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The 5 Best TV Stands In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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A TV stand can be an advantage of your entire watching experience. But how? Well these are designed to uplift the optimal viewing, reducing the stress over your shoulder while all the cables and sockets are easily accessible without the need of moving TV. And a great looking stand can also create a creative space in your home.

While this utility has led to its increased demand, we have put together a well researched article to help pick a suitable product.

Quality being the paramount factor there are also other things that you must look into before investing.

Like the compatibility of your TV and the stand. Factors like holding capacity and suitable size must be checked before purchasing. If these two factors don’t go hand in hand with the stand then your purpose of buying would not be fulfilled.

Some stands can come with attached wheels that help in mobitly. While some don’t and this can be a good option for those who are not planning to move the stand frequently.

To know about more factors you can go through our “Buying Guide” and get an in depth detail on what to look for before buying a product. And now that you know the selection process, go through our top featured products that you can buy from Amazon.

5 Best TV Stands In India

TV StandSizeHolding capacityMaterialMobilityBuy Now
Gadget wagon TV
32-70 inches45.5 kgtempered glassComes with wheelsCheck On Amazon
Rife TV Stand30-65 inches50kgAluminiumComes with wheelsCheck On Amazon
Fitueyes TV Stand30-50 inches50 kgmetal, steel, tempered
glass shelf
No wheelsCheck On Amazon
Smart Shelter TV stand 16-55 inches80 kgMetalComes with wheelsCheck On Amazon
Hunaco TV Stand 32-60inches28 kgMetal and tempered glassWithout wheelsCheck On Amazon

5 Best TV Stands In India Reviews

1. Gadget wagon 32-70″ LED LCD TV Portable Wheel Stand

gadet tv stand

Gadget wagon is a well-known name that manufactures TV mounts. With the highest reviews, we can easily tell that it is a favourite among many customers. And the primary reason for this is its durability and its wide range holding capacity.

Now coming to this particular stand, it is a perfect option for 32-70 inches smart TV. And any brand can be compatible with this, to name a few brands- mi, Sony, Samsung, Intex, Videocon, Vu, Micromax and many more can be held by this stand.

This stand has a sturdy look which is achieved with a plush looking tempered glass. As this is a strong and heavy build it can easily take the weight of 45.5 KG. While with a thickness of 5 mm and black finish, it can surely look very exquisite.

The attached wheels just make this product much more beneficial. With this, you can move around the stand and place it in any of your desired rooms, without any hassle. This feature also allows the TV to swivel and give you a desired optimal view.

Additional feature

This stand has three primary sections and each of their heights can be adjusted.

  • Av shelf– 20,47 inches
  • Main pole– 19,69 inches
  • Camera shelf– 13,19 inches
  • Shelf for DVD, laptop and projector

Product specification

  • VESA size: 600 x 400mm
  • Maximum holding weight: 45.5 kg
  • Compatible size: 32-70 inches
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Package includes: 1 tv mount set, 1 screw kit and equalizer, 1 manual


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy mobility
  • Sturdy stand


  • Need a professional for fittings

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Rife Mobile TV Trolley Stand 

rife stand

Second, up in our list is a stand trolley from RIfe. This brand makes a wide range of furnishing products that can be ideally suited for every household.

This particular stand is suitable for TV’s that measure around 32 inches to 65 inches. The height of this stand measures to be 1900mm and there is also a flexibility of adjusting the height as per requirement.

This stand is made up of aluminium and is silver tinted. And just like our previous mentioned product this also comes with attached wheels that make the mobility much easier.

Additional features

  • Can support DVD up to 5 kgs
  • Comprises a camera shelf that measures 300(L)x 230(W)mm.

Product specification

  • dimension: 110 x 100 x 40 cm
  • Maximum holding weight: 50kg
  • Compatible size: 30-65 inches
  • Material: aluminium
  • Package includes: 1 tv mount set, 1 screw kit and equalizer, 1 manual


  • DVD holder
  • Easy mobility
  • Sturdy stand


  • Prone to scratches

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Fitueyes Swivel TV Stand

fitu eyes satnd

This list could not have missed a Fitueyes product. Fitueyes is both a manufacturer and a brand owner. This helps its finest product to reach the consumers directly without the need of any middle man. And this is believed to hold their loyal customers.

This stand is compatible with any LED, LCD or plasma TV that measure 32-50 inches. The maximum holding capacity is 50 kgs.

Materials like metal and steel and tempered glass make up this stand. And all this combines to give this piece an elegant look.

The greater stability of this stand is ensured with its rubber non-slip feet.

Additional features

  • The bracket allows a height adjustment of up to three levels
  • The pole comes with cable management that keeps all the cables tidy and neat and prevents tangling.
  • Along with great stability, it is also scratch-resistant
  • It can swivel left and right to give a better optimal view
  • the distance between the lower VESA mounting hole and the bottom of the tv should not be larger than 190 mm

Product specification

  • VESA size: 200 x 400mm
  • Maximum holding weight: 50 kg
  • Compatible size: 30-50 inches
  • Material: metal, steel, tempered glass shelf
  • Package includes: 1 tv stand, 1  assemble manual, fitting screws & hardware


  • Incorporated A/V equipment
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy stand


  • Does not have wheels

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Smart Shelter LCD/LED TV Pedestal stand

smart stand

The fourth product is by smart shelters and this brand promises innovative and sophisticated products that can improve your lifestyle. Many consumers have a good mouth about their great quality which is available at an affordable range.

