and pull when the job is done. This chord is 3 meters in length and thus it is easy to reach around to every tyre of the car with minimum tugging.

After placing the nozzle on the tyre, turn on the car’s ignition and keep watching the needle to hit the desired mark. Due to the non-digital nature of the inflator, there are no preset settings where you can punch in the desired PSI units.

The precision gauge is sturdy and has a very accurate needle to it. Placed in the centre of the device, it adds to the aesthetic appeal overall.  There is also an LED present onto one side of the inflator. This very powerful LED light doubles as a torch when you need to pump the air in a dark garage, basement or in the dead of the night. It also has a hazard lighting mode which you can use on a highway to let passerby know of your predicament if any and thus get help.

With an easy carry bag and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, the iBell Heavy Duty Tyre inflator is a great pick for not just truck owners but Jumbo cars or SUV owners too.

Things we liked:

  • 180 Watts powerful 100% copper wound motor
  • Metal bodied compressor
  • Can measure up to 150PSI
  • Sturdy and fall-proof body
  • Anti-Vibration rubber feet
  • 3 metres long wire
  • Dual nature hazard warning LED light
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • Makes noise
  • Does not have preset or auto-stop like a digital machine

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5. Voroly Car Tyre Inflator

Voroly Car Tyre Inflator 11More of a tool kit than a simple tyre inflator, the Voroly heavy-duty digital air compressor cum tyre inflator is a must-have for everyone who is often on the road in their car/truck.

A compact and sturdy suitcase filled with a wide range of utilities, voroly truly stands as a companion for the road. Its suitcase comes with its very own puncture kit, a couple of screwdrivers, a plier, a cutter, a tube of superglue, 2 pcs of fuse, 3 pcs of a nozzle and the digital tyre inflator sitting in the centre.

A complete car care kit with all tools like 

  • Screwdrivers
  • Puncture Kit
  • Plier
  • Nozzles
  • Fuses
  • Superglue
  • Cutter

The drivers and plier are perfect to help with minor repairs whereas the puncture kit is a lifesaver in cases of a flat tyre.

Back to the tyre inflator, the design is rhombus-shaped and compact enough to fit in the case provided. The dashboard for the device is given at the exact centre of the device. Using this, you can set up the desired pressure, toggle on/off or reset and even make use of the hidden LED torch light present on one side of the inflator. 

The wire to plug in the device is about 10 feet long and can easily cover all the 4 tyres of lengthy cars too. Plug-in the 12V DC cord into the cigarette lighter. The air pump nozzle comes with a simple lock-in mechanism. Press it onto the tyre and switch on the device.

As is the case with any other digital tyre inflator, the device automatically shuts down when the desired level of air has been pumped. While the LED light given may not be as bright and big as most of the devices in the list, it gets the job done in dark basements.

Along with all of this, Voroly even provides you with a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty for the product. You have to register yourselves on their website as soon as you finish your purchase to avail this

Things we liked about the product:

  • Sturdy box for safekeeping
  • Design of the inflator
  • Easy to use dashboard buttons
  • 10 Feet long power cord
  • Very Economic

Things we didn’t like:

  • Just 6 months of warranty
  • Small LED light

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6. Woscher Car Tyre Inflator

Woscher Car Tyre Inflator11Now we have the Woscher 801, an analogue car inflator with a very unique and compact square-shaped design. It has a strong body and thanks to its compact shape, it is an easy fit for storage and movement.

Ideal for small to midsize cars, bikes, balls, you can even use it for various different types of inflatables too (such as inflatable pools etc.,) The digital inflator comes with a 3 metres long (12 feet) connecting wire that could reach any tyre of the car.

All you need to do is place in the nozzle to the tyre, the plug of the device to the cigarette lighter/power socket of the car and press the “on” button.

Faster in operation, the woscher pro could inflate a tyre from 0 PSI to 30 PSI in under 2 minutes. The maximum measurement capability of the device is about 120 PSI. There are extra nozzles given with the inflator which are for other vehicle tyre compatibility. Though the device is small in nature, the internal storage of this device is enough to store up the wire and the air pipe.

