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The 7 Best TV Unit In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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A TV unit can add luxury to your watching experience. Your flat-screen TV needs to be showcased as a focal point in your home. And that is where a TV unit comes into play. This can uplift the look of your TV while enhancing your viewing experience by giving you a better optimal level.

But before going out to purchase this utility object, here are a few things that you must consider.

  • First and foremost you must check the compatible size. Every TV unit is not suitable for every TV size. So you must check this factor before you purchase.
  • Material is one more thing that you can look for. Though most of them are made up of wood there can be varieties of wood like prelam wood, Sheesham, teak wood and more. You can check the quality and the different types of woods used before purchasing.

Other than these stated factors if you want to know about more factors that can help you with buying, then refer to our “Buying Guide”.

And now you can go through our top listed products that you can purchase from amazon.

7 Best TV Unit In India

TV unitMaterialCompatible TV sizeWarrantyBuy Now
Deckup Uniti TV UnitWood44 inches-Check On Amazon
Wudville Coober TV Unitpre lam board particle42 inches-Check On Amazon
Bluewud Primax TV Unitpre lam board particle42 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Anikaa Archie TV Unitpre lam board particle42 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon
Amazon Brand Wood TV CabinetEuropean standard particleboard55 inches3 yearCheck On Amazon
Dime TV UnitMDF wood------Check On Amazon
DECORVAIZ Wooden TV Unit Engineered wood42 inches1 yearCheck On Amazon

7 Best TV Unit In India Reviews

1. Deckup Uniti TV Stand and Home Entertainment Unit

deck up unit

Our list starts with this wenge TV unit by deck up. This brand makes a wide range of products making them available for every individual.

Talking about this particular product, this is quite exquisitely built with the finest quality wood.

This is 71 inches in length which is a great optimal height for 19 inches TV. And with the width of 16 inches be sure to have enough space by the sides even after placing your TV.

This has four open shelves followed by two enclosed cupboards by the side. The dark wenge colour and matte finish gives it a contemporary look.

This product has been declared as a great value for money for most of its users.

Product Specification

  • Dimension: length (71 inches), width (16 inches), height (19 inches)
  • Material: wood
  • Ideal TV Size: 44 inches
  • Colour: dark wenge


  • Great packaging
  • Easy assemblage
  • Storage cabinets are spacious


  • Not suitable for 50 inch TV

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Bluewud Wudville Coober TV Entertainment Unit Table/Set Top Box Stand 

wudville tv unit

Our second listing belongs to a bluwid product. This is a renowned name in the furnishing world.

This TV unit has a height of 10 inches that makes it a good option for 42 inches TV. This TV unit gets a contemporary look with its wenge colour. This is structured with a high-grade prelam board particle that gives it a sturdy and stable look.

Unlike the previous product, this comes with three open shelves that allow you to rack up and decorate this unit.

Product Specification

  • Dimension: Length (42 inches) x Breadth (10 inches ) x Height (10 inches)
  • Material: pre lam board particle
  • Ideal TV size: 42 inches
  • Colour: wenge


  • Great packaging
  • Easy assemblage
  • Storage cabinets are spacious


  • Prone to scratches

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Bluewud Primax TV Entertainment Wall Unit/Set Top Box Stand

blue tv unit

Yet another product from Bluewid and why not? its promising quality and classy design make it a favourite product among many.

The material of the product is similar to the previous product that is pre lam board particle. So what makes this different from the previous one is its dimensions. This is shorter in length but offers a greater height than the previous product. And this can ideally take the weight of up to 42 inches TV. And there is one more thing that makes it look different and that is its colour. This has a white coating on top and wenge colour throughout the lower half and the sides.

This also comes with a cable hole in the middle of the unit to pass all the wires. And this helps to keep all the cables in one place and keep it tangle-free.

