Best Tubeless Car Tires in India 2021: Reviews & Buyinguide

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Safety while driving your car is an important aspect. Airbags, ABS, Built-Quality, EBD etc. are built in features which you prefer while purchasing a car. “Tyres” plays a vital role for your safety and comfortable drive. Selecting a good tyre that suits your car is another big task from so many brands present in market.

Several factors like size, grip, quality, brand etc. needs to be considered while selecting an ideal tyre for your car. Replacement of tyres fall anywhere in between 40,000 to 70,000 kilometers and this varies based your vehicle and driving habits. There are few main factors to consider before you buy a right set of tyres for your vehicle.

  • Performance Options: If you are looking for good performance with the good road grip, especially for highways then tread pattern will be better.
  • Size of the Tyre: Always stick to the car manufactures recommended Size, If you want a bigger size doesn’t exceed the limit. 
  • Price Options: MRF, Apollo, JK tyres are few Indian brands that are in little low budget, If you want in low budget then these brand budget are good option.

The detailed description about the tubeless tyre is explained clearly in the “Buying Guide” that is attached at the end of the article.  

Best Tubeless Car Tires in India

Tubeless Car TiresSpeed Rating
Section WidthWarrantyBuy Now
Yokohama Tubeless Car TyreH(up to 210)
185 millimetres5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Goodyear Ducaro Tubeless Car TyreT(up to 190)
145 millimetres3 yearsCheck On Amazon
Apollo Tubeless Car TyreT (Up to 190)
165 millimetres2 yearsCheck On Amazon
MRF ZVTV Tubeless Car TyreS(up to 180)165 millimetres6 yearsCheck On Amazon
Kenda Tubeless Car TyreT(up to 190)155 millimetresNoCheck On Amazon
JK Taximax Tubeless Car TyreT(up to 190)145 millimetres5 yearsCheck On Amazon
Ceat Milaze Tubeless Car TyreH(up to 190)215 millimetres5 years
Check On Amazon

Best Tubeless Car Tires in India: Reviews

1. Yokohama Bluearth AE50 185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre

Yokohama Bluearth AE50 185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre

Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North America manufacturing and marketing arm from Tokyo, Japan based Yokohama Rubber Company Co Ltd., a global manufacturing and sales company of premium tyres.

This tyre has unique construction, it offers superior road ability it gives premium comfort for occupants. It is specifically designed for Indian road conditions.

The grooves designed to ensure best riding experience while reducing the uneven wear and enhance quietness. The narrow grooves help to block control pattern noise echoing under body of the car. 

For better cornering and sudden breaking in hi-speeds, advance groove pattern has been designed. To ensure better safety and performance on wet roads, wide straight grooves designed to control hydro-planning.

These vehicles are compatible for this tyre are Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire, Maruti Ertiga, Maruti Ciaz, Renault Lodgy, Hyundai i20 Active, Hyundai 4S Fluidic Verna, Honda Mobilio, Nissan Sunny, Renault Scala,.

Things we liked:

  • It is suitable for all seasons

  • Its unique construction offers top levels of durability and comfort

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2. Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler 145/80 R12 74T Tubeless Car Tyre

Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler 145/80 R12 74T Tubeless Car Tyre

The Goodyear tyre and rubber company is an American multinational tire manufacturing company.

These tyres are available in 12 and 13 inch sizes and suitable for entry level hatchback cars and scores high on functionality.

These tyres are compatible with Maruti Alto 800, Hyundai EON.

These are tubeless tyres designed for high quality rubber material. The width of the tyre is 19. 5 cms and it has 40.64 cm rim diameter. These tyre speeds at 118 mph of full load.


High tyre mileage: The available wearable rubber volume increases large road contact area and depth tread by maximizing usable life of tyre.

Superior Grip: larger tread width puts more wearable rubber in contact with the road for longer tread life.

Enhanced Durability: Higher resistance to frictional wear is provided by compound high carbon loading compound blend. 

Things we liked

  • Suitable for all weather conditions

  • This tyre uses Tread life Technology to maximize mileage of tyre.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is suitable only for hatchback cars.

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3. Apollo AMAZER 3G MAXX 165/80 R14 85T Tubeless Car Tyre

Apollo AMAZER 3G MAXX 165/80 R14 85T Tubeless Car Tyre

Apollo tyres LTD have been a trusted name in business of manufacture and sale of tyres. It has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. The company markets its products under two global brands Apollo and vredestein.

The asymmetric tread pattern design helps in good balancing on dry and wet surface. This tyre comes in 12, 13, 14 inch rim size which gives comfortable performance with satisfactory grip while improving fuel efficiency.