There is also a LED torchlight that is present on the corner of one side. It is there to help you pump air in dark the room/basement/ dark parking or at night. It doubles as an emergency flashlight as well.

While this is a wonderful device, the only issue encountered with it is that sometimes, it tends to over pump the air. For better results, try to reduce the desired PSI levels by 5 or 10 to get the PSI level you want. The Woscher Pro 801 digital tyre inflator comes with a 1 year ofmanufacturer’s warranty valid from the time of purchase.

Things we liked:

  • Small and compact
  • Ideal for all types of small to mid-sized vehicles and other inflatables
  • Auto shut off
  • 0-30 PSI in under 2 minutes
  • 3 in one multipurpose LED light
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Overpumping of air in certain cases

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7. RNG EKO GREEN Car Tyre Inflator

RNG EKO GREEN Car Tyre Inflator11Next up we have the incredibly powerful, retro-styled and double cylinder RNG EKO Green tyre inflator. This high powered device is ideal for SUVs, Big sedans, small trucks and even buses.

Made out of high-quality steel and plastic, this is a must-have in the trunk of your heavy vehicle. Its double cylinder provides immense power and inflates your tires in 3 times the speed.

The operation of this device is simple. Unlike most of the devices, it does not come with a DC plug. You need to use the alligator clips (included in the packing) which should be used to attach the 12V DC socket (The cigarette lighter).

This digital tyre inflator comes with a small dashboard on one side of the device. Use the toggle keys to set the desired pressure.  The long air hose that comes with it is enough to travel from one tyre to another even for big trucks. 

Now take the air nozzle and fix it onto the tyre and watch as it fills the tire in just about a minute or two (90L/minute). The automatic shut off feature of the device detects when the air pressure reaches the desired level and shuts off automatically.

It also comes with an LED lamp which aids in the refilling of air during the dark. As promised in its packaging, the device is not as noisy as most of the products on this list.

Build quality of the product is fine and heavy. Its oilless design makes it a great tool with minimum maintenance. Also, it comes with a neat carry case through which you can keep it and store it. An extra fuse (in case the original fuse goes off) is also provided.

A bleeder valve is provided which can be used to remove excess air if you pump it more than required. There exists a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on this product.

Things we liked:

  • Double cylinder for 3 times faster and powerful pumping of air
  • LED Lamp for visibility in darkness
  • Durable and strong body
  • Noiseless
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Bleeder valve for removal of excess air
  • 1 year limited warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Heavy body
  • Bigger Price
  • Ideal for trucks, buses and SUVs but not for bikes and small cars.

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8. Coido Car Tyre Inflator

Coido Car Tyre Inflator11Coido is an analogue model tyre inflator that comes with a handle that makes it super easy to carry around.

With a visually appealing design, this compact air compressor tyre inflator has a very compact size. The cuboid styled shape makes it easy to store it away in your bike’s boot or in any corner of your car.

It has a large LED light that helps you to inflate your tyre even in darkness. And it also comes with a storage space in the back of the device where you can store away the gauge wire and also the connection wire.

Simple to plug and use, you cannot set a PSI value like that in a digital tyre inflator. You need to look at the analogue meter on the side as the reading goes up. 

In working the device tends to vibrate a lot and takes almost an average of 15 minutes to bring up the PSI of a tyre from 0 to at least 30 PSI. Overall, it has the capability to measure and pump air up to 300 PSI and is ideal even for trucks or other heavy vehicles.

Also, when you first plug in the device, the gauge gives you the existing tyre pressure value and at times, this may be a little inaccurate due to the analogue nature of the inflator.

But as the case goes, analogue devices, they are super effective and have very little chance of getting damaged often. Apart from all the accessories such as the free additional compatible nozzles and the extra fuse, the device also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty too.

Things we liked:

  • Small and compact design
  • Handle to carry about and storage space in the back to keep the wiring
  • Can work best for small cars and bikes
  • Has a bright LED light
  • Capable of measuring up to 300 PSI
  • Additional compatibility nozzles and extra fuse.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Has calibration errors and may tend to display a bit error. But 3 average readings can set this right.
  • Vibration.