Product Specification

  • Dimension: (29cm ) Length  x Breadth (30cm ) x Height (80cm )
  • Material: pre lam board particle
  • Weight: 12.4 kgs
  • Ideal TV Size: 42 inches
  • Colour: wenge, white
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Usage of pre-laminated wood
  • Cable management
  • Easy installation


  • Edges are not curved

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Anikaa Archie TV Entertainment Unit/Wall Set Top Box Stand Shelf

Anikaa Archie TV

Our fourth product is from Anikaa and unlike others, this is a wall mount stand. This is an elegant piece of furniture and can be a focal point of your room. The cabinets are great for storage and utilize better space.

This is made of high-grade prelam particle wood. This wood undergoes three treatment processes that leave no marks for termites, beetles and carpenter ants. This is also seasoned for optimal moisture to reduce the expansion caused by seasonal fluctuations.

This is a great option for 42 inches TV and it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

The cleaning process is very easy and a cotton cloth is enough to wipe off the dirt. In case you need to use sandpaper, use mineral oil after that.

Product Specification

  • Dimension: Length {97.5Cm} Breadth {23Cm} Height {10Cm}
  • Material: pre lam board particle
  • Weight: 7 kgs
  • Ideal TV Size: 42 inches
  • Colour: wenge
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Easy cleaning process
  • Wood undergoes three treatment process
  • Easy installation


  • Some people struggle to install

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Amazon Brand – Solimo Fiesta Engineered Wood TV Cabinet

amazon brand unit

Solimo brand uses wood that is structured to be compact and give an elegant design and sleek look. This is made up of  European standard particle boards and has undergone 20 rigorous safety and quality tests. This is also resistant to humidity, stains and any toxic chemicals.

With a length of 149.5 cm and a height of 53 cm, this is a suitable option for 55 inch TVs.

Product Specification

  • Dimension: Length (149.5 cm), Width (39 cm), Height (53 cm)
  • Material: European standard particle board
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Ideal TV Size: 55 inches
  • Colour: wenge, white
  • Warranty: 3 year


  • Undergoes 20 process
  • Edges are curved
  • 3-year warranty


  • Installation needs expertise

Buy Now From Amazon

6. Dime Store Wooden Wall Mounted TV Unit

Dime Store Wooden Wall Mounted TV Unit

Dime Store is a local brand that curates unique and modern furniture models that suit modern home interiors. All its products look plush and are very inexpensive, so you don’t have to put all the money into costly woodwork.

This black and white TV unit is one the best sellers from the brand. It comes as a set of 3 units with 9 shelves all in all. Combinedly, these racks enhance the look of an empty wall in your living room or office space.

In terms of size, the two vertical units measure 5-inches inches in length, 24-inches in height and the shelves come with 9.5-inch depth. So, you can use these units to keep the decorative pieces, books or plants. 

Meanwhile, the horizontal unit measures 5 x 8 x 32 inches and is broad enough to hold your routers, set-top box, DVD player, remotes, CD’s and any other gadgets.

Coming to the materials, the entire TV unit is made of MDF wood, which is well-known for its toughness. Also, it is waterproof and has the ability to resist all the coffee or other liquid stains. 

Finally, this TV unit is very easy to maintain. You just have to wipe it with a damp cloth to retain the new look. 

Product Specification

Colour: Black and White

Load Capacity: 20 kgs

Weight: 8 kgs

Material: MDF wood


  • Affordable.
  • Can suit all TV sizes.
  • It comes in a hole design for the cables to easily pass from it.
  • Easy to assemble with a drill and screwdriver.


  • No warranty from the brand.

Buy Now From Amazon

7. DECORVAIZ Wooden Wall Mounted TV Unit for Living Room

DECORVAIZ Wooden Wall Mounted TV

Decorviaz is also a local brand dealing with attractive and high-quality pieces of furniture for living room, office, garden and office. 

This white and grey TV unit from the brand is ideal for your living room wall where you mounted your 42-inch TV. This unit comes in L-shape with a total of 7 shelves. The vertical shelves can be used for displaying show pieces or for keeping plants or books.

Meanwhile, the horizontal racks can be used for storing your DVD player, set-top box, remotes, newspapers, music system or gaming consoles. 

This horizontal unit measures 120 x 30 x 13 cm and can be installed right below your TV thereby leaving adequate floor space. 