This stand is compatible with all leading TV brands that measure to be around 16”- 55”. This offers the maximum hold among all the products that are 80 kgs.

The 100% metal structure ensures a great durability and finished with black powder coating adds up to its elegant look.

Additional features

  • The lower half of the stand is foldable and comes with wheels that make it easy to access and portable.
  • Height can be adjusted from 85cm -160 cm
  • Tray space to set up DVD player, playstation etc
  • TV Mounting Holes provided for 400 X 400,400 X 300, 400 X 200, 300 X 300, 330 X 330, 300 X 200, 200 X 200, 200 X 100, 100 X 100, 75 X 75 mm

Product specifications

  • Maximum holding weight: 80 kg
  • Compatible size: 16-55 inches
  • Material: metal


  • Wheels can rotate 360 degree
  • Made of 100% metal
  • Easy installation


  • Not scratch resistant

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Hunaco Universal Table Top TV Stand 

universal stand

Last but not least. Our fifth product is by HUANUO. This brand makes a wide range of stands that can suitably serve all your purpose.

This universal tabletop is suited for TVs that measure 32 to 60 inches and while this cannot hold more than 28 kgs, It offers swivel movement up to 40 degrees. The height can also be structured and you can adjust the optimal level as per your requirement.

Overall this is quite a sturdy stand with its metal components and tempered glass shelf.

Product specification

  • VESA size: 100 x 600mm
  • Maximum holding weight: 28 kg
  • Compatible size: 32-60inches
  • Material: metal and tempered glass shelf


  • 360 degree
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable height


  • Has a low holding capacity

Buy Now From Amazon

Things To Consider While Buying a TV stand

Go through the below-mentioned points to have a better understanding of the selection process and this can help you get a suitable product for yourself.

1. Sizes

It is important to know the size of your TV. Ideally, the TV stand should be as wide as your TV otherwise the stand would not really serve the purpose. In case you don’t know the measurements, you can always measure it by yourself. All you have to do is take a measuring tape and measure the tape diagonally, this will give you the width of the TV.

2. Holding capacity

Along with the size, it is also important to check the maximum holding capacity of the stand. Without checking the compatibility of weight the TV stand would not be able to serve its purpose.

3. Materials

TV stands are usually made of wood, metal or tempered glass. They mostly serve the same purpose. So the material chosen would just add up to the aesthetics of your home.

Wood stands are more traditional and add a rustic style to your home. Some varieties of wood can be of cherry, maple, oak and mahogany.

Metals can weigh less than wood and the metal stand’s appearance is enhanced with powder or chrome finish. These are shaped into novel configuration and come in different shapes and design.

Glass stands can reveal the electronics placed in them and these are supported by metal pieces.

4. Mobility

This is another important factor that you should look out for. It is suggested for stands that come with wheels for the ease of movement.

5. Swivel

Some wall mounts can stay in one place and some are flexible to swivel. This choice can be absolutely subjective and you should purchase as per your requirement.

6. Extra Features

TV stands can come with extra shelves. But let me tell all TV stands don’t really come with all these features. Whatever you choose make sure that you have enough space to fit in your item as well as you should have enough space to fit the entire module in your room.

7. Price

If you want your purchase to be under a specific budget then it will be advisable to check out the price before investing. All our stands can start from a minimum of 3,000 and can range up to 20-25,000.

8. Types of TV stands

This utility device can come in many forms, that addition serves you well as well as acts as a decorative element in your house.

  • Console: This design incorporates many useful shelves that help you incorporate to mount other things other than TV.
  • Stand With Audio Towers: This serves as a complete entertainment module. You can rack up the TV along with the speakers. The side stands are tall and provide enough space for the speakers.
  •  Hutch: The Hutch TV stand looks quite aesthetic. This comes with cabinets that are stalked top of each other and this along right beside the space that holds the TV. There is also a cabinet placed below the TV rack.
  • Cabinet: These compromise two types- one that is similar to the console model which has closed cabinets. And the other one where drawers are set below the TV space and these are not enclosed.
  • Swivel: This TV stand has a rotating structure that allows the entire stand to rotate in the desired direction for better visibility.
  • Floating: This is a wall-mounted design that keeps an open space on the floor. These compromise the shelf and come with cord concealment.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Should TV stand be wider than TV?

It is ok if the stand is wider than TV. You can also opt for the same width as your TV. But do not get a stand that has less width than TV. This would not be able to hold the TV.

2. What should be the ideal height of TV?

As a thumb rule, a 42 inches television should be mounted 56 inches away from the floor. And a 55 inch TV should be mounted 61 inches away. For a 65 inch TV or 70 inches, the TV should be placed 67 inches away from the floor.

3. Which is the best material to go for buying a TV stand?

TV stands usually come in wooden or metal material. Both of them usually serve the same purpose and you can choose depending on the aesthetic appeal.


Finally, we come to the last section. We hope this article served your purpose. A TV stand can be beneficial in many ways, it gives you a better optimal level as well as adds an aesthetic value to your house. Among all the featured products our favourite pick is Gadget wagon 32-70″ LED LCD TV Portable Wheel Stand. This stand is suitable for TVs that measure 32-70 inches. This is made of tempered glass that gives it a strong build and can hold a weight of 45.5 kgs. Plus this has attached wheels that allow easy movement.

For any doubts drop drop down your quarries and we will surely respond to them as soon as possible.

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