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9. Michelin Car Tyre Inflator

Michelin Car Tyre Inflator11A stylish product that lets you inflate your tyres and even charge your mobile while you’re at it? A definite pick I’d say.

The Michelin 12266 is a high powered tyre inflator which can inflate a tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in just 3 minutes. Thus this is a definite carry tool for you when you are away on a family trip for longer distances

Waking up in the morning to an annoying flat tire just before you go to work? Just plug in the Michelin 12255 into your 12V cigarette lighter and watch as it pumps it from flat to a normal thing. Plugin your mobile phone to the USB port and watch as it charges as well.

The LCD display present on the inflator shows you the amount of air pressure being pumped in. Also, there is a preset function. This allows you to punch and set the required pressure and it automatically shuts off when the pressure is reached.

A fairly long chord is given along with the machine which makes it easier to go about all the tires and fill the air. The device is compatible with all types of wheels and is made to be compact and easily stored in your car’s boot.

With greater ease of usability and operation, even the pressure unit meter can be switched between PSI, BAR and KPI at your comfort. The pipe quality is better than most of the inflators mentioned in the list considering its pricing.

While most of the tyre inflators come with a torch to aid them to inflate tyres in the dark, this one misses in that. Also, we felt that even with the performance, the pricing is higher than average. This device comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Things we liked:

  • Powerful Performance
  • Switch Between units
  • Good length of cable
  • USB Port for mobile charging
  • 1 Year warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • High Pricing
  • Absence of LED Lamp

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10. AmiciAuto Car Tyre Inflator 

AmiciAuto Car Tyre Inflator11A portable tyre inflator is never truly portable if it needs to be plugged into an outlet. The AmicoAuto is a battery-powered, rechargeable and wireless digital tyre inflator.

Also, most of the above-mentioned tyre inflators work fine for bikes and other inflatables too. But they need a DC outlet to fill the air to these tyres or inflatables. But the AmiciAuto is independent of any outlet. Thus it can fill the air to bikes, bicycles, balls and other inflatables very easy compared to any other inflator.

Shaped like a gun, the device has its air filling inflating the tube with a nozzle attached to one end. All you need to do is place this near the tyre nozzle and set the desired PSI pressure using the LED dashboard. There is a button in place where there is a trigger for the gun. The moment you press it, the air starts getting into the tyre.

The device has a strong 120W motor and thus is very fast in pumping air. For bikes, bicycles and inflatable balls, it takes about 3 minutes to fill it from 0 to 35PSI. For cars and larger inflatables like swimming pools, it takes about 8-10 minutes. 

The automatic cut off will turn off the device once the desired air pressure is reached. It also features two LED lights near the trigger which are bright enough to help you find the tyre nozzle to pump air in the dark. 

Unlike any tyre inflator in the list, this product is lean, very easy to use and light in weight to carry around. It comes in a carry case along with a few additional nozzles and a USB charging cable. Ideally, it takes about 3 hours to charge the device and can be used for weeks at a time. 

Very handy for bikers and car owners alike, this wireless digital inflator comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects and a life-time of free support too.

Things we liked about it

  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Wireless operation
  • Light in weight
  • 120 watt powerful motor
  • Automatic Cut Off
  • USB Charging
  • 0-35PSI in 3 minutes
  • Carry case and extra nozzles
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • Nothing in particular

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11. Tirewell Car Tyre Inflator

Tirewell Car Tyre Inflator11Tirewell is a digital tyre inflator who could bring up your tyre pressure levels from 0 to 35 PSI in just under 4.8 minutes.

With a capability to inflate mid-sized to even large sized tyres, this is a great tool to have in your tool kit irrespective of what vehicle you have.

This is compatible not just for cars but also for bikes too. Tirewell provides you with extra nozzles that will help you to fill air for various different styles of tyres in SUVs, RVs, Sedans bikes and volleyballs, basketballs or footballs too.

Tirewell inflator makes use of a 10 feet long power cord (3 metres) that easily fits down to any tire not matter how distant it is from the ignition. No more annoying dragging of the wire due to short length.

