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The 6 Best Trampoline In India Reviews and Buying Guide

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Everyone enjoys having fun at your backyard or indoor with your kids. And, kids generally have rare choices when it comes to types of ride. What can be the best ride for them? You cannot get a big roller coaster or jumper toy at home, but what all you can do is to have Trampoline at your place.

We are sure you must be knowing, what is the trampoline?

For your better understanding trampoline is simply a platform made of plastic material on which you can jump and enjoy.

If you have kids at your home, then it must be on your checklist. Are you aware of how to choose one for you? If No, then this article is highly informative for you.

Out of so many trampolines in the market, we have selected six of them for you. We have also provided a Buying Guide for you, which will help you to choose the best trampoline.

Here is an overview of the products with some essential features. Let us have a look.

6 Best Trampoline In India

TrampolineDiameter(inches)Weight Handling(kg)Buy Now
Dolphy Trampoline36100CHECK ON AMAZON
SkyJumper Trampoline4890CHECK ON AMAZON
Ehomekart Store Trampoline4850CHECK ON AMAZON
Fitness Guru Rebounder Trampoline36100CHECK ON AMAZON
LBLA Trampoline 36132 lbsCHECK ON AMAZON
Playgro Trampoline4550CHECK ON AMAZON

6 Best Trampoline In India Reviews

1. Dolphy Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline


The Dolphy company manufactures Indoor and Outdoor home products. The company’s one of the fun products is Dolphy Trampoline. When you hear about Trampoline, you want to jump and cherish your childhood days.

The Dolphy trampoline is circular with a diameter of 36 inches and spring elasticity of 30, which gives a wide range for jumping and fun to all age groups. The platform support through six legs of the trampoline.

The jumping mat is made of polypropylene material, which has a rust-resistant coated frame. The material is smooth with no sharp spring ends to ensure safety to you. When you buy the trampoline, it requires no drilling and extra tools for an installment, that is why it is easy to assemble.

You can use for exercising purpose as well. The trampoline has a smooth bouncing platform with essential safety features.

What exercise can you perform?

You can do some cardio exercises that would boost cardiovascular health and helps in relaxing the strain in joint. Start doing slow jogging, twister, rope skipping, high jump. The physical exercises are beneficial for you as it will develop tones and core muscles.

There is a color variation by the border ring. You can have it in three different colors like Red, Silver, and Blue.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly Durable
  • Great Sturdy
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Can handle weight up to 80 kgs
  • Cushioned with love


  • Handle for balance is missing

Buy Now at Amazon

2. SkyJumper Indoor Exercising Trampoline 


Skyjumper is the company that manufactures the Gymnastics equipment or become a part of an amusement park. The Skyjumper has its trampoline, that gives you an excellent experience of jumping in the air. It became India Best and Largest selling Trampoline brand.

The Trampoline has a diameter of 48 inches that is wide enough to accommodate any age group and weigh of the person. The structure has a 4-Fold trampoline that is compact and easy to store at any corner of the room that occupies less space.

Spring made of zinc-plated material with 8-legs extension for proper balance. It can take weight up to 90 kgs with no strain. Also, perform your regular exercise routine because it has the elasticity with effortless exercising and toned skins of legs and abdomen. If you planned a running or a jogging today and got stuck due to the rain then, you can start jogging on it.

If you bounce, it will burn the calories ten times more than walking with a speed of three miles per hour. It also removes the strain of the joint on the hard surfaces.

TIP: Avoid doing summersault on it, because the area is not that big. Even it is not recommended for children because they do not have any boundaries.


  • High Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Large enough
  • Elasticity at the beginning
  • Easy to assemble


  • Handle is missing

Buy Now at Amazon

3. Ehomekart Store Trampoline For Kids


The eHomeKart has designed the trampoline that focuses on children-friendly safety measures and gives you a fun-loving experience with jumping and exercising. When we talk about the Trampoline, we get a picture of a jumping person on a mat.

The jumping performed on a polypropylene mat platform that is strong enough to handle heavyweight. The area of the trampoline is wide that has a diameter of 48 inches. The support provides through the four legs of the trampoline. These are rust-resistant, which will give you longevity in use.

It is ideal for 4 to 8 years of kids because it does not have any spring ends that can harm the child.

They contain a trampoline and a baby softball for evening play.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Rust-Free legs
  • Light material
  • Value for money


  • Only for kids

Buy Now at Amazon

4. Fitness Guru Rebounder Trampoline

fitness guru

Fitness guru manufactures exercise equipment, and one of its innovations is Rebounder Trampoline. They made it for doing multiple exercises. The trampoline is easy to install, and it is assembling in 15 minutes.

The maximum loading the trampoline can do is 220 lbs, which is suitable for kids of age 10+ and cardio exercises for adults. The surface has a breathable mat with a protective pad design that gives a comfortable experience. Also, the padding ensures safety.

When you perform cardio on the trampoline, you will burn around 15 kcal per minute. Try with multiple exercises workout. Your exercising will not create any noise. At the same time, the pad is waterproof with the anti-slid material, which makes it easy to clean.

Keep it with you anywhere you go as it is foldable twice, which fits in your car seat. As compared to other trampolines, this miniature one has more elasticity than any other.


  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store
  • Anti-slip design
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy and strong


  • It has a small circumference

Buy Now at Amazon

5. LBLA Kids Indoor and Outdoor Trampoline

LBLA Kids Indoor and Outdoor Trampoline

By bringing an LBLA trampoline into your home you are not only providing entertainment for kids but also several health benefits. You will be providing your kids flexibility, motor skills, improved posture, cardiovascular workouts, etc.