This tyre has 5 years manufacturing warranty


  • It has balanced tread noise performance.
  • Optimal gauges make a well- cushioned ride
  • Unique compound enhances the tyre life
  • Low rolling resistance makes better fuel efficiency

Things we liked:

  • It is suitable for both wet and dry surface
  • Low noise 

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4. MRF ZVTV 165/70 R14 8S Tubeless Car Tyre

MRF ZVTV 165/70 R14 81S Tubeless Car Tyre

MRF limited is a Chennai based company into the manufacturing, distribution and sales of tyres. It exports to more than 65 countries.

It is specially designed to meet global carmakers norms for better braking and fuel efficiency requirements and is optimised for good ride comfort.

The vehicles that are compatible to these tyres are Maruti Suzuki, Celerio VXI, VXI AT, ZXI, ZXI OPT/ Renault, Pulse (all models)/ Nissan, Micra XL, XE All Variant/ Fiat, Panda 4X4, Punto/ Skoda, Fabia/ Toyota, Aqua, Belta, Passo, Porte, Spade, Vitz, Yaris/ Volkswagen.

Things we liked:

  • Interlock buttons and offset sipes make the tyre very durable.
  • It has 5 years warranty
  • Long tread life

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5. Kenda KR23 155/70 R13 75T Tubeless Car Tyre

Kenda KR23 155/70 R13 75T Tubeless Car Tyre

This Tubeless tyre is a best option for those who hate halting cause of flat tyres. The unique designs with ridges reduce the tyre noise and improve the reaction. The high quality rubber used has a great resistance to wear and tear.

The vehicles compatible to this tyre are Hyundai, Eon Magna+ & Sportz, Santro Xing (all models), Santro Xing Old (all models)/ Mahindra, E20 (all models)/ Chevrolet, Spark 1.0, LS, LT, PS/ DATSUN, Go (all variants)/ Hyundai, Magna+, Sport, Santro (all variants)

Things we liked:

  • It has Low noise
  • It is M and S all season tread compound
  • It is ISI approved and BIS marked tyres
  • It has 5 years manufacturing warranty

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6. JK Tyre 145/80 Taximax Tubeless Car Tyre


JK Tyre 14580 Taximax Tubeless Car TyreJK tyre and industries limited is a leading tyre manufacturer in India. JK tyre is the only tyre manufacturer to be included in list of Super brand in 2017. 

This tyre comes with the high- tech designs with improved shape and has longer life, high strength and better durability.

Maruti omni, Zen LX (2000 onwards), alto these vehicles are compatible to these tyres.

Things we liked:

  • low noise and uniform wear
  • Tread blocks design optimization
  • It has longer life and best durability
  • It comes with 5 years warranty

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7. Ceat SecuraDrive 215/60 R16 95H Tubeless Car Tyre


Ceat SecuraDrive 21560 R16 95H Tubeless Car TyreCeat is one of the India’s leading tyre manufacturers and has presence in global markets. 

Ceat SecuraDrive is designed to offer long tread life and higher performance. The innovative tread compound minimize tread wear and offers confident wet and dry grip.

Features and Benefits

  • To improve mileage, high rubber content helps in uniform wearing of the tyre.
  • Wide circumferential grooves make for superior wet grip and braking
  • Rigid shoulder blocks offers better road grip and a stable ride Rigid  shoulder blocks offer better road grip and capabilities

Things we liked:

  • Long tyre life
  • Compatible for dry and wet surfaces

Buy Now From Amazon

Tubeless Car Tires Buying guide

In the hatchback, sedan and SUV segments there are around 14 tyre brands available in India. Due to minimal tread height compact sedans and hatchbacks observes more replacements of tyres compared to SUVs.

What is the Tubeless tyre? 

Tubeless tyres are same as traditional tyres with the difference of tube places inside and the air is retained with the use airtight seal between the rim and tyre itself.

How does the tubeless tyre works?

There is the continuous rib moulded integrally into the bed of the tyre to force the pressure of air inside the tyre to seal with flanges of the metal rim of the wheel. 

Benefits of Tubeless tyres:

  • No more punctures caused by tube pinching:  Pinching of the tube between tyre wall and rim can cause puncture.
  • Running the vehicle with low tyre pressure: Without causing damage to the tyres you can run your vehicle in low air pressure.
  • Ability to use liquid sealant for automatic puncture repairs: Tubeless tyres can be filled with liquid sealant. When any sharp object cuts down the hole in tyre the sealant oozes out and gets dried up by fixing the puncture.
  • Slow air release allows you to go small distance with a puncture: you can travel enough time safely as the air escapes slowly in these tyres.
  • Light weight and good for your car mileage: The right tyre size can increase you cars mileage. As there is no tube, there is less unwanted friction as a tube tyre has fiction itself. 