A large LED Display on the device with an inbuilt tyre pressure gauge gives you a reading on how much of air is being pumped in and what is the existing level of air.

Similar to most of the digital tyre inflator, tirewell inflator also has an auto-shut off feature. Using this, you can pre set the pressure you want in your tyres and then when the designated pressure level is reached, the device automatically shuts down.

Also, there is a very bright LED light that comes with the inflator that is super helpful when you are trying to inflate any tyre in the middle of the night or in dark places without access to lights.

While there are no major complaints but when we used the inflator for testing, we found out the device to be noisier than most and also, it tends to heat up pretty quickly.

But then, Tirewell provides you with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for any manufacturing defects during the tenure of the warranty.

Things we liked:

  • Good Build and Neat Design
  • 10 feet long power cord.
  • 0 to 35 PSI in 4.8 minutes
  • Has a bright LED light
  • Additional Nozzles and extra fuse
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Things we didn’t like:

  • Loud noise during operation
  • Heating issues

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12. Windek Digital Tyre Inflator

The best part of Windek is that it comes with a digital panel so that you can read accurate readings and it shuts off on its own so that you will not have to keep track of its pressure. 

Windek delivers sturdily designed and constructed all kinds of tyre inflators. 

So, if you have a sedan or SUV, you can easily keep it inside because it is very light and comes at a size of 6 X 6 inches. 

We thought that it might be equivalent to the size of a shoebox but it is smaller than that as well. It has enough cord to be connected to the cigarette cable in the car (make sure you don’t have a large SUV because then it can create an issue). 

It also comes with an LED torch where you can use it during an emergency or night. It can show you when there’s a problem because it comes with a red LED light for emergency. 

You can save a lot of time because if handled with care, it can inflate your tyre within seconds. You can inflate your football, sofa cushions and other materials as well.

Warranty 1 year 


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Can inflate sofa, football and other material
  • Saves time 


  • Makes sound
  • Air tubes and power cords are short
  • LED is very small 

Buy Now at Amazon 

Buying Guide: How to pick a perfect Tyre Inflator

Flat tyre is the last thing you want while travelling long distances. In such situations, tyre inflator comes handy. Not just for flat tyres, these machines are helpful in maintaining proper air pressure in a tyre.

With so many options available in the market, you can easily get confused which one to purchase. A wrong choice will obviously be a waste of investment.

To make the right choice, it is important to consider certain factors. We have mentioned them below with a detail description.

1.Pressure Gauge

Based on their display feature, pressure gauge of a tyre are divided into two types – analog and digital.

  • Analog Pressure Gauges – They have analog display where a pointer directs to the numbers on the gauge. It can be a bit difficult to see the readings but they provide accurate readings.
  • Digital Pressure Gauges – The readings are directly displayed on a small LED screen. Some tyre inflators come with backlit display, making it easy to read even in dim lighting conditions. Display pressure gauges are usually preferred by non-professionals who don’t really mind with accuracy.

You can choose any one among them based on your requirements.

2. Max Allowance PSI

PSI amount is the maximum cold pressure needed for your tire to carry maximum load. There is no specfic limitation for tires with 35 PSI intake, but this can be of realtively no use if a certain tire requires more PSI amount.

So you must enquire about the PSI intake of the tire you are investing in and also the capacity of the inflator if it is able to deliver that capacity.

3. Run Time or Duty Cycle

Duty cycle indicates the amount of time an inflator can be used before getting overheated or re-used for another time. If the duty cycle is long, then inflator will make long time to cool down before another inflation. That is why, shorter duty cycles are the most preferred choice – as it prevents unnecessary time wastage between the inflation cycles.

You can find the duty cycle information in the product specifications. Most of the tyre inflators, have duty cycles up to 10 or 15 minutes. After this time period, you have to let them cool down for at least 10 to 30 minutes before using them again. Or else, the compressors will get damaged due to overheat.

Usually, duty cycle of a compressor is the time frame it can be used at 100 PSI and 22.22°C (72°F). For example, if the tyre inflator comes with 10% duty cycle then it can be used for only 10% of 60 minutes i.e, – 6 minutes out of 60 minutes. After 6 minutes, you have to cool down for 54 minutes before using it again. Each tyre inflator comes with different duty cycle based on the compressor.