Its frame is made of durable alloy steel for long-lasting sturdiness. Its 36-inch size gives the right amount of space for your child and with its 6 legs, it gets added support.

It comes with safety handrails that you can fit into two spots where you feel it’s a necessity. This well-padded handrail lets your kids get their balance and jump with confidence.

To protect your kids from injuries, the hard steel frame is covered with protective outwear. This protection acts as a cushion that safeguards your child from strong impacts.

You won’t need much effort or time to assemble or dismantle this trampoline. It takes hardly ten minutes to set it up and the round bungee rebounder can be folded and carried around effortlessly for storage and outdoor setup.

With proper adult supervision, the recommended age is 3 to 12 years and the maximum weight capacity is 132 lb.


  • Strong body
  • Safety handrail
  • Protective cover
  • Easy to install
  • Water-resistant


  • Stitches quality is not up to the mark

Buy Now at Amazon

6. Playgro Trampoline


Playgro company manufactures the kids playing equipment. Kids enjoying playing on the trampoline, because they fill with joy on the jumping platform. And, it is the best exercise for children at their growing age. It helps them to increase their height.

The trampoline comes in a circular shape with 45 inches of the diameter that gives a wide area. It is made of rust-resistant polypropylene substance. The legs of the trampoline provide great support to handle weight up to 50 kg, which ranges for children age between 4 to 8 years.

It can use in outdoor or indoor playful activities. The manufacture says the product can go on use until 24 months. They do not require any battery that makes it an energy saver.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly strong and durable
  • Foamy material that prevents any sudden injury
  • Value for money


  • Corners look disruptive

Buy Now at Amazon

Buying Guide For Trampoline

Trampoline gives you aerial fun at your backyard. If you want to practice high jump or willing to do core exercises, then it serves you best. We hope that you are ready to jump high with the purchasing features of the trampoline.

When you plan to buy something technical stuff, it is necessary to look for your measurement.

Features To Consider When Buying Trampoline

1. Diameter

Keep this in mind, if you are buying a trampoline for a kid, then you require 24 – 36 inches diameter. And, if you want it for adults, then go for 48 inches.

Always keep a space of 24 inches overhead for no obstruction jumping experience. Always keep the trampoline on a rough surface and do not put any object under it.

2. Weight

The trampoline can handle up to 100 kg. It all depends on the quality of the material. If the trampoline has material quality, then it has high durability. Also, it depends on the number of legs of the trampoline as the area supports increases the pressure of the weight decreases.

3. Safety Net

Most of the durable trampoline has polyethylene, which makes it resistant to dust and moisture from the surroundings. In this way, your safety net will resist for a long time.

The nets are coated from UV-protection spray that blocks the sun’s rays damage. It is necessary because sunlight can damage the trampoline and degrade its quality.

Some of the trampolines have a surface made of Polypropylene that is rigid as compared to other materials, which reduces the elasticity of the net. Often it happens, rigid materials are prone to tear off and requires replacement time to time that will cost you an amount every time.

4. V rings with Body Attachment

The net is locked with a frame. It acts as a safety door when your kids are playing on them. The designers have put the trampoline beneath the surface.

5. Safety Pads 

The springs give you the push to move upward on the jumping surface. The steel springs are hard, and while it is attached to the cushioned part it comes out with sharp edges. These sharp edges are protected by the safety pads, which will ensure the safety of your kid.

6. Frame

The frame must be weather-proof made of alloy and coated with secure plating. Generally, you take out the trampoline in summer or springtime, and for the rest of the year, and kept in your storage area with dust and moisture that somehow damages the frame.

Tip: Always keep your trampoline in a plastic bag to avoid any dust particle to enter into it.

7. Jumping Mat

The jumping part is the most necessary part of the trampoline because it allows you to jump your heart out. You require a tough material that can sustain for you for a long time. The polyethylene is strong and durable that increases the life of your trampoline and gives you the freedom to enjoy.

Benefits Of Having Trampoline At Home

  • Exercises benefit as it increases blood circulation and increases bone density with core strengthening
  • Jumping on the trampoline makes you feel happy
  • Relieves stress and releases endorphins that help you to focus
  • Rejuvenate your child: The trampoline reduces the screen games that your child loves playing.
  • Jump with an exposure of sunlight that provides you vitamin D and improve the immune system
  • High jump helps in increasing height

Drawbacks Of Trampoline

  • Excessive exercise can lead to damage your body
  • You have to take extra precautions with your children

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which size do I require for my backyard?

If you have a small or medium-sized backyard, you can go for a trampoline having a size of 28 – 36 inches. Also, have an enclosure of four feet on the net.

2.Does the trampoline have an enclosure?

An enclosure will help the person to be safe inside the net. Not every trampoline has an enclosure because that usually is available at the trampoline playing center.

3.Can I have a trampoline with a spring or spring free option?

You can have the trampoline without spring as well. The spring free has flexible rods under the jumping mat. When you go for spring, you have to check the spring does not come out with sharp edges.

4.Who all can use the trampoline?

People of all ages can use a trampoline. But it depends on which model you have bought because it also depends on the durability of the material.

5.How long is the warranty on the trampoline?

As per our research, a good company will give you 24 months warranty. So, you can enjoy your trampoline with your kids in the backyard.


After reading the above article, you must have an idea about Buying the trampoline. Get a trampoline that relaxes you, with all your core exercise or your child play. When you use it, you will love it!

Out of our choices, we recommend you to buy Dolphy Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline because it is perfect for your kid with great elasticity. All products from our list are good enough to buy. Decide which one and click on the link to get on the page and book your trampoline today!

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