This in turn will reduce the friction load on your vehicle and result in better mileage.

 What damages tyres?

Physical Factors:

  • Age, If the tyre has been using for long period then it get damaged
  • Wear and Damage
  • Road conditions
  • Speed bumps, potholes, obstacles, kerbs, sharp objects in these type of road conditions tyres get damaged quicker.
  • Climate
  • Rain, snow and ice
  • Oil, grease and other chemicals
  • Strong sunlight and ozone

In these types of climatic conditions the tyres tend to damage faster

Driving Habits

  • Speeding
  • Emergency breaking and quick starts
  • Driving on damaged roads
  • Fail to notice a change in handing, noise or vibration 

Improper Usage:

  • Mixing tyre types
  • When you use wheel and rim size that are not compatible
  • Re filling the tyre that has been run Flat

When Should I Change My Car Tyres?

We recommend replacing your tyre if:

  • The bead( edge of the tyre that sits on the wheel) is damaged
  • The sidewall is damaged
  • Tread hole is greater than 6 mm in diameter

How do I inspect My Tyres?

  • Check tyre air pressure: Checking the air pressure frequently can prevent many problems. Do it once a month.
  • Check the tread wear with one or two methods: Check with a tread depth gauge and also with tread wear indicators.
  • Inspect your tyres for wear and damage problems: check the sidewall for any punctures or bumps and the tread to check if tyres are wearing evenly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tubeless Tyres

All new vehicles in the Indian market today offer tubeless tyres. The advantages and disadvantages of tubeless tyres are listed below


  • No more punctures are caused due to tube pinching
  • You can run your with low air pressure
  • Offer low resistance while driving, which make the car feel lighter
  • Offers improved stability and comfort ride
  • The light weight of tyre improves fuel efficiency


  • Difficult to fit, it takes longer time to fit a tubeless tyre since it has to be airtight.
  • Fixing punctures is not that easy with tubeless tyres
  • Tubeless tyres are more expensive than tyres with tube

Key Aspects to Consider before you buy a car tyre

1.Price selection: 

If you are looking for tyres with lower budget then go for Indian brands rather than foreign brands. MRF, Apollo and JK tyres are famous brands in India. China made tyres like Maxxis is less in cost than Indian brand tyres.

  • Hatchback Tyres:  Maruti Alto or Maruti WagonR which carry 13inch Rim has the low cost options in Hatchback. There is Maxxis is priced at INR 2,400 per tyre.
  • Sedan Tyres:  Honda city, Hyundai verna which carry 15 inch or 16 inch rim. These model cost around 3000 to 5000 per tyre
  • SUV Tyres: Tata safari storm, Mahindra Scorpio and Mahindra XUV500 will cost around 6000 to 8000 per tyre.

2. Performance Selection

You can opt for unidirectional tread pattern which provides optimum surface grip by reducing road noise.

  • Hatchback and Sedan: For the compact sedans high performance tyres comes in form of Goodyear Duraplus, Bridgestone turanza or Michelin energy XM2 which cost in between 4000 to 5000 per tyre.
  • SUV:  Depending of the usage you can select SUV tyres. If you drive mostly in highways then high terrain pattern would be the good option

If you drive mostly off road then all terrain tyres will be the good option.

3. Comfort Selection:

A tyre with the softer compound will provide you with the excellent road grip and comfort drive, but durability may lack in these tyres, Softer sidewalls adds more comfort to the drive.

These type of tyres ranges around 5000 to 7000 per tyre.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the life of Tubeless Tyre?

Small car tyres have a life around 35 to 45, 000kms. This future may depend on the road conditions and driving condition.

2. How many miles should a car tyre last?

If you have travelled 20,000 miles or more on your front tyres get them changed. Rear tyres should last long 40,000 miles or more.

3. How long do tyres last if not used?

If not used tyre last for 6 to 10 years

4. Do tyres have an Expiry date?

Even though the tires were never used they still have an expiry date. Tyres have 6 years expiration date from the manufacture date.

5. Can I mix tyres of different brands on my vehicle?

For the good performance, it is not recommended to mix different brands to your vehicle, because every brand has its own features.


Based on more user reviews perspective we recommend  Yokohama Bluearth AE50 185/65 R15 88H Tubeless Car Tyre as its designed especially for Indian roads and its speeding rate is upto 210 km/hr. 

This tyre is compatible to compact to sedan model cars with best riding experience which enhances quietness and reduces the uneven wear.

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