To make things a bit easy, we have a provided list based on one-hour duty cycle at 100 PSI and 72°F.

One Hour Duty CycleMinutes It can be UsedMinutes Required to Cool Down
9%555 mnts
10%654 mnts
15%951 mnts
20%1248 mnts
25%1545 mnts
30%1842 mnts
33%2040 mnts
50%3030 mnts

4. Speed

To purchase the best air pump in India for your car, inflation speed is one of the important factors to look for. Inflation speed represents how long it takes to pump a tyre completely. The quicker the inflator is, the faster you can be back on the road.

5. Automatic Shut-Off

One of the common mistakes car owners make while pumping car tires is – hyperinflation. The main reason for this mistakes – misjudging the gauge and causing uneven tire pressures. In such situations, auto-shut off feature can be beneficial. Usually user manually sets the PSI limit. And once the pressure reaches to set PSI limit, the compressor will be turned off automatically.

7. Power Source

For operating it, there are several ways to power a tyre inflator. We have mentioned few of them below…

  •  12 Volt DC

This model tyre inflators can be easily plugged into auxiliary or cigarette lighter plug of your vehicle. They are very easy and convenient to use as they can be used whenever you want. The only issue with this type of model is – they inflate tyre very slowly.

  • 115 Volt AC

These models cannot be powered by the options present in your vehicle. However, they inflate the tyres much faster than 12 Volt DC ones. Even though they are bit large than DC models, 115-volt AC model is still portable.

  • Dual Voltage Electric

When it comes to electric tyre inflators, dual voltage ones are the best. They come with a toggle switch which enables you to plug it into power source present in your vehicle or 115-volt AC plug.

  • External Compressed Air Source

Some tire inflators don’t come with compressors. For such models, you have to purchase the compressor separately. These type of tire inflators are usually heavy-duty which the reason they are mostly preferred by mechanics. They inflate tyres much faster and are capable of handling tyre that require higher PSI level.

7. Cord Length or Hose

Hose or cord length also play an important role when it comes to purchasing a tyre inflator. Having sufficient length enables you reach the tire, especially the valve steam easily. With longer hose or cord, you don’t have to move the inflator as frequently as with the shorter one.

A lengthy hose enables to reach the valve steam, even if it is not present in ideal position to hook up and fill the tyre. To say in layman terms, longer hose makes it easy to place the adapter on tire’s valve stem conveniently.

Usually, hose length of a tyre inflator varies from 4 inches to 30 feet. Most of the tyre inflators in India have around 18 to 26 inches long hose. When it comes to power cord, it ranges from 21 inches to 16 feet. Reasonable and convenient length is considered to be 8 to 11 feet.

8. Storage and Portability

When it comes to purchasing car inflators, storage and portability go hand in hand. It is important to purchase a tyre inflator that can be easily stored and carried while on the trips. An ideal tire inflator is small enough to fit easily in the trunk without occupying much space. Because while on long trips, trunk space can be filled up with your luggage.

Usually small tyre inflator comes in 20 X 20 dimensions or less which is easy and convenient enough to store. 12-volts DC tire inflator is much more portable than 115-volt AC model or inflator that requires separate air supply.

9. Build Quality

Major differences between an excellent and cheap tire inflator is the quality of material used, how long they can hold up and durability. Expensive or reasonably priced inflator will be made up of high quality materials which makes them last pretty long without any faults or breakdowns. Quality of materials used in the product ensure sturdiness, reliability and durability.

10. LED Work Light

LED work light helps you easily utilize the tyre inflator even during nights or dim lighting conditions. It also sends signal who drive around so that they can help you. This is one of the benefits of having a tyre inflator.

11. Noise Level

Some tyre inflators have compressors that generate a lot of unpleasant noise which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for you and your neighbors as well. So, we recommend purchasing a tyre inflator that operates at very low noise which is around 40 or 50 db.

