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Best Tower Air Coolers

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Tower air coolers are compact, portable, cost-effective and stylish cooling devices. They circulate the air vertically. Hence tower air coolers can cool bigger areas in less time. 

Some of these air coolers have built-in filters that collect pollen and dust particles, keeping your surroundings clean. So, people widely use them in homes, offices, restaurants and hostels, among other places.

They come in different colours, shapes, uses, sizes and water capacities. Choosing the right one among these variations is a challenging task.

In this article, we have provided a list of the best tower air coolers for your reference.  

1. Symphony Diet 3D Tower Air Cooler

Award: Best in Features

Tagline heading: 3-Dimensional airflow

Tagline: It has honeycomb pads on three sides for super-efficient 3D air circulation.

Product description:

The Symphony Diet 3D tower air cooler comes with a magnetic remote control. It has four caster wheels that make it easy for you to transport it from one room to another. You can also use the cooler outdoors. It has a 30-litre capacity, so it is suitable for small rooms. It has an empty water tank alarm that warns you when the water level is very low and prevents motor damage.

2. Usha Frost Tower Air Cooler

Award: Energy Saving

Tagline heading: Low power consumption

Tagline: Apart from cooling, it also purifies the air. It also saves you from high electricity charges by using a mere 190 Watts.

Product description:

Usha Frost tower air cooler comes in a crisp white colour with a 35-litre capacity. It also works on an inverter in case of power cuts and has an auto tank fill feature. It has carbon dust filters that make sure you have dust-free pure air. The cooler has a 2200m3/hour mechanism that guarantees faster airflow.

3. Blue Star Tower Air Cooler

Award: Best in Look

Tagline heading: It has an attractive design

Tagline: The contemporary model is an eye-catching apple green colour. It also has an ice chamber so that you can put in ice cubes for cooler air.

Product description:

The tower air cooler by Blue Star comes with a strong UV shield coat that protects it from direct sunlight. It also has a dust and mosquito filter to ensure no unwanted particles enter into it. You can open the back grill easily for quick and efficient cleaning. It has thermal overload protection that keeps the pump and motor safe from overheating.

4. Symphony Storm Tower Air Cooler

Award: Best in Capacity

Tagline heading: It has a large water tank

Tagline: This air cooler is best for medium to large-sized families. It has a 70-litre water capacity that can give cool air for a longer time.

Product description:

The Symphony Storm tower air cooler has a powerful fan with three-speed options. It also has an auto shut off feature that prevents damage from voltage fluctuations. It uses i-pure technology with multi-stage air purification filters. It works effectively to give you clean and cool air. The control panels have user-friendly plastic dial knobs.

5. Croma Tower Air Cooler

Award: Compact Build

Tagline heading: It is portable

Tagline: It has built-in castor wheels for effortless mobility. You can easily take it from your bedroom to the hall or work table.

Product description:

The tower air cooler by Croma comes in brilliant white colour, which blends into any interior easily. It offers you three-speed control options to easily customize cool airflow. You can fill ice cubes in the ice compartment if you wish to enjoy the much cooler air. It has a strong flow for optimum air delivery and guarantees an air throw of up to 30 feet.

6. Cello Tower Air Cooler

Award: Value for Money

Tagline heading: It is pocket-friendly

Tagline: It is ideal for small rooms and comes with good features. It throws air up to 35 feet and also includes an ice chamber.

Product description:

Cello provides a tower air cooler with a sleek 15-litre capacity. It has a powerful turbo cooling system that comes with an auto-swing feature. It provides a water inlet from the back and topsides for user convenience. It is a multi-purpose air cooler which makes it suitable for homes, restaurants, banquet halls or even hotel lobbies.

Things to consider before buying a tower air cooler


We recommend choosing a tower air cooler with a water capacity of more than 30 litres for big rooms. A 15 to 20-litre capacity tower air cooler is efficient enough for smaller spaces.


You should check important features such as solid cooling pads, dust filters and less power consumption. Auto-fill function, ice chamber and noise filters are good benefits to look out for as well.

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