The vertical unit measures 67 x 20 cm and combinedly both the units come with a capacity to hold 40 kgs of weight. So, it is strong enough to last for years.

Coming to the materials, this TV unit is made of engineered wood, which is dust-resistant, waterproof and requires very less maintenance.

Product Specification

Colour: White and Grey

Ideal TV size: Up to 42 inches

Material: Engineered wood

Weight: 12.4 kg

Warranty: 1-year


  • Contemporary design to suit modern home interiors.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ideal weight for durability.
  • Dust can be wiped off with a simple dry cloth.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Affordable


  • Nothing specific to mention.

Buy Now From Amazon

Things To Consider While Buying a TV Stand

These below mentioned points will give you a better understanding and can help you in selecting a suitable product for yourself.

1. Sizes

It is necessary to know the size of your TV. The TV stand should be as wide as your TV otherwise the stand would not really serve the purpose. In case you don’t know the measurements, you can always measure it by yourself. All you have to do is take a measuring tape and measure the tape diagonally, this will give you the width of the TV.

2. Holding capacity

Also, check the maximum holding capacity of the unit. Without checking the compatibility of weight the TV stand would not be able to serve its purpose.

3. Materials

TV stands are usually made of wood or metal. They mostly serve the same purpose. So the material chosen would just add up to the aesthetics of your home.

Wood stand adds a rustic style to your home and is more traditional. Some varieties of wood can be of teak, maple, oak and mahogany.

Metals weigh less than wood and have a powder or chrome finish. These are shaped into novel configuration and come in different shapes and design.

4. Mobility

This is another important factor that you should look out for. It is suggested for stands that come with wheels for the ease of movement. This can be also helpful to swivel the TV stands and change the direction of viewing.

5. Extra Features

TV stands can come with extras like shelves, drawers. Though all TV stands don’t really come with all these features. Whatever you choose make sure that you have enough space to fit in your item as well as you should have enough space to fit the entire module in your room.

6. Price

If you want your purchase to be under a specific budget then it will be advisable to check out the price before investing. All our stands can start from a minimum of 3,000 and can range up to -25,000.

7. Warranty

One more important factor to look for. Most of these products come with1 year to 3 years of warranty. So do not forget to check this factor before purchasing. 

8. Types

This utility device can come in various forms, that can act as a decorative element in your house.

  • Console: This style has several useful shelves that allow you to install many items than TV.
  • Stand With Audio Towers: This serves as a complete entertainment module. You can rack up the TV along with the speakers. The side stands are tall and provide enough space for the speakers.
  • Hutch: The Hutch TV stand looks quite aesthetic. This comes with cabinets that are stalked top of each other and this along right beside the space that holds the TV. There is also a cabinet placed below the TV rack.
  • Cabinet: This serves as a complete module for entertainment. You can rack up the TV with the speakers. The side stands are large and have ample room for speakers.
  • Swivel: This TV stand has a revolving mechanism that enables the entire stand to move in the desired direction for improved visibility.
  • Floating: It is wall mounted that keeps the space on the floor open. This consists of a shelf that comes with cord concealment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should TV stand be wider than TV?

It is ok if the stand is better than TV. You can also opt for the same width as your TV. But do not get a stand that has less width than TV. This would not be able to hold the TV.

2. What should be the ideal height of TV?

As a thumb rule, a 42 inches television should be mounted 56 inches away from the floor. And a 55 inch TV should be mounted 61 inches away. For a 65 inch TV or 70 inches, the TV should be placed 67 inches away from the floor.

3. Which is the best material to go for buying a TV stand?

TV stands usually come in wooden or metal material. Both of them usually serve the same purpose and you can choose depending on the aesthetic appeal.


On the bottom line, a TV unit helps to manage all the cable, give you a better optimal level and can also work as a decorative element in your room. Among all those top listed products we have our favourite pick and that is DeckUp Uniti TV Stand and Home Entertainment Unit. This is made up of the finest quality wood and is suitable for a 44 inch TV size. The cabinets are quite spacious and the assemblage is also easy.

Comment below for any queries and we would respond to them as soon as possible.

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