12. User-Friendly

Tyre inflator with complex operations can be difficult to use. So, we recommend to purchase the one that is easy to use. Make sure it comes with required features and a manual providing instructions to guide you.

13. Extra Accessories

It is always best to have additional accessories. Some of them can be a multiple adapter which helps to inflate toys or air mattresses. Getting a carry bag from the manufacturer for tyre inflator can be great as it will help you carry the device conveniently.

14. Cost

This is also important factor to consider before making the purchase. We recommend to set up a budget limit before analyzing the options. Product with extra features can be a bit expensive but can be totally worth the investment. But never fall for the fake advertisements of low quality products. It is better to check the customer reviews before finalizing the option.

15. Warranty

Just like any other product or appliance, warranty ensures quality of the product. The longer the warranty is, the better the product will be. And moreover, if you experience any damage or defect during that period, you can get it repaired or replaced without extra cost.

How To Use a Tyre Inflator?

A tyre inflator is a simple machine which lets you transfer compressed air into flat tire. It has two important components which help to complete this process. The two components are – adapter and compressor air supply.

At one end, the adapter is present to act as seal with valve steam. And on the other end, compressed air supply is present. Other parts that play a role in process is pressure gauge. It tells you the current pressure of the tire and also helps you monitor while inflating the tyre to know when you reached the required PSI level. Tyre inflator also comes with a handle which should be depressed in order to allow the compressed air to pass through the supply into flat tyre.

Usually, to inflate a tyre completely, it will take around 2 to 3 minutes. But if you are inflating less deflated tire, then it will take around 30 to 40 seconds. After completing the inflation, it is recommended to switch off the compressor and remove the connection.

Advantages of Tyre Inflator

Most of the people think that tyre inflators can only be used for just maintaining proper air pressure in tyres. But it has several other benefits as well. We have mentioned them below for your convenience…

  • If the tires are properly inflated, then cars will provide better mileage.
  • With proper PSI, tires will last a bit longer. So, you don’t have to spend money on tire maintenance.
  • Car tires with proper condition lead to smooth trips.
  • With proper pressure and inflation, the car tires will be protected from harsh weather conditions.
  • Modern tyre inflators are much easy to use and operate than traditional tyre inflators. You can just switch on the button and the machine will start working.
  • These devices are safe to operate as there are no complex technical operations included. Some safety features include auto-shut off and preset function.
  • They are reliable, durable, portable, fast and sturdy.
  • Tyre inflators come in handy during puncture or flat tire situations.
  • Quick and efficient pumping will save a lot of time.

Few Problems You May Face with Tyre Inflators

Inaccurate Pressure Readings by Pressure Gauge

Inbuilt gauge of a tyre inflator can provide inaccurate readings if you checking the pressure during inflation. Few compressors are not designed to provide live tire pressure readings at the time of inflation. Best way to check the accurate pressure readings is when the compressor is turned off.

Overheating Compressor

Though there are several problems associated with compressor, overheating issue can be resolved or prevented easily. In most of the cases, overheating can be caused when users fail to follow the instructions specified by the manufacturer. For example, few tire inflators are designed to work continuously only for certain period of time and after that it has to be turned off to cool down. This is usually referred as compressor’s duty cycle. To prevent the compressor from getting overheated, never run the tyre inflator beyond the recommended time. Also make sure you take care of the compressor maintenance regularly.

Slow Air Pressure

It’s unusual for air pressure to become too slow. This problem can be caused when filters and air paths are clogged with dirt. This problem can be solved by cleaning the compressor regularly. Apart from clogged air filters, loose unit can also lead to this issue. So, check the unit and tighten it to solve the issue.

Loud Noise Generated by Compressor

If your compressor has been silent and making noise suddenly, then it can be due to less lubrication. Apart that, another reason that leads to this issue can be loose units. So to reduce the noise, lubricate the compressor thoroughly and tighten the parts of compressor.

Compressor Stops Abruptly

Sometimes, air compressor can stop working suddenly without providing any warnings ahead. This is a very common problem with most of the tyre inflators available in India. If the compressor has stopped working suddenly, then electrical fault can be the main reason. For example, blown fuse can cause electrical fault. If this happens, you cannot repair it by yourself. It should be handled by an expert.

