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Best TWS Earbuds

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Earbuds can be more comfortable than wired ones and are easier to use. You can listen to music while you work out or do other activities without interruptions using TWS earbuds. Unlike wired headphones, you can easily carry them in your backpack or handbag without dealing with tangled wires. Apart from listening to music, they are also perfect for zoom meetings and business calls. These earbuds have become so popular that they are available at various prices, from affordable to high-end. For reference, we have mentioned the best TWS earbuds in this article.

1. OnePlus Nord TWS Ear Buds

Award – Highly Rated

Tagline – Water resistance

These earbuds come with IP55 dust and water resistance. So, you can take them to your pool parties and swimming sessions without worry.

OnePlus Nord TWS earbuds have 12.4 mm, big dynamic drivers, ensuring a crisp and deeper bass. They take little time to recharge. And on a full charge, they continuously provide battery backup of up to 30 hours. Even on a quick charge of 10 minutes, it can ensure backup of up to 5 hours which can be helpful in emergencies. The noise-cancelling feature and microphone design block out the wind and background noise. So, you can have peaceful talks without any disturbance.

2. Noise Air Buds Pro

Award – Most Interactive

Tagline – Comfortable fitting

These TWS earbuds have an ergonomic design and flexible silicone tips, ensuring a convenient and comfortable daily fit.

Noise Air Buds Pro comes with Hyper Sync technology, ensuring quick connectivity to your smartphone or tablet. The noise cancellation mode reduces background noise up to 25dB so you can enjoy music sound. It is equipped with 10mm speaker drivers that ensure immersive sound clarity. Since they are IPX5 water resistant, you can use them while swimming or at pool parties. On a full charge, it provides a total playtime of up to 20 hours. Some other features of these earbuds include transparency mode, quad mic and more.

3. Boult Audio Airbass TWS Earbuds

Award – Best Connectivity

Tagline – Voice assistant

With the voice assistant feature, you can access Siri and Google Assistant to experience hands-free control over the earbuds.

Boult Audio Airbass earbuds will automatically pair with the device as soon as you take them out from the case. So you can pair them manually only sometimes. Since they have IXP5 water resistance, you can use them outdoors without any worries, even if it is raining or snowing. It has one multifunction button; you can play, pause, answer or hang up calls. It offers a playback time of up to 10 hours, and with the additional charge of the case, they can get extra playtime of up to 20 to 30 hours. They come in a black matt finish, which complements most of your attires.

4. Realme Q2s TWS Earbuds

Award – Best Shape

Tagline – Unique design

These earbuds feature a stylish and durable design that gives them an edge over the competition while also being attractive.

Realme Q2s TWS earbuds are perfect for people who are looking for quirky and stylish earbuds. They are equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers, advanced bass boost and an enhancement solution which ensures clear audio clarity every time. They come with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity which ensures instant connection with your smartphone. It has 88ms super low latency, which is quite helpful in the gaming mode. You can play, pause, change track, answer, or end calls with intelligent touch controls. It provides a battery backup of up to 30 hours on a full charge.

5. Truke Buds BTG3 True Wireless Earbuds

Award – Budget-Friendly

Tagline – Cinematic sound quality

These earbuds are equipped with 10mm 32Ω dynamic drivers, which deliver high sensitivity, bass, and fidelity to ensure a theatre-like experience.

Truke Buds BTG3 wireless earbuds are a combination of state-of-the-art quality and excellence. They are customised with low latency of up to 55ms, which provides enhanced gaming sounds in the gaming mode. On a single charge, they provide battery backup of up to 10 hours and an additional 38 hours with the case. These TWS earbuds are equipped with deep neural network call noise cancellation technology, which picks up sound waves accurately and prevents any background noise from interrupting.

Things to Consider While Purchasing TWS Earbuds

Battery life:

It is important to know how long wireless headphones last. Two battery life ratings are common for wireless headphones: the battery life with a single charge and the battery life combined with the case. These factors should be considered to determine if the headphones will perform well in your situation and long term. High-quality headphones should last eight to twelve hours before they need to be charged.


Your headphones’ connection to your music player will determine how you experience it. Make sure your music player has a jack for headphones if you need a wired connection. You can also use wireless connections if the range is good. Also, ensure that your music player supports the same codecs as the headphones. In this regard, only one must match the other.

Comfort and Ear Cushions:

Although more subtle than over-ear headphones, earbuds can be just as comfortable. Earbuds with ear cushion attachments will provide a more comfortable fit in your ear.


Consider buying a set of earbuds with built-in controls if you plan to use them for business calls or working out.


While earbuds with noise-cancelling technology will set you back a bit more, they are well worth it if you use them in noisy gyms or on work calls.

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