General Safety Instructions While Using Tyre Inflators

For avoiding any injuries and damage to the compressor, we recommend to consider below tips and instructions.

  • If the compressor has faulty electrical units, then don’t try to repair it yourself. This has to be handled by only a qualified professional.
  • Never allow a kid to operate the tyre inflator without any supervision from an adult.
  • Usually compressors tend to get hot when they are used. So, remember not to touch the compressor with bare hands and only use the handle to transfer the machine.
  • After using the compressor, don’t store it immediately. Make sure to cool it down before storing it.
  • You should never carry or lift the compressor using air hoses or power cords. You should only use the handles for it.
  • Always make sure the compressor is lubricated.
  • When not in use, always switch off the device.
  • Never point compressor’s air nozzle at you or anyone else as it can be fatal.
  • If the power cord of the tyre inflator is coiled up, then make sure to uncoil it before using it. If not, it can lead to overheating.
  • Never leave the compressor unattended as it can easily overinflate the tyres to burst especially if the tyre inflator doesn’t come with auto-shut off feature.
  • If you are sleepy or drowsy, don’t operate a compressor.
  • Don’t use the tyre inflator in a wet environment unless the manufacturer mentioned the device as waterproof.
  • Always make sure to read and understand all the instructions carefully before assembling or using the tyre inflator.

Important Things to Consider While Using Tyre Inflator

When you are connecting the tyre inflator to the car, we recommend considering the below important things…

  • Whenever you connect or disconnect the tyre inflator to the power source, we recommend to make sure the compressor’s power switch is turned off.
  • Make sure the car engine is running while using the tyre inflator. Or else the compressor will drain the battery quickly. However, few compressors are designed in way that they should never be operated when the car engine is still working. If the manufacturer mentions that, then obey their instruction. Read the instructional manual to know for the details of compressor running conditions.
  • If the power cord is designed to plugged into vehicles battery, then don’t plug it anywhere else. And if it is designed for car’s cigarette light holder, then don’t try to connect it to battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I know car’s standard pressure?

It is better to check the car tire pressure regularly to avoid any stressful situations of flat tires. In most of the cases, car’s standard pressure is provided in fuel filler cap or else door sills. If you haven’t found it there, then you can see them in car’s instructional manual or other documents provided at the time of purchase. Also, amount of air that should be pumped into a tire usually depends on several factors like temperature outside, number of passengers, wheel combination and others.

2. Is it important that all the tires should have same pressure?

No. Usually, front tyres require more air pressure than the back tyres. During cold months, tires of passenger cars require 30 to 32 PSI. Because of the cold, increase in the friction and heat generated on the road reduce the pressure which keeps it optimal.

3. What is canned tire inflator?

Canned tire inflators are also known as single use air pressure cans. They are helpful in the times of emergency to fill up air in bike or car tyres. It is mostly used as an emergency supply for bicycles.

4. Is it possible to control PSI? I want to use the tyre inflator for latex balloons which requires 10 to 40 PSI?

Tyre inflators don’t come with regulator that can be used to control the air pressure output. However, the gauge can be helpful in knowing the pressure. The longer it runs the higher pressure will be.

5. What is the appropriate air pressure to pump into a car tyre?

Usually, typical air pressure of a car tyre should be between 30 to 40 PSI. It also depends on car’s weight and tyre size. So, make sure to check out the appropriate number on the instruction manual.

6. Is it ok to drive my car with low air pressure tyre?

If you are driving car with low air pressure, then tires will get worn out easily and ultimately lead to complete damage of the tyre. And also under inflated tires can easily get overheated and leads bursting of tire. That is why it is important to have optimal air pressure in the tires.

7. How much air should I pump to my car?

Typical car tyre recommended and suggested air pressure should be between 30 and 35 PSI. Tyre pressure is totally dependent on the car’s weight and the tyre size. Be sure to check with your tyre or car manual for the exact number.

8. Can I drive my car in low air pressure?

Driving with low tyre pressure will increase the wear & tear of the tyres and ultimately lead to the tyre getting damaged. Also under inflated tyres are easily prone to overheating and thus the bursting of the tyre. Hence it is always advised that you have an optimal air pumped in.

9. Should all of my tires have same pressure?

No. Front tyres need more than back tyres. Most of the passenger based cars should have air pressure between 30 and 32 PSI when the outside temperature is cold. As the increased friction of the tyre and the road generates heat, pressure reduces and thus stays optimal.

10. What is a tyre inflator and how to use it?

A tyre inflator is a simple device that helps in filling air pressure into the tyres of your vehicle when it goes flat unexpectedly or due to any other reasons.
Digital or otherwise, the simple and basic way to operate a tyre inflator is to place the air chuck nozzle on the nozzle of the tyre and turn on the device and wait till it reaches the desired and then shut it down.

11. What is PSI?

PSI stands for Pascals per Square Inch and they are a unit of measuring the value and the quantity of how much air that goes or is present inside a tyre or any inflatable.

12. What is the best 12v portable air compressor?

Any digital and portable air compressor operates on 12V of battery/DC voltage. Out of all of them, the AmazonBasics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator is the best portable air compressor in the market.

13. How can you use an air compressor to fill a tire?

Irrespective of what type of air compressor you are using, you first need to fix the nozzle of the tyre inflator into the tyre.
Now if you are using a portable tyre inflator, then set the desired pressure and then plug in the power cord into the cigarette lighter/adaptor and turn on your car.
If you are using a bulk air compressor, then turn on the machine and monitor the reading on the gauge and stop the machine once it reaches the desired level of air.

14. What is the best air chuck?

Air chucks are the nozzle part of the tyre inflator. There is no definitive brand of air chuck that fits all different types of tyres. Depending on the nozzle size of your tyre, you would need to pick the type of air chuck. However, the Painter 2 way and even one way air chucks are generic air chucks that fit most of the types of tyres.

14. What is a spare tire mobility kit?

Spare Tire Mobility kits are small yet super helpful utility boxes that aid in the event of a tire flat. All you need to do is plug in the kit into your tyre and activate it.
It releases a liquidized rubber material into the tyre which seals off the punctured area of the tyre first. After this, the compressor activates and fills the tyre with air and the tyre is ready to roll again.

15. How much air pressure should be pumped in for a car?

While the actual and exact level of pressure changes from model to model, the commonly agreed upon levels of air pressure in the front tyres of the car is 33-34 PSI whereas for the back tyre, it is 31 PSI.
Colder climates can use 1 or 2 PSIs larger than recommended whereas hotter climate tyres need to be kept in check to make sure that the air inside does not dissipate

16. Can I use a bicycle pump to fill up the tyre of my car?

Though not standard, you can actually use a bicycle pump to fill in the air for a car tyre. But you should note that this is a very tedious and hard process. As a bike pump is manually operated (mostly) and has the ability to pump only some PSI per pump, this may take a lot more time than an automatic machine that fills in air.

17. What is a canned tyre inflator?

Canned tyre inflators are single use cans of pressurized airs with a air chuck at one end. They are used in emergencies to fill in air to your car or bike tyres. Ideally used as emergency supplies for bicycles.


With a superior build quality, faster performance and one year warranty in a reasonable budget, AmazonBasics Car Tyre Inflator is our top pick.

Tyre inflators are not just an accessory purchase. They are investments and care kits for your tyres. They are those cousins who help you in times of untimely crisis. Choose wisely. For any questions, queries and doubts regarding tyre inflators, gauges or any other appliance, be sure to comment below. Our expert team will be with you right away.

  • How did you finally conclude bergmann is the best? All the while you were saying tusa is the most recommended.please explain.

    • Hi Nameeth,

      Tusa is brand new to indian customers, however it’s a very successful model in USA, so we recommended.

      Bergmann is an old brand in india and it works well too. I would recommend to go with tusa if you are looking for latest model inflator with digital reading and classy look.

      As it’s a new brand, if you don’t want to take a chance or would like to go with tradition budget friendly inflators then go with Bergmann.

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